My Perfect Session

by Helpless Bear

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© Copyright 2013 - Helpless Bear - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-M; F/m; D/s; bond; rubber; torment; tease; toys; cbt; breathplay; bdsm; collar; urine; denial; climax; fantasy; cons; XX

I’d like to be helpless and tortured and humiliated for your fun and sexual pleasure

Before we start I’ll let you tie me to the hook in the room and gag me where you can be evil and whip me, candle wax me or clip me to show me what punishment to expect if I don’t obey. And give you pleasure marking my body.

This statement of my perfect session also give you my permission to be as evil as you want and to do anything you want and you may mark my body in any way you want. And after you read my prefect session you may add anything else you want to cause me torture or humiliation for your pleasure and enjoyment

1: Would love to have fitted in my arse a pump up, vibrating butt plug which you would control the pumping up/down and speed during the session to give me pleasure and pain.

2: Next I’d love you to tie my balls tied up with a lace or elastic band and place my cock and ball in a condom to catch any mess I make. Also I would like my fore skin laced and pulled tight and tied to my collar so any movement caused by you torture would cause pain and the possibility of making me cum during the session. Any mess that I make during the session you could use as another humiliation torture after, by turning the condom inside out and place on a penis gag and forcing it into my mouth so I eat my own cum.

3: Once you have prepared my arse and cock; I’d like you to put the strap on around my groin and placed me in my rubber suit. With the strap on and the butt plug controls out side the rubber suit for your use

4: I’d like my feet to be placed in condoms and then taped or tied together and to the bottom of the bed so I could not bend my knees

5: I’d like you to fit the collar around my neck and tie it tight to the head board making it hard for me to move and with me in a sit up position and at the front you would tie the lace connect to my cock tight with no slack and every time I moved my head or neck it pull my cock and you could tug on the lace as part of your torture.

6: Then I’d like you to place a heavy soiled pair of silky pants over my nose and held in place with a stocking or tight over my held. Which you can have soiled earlier in the session by yourself as I watch helplessly or by making me giving you good head.

7: Next I’d like my hands placed in rubber mittens or condoms and tied together around the collar so I came hold the baby bottle filled to the top with your golden juice and made to drink it as you sit on the strap on giving yourself a big “O”. Slowly but taken your time to enjoy it and torturing/humiliating me as your doing it, by using little clips, wheel, ripping tape on my hairy chest and anything else you can torture my nipples with. Placing plastic bags over my head, hands and bottle held in place with elastic band and watch my air grow short. Your entire little plaything will beside you on the bed for easy access. And not to put you off your stroke. You could even feed me something horrible during your stroke.

8: The punishment for me not finishing your juices could be for every ounce left its times by ten strokes of your favourite whips

9: Once you have had the big “O” your can remove the condom on my cock and check for any mess. Removing my head gear and re-soling the pants for later use. Have a cuppa or glass of wine. Them you can give me any punishment due by hanging me up again. Or tying my hands in front or back and gagging me with my mess and replacing your silk panties over my head, then taping a flower bag over my head so every time a breath I smell your love juices and we could sleep for a few hours.

10: But before you release me from my rubber suit I’d like to see you have another few big “O” by sitting on the strap on or me made to give you head or you playing with you tools. And if your still fit you might find it in you heart to give me a big “O” by making me cum a few times by method of tools, BJ, hand job or made to give myself a few hand jobs while bag over head or smoothed by your virgina .


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