My Own Demons

by Comrade1918

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© Copyright 2011 - Comrade1918 - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/f; Other/f; bond; ribbon; gag; dildo; wrap; encase; bdsm; toys; climax; fantasy; horror; nc; XX

Shyla didn't care much for Halloween these days, she was far more interested in finishing her novel, working on drawings, and trying to keep the roof over her head. So when her friend Kristine asked if she wanted to go to a party she was having with her friends, Shyla flat out declined.

"Why the hell not! Your just gonna sit in that room, order out, work on your stories, probably finger yourself, then go to bed!"

Kristine, a tan haired nice looking foulmouthed Army Nurse, met Shyla when they were taking nurse courses. Shyla dropped out.

"Because I got a good momentum on this novel, and I don't wanna break it."

"Shy, honney, fifty years from now, your gonna be the same shut in you are now, just without your good looks. I'll head over a little after the party here is over, then well watch movies or something, sound good?"

Shyla was typing at her computer while she listen to Kristine verbally bash her for being a recluse. She wasn't always a recluse that is to say, she just mostly spent her time typing stories at her computer, and when she wasn't there, she would be jotting down notes in her notebook. For an unsocial creature, Shyla was very cute, short burnet hair, a little above average body, but perfect chest.

"Shyla? Are you there???"

Shyla Tore her hands off the keyboard and combed them back through her hair.

"Yeah! Sure, I'd love to...bring beer..."

"Awesome. I tell ya girl, i dont know what you'd do without me..."

"I'd probably get more writing done. See you tomorrow night."

Shyla laughed.

"Sure thing, bye!"

Shyla tapped the 'end call' button on her touch screen phone, and stretched in her chair. She looked at the clock, it was midnight. She went on writing, and before she knew it was 3am. Out of habit, she would force herself to bed around one or two, but more and more she has been staying up later. She finished her thought, then sighed as she pushed herself back on her chair. She set her alarm for 10am, giving her enough time to rest up before he had to go to work. Took her pyjama bottoms and hoodie off, but still in her lingerie, she curled up in her bed and nodded off.


10am was announced with the peace shattering klaxon of her alarm clock, as per habit, she raised her arm and slapped the clock silent. She opened her eyes, but it was still pretty dark for 10am. The only lights were from the clock and her desktop computer's tower lights. She looked out of her window, the city lights were darkened, and she couldn't see any traffic on the freeway in the valley below.


The chime of an instant message caused her to jolt. She wearily rolled out of bed and sprawled herself on her desk chair.

'Are you alive?' the message read. The screen name was Jack<38008135, a person she met online once for internet roll play sessions, he would say that when he was in the mood for a session. He changed his screen pic to a picture of a jack-o'-lantern for Halloween.

'lol, too early for my juices, perhaps later tonight or tomorrow night.'

'nonsence, the time is just right.'

'ill ttyl' Shyla replied, annoyed and still confused about the darkness outside.

"No, I think we will talk now..." A distorted computerized voice from the speakers caused Shyla to freeze in her chair.

"What the Fuck?"

Shyla said under her breath, And sure enough, it said that in the instant message window along with the voice's reply. The jack-o'-lantern image maximized to take up the whole screen, its sinister face moved with every word and expression.

"You and I are going to sit here and play a little game, and I promise you, I will enjoy this more than you... maybe..."

Shyla was petrified. Too afraid to move, and didn't want to speak, that kind of afraid one feels when they are really young and just want to hide under a blanket. Shyla gripped the arms of her chair, and slowly rised.

"Jack...what’s going on..."

"Don't stand up!"

Before she could stand fully erect, several crimson red ribbons spawned from behind the chair and encircled Shyla’s Body, pinning her back down in the chair. The Ghostly soft ribbons coiled around her waist wrists and ankles. She opened her mouth and tried to scream but more ribbons wrapped several times around her mouth and neck, silencing her screams to pitiful mmmphs. Shyla struggled looking down at the crimson bindings that held her to the chair. Her eyes were then pulled back to the screen as Jack made a gesture with his evil demonic hands, Shyla’s bra was pulled off her chest and the straps snapped as they were magically pulled behind the computer screen. More loops of ribbons encircled around her breast and twisted around her nipples, poking them with the sharp points and coiling around them while kneading her tits.

"Such soft beautiful breasts! They look gorgeous when bound like that! Having fun yet???"

Shyla thrashed about trying to get free. The Chair wheeled itself closer to the desk, she looked down and saw rising from under the desk a phallus made of the same wood finish as the desk snaked between her legs, heading towards her groin. The desk dildo began to brush up against her underwear covered pussy, rubbing and teasing, trying to get in.

"Now we're gonna get down to the heart of the matter!"

The wooden cock began to slither into her panties and began to burrow its way past her lips. She could feel, despite its flexibility, that the cock was hard as marble, and it slightly hurt as it made its way deeper. At this point hands began to mold from the top of the desk, and stretched outward for her chest.

"Let go Shyla! This is just the beginning!"

The cock began to pump her, sliding back and forth, starting slowly and gradually gaining speed, while the hands started to grope her, yanking hard on the ribbons tied around them, and pinching at her hard nipples. She tried with all her will, not to get aroused by what was happening, to maintain her control, but the feeling was intoxicating, the soft ribbons constricting around her body, while the hands attend to her chest, and the cock quickly building her up to orgasm. All the while that hideous pumpkin face, watching her every reaction. The orgasm came hard, sending ripples of pleasure up Shyla’s spine, down to her toes and finger tips, causing her face to blush bright red and tingle. The Chair violently rips out from under her, and she is suspended up by the ribbons around her neck, only slightly laboring her breathing. Soon more ribbons wrapped around her body, striking like vipers at their prey.

"You will never be free of me!"

Shyla’s legs began to disappear under the form fitting, soft red cords, as others wrapped around her torso, pinning her arms behind her back. The room around her began to morph and dissolve, the walls just slipped into blackness, while the desk melted into the hardwood floor, while the computer monitor grew longer and wider into a portal. The figure of jack peeled itself out of the newly formed doorway standing there, gazing at Shyla’s now fully encased form under hundreds of strands of ribbons, save for her eyes.

She heard a loud *WACK* and a sharp pain stung at her ass, followed by a gentle caress from a hand. The hand began moving across her ribbon wrapped skin and over to her groin rubbing over her pussy, while another hand grabbed and kneaded at her breast.

"Not writing your books now are we?"

A gentle feminine voice whispered. The click of boot heels echoed on the ground and from behind, walked Kristine. Clad in a latex leotard that laced up over her rather large tits, elbow rubber gloves that left her fingers free, knee high leather buckle up boots and her tan hair tied back in a tight bun. Shyla got a sinking feeling in her stomach, and her heart began to race as she gazed at her dommed out friend, unable to blink or look away, she didn't want to, this was one of her biggest fantasies, wanting to share her secret fetish with Kristine.

"Now to punish you..."

Kristine raised her hand holding a long whip. She swung her arm letting the roll flow in the whip, the leather cord coiled around Shyla's arms and stung her in her left tit.


"Like that one Shy?"

Kristine let another strike loose from her whip, then another and another, each strike seemed to go through Shyla’s ribbon bondage without breaking them. She thrashed with each whip, trying to escape the sting. Kristine then ceased and produced from behind her back a clear glass dildo, she wound the tip of the whip around the base of the dildo, and let it fall on the ground. The Whip then began to take on a life of its own, and snaked towards Shyla. The ribbon strands began to loosen and remove themselves from her legs, momentarily exposing her sweat covered limbs to the cold air, but then individually getting rewrapped and stretched apart. Crawling up a strand of ribbon and coiling its way around her bound legs, it stopped somewhere behind. Suddenly Shyla felt pressure between her cheeks, and the head of the dildo pressed into her anus. She gave out another mmmph.

"How does it feel Shyla?"

Shyla looked back on Kristine, the Latex around her crotch began to grow till it formed a black rubber cock. The ribbons around Shyla’s pussy began to rub and squeeze. Kristine was now right in front of her. She wrapped her hands around Shyla's hips and began to thrust. The ribbons reached out and encased Kristine's pelvic region to get a better grip. Both ends of Shyla were being pumped, making it harder for her to stay focused. The ribbons began to squeeze and tighten around her belly breast and throat, as the cocks continued to thrust in her. Shyla could feel as her hips and groin muscles began to flex, her clit burning with pleasure, each thrust bringing her closer to the edge. Shyla came hard, the orgasm sent numbing shockwaves through her body, her head slumped down and rested on Kristine's shoulder, Shyla raised her head wearily when she heard Jack's sinister laugh.

"This is still just the beginning."

"Here it comes, hold on tight!" Kristine whispered as she wrapped her arms around Shyla, holding her tight, as if the ribbons weren't enough.

"You will never be free of me!"

Jacks head and body burst into a fiery ghost, its head grew and mouth stretched open. Shyla screamed in her gag as Jacks flaming maw grew and--

10 am was announced with the peace shattering klaxon of her alarm clock, as per habit, she raised her arm and slapped the clock silent. She left her hand there, eyes wide and body frozen under her comforters. Shyla laid in bed, terrified at what had happened. She glanced at her window, it was a rainy overcast morning. She slowly leaned up in bed and rested her head on her hands, combing them through her short hair. Her panties were soaked, her pussy still wet. She got up took a shower, and rushed off to work, the entire day she was in a state of calm meditation, trying to replay the dream she experienced. By the middle of the day she dropped the whole thing and went about her work. When work ended, she made her way home, she walked through her front door and tossed her backpack down and made her way to her bedroom. It wasn't hard to miss, on her bed, neatly made were thick red ribbons tied around the bed in a bow, and a tag tied to the bow.

'Shyla, I hope you enjoyed out rp, last night. I sure did. Hope you're ready for the real thing tonight? Happy Halloween, - <3 Jack! P.S: We will hold off on the heavy stuff till Kristine comes around....'

Shyla inched back towards the door, but it slammed on her, and the ribbons from the bed reached out and dragged her back, tying her down spread eagle, as a thick strand wrapped itself around the lower part of her face gagging her. Her cloths were ripped away as well as her underwear. She tried with all her strength to free herself. A vibrating wand snaked its way from Shyla’s bottom dresser drawer and placed itself at her crotch. Shyla then saw her cell phone ghostly being held above her head.

"Hi, this is Kristine, I can't answer my phone right now, please leave a name and number and i'll call you back, thanks and goodbye..."

What came next, gave Shyla a cold chill.

"Hey Kris its Shy, the front door will be open when you get here from your party tonight. Just let yourself in, bye!"

Shyla screamed in the gag, scared at what will happen when Kristine showed up, but deep down inside she was excited. The vibe turned on low, always bringing her to the bring then shutting off. She sat there unfulfilled till she heard the front door open, and Kristine's voice...