My New Neighbour

by MrSmooth

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© Copyright 2014 - MrSmooth - Used by permission

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It was early August when I first saw her. The property two doors away from me had been on the market and the sold sign had been now been removed, but so far I had not encountered the new owner near to where I lived on this quiet suburban street in my home town here in semi-rural Surrey.

I noticed her when I was out tidying my open plan front garden; in this street we each had one of these useful open garden frontages with a side drive leading to a garage for off-street parking. A shiny black BMW car pulled up onto the front drive there at number twelve. I glanced across as the driver stepped out and then I took a second longer look as this stunning young woman made her way to the front door of number twelve. I lived at number eight.

I have always had an eye for pretty girls, but she was on the top level. She was gorgeous and along with the car and the way she was dressed she appeared to have real class too. I whistled quietly through my teeth at the sight of this lovely smart mini-skirted lady around thirty years old. She looked across towards me for a second, smiled briefly and then let herself in. I now continued my tidying up with her still on my mind and then as time went by I thought about her often as I saw her most days; but as most of us around here kept ourselves to ourselves I did not get to find out who she was; whether she was married, single or just living with someone as I had not noticed anyone else around.

A few weeks passed by, she had builders in doing something or other and then later two guys in a van delivered some wood crates and they were there for a couple of days or so. She was always immaculately dressed and made up when she went out and didn’t seem to keep regular hours and she would both leave and come home at different times of the day during weekdays. I wished to meet her but had not found an excuse to do so, so far.

Autumn was here now and gardening time was almost over, I had to settle for a glimpse of her from my upstairs window. I’m not really pervy but I used the front small bedroom as an office to carry out my work as a fairly successful freelance writer; this room kept me from at least the distractions of the downstairs TV etcetera. I hadn’t noticed anyone else apart from her at the house and I considered that someone so young would not normally be in a position to buy a large detached property so near London in this very upmarket area. I did wonder how someone of her age could afford to be here, maybe she had won some money or maybe she had an inheritance.

I put this out of my head and then one Monday morning in November the postman with whom I had a passing acquaintance knocked on my door to ask if I would take a parcel in for number twelve. He explained that it needed to be signed for and it would save him carrying it about the rest of his shift. I did this gladly and put it down on the hall table as I needed to get on with my work upstairs. I continued my usual work for a while and eventually went back downstairs to make a hot drink. I spied the parcel while down there and checked it out. It was addressed to Anna Kruger. There was a return address on the back to somewhere in Germany, a company name. The parcel was a large and fairly heavy jiffy bag and it felt squidgy as if there was clothing or something similar inside. I put it down and carried on with my day.

The nights had been drawing in now and it was getting dark when I saw her return home. The postman had left a message at her house to say where her parcel was and a few minutes later my door-bell rang. I opened the door to her, a vision of loveliness, bathed in my porch light she was far more beautiful close up than from a distance. She introduced herself in a European accent that straight away I found to be exciting "Hello I am Anna Kruger from number twelve, I believe you have a parcel for me"

"Oh yes" I replied, "I took it in as it had to be signed for"

I stared at her for an age checking her out and my heart rate had gone up somewhat just speaking to her "Could I have it please?" she reminded me in a heavenly way.

"Oh yes, sorry step inside I will get it for you" I replied. I retrieved it from the other end of my hallway and handed it to her now standing in my hallway. She examined the addresses on it as I continued to check her out.

"It was something I ordered from Germany" she said, "I’m grateful you took it in as I would hate for it to be returned".

"Oh they would have kept it for you at the sorting office for a week or so". I replied.

"That is good" she remarked "we do not have such a service in Germany where I have been living until recently"

I ventured to introduce myself properly now, "I'm Scott I have lived here for ten years and you have certainly bought in a very nice area Anna, may I call you Anna?"

"Oh yes please do, we are neighbours now" she replied, "I have noticed you in your front garden and at your bedroom window when I come home". She gave me a smile as she offered her hand. I shook her soft but surprisingly strong and firm hand and it was as if a pleasant electric shock has passed to me from her just touching her.

I explained that my office was upstairs and I wasn’t really watching her or anyone else for that matter. She appeared to accept that and we chatted for a couple of minutes about this and that and to be honest my heart was beating like a silly schoolboys. She now bade me goodnight squeezing her parcel as she did so and as she turned away to leave I plucked up the courage to ask her something. She stopped and turned back as I spoke "Anna" I said, "sorry and I don’t wish you think I am too forward and please don’t take offence but would you consider having a friendly drink with me sometime, nothing heavy, just a friendly neighbourly welcome invite, there is a very nice pub locally. This is something we do in the UK when new neighbours move in"

I was lying of course and about being neighbourly and was expecting a re-buff, maybe she had someone in her life and I felt as if she would say no, but faint heart never won fair lady as the saying goes. She seemed to take an age to answer and stared directly into my eyes searching them, which sent my mind wandering again. "You English you are always saying sorry and apologising: yes I will join you for a drink but only if you promise to stop saying sorry, so pick me up on Thursday" she said in her confident way which she seemed to have "at eight thirty"

"Oh yes sorry, that is great" I said. Realising that I had said sorry again she burst out laughing and I just shook my head, "I look forward to it and will come around to pick you up on Thursday, eight thirty it is" She nodded and left, giving me a quick glance, smile and waved her fingers as she turned towards her house. I gave her a wave back and shut the door.

I now had three days to wait and the time was to drag by. I did keep a low profile from now on and I tried not to let her see me in the window. Thursday evening finally arrived and although now in my mid thirties, I felt like a teenager going out on his first date. All day long I was excited, on tenterhooks and thought of how I might impress her.

I watched for her return home but she was late. She finally arrived at eight fifteen. I gave her some extra time and I rang her doorbell a few minutes later. It was really dark by now at this time of the year and eventually the porch light came on. She opened the door: she was in her dressing gown and her long hair was wet. "I’m sorry" she said, "I’m late from work, I’ve had a problem".

"Is it inconvenient tonight?" I asked disappointed.

"No not at all, do come in I will only be a few minutes, I am not like most women, I am very efficient"

I was glad to hear it and she showed me into her Kitchen. "I’m thirsty, be a friend and make some coffee for us both, then go through to the sitting room"

She disappeared and I did as she said in her modern kitchen diner. I found her sitting room; it was furnished very modern too, almost masculine in style with a wood floor, leather suite, large TV, and bookshelf. I glanced through her books and she had an unusual taste. Some were about the occult, and she had a lot of books relating to the bizarre and dark reading matter. Arty books, factual too and always about strong women who had changed history such as Queen Elizabeth 1st. Also gothic novels like Frankenstein and a section on the history of torture through the ages.

I picked up a fetish magazine as I sipped my coffee. This contained mostly photographs of ladies in erotic clothing and poses and mostly they appeared to be strong willed powerful women the way behaved in their photos. She entered the room from my left and without saying a word she walked to the large mirror on the fireplace wall. I took a jaw dropping look as nothing was to prepare me for her entrance. It was her stunning attire, and lack of it.

It was a blouse and skirt made of shiny black and white latex. Her black micro mini-skirt was incredibly tight around her magnificent shapely rear fitting like a second skin and was also obscenely short, just about covering her bottom, showing off practically all of her long shapely tanned legs. Her white latex long sleeved blouse with frilled cuffs seemed to have a life of its own when she moved and her more than ample breasts stretched and tortured the thin rubber. Her feet were encased in patent high heeled fetish style ankle boots matching in with the rest of her erotic attire. Her very thick dark hair when I eventually dragged my eyes away from her body cascaded onto her white rubber covered shoulders. A matching black latex jacket she had tossed carefully onto the chair back near her she now slipped on with a rustling snik-snak sound.

She caught me checking her out in the mirror as she adjusted her make up again. "Do you approve?" she asked smiling, still looking back at me in the mirror as she stood now her feet slightly apart provocatively stretching the rubber even tighter across her rear. With a dry mouth now I nodded in approval, "You look fantastic, very erotic what else can I say my and I whistled through my teeth. She turned to me to give a better view of her.

She had some of the best legs I had ever seen and I could see most of their length. Not too slim, more athletic and powerful type, she looked as if she worked out. Her beauty too, took my breath, her make up perfect with large cherry red lipstick; her mouth seemed to pout as she smiled seductively at my compliment. My blood began to race at this vision of erotic loveliness. "This is my new outfit" she said displaying and turning around like a model for me. "It arrived the other day to your house; I ordered it from my favourite rubber manufacturer in Germany".

She began to enthuse, "I just love fetish wear and latex rubber is my favourite material. It is so sensual, so form fitting but so unforgiving that it shows off any imperfections too, even your underwear shows through so it has to be very skimpy or non existent". She continued "you have to take care of yourself to wear it properly as you can see."

She walked away confidently and returned from the kitchen with her coffee. She sat opposite me, her impossibly short skirt rode up even higher leaving practically nothing to the imagination and I could just make out a shiny triangle of black latex at her crutch. She sipped her coffee and savoured it greatly.

"Oh I needed that" she said as she caught me staring. "Do you like the view?" she asked.

I was embarrassed but answered her frankness "I can’t help but look, it’s your clothing, it is very erotic, don’t you find it draws attention to you".

"Oh absolutely" she replied confidently an almost with an arrogance, "I look after myself and I love it when people stare at me, I always have, I am an exhibitionist and nature gave me this body to show off so I do. If they don’t like what I wear then it is their problem, but most men stare at me with lust when I do wear it and that and makes it me feel powerful, as if I have control over them. I love that".

"Well I am no different to other men and I find you more than good to look at" I said, my confidence growing with her. She appeared genuinely complimented, "Oh thank you" she said smiling at my compliment "you too Scott are good to look and I like that" There was a pregnant pause and then we both laughed.

We easily settled down with each other and chatted like old friends as she sipped her drink. My eyes were constantly drawn to her lovely long legs displayed as they were to me and the occasional glimpse of her rubber underwear. She knew this but said nothing and soon my mind was wandering with lascivious thoughts and this resulted in an erection which naturally I tried to hide.

The pub was mentioned as the time was now getting on but she said, "I don’t really want to go out now I’ve had a heavy day, I do however have a nice bottle of Riesling in the fridge or some lager if you prefer"

"OK" I said "but I prefer English beer so I will join you in a glass of wine" She stood up, adjusted her skirt with a squeaky sound, left and returned with the bottle of wine and two glasses. "You open it while I change into something more comfortable now" she said.

Disappointed I replied smiling, "You don’t have to change do you; you look so good like that!"

She replied "Well it’s not really for sitting around in is it, I wished to try it on to test out your reaction" She looked direct at my trouser bulge and continued "I can see you are a normal red blooded man and my attire excites you so I promise you won't be disappointed when I return"

I was taken aback and truly embarrassed by her frankness. I opened and poured the wine while she was upstairs and it also gave me time to adjust myself. I sat and waited sipping the wine and my mind wandered again as to what it would be like to be in bed with her and make love all night.

My erection increased at this and I cursed myself for it. I heard her footsteps in the hall and she entered waking straight over to her seat she sat and picked up her wine glass. This time she was wearing an ankle length long sleeved latex dressing gown. It was black and I could clearly see the outline of her nipples thrusting against the material as she wore no bra. She didn’t need one.

As she sat the gown opened naturally a little and I could see her legs were now sheathed in self supporting long semi transparent latex stockings with black latex edging at the top and on the feet area in a similar style to how nylons are presented. I could also just make out a pair of black French knickers with frills around the legs. She stared straight at me "that’s better I feel more comfortable now" she said running her hands along her fabulous shiny legs "and these keep my legs warm when I’m sitting around, I’m quite addicted to wearing rubber, the aroma is wonderful when it is warmed up on the body and the way it caresses your skin makes me feel so good"

She lifted up her glass "salute" she said now and I responded. It was difficult for me before but now with the way she was provocatively dressed it was driving me insane with lust and I thought about making a move on her but decided that she was testing me and it would be foolish just yet until she gave me a sign, so we continued chatting.

She explained that she was of German Spanish parentage. Her father was now an airline pilot and had been a pilot in the German air force: her mother was of Spanish nobility descent. She had been schooled privately and been brought up with the best of things in life. They wished for her to be a doctor and packed her off to medical school for a while but there was a problem and so she rebelled to make her own way in life.

She asked about me and why there was no lady in my life. I told her that until a couple of years ago I had been living with Laura who was a career girl. She didn’t wish to settle down and have children so we never got around to being married. I found out she was sleeping with her boss to further her career and so we split up and with some money from an inheritance that came my way just after that time I bought her out. I now worked as a free lance writer from home and hadn’t had the time to form another relationship.

Bluntly she said, "So what do you do about sex then?" I gave her a flustered reply and tried to bat it off and say I wasn’t bothered too much about it. She sat up looked me straight in the eye and smiling said, "So you haven’t been with anyone for over two years: you must have to relieve yourself one way or another, I know men very well."

I blushed to my roots at this comment like a naughty child that had been caught out and changed the subject. "What about yourself?" I said, "a beautiful lady like you without someone in your life?"

"It is difficult" she replied, "the time, my work, the same problem as you."

I pressed her about her work but she was evasive and appeared irritated by this question so we just chatted generally for the next hour or so, and we continued to hit it off.

"Top up my glass" she said as the bottle was near to me. I still had an erection and was reluctant to stand up and she knew she was putting me in an awkward position. I looked away and she then as she looked straight at my crutch area she said smiling again while returning her gaze to my eyes "is it because you have a swelling Scott?"

"You’re really embarrassing me and your very appearance has made me like this, you must know that and the way you are dressed too" I replied a little irritated that she was yet again being too frank with her remarks.

She explained, "It is just my way of being in control, this is what I do with people, I do not wish to upset you and I apologise for my frankness, and I am truly flattered that I have made you excited like that, and that is how I wish it to be."

She stood up now and reached out touching my face gently. It was incredibly erotic; as if I had never been touched by a woman before. She continued, "I think we had better do something about that swelling you have upstairs in my bedroom" then added seriousl,y "but you must agree that it must only be on my terms and you have to trust me." I took a deep breath at her offer and said, "What are those terms?" as if I cared at that moment.

"I promise that no harm will come to you if that’s your worry but you will have to trust me as I need to be in total control in my bedroom and you will have the time of your life I can promise you that."

She encouraged me to stand up and with my head spinning and trousers bulging she said, "Lets do something about that two year virginity of yours!"
I gladly went with her to the stairs and followed her gorgeous rubber clad body up to the landing the latex rustling on her body amplified her movements and made her seem all the more erotic.

She made me stand outside her bedroom door while she disappeared to get something.

She now returned with a blindfold and said, "Now I will put this blind fold on you and you must trust me" She slipped it over my eyes and now led me inside her room: there was a now very strong and familiar smell of latex which was quite overwhelming in there.

She positioned me and while still standing she began to remove my upper clothing until I was bare chested. She made me keep my hands to myself as she caressed my body. I could hear her breathing heavily and smell her expensive perfume coupled with the aroma of rubber and I was shaking like a leaf in the wind with adrenaline, excitement and apprehension all at the same time.

She unbuckled my trouser belt now and removed them. I now stood in my underpants and with my erection bulging skywards I felt very vulnerable and panicked a little. I attempted to remove my blind fold but she took my wrists firmly and said, "Listen Scott, you have to allow me to do this or you must leave now and do not bother me ever again, is that clear, I promised you the time of your life if you trust me now so what is it to be?"

"OK do what you have to" I answered with a shaky voice. She removed my underpants. "My my that’s ready for some action" she said "a little too ready I think, something should be done about it now" She stood behind me and pressing herself against me I could feel the delicious warmth of her body through the latex against me as she began to explore my body with her hands from that position. She whispered softly in my ear at the same time, "Tell me a fantasy that you have."

I wanted to rip off the blind fold and make love to her but she had me totally under her spell and so I told her of my feelings. "I have this neighbour" I said "She is gorgeous and lives a couple of doors from me and I’ve wanted to meet her since she moved in."

"Tell me more" she replied and her left hand now reached under and caressed my balls as her right hand enclosed itself on my already dripping and throbbing cock. "Oh god" I gasped as she did this and her right hand now began to stroke me gently with an incredible sensation.

"Tell me more about this neighbour" she reminded me again. I replied to her "she has dark hair, is very beautiful and I have fantasised about taking her to bed and making love with her."

She continued her delicious movements on me "What is it exactly that you do in bed with her? I want all the sordid details, the dirty words, the deeds" she demanded as she stroked me erotically. "Oh god" I cried again as I was now near to losing control. "I lie between her warm legs against her naked body and enter her with my throbbing cock." She wanted more "What do you do to her?" she asked now in a husky voice that demanded base grammar. "I fuck her, I fuck her juicy pussy hard and fast until we both explode with pleasure!"

At that I lost control and shaking all over I screamed out with lust and relief. "Sweet Jesus, sweet Jesus Anna, oh god its coming..." she pumped away at me expertly and all that lust for her left my body in a jet of boiling semen which exploded from my cock spurting several feet across her wood floor as I was to find out later.

She gently removed my blind fold now and gave me a towel to clean myself up. My knees were shaking and as I now focused on her room I could see how far my sperm had shot. She smiled at me, "I hope that is better, now you need to wipe that up" referring to my sperm on her floor. I nodded and thanked her. "Don’t thank me" she said, "you have to do something for me when you’re ready, you wouldn’t have been much good to me without that release"

I cleaned up my mess, and meanwhile she sat on her bed and asked me to join her. Her bed was made up with shiny black and purple rubber sheets and pillow cases. It was very cool to the touch as I sat but it felt amazing on my naked skin. I looked around and the whole room was decked out in the same erotic material. Latex curtains, latex drapes everywhere, the aroma from it was very strong and sweet. She turned the lights down now, removed her dressing gown but left the rest of her latex clothing on.

"Lay down here" she ordered me, "I’m going to secure you now." I tried to protest but she reminded me of my requirements to be here with her and soon slipped a leather strap that was attached to each bed post over each wrist and adjusted my arms upwards. Next she did the same with my ankles and now was lying loosely but unable to escape in an X position and secured for her to do whatever she wished to me. I did feel a little anxious as here I was helpless in a stranger’s house and no one knew I was here.

She now straddled my chest with her warm body and her fabulous breasts touching my skin. She looked down. "I want my pleasure now" she said, her beautiful face inches from mine, "firstly you’re going to put that tongue of yours to good use just to get me started".

She now turned around and straddled my face burying it into her latex knickers. I soon found out that the rubber crotch on them was split for ease of entry and my tongue found her juicy and completely shaved warm and wet pussy. She squealed as soon as I touched her clitoris and thrust herself down into my face and cursed in her native tongue.

She was very fit and strong and I found it hard to breathe as I pleasured her because she forced her weight down on my face. It had been a while since I had done this but I soon got into my stride and made her cum several times over the next twenty minutes: she was very aggressive and she continued to curse with pleasure in German. Her musky body aroma mixed with the latex and was itself incredibly erotic to me so I soon found myself with a strong erection again following this action.

She finally withdrew herself from my face and turned around: still straddling me and glassy eyed with lust she whispered, "I needed that!" I was still sweating from a combination of the rubber and her sitting on my face. My spittle and her juices had run down my cheeks and onto the waterproof sheet and pillowcase. Her solid pendulous breasts with large nipples touched my chest and she now said, "I am going to fuck your brains out now, I do hope you are up to it and I will do the fucking, you just lie there and concentrate on controlling yourself for as long as you are able to."

She rolled a condom down over my cock and she then lifted herself onto me and as she was still dripping wet I slid straight into her warm tight glorious hole. She began to slowly move up and down my shaft and caressed her own nipples with a sigh. Every time I attempted to reach up and kiss her body she would rebuff me and stop moving so I gave in and let her do all the actions.

It had been a long time since I had been inside a woman like this and only because she just made me cum was I able to now keep myself from cumming again. I settled in to enjoy this unbelievable thing that she was doing to me for the next incredible twenty minutes. She was sweating profusely by now and was ready to finish me off. She did this by removing my condom and re-mounting me.

She now tightened her vaginal muscles as she rode me and whispered seductively, "Now I will take charge and show you who is the boss here, you will now lose control and shoot your hot load inside my juicy cunt: come on let it go, come on get it all in there for me."

She pressed herself closer to me to finish me off: her warm firm breasts pressed against my skin and with her hot breath on my neck, our bodies sweating together now I finally lost the will to hold back. I started to cum, one of those slow build ups that you sometimes get and my sperm gushed for the second time.

I cried out her name as this happened and she too climaxed at the same time too and sucked every last drop of my juice from my balls. Our hearts still beating we lay there together for a few minutes in a semi conscious state.

I broke the silence, "Oh god Anna that was fantastic, just the best!" She raised from me her eyes still glazed as she smiled. "That was needed for both us" she said in a low whisper and she rolled off me to my side. I turned my face to look at her and just gazed into her beautiful doleful Mediterranean eyes as she lay there facing me in the semi-light.

She released my bonds and I tried to give her a cuddle but she stopped me.. "What’s the matter?" I said, "that was fantastic for me and you enjoyed it too" She turned her lovely face towards me, "You don’t understand yet, I have to be in control one hundred percent of the time, its my way so if I do let you cuddle me, then I have lost the initiative, please try to understand."

I was a little hurt at this but shrugged it off. I checked my watch, it was after midnight. "I had better go" I said, "it’s late." She said nothing as I reluctantly stood up. "Where are my clothes?" I asked and looked back at her, she was lying on her side and smiling. "I’ve hidden them," she said, "you’re not allowed to go, I haven’t given you permission and I will have more need of your tongue and your cock later." She tapped the bed on my side, "now get back in here and keep me company tonight."

She was asserting her authority on me again but who was I to argue, I did as she ordered and I soon slipped between her cool sheets. She slipped off her rubber clothing and we then both dropped off naked for a good night sleep.

I slept sound and satisfied with this beautiful creature and only stirred when she went to the bathroom. I checked my watch, it was seven thirty and I just had the best nights sleep for ages even though it was a little clammy lying between the rubber sheets.

She was some time and when she returned to slip back into bed she had just showered by her fresh smell. She was naked and lay on her back up close to me. She spoke quietly, "I know you’re not asleep Scott, my pussy is aching for you again." She dropped her hand onto my cock and squeezed it. "I need the loo" I said and jumped out of bed. "Don’t be long and take a shower" she said, "Ill get started while you’re away."

I looked back surprised at her remark and she was licking her fingers and slipped them down under the covers and made a delicious sound with her mouth.

I quickly used the loo and cleaned myself up before returning to her moaning softly. Slipping into bed with an erection she said to me, "now pleasure me with your tongue."

I was expecting her to be straddling me but did not complain when she ordered me between her legs as she lay on her back. It was wonderful to be able to use my mouth on her again. She had strong legs and soon hooked one of them behind my head pulling me into her when I got onto my knees to get more comfortable. It was hot and clammy under there with only limited air as I worked on her and she loved what I did to her pussy and she climaxed several times.

My tongue was aching by now and she allowed me to stop. She came back to Earth as I now lay onto my back with an erection fit to burst. She now took the initiative and ordered me to spread my arms above my head again where she slipped the two leather restraints on them. I allowed her to do the same to my ankles and I then was looking forward to her riding me again. I was wrong.

She now kneeled between my legs with a small case from a side drawer "I’m now going to give you the most erotic hand job, you’ve ever experienced, this will blow your mind, and, you will not cum until I allow it!" she said as she poured some slippery oily stuff onto my cock and hands and rubbed it around her fingers.

Her left hand cupped my balls and she drew her nails gently under them: at the same time her right hand forefinger and thumb gently traced a line from my knob to the base of my cock. The effect was electrifying, "oh god" I cried, "that’s incredible" She smiled and continued to stroke me slowly and very gently.

She did this for some minutes until I was near to orgasm. "Oh my god" I cried "I don’t know how long I can hold out." She stopped, "You don’t cum yet!" she said, "you’re not allowed without my permission, you’re balls are as hard as rocks" she said and lowered her mouth to me she dragged her tongue from my balls to my knob slowly then enclosed her whole mouth around my knob. I swooned with pleasure.

She stopped doing this and now extracted a thin shiny steel rod from the case and began to apply some gel to it. "What’s that for?" I questioned her. She gave me a wicked smile. "This is a urethral sound" she said, "I’m going to slide it down inside your cock hole, I promise you will love it." I cringed at the thought and didn’t like the idea at all. "Id rather not" I protested. "Oh you have no choice and you can hardly stop me can you" she said. "Please I don’t want you to do it" I said with more determination and tried to escape.

She just smiled wickedly again, draped her latex French knickers over my head so that my face was trapped and covered over, "This will prevent you looking" she said and now turned around and straddled my belly to prevent me moving. Next I felt the cold surgical steel enter me and slide down inside my cock as she now allowed its own weight to find its way in. I shuddered at this to start off with and it was a weird sensation but surprisingly very erotic and I now and felt her oiled fingers begin to slide up and down my shaft and at the same time she slowly raised and lowered the probe inside me with the other hand.

A few minutes of this and I was ready to explode and my whole body shook. "Please let me cum Anna" I pleaded, "I’m going out of my mind here!" as I sucked the sweet smelling latex onto my face and at this she increased the pressure on my cock and replied, "You do have my permission to cum, in fact I insist so do it for me, go ahead do it for me now that’s an order."

At her words I started to erupt and screamed with pleasure, the latex aroma invading my lungs as she extracted my hot sticky fluid, milking every last drop as she removed the sound from deep inside of me.

I just lay there totally drained and exhausted and I felt her climb off me now to release my straps. I removed the sweaty rubber knickers from my face and focused on her. She was standing by the bed and was wiping her hands before cleaning the sound and putting it away in its leather case.

Releasing my own ankles I asked her where she’d learned that trick with the cold steel. "I'll tell you sometime" she answered and continued, "you can shower again now if you wish and i'll leave your clothes out."

I enjoyed a refreshing shower and my thoughts turned when I used to make love with Laura. Sex with her was never like this: this was on another level entirely.

Thinking back now to the amazing weird night I just had with Anna made me horny again but I dressed and met her downstairs in the kitchen. As usual she was dressed in latex including a pair of red skin tight calf length leggings which left nothing to the imagination and just made her seem more than naked and she also had on a tight black latex blouse and no bra as I said she didn’t need one.

She had made coffee, "Good morning" I said. She smiled back and her doleful dark eyes searched my face before she too said "good morning" I sat down and we chatted lightly as I enjoyed toast and coffee with her.

By now it was after nine and she said, "I have to go out at ten I have an appointment in town later"

"I must be going myself" I replied, "I have a deadline to meet, but before I go I do wish to see you again, I would like to get to know you better and hope what we have experienced is not just a one off thing if you don’t mind my saying."

She gave me a look that made me think it was a no and I prepared for the worst. She finally answered, "That depends on you Scott, I have something to discuss with you so just sit and I will explain and please hear me out before you reply or make a judgement".

"As you know I am very frank and I would like to be perfectly straight with you, so yes I would like to see how things work out with you too but I must explain about myself then there would be no shocks for you later."

I looked puzzled and she continued. "Firstly you asked what I do for work, I have always been interested in the bizarre and weird and I am truly dominant by nature especially in the bedroom as you now know, and by dabbling with Goths and the dark side of society a few years ago I found out that there are men and women too who wish to be treated harshly and even worse."

"They would pay serious money to be dominated by people such as myself which was perfect for me and I learnt my trade then which gives me a very good living. I will explain; I have a place in town where I carry out the trade of being a professional Mistress. I get paid a lot of money to torment and torture people who come to me voluntarily for an hour upwards and sometimes for even a whole day. I am very, very good at what I do and some clients even come to see me from Europe such is their dedication to me. There is never any sex between us and sex only occurs if they do it to themselves, if I do allow it that is."

"I was late home last night because a creepy new client thought he was entitled to have sex at the end of his session and when he made a move to grab me I zapped him in the balls with my electric stunner. Writhing in agony as he was I then tied him still naked and gave him the thrashing of his life until he was begging for mercy."

"I wasn’t finished and in front of him I took photos of him trussed, took all of his personal details from his wallet which I found in his car and then emailed them to a central point where other mistresses have access to dangerous clients. I then threatened to call his wife right there and then and he sobbed like a baby. I left him with no illusions that I had a back up plan and if anything was to happen to me then all of this information would be broadcast to every interested party, and he would also be all over the internet."

"That sort of thing is rare for that to happen and I can and will look after myself. I am also scrupulously clean in my work; I cannot afford to take chances so although I took you to my bed last night it was not done lightly and I hadn’t been with a man for some time, I had forgotten how good it was to have a man giving me pleasure."

She continued, "I had noticed you and checked you out since moving here and in fact I engineered the parcel to be delivered to you as I wished to meet you and felt it was time to do so."

I tried to interrupt but she asked me to let her finish. "Because of what I do when I come home from my work I am always sexually frustrated so I have to resort to mechanical devices to relieve myself. I love what I do; as I said it gives me a very good living. I am naturally highly sexed and sessioning turns me on. I cannot just switch off either from being a Mistress, it is my lifestyle choice."

"So now Scott I have laid my cards on the table. If you do wish to continue to see me then I must insist that it is completely and totally on my terms and you will include treating me in the future as your Mistress while you are here in my house, and I will expect to be addressed as such: if we are out together then you may call me Anna."

"Now you may be disgusted and horrified at what you have just learned and will not wish to see me again: if that is so then you must walk away, I will not blame you if you do, or you may try to accept my terms and continue to see me at least for the time being to see if it works out for us. I have to say that the majority of men cannot accept a strong minded woman such as me. They feel threatened because I am female and self supporting, a nice house, car and everything else etc. and I do have to admit that previous relationships have ended because I was the dominant partner."

"That is all I have to say at the moment except, yes I too found that what we did last night was very special to me, I need a man in my life such as yourself who is self confident and successful in his own right and I wanted you in my bed and inside my body. The matter is now in your hands, so if you wish to consider what I have put to you then please do so but don’t say yes and then change your mind at the drop of a hat. I will not accept being messed about"

I was shocked yes and now all of the questions I had in my mind about her added up. I did not wish to judge her and her eyes a little sad showed me that she was in fear should I would walk away.

"Thank you for being so honest with me Anna, yes I am shocked but only because I hadn’t considered that is what you did. I do not judge you to be a bad person because of what you do. Circumstances in life throw all sorts of things our way and yours has been different to mine. Women are just as entitled to be as successful in life as men, I certainly do not have a problem with that and admire you in fact for being true to yourself and lets face it, you have all the attributes to do so."

"Also I thank you for being up front and honest with me and I feel flattered that you wished to get to know me as I did with you, so, yes I would like to say right now that I will give it a go so to speak and I will try at least to understand your ways and I will accept your requirements of me"

She looked relieved to say the least and smiled, I continued, "So Anna will you go for dinner with me on Saturday evening on a proper date that is, if you are free? The Ambassador hotel is a good place to eat and there’s dancing too"

"Yes I am free on Saturday evening and you can pick me up at eight but just one more thing before I have to get ready to go to work, just drop your trousers for me."

I looked at her startled and she repeated, "Now do as you’re told and drop your trousers, you know my terms while you are here I am asserting my authority and I remind you to call me Mistress from now on."

I had no idea that she was to fit me with a chastity device, a steel cock cage affair that had a hinged ring that was locked on behind my balls preventing me removing it.

"That will keep you out of trouble, remind you of me and stop you playing with yourself, now your cock is mine from now until we meet next" she said wickedly, "and if it works out it will be mine for the future and then I shall always decide when you are allowed to cum."

Her hands caressed my balls now giving me a partial erection that was very uncomfortable in the cage. She smiled and added, "I will remove this on Saturday evening before we go out"

"What happens if I break the lock and take it off?" I asked.

"Then our relationship will be broken and over if you appear back here having removed it" she said sternly, "its as simple as that, so do you agree to wear it for me?"

"Yes" I said.

"Yes what" she asked, "do I have to remind you how to address me"

"Yes Mistress" I said feeling very foolish.

"Good now dress properly, keep your word like a good slave should and you must go now"

We hugged and I could feel her firm sexy soft warm body through the thin latex and god I wanted her again. I left and my thought turned to what I was getting into: maybe something I couldn’t handle and was my cock ruling my brain, it probably was but I didn’t give a dam, she was the most exciting woman I had ever met or was likely to meet this side of paradise.

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