My New Life

by Dee Ramone

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© Copyright 2018 - Dee Ramone - Used by permission

Storycodes: MF; F/m; rom; date; discovery; tease; lingerie; shave; chastity; femdom; bond; cuffs; harness; oral; cunnilingus; denial; sex; climax; cons; X

My New Life, a story by © D. Ramone 2018 -  My New Life is an erotic novel by D. Ramone featuring themes of chastity and cross-dressing and descriptions of sexually explicit acts which those of a sensitive nature may find not to their tastes. It is not suitable for such readers nor for anyone considered a minor by the authorities in their country of residence. My New Life is entirely a work from Dee Ramone and any similarities to places or people, either living or dead, is entirely coincidental. The names of all individuals in this story have been changed to protect their identities.

Part 1: My New Life, and how I came to accept it.

I met Lisa, not her real name, online about a year after my divorce. However, I had no idea at the time that by clicking on her profile I would end up as her devoted, chastity slave.

We were both in our forties but, unlike myself, Lisa was a widow having lost her first husband to a tragic accident. We hit it off right away and were messaging each other two or three times a day. Very quickly we moved off the dating site and were emailing each other directly and soon after that we exchanged phone numbers with me making the first call. So far so good, and, if anything, talking over the phone only seemed to bring us closer, emotionally that is. There was however one small problem, and that was that I lived in England while Lisa lived in central Scotland. So, in spite however close we felt while talking on the phone, there were a very real two hundred miles between us.

We decided to meet up for the first time in Edinburgh, during the festival. That first date was fun. We talked, a lot, got to know each other better and, I am pleased to say, wanted to get closer. We had dinner, took in a show and had a few drinks afterward. At the end of the first day we each took our own taxies back to our separate hotels but not before agreeing to meet up again the following day.

We made love for the first time that second night in Edinburgh and from then on, we couldn’t get enough of each other. While we may both be in our forties, we are both reasonably fit people; Lisa more so than myself. She has the same body shape as she had in her twenties, tall, athletic with a flat stomach and firm breasts. There are only a few lines on her otherwise perfect face and they only add character to and do not detract from her beauty.

By the end of the week, we were both madly in love and wanted to take things further but, once again there was the little problem of the two hundred miles between us. So, after talking things over, we agreed that I would travel up the next weekend and, if things worked out, we could take it in turns to do the traveling when we had a weekend free.

So, this then became our routine over the next few months. Either I would race home on a Friday afternoon, shower and change, then jump in the car and race to Scotland, or Lisa would be racing down to mine. And I have to say that the sex between us was always worth risking a speeding ticket or two.

That was our relationship for about five months, and perhaps, it might have stayed that way except for what happened while I was at her place one weekend. Lisa knew I could turn my hands to making furniture. In fact, I had built all my own wardrobes and kitchen units; and no not from flat packs. And, as she wanted to remodel her bedroom, she asked if I would help out; something I was only too happy to do. So, I took a week off work and set off like I had done so many Fridays. Only this time I would be staying for not just the weekend but for ten days in total.

I got there early, having broken every speed restriction both sides of the border, and ran to her door like a hungry dog after a juicy chop. Lisa was a little surprised to see me so early as she had been emptying her old wardrobe and was a little sweaty from the effort. She was dressed in an old, ripped pair of jeans and a stained t-shirt. Even so, she looked to me as she always looked, beautiful.

We kissed and, while apologizing for looking so messy, Lisa made us both a cup of tea. After having our tea, we headed up to the bedroom to empty her wardrobe and draws before pulling everything apart ready for the rebuild. That was when I found it, a small black and red gym bag that was much heavier than it looked and which also jingled and clinked when I picked it up.

Lisa didn’t say anything when I held the bag up as she came back into the bedroom. She saw me holding the bag, froze, blushed and took a short, sharp breath.

‘What’s this?’ I asked, shaking the bag to make it jingle. I knew it was something she’d hidden and forgotten about. It was also something that was making her a little embarrassed, I could tell that from her expression.

‘It’s nothing,’ Lisa said as she made a lunge at the bag.

I quickly shifted the bag so it was hidden behind my back and out of her reach. What followed was a play fight with Lisa trying to get at the bag while I kept shifting it from hand to hand. We both ended up on the bed, rolling about in a struggle to either keep or gain control of the bag. Finally, with Lisa sitting atop of me, and us still playing tug-of-war with the bag, she said she would show me but only if I promised not to be shocked or judgemental. I was then even more intrigued than I had been upon first finding the bag.

We sat side by side on the bed and Lisa took the bag, unzipped it and, before opening it, explained how these were things she had tried in the past.

‘You know how I like to spice things up in the bedroom,’ she said slowly. ‘While my late husband wanted to try but never really got into it. Not like you. You’re much more open-minded so I think I can show you this. Promise not to be upset or anything.’

She was being very mysterious, but I promised to try and not be shocked. A promise I found hard to keep as she emptied the bag in front of me.

First, Lisa pulled out a couple of pairs of handcuffs. These were followed by a third pair, much larger with a longer chain that she said were for the ankles. She also pulled out two pairs of leather cuffs which were also lockable, several lengths of chain and a number of very sturdy brass padlocks. At least the weight of the bag had been explained. Next, she pulled out a shiny red ball with a strap through it. Lisa explained it was a gag, as was the next thing out of the bag. Only this one had an open ring, so that the wearer could still use their tongue while wearing it. And I could guess where the wearer’s tongue was to be used. Next, she took out a tangle of leather straps that she began straightening.

‘It’s a cunnilingus keeper. Well either keeper or trainer,’ she said with a wicked grin. ‘The wearer puts his head in here and these straps go around my hips and waist of his lady friend, so to speak, and that keeps him in just the right place.’

‘All very interesting,’ I replied. Giving Lisa a knowing smile. ‘You should have told me you had a kinky side.

Lisa explained how it had been her late husband that had first introduced her to the idea of bondage and domination. He had a submissive side and wanted her to be his mistress. To begin with she had been reluctant but, after trying a few things, she started to warm to the idea. Only thing was, the more dominant she became, the less her late husband liked it. The old adage of how reality is so much more difficult to live up to than a fantasy was never truer.

While Lisa was telling me all of this, and becoming more embarrassed by the telling, I was going through the remaining items in the bag. I also told her that I had heard about things like that, who hasn’t, but had never been involved in the scene. In fact, up until then I had led a very sheltered life by comparison. I also had to admit that I was curious and told her not to feel embarrassed; even going so far to say that if she really wanted to then we could try a few things. I couldn’t promise anything, and the whole idea of a “mistress/slave” relationship seemed to me to be odd: to say the least.

Lisa’s whole demeanor changed upon hearing that. Gone was her embarrassment to be replaced by a sudden enthusiasm. She promised that she would not ask me to do anything I wasn’t willing to do and that we would agree on a safe word that I could use at any time to stop what we were doing if I didn’t want to go on. She also told me that she loved me for being willing to try. But personally, I think she was just happy I hadn’t walked out of her life after finding out what was in that bag.

By then almost the entire content of the bag was on the bed, all the cuffs, chains, ropes, locks and leather straps. But there were few small items left. The blindfold I could figure out for myself. But the contents of a small velvet bag puzzled me. There were several hard, plastic rings, pins and something that looked like a flaccid penis, and a padlock. As I turned the items over in my hands Lisa sheepishly told me it was a chastity device. It was something else that her late husband had wanted to try but, after ordering it, he had died before it arrived.

She explained that by wearing it a couple could extend their foreplay indefinitely, being as how the man would not be able to orgasm as the device would prevent him from getting an erection. By then she was sitting right beside me. One arm around my shoulders, while her other hand was light stroking my thigh.

‘Just think about it,’ she was whispering in my ear. ‘If you were wearing that I could tease you for hours and you don’t get to cum until I released you.’

By then we had fallen back on the bed and were kissing and starting to fool around. As we kissed I felt her hand move to between my legs and Lisa gently took hold of the growing erection down there.

‘Maybe I should get you locked in it now,’ she teased. So saying her grip on my erection tightened and she looked deep into my eyes. ‘I mean it,’ she said sharply. ‘You’re getting all horny, and you’re getting me horny, but there is still work to be done.’ With that, she let go of my erection, pushed me away and stood up.

‘What’s up?’ I asked stunned.

‘There’s time for all that later,’ she was saying, at the same time picking up all the parts to the chastity device and dropping them back into the bag. ‘I’ll put this stuff away while you finish ripping out the wardrobe.’ She dropped all the bit and pieces into the gym bag then brightly asked. ‘Would you like a cup of tea. I fancy one. How about you?’

How about me? Right then tea was the last thing on my mind. I was totally confused. Had I said or done something to upset her? Had going through the bag brought back some unpleasant memory? But, when I asked, Lisa just smiled and said it was work first and we could play later. Besides, we were sweaty and smelly, and she didn’t really feel in the mood while we were both like that.

Yet, while Lisa had made it clear that we wouldn’t be having sex, she did take every opportunity to brush her body seductively against me while we were working. She must have known that she was doing just enough to keep me aroused. And she seemed to delight in the fact that she knew that I knew there wasn’t going to be any sex just yet.

I managed to get all of the old wardrobes out by the time Lisa had made dinner. So, after washing my hands, we sat down to eat. As we ate Lisa gave me one of her seductive smiles saying. ‘As you’ve worked so hard today I think you have earned a special reward.’

‘Does that “special reward” have anything to do with that bondage stuff or the chastity device?’ I asked.

‘I hadn’t really thought about that,’ she replied trying to sound innocent. ‘But if you really want to, try alright then.’

‘No, I didn’t mean that,’ I began to say only for Lisa to cut me off.

‘No, you’re right,’ she grinned. ‘In fact, that will make it even more fun, for you.’

After dinner Lisa lead the way up to the bathroom explaining that there was something she had to help me with. Once inside she told me to strip but not to get into the shower yet. And, while I stripped off she left for a moment returning with that little velvet bag containing the chastity device.

‘I really want you to wear this for me tonight,’ she said showing me the bag. ‘And I promise that it’s going to make things a whole lot more exciting for you. So, will you wear it for me?’

‘If you really want me to,’ I said, without really knowing what I was about to get myself into.

Lisa flung her arms around my neck and kissed me passionately. ‘Oh thank you darling,’ she said enthusiastically. ‘I promise this will be a night you will always remember.’

By then my manhood was fully erect but, Lisa told me not to touch myself, and that she would do what had to be done. With that, she had me sit on the side of the bath while she knelt in front of me. She got some warm soapy water and washed my erection carefully, very carefully in fact. Then, after drying me off, she told me that she was going to shave me down there. I meekly protested but she explained it was to stop any hair getting caught in the device. So, while I sat on the bath, Lisa proceeded to lather up my erection and balls before delicately shaving off all the hair. And not just on my balls but the whole area surrounding them. I was still very much erect at that point but Lisa soon cured that by rinsing everything with cold water.

Almost at once I lost my erection and, as I went down, Lisa quickly took the rings from the velvet bag, slipped them around my flaccid shaft behind my balls. She then slipped the pins into place and, after rubbing some lubricant over my shaft and placed the hard plastic shell over it and onto the pins. Next, she slipped the lock into place and, raising up on her knees so she was looking directly into my eye, she leaned forward saying. ‘Always remember that I love you.’ She kissed me and, as our lips met, I heard the lock click shut.

As our lips parted Lisa told me to jump into the shower, which I did. But, as I showered, I could help myself from examining the strange plastic device she had placed over my cock. It didn’t look like much; indeed, it didn’t weigh much. But, as I examined it, I began to get hard again. It was then that I discovered just how effective that little device was. The moment my penis began to grow I felt it being restrained by the plastic tube and, the rings behind my balls began pulling on it a little painfully. If I took hold of myself, which I did, it felt weird, as if I wasn’t touching myself at all. The net result was that after only a few minutes my erection began to subside again.

Once out of the shower I shaved my face and dried off. It then that I discovered that I had to sit to pee. Thankfully the device had a slit at the end of it to allow this. I put on a bathrobe and went down to the living room where Lisa was waiting. The moment I entered the room she stood up and smiled at me.

‘Feel better?’ she asked.

‘Much, thanks,’ I replied.

Lisa walked towards me, placed an arm around my neck and kissed me. Then her free hand snaked its way into my robe and she cupped my chased cock in her hand.

‘And how’s the little fella doing in his new home?’ she grinned.

‘Feeling a bit odd,’ I replied truthfully.

‘Don’t worry,’ Lisa smiled. ‘He’s going to feel a whole lot different before tonight is over.’ She kissed me again then quickly set off for her shower.

For the next forty minutes, I sat watching TV and wondering what that night would bring but, having allowed Lisa to lock me in a chastity device, I was really wondering what she had planned and what, if anything, I could do about it. Well, my questions were soon answered when Lisa came back. She was wearing all white. Her Basque, stockings, suspenders, and panties were all white and very sheer. She looked beautiful and unbelievably sexy.

Lisa placed a hand on her hip and gave me a sexy smile as she asked if I liked what I was seeing. All I could do was nod yes, like a dribbling idiot. But then she sank to her knees in front of me. She undid my robe and then looked down at my chased cock that was right then trying its best to get erect. She smiled and up at me and, after lifting my manhood in her fingers and placing a tiny kiss on my encased cock, she began to crawl up my body. She began kissing me, placing light kisses first on my stomach, then my chest and neck, and finally my lips and face. As Lisa kissed me she got up so that she was sitting astride my loins.

She began rocking her hips back and forward, gently rubbing her sex against my trapped cock. All the while her lips were pressed firmly to mine as her tongue darted into my mouth. While she was doing this she also eased the robe off my shoulders and freed my arms that I immediately wrapped around her, pulling her close to me.

By then my cock was straining against the tight confines of the chastity device; and it was beginning to hurt. Lisa seemed to notice my discomfort and, rather than stop, she instead pressed her sex down onto my trapped cock and ground herself into me. At the same time, she sat back and smiled down at me.

‘I think someone wants out so they can play,’ she said in a husky tone.

‘Why don’t you let me out and I’ll show you how much he wants to play,’ I replied.

But Lisa just shook her head. ‘No no darling, if you want your freedom you have to earn it. Are you willing to do whatever it takes to earn it?’

I nodded yes. In fact, I would have done anything she asked to get that device off my cock, all Lisa had to do was ask. But she had other ideas. She reached under a cushion where she had previously hidden a pair of handcuffs and, hooking her thumbs into them, she held them in front of my eyes.

‘Are you really sure you’re willing to show me how much you want out?’ she asked.

‘What have you got planned?’

‘Not telling,’ she grinned. ‘You’ll just have to trust me. Do you think you can do that?’

I nodded slowly. And Lisa gave me a broad smile. She stood up and directed that I did likewise. Then she had me turn my back to her where she cuffed my hands behind me. Again, she reached under the cushion and came out with a dog lead. This she clipped to the lock on the chastity device saying. ‘Don’t you look just perfect. Naked, cuffed and in chastity.’

She began to walk away, giving the lead a little tug, and I was forced to follow. I was led out of the living room and up the stairs and was rewarded with a delightful view of her swaying hips and undulating bottom. I must have been drooling by then and Lisa giggled at my predicament.

‘Like what you see sweetheart?’ she asked stopping suddenly so that I walked into her on the stairs which meant that my face went right into her bottom.

‘Sorry,’ I said stepping back a little.

But Lisa pushed her bottom out slightly saying, ‘I didn’t say you could take your face away.’

I looked up at her puzzled.

‘Put your face back between my checks and keep it there until I tell you to move,’ she said giving the lead a firm tug.

I did as she told me and felt her gently press her bottom firmly against my face.

For a long time, she just stood there, forcing me to keep my face pressed against her bottom. Finally, she started up the stairs again, tugging on the lead again. But when we got to the bedroom Lisa turned toward me and she looked really worried and concerned.

‘Are you alright with this,’ she asked. ‘We can stop if you’re uncomfortable.’

It was strange but, while I had never had anything to do with bondage and domination, seeing the look on Lisa’s face right then, and hearing the genuine concern in her voice I suddenly understood what a true mistress/slave relationship was about. It wasn’t just about tying someone up, nor simply ordering them about. It was about ensuring that both were happy with their roles in the relationship and that both were comfortable with what they were doing.

‘I don’t know where this is going Lisa but I trust you so, yes, I’m alright.’

Lisa gave me a big smile then kissed me passionately. But after the kiss, she stepped back and her expression changed. ‘Kneel,’ she said firmly.

I did and Lisa positioned me so that I was facing the bed. The next I knew she was placing another set of cuffs around my ankles only Lisa looped the chain around the chain of my handcuffs. In this way, Lisa had made it impossible for me to stand up. She then sat on the bed facing me. I also noticed that she had that strange set of straps that I had seen in the gym bag before. She held it up in front of me.

‘I know you like going down on me,’ Lisa began. ‘And I love you for being willing to do that. But I also saw your face when you first saw this cunnilingus keeper. Are you willing to try it?’

‘I think so,’ was all I could say.

Lisa just smiled sweetly as she began undoing the buckles. When she was happy with things she had me lean forward so that she could slip the straps over my head. There was a centerpiece that went down the back of my head, from the crown to the neck. More straps went around my head over my forehead and down around the sides of my face. Another went under my chin and even down between my eyes where it split going either side of my nose before connecting to the strap under my chin. By the end, I felt that my head was fully enclosed and surrounded by leather straps.

Lisa then pulled me forward till my face was only an inch from her sex. I could inhale her musky aroma, which I did gladly. And, as I breathed in that heady perfume deeply, I saw her lift up as she slipped the straps under her bottom. Lisa lay back on the bed and fasten some straps around her waist. Other straps fastened around her thighs while still other went between the head harness I was wearing and the one she was wearing. Lisa sat up again and looked down at me.

‘Now darling,’ Lisa said. ‘I know you love going down on me, so all you have to do is do what you were meant to do.’

With that, Lisa pulled two of the straps tight and my face was pulled into her sex. She lay back and adjusted some of the straps till she was happy that my mouth was positioned exactly where she wanted it. Then, having no other option, I began licking her moist open folds.

In moments she was moaning softly above me and rocking her hips in time with the lapping of my tongue. I felt her clitoris grow against my lips and sucked it into my mouth where, holding it gently in my teeth, I could flick my tongue over the tip. Lisa’s responded to this with a stifled cry and a shudder that rippled through her whole body.

But by then I was also discovering just how fiendish was the way she had tied me. In the past, while giving her oral sex I would tease her and then kiss her thighs and belly before going back to tease her sex some more. But now my face was firmly strapped to her sex and I couldn’t do anything other than keep lapping at her opening. Sometimes I would use my fingers to spread her lips wider, or rub her clitoris or to penetrate her. But with my hands cuffed behind me and fastened down to my ankles, I had to concentrate on licking her. Using my nose to rub her engorged clitoris and pushing my tongue as deep into her sex as I could. And then was something else that my bound state allowed. It allowed Lisa to use her toes to play with my chastised cock.

As I focused on worshipping at her sex, was forced to worship at her sex by the harness she had strapped around my head, I felt her feet come between my legs, force them apart, as her toes sought out my encased manhood. She was laid back on the bed, cooing contentedly while her toes began to gently play with my constrained cock. But then, as she neared her first orgasm, she hooked her toes behind the ring holding the chastity devise on me and began tugging on it as she demanded, ‘Lick me harder, faster, deeper, push your tongue in me, deeper.’

Lisa’s first orgasm was powerful. Her whole body went rigid. Her back arched off the bed. She began to shake as her hands gripped my head, she started to cry out in her ecstasy. Wave after wave of pleasure washed over her and, as each wave broke, Lisa grunted and rock her hips against my mouth. I could taste the flood of musky fluid that bathed her sex as she rubbed it over my face.

Finally, as her orgasm waned, Lisa was laying on the bed, breathing deeply and softly humming after each contented breath. I used to love watching her in that post-orgasmic state but, with my head strapped between her thighs I couldn't. But then I felt her toes flicking at my trapped balls. ‘Nobody said for you to stop,’ she stated as she flicked my caged cock, almost kicking it, to spur me on.

So I kept on licking, licking and nibbling and sucking and anything else I could think of doing to get Lisa excited and push her over the edge of another orgasm. But it took some time before Lisa reached her second climax, which was every bit as powerful as her first. Her third and forth seemed to come on top of each other and, after that, Lisa told me to slow down. She loosened the straps holding my face against her sex and, in the singular most contented tone I have ever heard from any woman, she thanked me and told me to relax for a minute.

The truth was I really didn’t want to relax. I have always loved giving a woman cunnilingus; especially one as sweet and as lovely as Lisa. So, even though the harness had been slackened off I rested my head against her thigh but still kept on gently licking and kissing her wet sex.

At last Lisa unbuckled the harness from around her waist and thighs and sat up. She looked down at me, her face a picture of serenity. ‘My god,’ she sighed, ‘You really know how to use that tongue to please a girl.’

‘Wasn’t that the whole point of putting me in this rig?’ I smiled.

Lisa suddenly leaned forward and kissed me passionately. She held my head in her hands as she pressed her lips to mine forcefully. Her tongue darted into my mouth, playing tug-of-war with my own. And her kiss seemed to go on forever. When at last she did break free she was smiling down at me. ‘In the short time I’ve known you,’ she said, still cradling my head between her soft hands and looking deep into my eyes, into my very soul in fact. ‘I knew you were the type that liked to please the woman he was with. I think you would have done what you just did even without the harness and cuffs.’

‘True,’ I replied.

A short time later she had released me from the harness and cuffs and we both got into the bed. I was still wearing the chastity device and Lisa didn’t seem as if she was ready to release me from it just yet. Instead, we kissed and cuddled and stroked each other’s bodies. And, as we did so, Lisa began asking me if I had minded her treating me as she had. She very gently and succinctly quizzed me about what she had done to me. Did I mind being used like that? Did it bother me wearing the chastity device? And so on. All the while Lisa was stroking my body, kissing me all over, and letting a hand drift down to tease my caged manhood.

In the end, I was in a state of near agony from the ecstasy of it. My cock was in a condition somewhere between flaccid and erect. It felt as if I was teetering on the edge of orgasm but never quite able to tip over into an ecstasy that I so much desired. It was also clear that Lisa knew that, knew what she was doing to me and knew also how to hold me at that tipping point without ever letting me go over. My mind was in a fog, my whole body was crying out for the release of an orgasm, but still Lisa just kept on teasing.

Her fingers were dancing lightly over my flesh. Her kisses alternated between feather-light caresses to full-blooded and forceful. And, just as her kisses alternated, so too did her touches on and around my caged manhood. Sometimes she would gently brush her fingertips over my groin. She would caress my balls with the most delicate fondling. Other times she suddenly grasp my balls, tugging at them and rolling them in her hand. She never hurt me, Lisa was too skilled and careful to do that, but she could make me gasp out loud from shock and surprise, and she did many times.

But Lisa didn’t only tease with her hands and kisses; she teased with her words also. All the time she was stroking and kissing me she would tell me how much she loved me, but also how much she loved having me locked up in chastity. She would say how seeing me locked up like that was the biggest turn on. How it made her feel excited and wet. Just the thought of me wearing a chastity device for her was so thrilling it was driving her wild. And more than that, my wearing a chastity device for proved how much I loved and respected her.

After being teased like this was what seemed like hours Lisa sat astride my thigh. She stopped all her teasing and sat upright looking down at me with a serious expression on her face.

‘I want you,’ she said breathlessly. ‘I want to feel that cock inside of me. But darling I also want you to promise me something.’

‘Sure, I’ll promise Lisa,’ I replied. But my words only made her press her lips into a tight, thin line as she gave me a disapproving look.

‘You don’t know what I am going to ask you to do yet,’ she said slowly. ‘And I don’t want you to be like nearly every other man on the planet.

‘Alright,’ I said. ‘What do you want me to promise?’

‘I am going to unlock you and we are going to make love,’ she said with a slight hint of a smile on her lips. ‘But afterward, after we have a shower and get cleaned up, I want you to put the chastity back on.’

‘But why?’ I asked.

‘Because I need you to darling,’ she said. Lisa took hold of my wrists and held my hand above my head. She leaned forward, bring her face directly over mine so she was only an inch above me and her sweet breath blew gently on my face and she spoke. ‘I need to know that you didn’t just wear the device so that you could get sex. I need you to show me that you really do love me and that you’re willing to wear it for me.’ She paused for a minute before saying. ‘I need to know you are truly mine.’

‘Absolutely I love you. And yes, I am yours,’ I said, but then I saw a flicker of doubt in her eyes and I added. ‘And to prove it I’ll let you lock me up again afterward.’

Lisa’s expression suddenly brightened. ‘Oh thank you darling,’ she said, kissing me with a renewed passion. Letting go of my wrists she reached over the bedside table where the key was and, sitting upright, she reached down and removed the padlock from the chastity device. The very second that the tight tube came of my manhood it sprang into an erection larger than I could ever remember.

‘Oh darling,’ Lisa giggled. ‘Is that all for me.’

She raised up on her knees, easing herself forward as she rubbed my cock with her very wet sex. She heard me gasp and smiled down at me telling me not to move. After rubbing my manhood with her sex repeatedly, Lisa eased forward some more, tilted her hips so her sex was resting directly on the tip of my cock, then she sat back down and my cock slipped easily into warm wetness.

For a while Lisa didn’t move, she sat right down on me, pinning my hips to the bed as she positioned herself on my manhood so it was exactly where she wanted it to be. Then, with her eyes closed tight shut as she concentrated, and without moving her body, Lisa began gripping my cock with just the muscles of her vagina.

It felt like ripples going up and down the shaft of my cock. Never had felt anything like it, or anything so good. Lisa smiled down at me as a long involuntary groan escaped my lips and she redoubled the efforts of the vaginal muscles.

She began rocking back and forward on my shaft, still rippling her vaginal muscles but now also rubbing her clitoris against my groin. In moments her breathing became ragged, her eyes squeezed shut as she began moaning softly above me. Lisa was riding me like no woman had ever ridden me before. I could feel the pressure building within my loins but I could also see that Lisa’s entire mind, body, and soul transfixed on giving us both the maximum pleasure.

The muscles of her vagina got suddenly tighter, tighter to the point it was nearly painful. She was rocking her hips, her motions longer and her stroking my shaft becoming faster and faster. I grunted that was nearly coming. Lisa smiled and, rocked her hips faster as she breathlessly grunted. ‘Cum for me darling. Do it now. Do it…’

I exploded inside of her at the same moment as Lisa reached her own orgasm. She cried out loudly in her ecstasy and fell forward atop of me. My arms went around her and I held her tight to me as my hips pumped the last of my orgasm deep into her. With each thrust of my hips, Lisa gave a satisfied groan and our lips locked together in a kiss.

For a good while after we just lay there. Neither of us had either the strength nor the inclination to move. My manhood softened and, as it shrank back to normal size, I felt it slip from between the folds of her hot, wet sex.

Afterwards, we mustered up the strength to go for a shower, cleaning off the sweat and mess from our lovemaking. We dried each other off and returned to the bedroom where Lisa handed me some sanitizing wipes. I must have looked a little disappointed and Lisa picked up on immediately.

‘You did promise darling,’ she said softly.

‘I know, I did, and I will,’ I said slowly. ‘It’s just all so new to me. I guess I just need to get used to the idea.’

Lisa came over and kissed me lovingly. ‘I know darling,’ she said sympathetically. ‘But the best way to get used to it, is just do it.’

With that, I sat on the edge of the bed, cleaned out the chastity device, got some lubricant from the bedside table and applied it to my manhood. Even after the best sex I’d had ever had in my life my cock still managed to grow slightly as I slipped the ring around my shaft and behind my balls. I put the pins in place and pushed the body of the chastity over my slowly stirring cock. When I looked for the ring Lisa was holding it.

‘Always let me lock it,’ she said slipping the lock into place. ‘You can put it on but only I get to lock it and unlock it. That way we both know who is in charge.’ With that, she snapped the lock shut.

‘In charge?’ I wondered out loud.

Lisa kissed me lightly on the lips. ‘Yes darling,’ she said seductively. ‘You have given me the greatest gift any man can give a woman. The cock might be yours but the erections are mine and mine alone. And by giving me the gift of your erections you are proving how much you love me.’ Lisa kissed me passionately and we sort of rolled or fell back into bed. A short time later we fell asleep naked with me spooned in behind Lisa and her round buttock pressed gently against my caged manhood.

To be continued.

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