My First Flogging

by Servitude

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© Copyright 2017 - Servitude - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; F/fm; D/s; cd; cuffs; dungeon; frame; bond; susp; bdsm; whip; flogger; tease; torment; denial; anal; strapon; oral; climax; cons; X

As I climbed out of the shower and grabbed a towel to dry myself off, the bathroom door open and Mistress Jo handed in a pair of leather cuffs and a pair of frilly ladies knickers and told me to put them on and present myself in 5 minutes in her room.

I put on the knickers and the feeling of the smooth nylon was sort of exciting but trying to put a pair of leather cuffs on is easy, joining them together is a bit of an exercise in contortionism. Finally completed I presented myself in Mistresses room, head bowed waiting.

I had played in the BDSM world for a number of years and been experience sub roles and played the Dom, however I never thought that whipping, spanking was my thing. Today I had decided that what the fuck I was going to give it a try and experience a good whipping. I wanted to be whipped, and then treated like a simple fuck pig.

Mistress knew I liked to place myself in some form of bondage prior to a session; this act turned me on and made the walk to her room and the presentation even more submissive. The ladies underwear I was presented with was unexpected but it certainly added an aspect of humiliation to the submission act.

Mistress entered, and as she walk around me ran her hand along my hips, and moved to my front. She turned her attention to my frilly knickers and play with frills while a smile crept across her face. Actually it was more of an evil grin.

She walked me over to the suspension frame, disconnect my wrists from each other, and connect each wrist cuff to the top of the frame.  In this position I was effectively helpless, and to reinforce that fact she then ran her hand over my chest, stopping and playing with my nipples, making sure I was properly aroused.

My legs were next, she attached each leg to the sides of the frame, and effectively I was spread eagle standing.  I was exposed, I was helpless and I was about experience a level of pain I had never considered. 

She walked behind me, ran her hands around my body, played with the frills on the knickers, and rubbed her hand gently over the cloth covering my cock.

Shit, I was apprehensive, nervous and horny as hell all at one time.

Mistress stop playing with me and walked over to the whip rack behind me, I heard her take a whip of the rack.

I waited, anticipating with dread, and started to have second thoughts.

She struck lightly with a small leather whip. She worked that up and down my torso, gently warming my skin, getting used to the feel. My cock bobbed in time, as much as it could any as it was contained in the panties, to the lashes.

After about 5 minutes she stopped, and approached from behind ran her hands around to my front and gently flick my very erect cock. Shit that was good.

She whispered quietly in my ear “Your arse is mine, I am going to fuck your arse so good”

She turned and grabbed the multi strapped latex flogger, and started on me again. This time is wasn’t just my back. She allowed the straps to wrap around my body, flick my nipples. She brought the flogger up between my legs, the straps flicking against my covered cock.

This continues for about 15 minutes, my skin all over was tingling, I was ecstatic I have never felt that much sensation at one time all over my body. Nerve endings were alive, my cock was hard, and I was horny as hell. The feel of the knickers over my erect cock also turned me on no end.

Mistress stopped, walked to the door and left, returning a few moments later a female submissive. The lady, I would guess youngish, blindfolded, dressed in white bra, white knickers, suspenders, and white stockings. My cock had slightly softened but on the sight of her, bounced straight back up.

This was something new, I hadn’t agreed to this, but shit if I had been asked I would have said,” Hell Yes”.

Mistress led her around in front of me and had her kneel. I heard the instructions given, that she was to take me in her mouth, and to keep me in her mouth aroused. But if I came or she let my cock out of her mouth, she would take my place for a flogging and she would be my fuck pig afterwards.

Mistress fastened her slaves’ arms to her thighs using leather cuffs, and gently moved my frilly knickers aside to let my cock out. Mistress then moved her slaves’ mouth over my very erect and bobbing cock.

Mistress moved behind me again and gently dragged the straps of the whip up my back, then quickly turned the whip and started flogging me again.

Shit the sensations continued, added to the warm feeling around my cock, and the vision below me of an anonymous lady in white lingerie sucking on my cock, was absolutely incredible.

The flogging increased in intensity and I was close to using my safe word, but I actually didn’t want it to stop. So I held on, I wanted to come so I could fuck the lovely vision below me, but I actually didn’t want Mistress to stop.

Finally, after about 15 minutes with my skin tingling, my mind spinning and my cock extremely hard she stopped. I slumped down in my bonds, and slave removed her mouth in case I accidently left go.

Mistress dragged over her bench, released my legs, and put them together to support my weight. She released my arms and between slave girl and Mistress they manoeuvred my body onto the bench. Slave girl manipulated my body so that I was on my knees and elbows. Mistress then tied me in place. 

Mistress walked off to the far side of the room and selected her strapon and attached an averaged sized dildo. I was glad about this as I have a tight hole and too big is just not pleasurable. She buckled it up as she walked back to me and signalled her slave.

Slave crawled up under me into an almost perfect 69, but she didn’t go all the way, so she was well away from my cock, and I could get my face into her pussy.

Mistress climbed up behind me on the bench, pulled on a latex glove, squirted some lube and inserted her finger into my arse to get my arse well and truly lubed.

She pulled her finger out, ripped off the glove, placed the end of her dildo at the opening of my arse. I felt slave move down under me. As Mistress slowly inserted her dildo, slave slowly took my cock into her mouth. As slave had moved down I was also able to bury my mouth into her pussy.

Mistress started some long slow strokes in my arse, and as the dildo went in, slave took my cock into her mouth, and as the dildo was pulled back, slave let my cock out.

Shit I was in heaven. As the sensations built I buried my face into slave’s pussy and tried to take my mind off what was happening in my lower regions. But the more I tried to distract myself by giving attention to slave’s pussy, the more she responded on what she was doing to my cock.

This went on for only short time before I blew it, I came and came, and came.

Finally released from my bonds, slave washed me down in the shower and I dressed.

For someone who didn’t think flogging was their thing, I can wait until next time.


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