My First Bondage

by Susan C

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© Copyright 2015 - Susan C - Used by permission

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This is a true story about the first 3 times I was tied up.

When I was in high school with my boyfriend, (now my husband), John. I would tell John of my dreams of being taken out to the country, being forced to strip naked, be tied up and left there. John and I were out of school for our summer vacation when John asked me, "Do you want me to kidnap you, take you out to the deep woods, and tie you up for the day?"

I was all for it. At that time my mom and dad worked at jobs that required then to be out of town every two weeks. I knew that mom and dad were going to be out of town. John set a date for Sunday. John told me he wanted me to wear only my two piece swimsuit and a pair of blue Jean cut offs. John told me to be ready by 7:00AM. 

John arrived on time, he drove a pick-up truck. He kept the location a secret from me, his mom and dad owned a lot of land out in the country. 

When John arrived at my door he tells me, "You’re being kidnapped, turn around and put your hands behind you". I did, John then took a long zip tie and secured my hands behind me. Then he gagged me. John put me in his truck and drove out to the country. I was thinking. ‘What will happen if we get stopped by the cops?’

We drove for about 3/4 of an hour. John then turns off the road into a private drive. John has to get out to open and close a gate. Then we drive down this old country trail. We go to the trail end. Then we have to walk down an old trail path through some woods.

We get to a small clearing. There a big post in the center of the clearing. John cuts my hands free. At that point, he tells me to strip or I will rip your clothing off. I take my time striping off my cut off. Then my swimsuit top, and then the second piece. I was standing there naked. John had a bag full of rope. I back up to the post, John then ties rope very tight below my breasts and above my breasts, then around my waist, between my hips and knees followed by my ankles. Then he tied my wrists behind the post. John tied rope around my elbows back around front of me, back around and tied the rope behind the post.

I can't move. John then tells me, "I may be back for you at sunset or in the morning or when I feel like it". John then picked up my clothing and left.

I was so turned on, I couldn't move an inch. As the day moved on. I heard noises, I was thinking someone is going to find me but just then a deer walks by. It looks at me like to say 'you're nuts'. Then the sun starts to get low in the sky. I am thinking will John come back tonight or in the morning. 

Then out of no place there was John. John untied me. Then I asked, "Where is my swimsuit?"

"On your front door". John then took a set of police handcuffs and locked my hands behind my back. I had to go home naked.

It was dark when we got home. John made me walk naked from his truck to my front door. He took his sweet time unlocking the door.  John asked me how I like it.

"I enjoyed being tied up and left. I had no control over what happens". I replied.

John asked, "Do you wish to try it again?"

"YES I do".

Part 2.

About 3 weeks later John and I have a weekend to work with. This time John told me to be nude when he picked me up. I did not want the people who live next doors to see me naked. I did not want mom and dad asking what were you doing running around naked.

John pulled his truck up to the rear door. When John arrived at the door he handcuffed me and then took me out in his truck to the country. This time John told me he was going to take me to a second location. "This bondage is going to be harder".

John took me out where there were two big oak trees. John placed a leather cuff on each of my wrists and ankles. I can see four eye bolts in the two trees. This time John tied my right wrist to the eye bolt on my right side. Then my left wrist. 

Then John began to pull my right leg with more rope. then my left. I was now in a standing spread-eagle. My toes were off the ground. John then placed some wooden blocks under my feet. But, I still had to stand on my tip toes. And then he placed a ball gag in my mouth, securing the straps around my head. John got out his camera and took some photos. Then he leaves me.

This time there was pain in the ball joints of my arms. As the day moves on the pain goes away. I was very turned on. I was very wet between my legs. And I can feel it running down my legs. When John returned and released me. He had to carry me home.

Part 3.

Summer was coming to an end. We had one last chance for one more tie-up game. John told me that we were going to the last location. But, he was going to tie me up in new way. But, he would not tell me how.

This time John tied me down spread-eagle naked to the ground. John was good at tying knots. This time John tells me, "Not only I going to leave you here all day. But, all night. I will be back some time tomorrow to get you. Also there a chance of rain tonight".

John left a jug of water with a straw where I can drink. I lay there during the day. Then night fell, it so dark I couldn't see anything. I did manage to fall asleep but then I woke up to the sound of thunder. I can see lighting to the south and west. Then it began to rain. It was a good storm. But, I seen worst. The rain moved on the next day, I hoped John would come early. But, he did not. 

John showed up about sundown. I was enjoying being tied up. I also got a nice suntan. I was in the sun for about two hours each day. John cut me loose and then cuffed my hands behind my back. John took me home. I took a shower. John told me he was going to tie me up one more time. 

He tied my hands behind my back, then my elbows together. Then my feet and knees. We then sat in the living room and watched movies for the night. 
During that time John enjoy playing with my tits.

I will be posting part 4 later: my birthday gift.


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