My Fantasy

by Ann Onominos

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Chapter 1

My name is Anna. I just had the most incredible, fantastic, spectacular, awesome sex!!!

Before I tell you about it, I have to give you some information leading up to this moment.

I have been married to a great guy for almost three years. He is handsome, smart, kind, and considerate. He is a hard-worker, has a good job, is well mannered and has good personal hygiene. He is almost perfect and most women would say I am lucky to be married to such a great guy. I suppose I should be happy to settle for a guy so close to perfect, but I just can’t. His only fault is in the bedroom. His idea of love making is plain old boring sex or no sex at all.

I’ve tried to change him without any success. I’ve tried sexy clothes, watching dirty movies, kinky sex, nothing helped. I had just about resigned myself to a life of no orgasms. I really do love that man and want to stay married so I just settle for my vibrator and masturbation.

I go to the gym almost every day and work out, toning mostly. I’m easy on the eyes and want to stay that way. When you go to gym the every day, you see the same people every day. I became friends with a girl about my age. Her name is Karen. She is very pretty and has a nice figure. Sometimes we worked out together. Sometimes we have coffee after our workout. After a while, we became very close and I began to consider her my best friend. She has a boyfriend she lives with and sometimes my husband and I would do things together with Karen and her boyfriend, Randy.

The four of us get along great and we pal around often. Last night we were at Karen and Randy’s place having a few drinks and playing a silly card game I created. It is a simple game for open minded adults. I know Carl doesn’t like that sort of thing, but he goes along with the rest of us to be pleasant. When playing the game, you may have to draw a chance card from the deck of cards I made. Some cards are good, such as drink a shot of vodka or kiss a person of his or her choice. Some cards are not as nice. You may have to wear handcuffs for five minutes or to wear a dunce hat until your next turn. Everything is in good fun. We’ve played the game before and everyone enjoyed it.

We had been playing for a couple of hours when I drew a chance card. I had to talk for at least three minutes about my wildest fantasy in great detail. The rule is it has to be a juicy fantasy or you have to keep trying until you come up with a juicy one. I knew this would be embarrassing, but I did it anyway. 

My fantasy is to be overpowered by a handsome, powerful man and tied up with rope, chains, and any device he wanted to use. I am tormented, humiliated, spanked, and used sexually. I am forced to have multiple orgasms. I receive anal sex as well as vaginal sex. I am this man’s play toy and forced to suck his penis for long periods of time. I feel the sting of his whip or cane or flogger, whatever he wants to use on me. When he is finished with me, I have no permanent wounds or marks. In my fantasy, there is no blood or needles and certainly no punching or hard slapping.

My face must have been beet red as I described my fantasy in such detail. I could feel my pussy getting wetter and wetter as I talked. I looked at Karen when I finished talking and she was blushing. She was also laughing but not at me. She said, “Oh my God, Anna. My fantasy is almost exactly the same as yours.”

Randy looked at me and then at Karen before he said, “Anna, if it’s okay with Karen, I would like to make your fantasy come true, tonight, right now.”

Karen said, “Fine with me if Carl makes mine come true.” Carl quickly stated, “Fine with me. Randy, do you have enough rope to bind these two ladies?” I looked at Karen and then back at Carl, searching for some sort of reaction or some sign of approval. 

Randy spoke up, “You ladies get your butts into the garage and get your clothes off, all your clothes. If you want your fantasy to come true, we need to do this right. I’ll get some rope and some twine. Some tape too, for a gag. I’ll be back in two minutes.”

Karen and I went into the garage and stripped to our birthday suits. Randy entered the garage with an armload of rope and other bondage paraphernalia. I didn’t know Karen and Randy were into bondage, but it was my lucky day. Randy had all the toys he needed. The first thing he did was put a collar on my neck and lock it on. 

Randy said, “I’ll tie up Anna and you take care of Karen. Watch what I do and just do the same thing.” Carl copied Randy’s every move.

Randy had Karen and me stand facing each other, about six feet apart. He tied my hands together in front while Carl did the same to Karen. He then tied my hands to a beam in the ceiling, pulling my arms over my head and stretching me quite high. Next he had my legs spread about three feet apart and tied each ankle to a spreader bar. Carl did the same to Karen. Out came the riding crops! Randy swatted my tush and my tits until they were rosy red. Meanwhile, Carl copied Randy’s actions completely on Karen.

Randy tossed a short piece of rope to Carl and said, “Watch what I do.” What he did was wrap the rope around my head five times making sure the rope passed through my mouth, effectively gagging me. He then tied the rope to a wooden post a few feet behind of me. He tied a rope around my waist and gave it a tug. He threaded the rope between my legs and up my waist rope, then back down through my legs again and then through the waist rope. He gave this rope a good tug. Next, he tied it to Karen’s collar, pulling it quite tight. Carl did the same things to Karen.

I felt very helpless now with my hands tied high over my head and my feet tied to a wooden bar. I couldn’t move toward Karen at all because my rope gag was anchored to the post behind me and I couldn’t move away from Karen because my crotch rope was tied to her collar. Of course Karen was in the exact same predicament. Then things got bad! Randy hung a weight on the rope holding me to the post, pulling my head back even farther. When Carl did the same thing to Karen, my crotch rope tightened.

“Is that enough weight girls?” Randy taunted. 

Nipple clamps were placed on my nipples as well as Karen’s. He then took some twine and tied my nipple clamps to Karen’s nipple clamps. It was okay until he hung a weight on the twine between the nipple clamps, pulling on my tits.

The boys went and grabbed a couple of beers and sipped on them while tormenting us. They kept walking around us, tugging on the ropes, slapping our tushes, and tickling us in every place imaginable. The ribs were the worst. With the crotch ropes holding us in place, every body movement caused a twinge in my pussy.

We were held captive in the garage for a long time, maybe three hours. I couldn’t see a clock, but I counted at least four beers apiece those guys had so I know in was a long time. 

We were finally untied but the torment wasn’t over. Randy fastened a leash to my collar and forced me to crawl on my hands and knees, into the house and all around the entire first floor. As I crawled around, Randy used a riding crop on my tush. Sometimes his swats were soft, but most of them were very hard and stung a lot. Carl did the same to Karen.

“I’ll stop swatting you if you suck me off.” I really didn’t mind sucking his cock. I had thought about it many times in the past while masturbating. I didn’t appreciate watching Karen suck on Carl’s cock, but that’s life.

After Randy exploded in my mouth, I thought we were finished, but no way. I had to perform oral sex on Karen! I actually enjoyed that a lot, but not as much as when she licked me to an orgasm!

Randy and Karen have two bedrooms. Randy took me to the guest bedroom and tied me spread eagle while Carl did the same to Karen. Those guys must have taken Viagara or something because they both seemed to stay hard forever, not that I minded, but it was getting late, very late, daylight late. The guys finally untied us and we went downstairs.

“Can we go home now?” I asked Carl.

We went straight home and to the bedroom. I thought I would go to sleep, but Carl had other ideas. He tied me to the bed, spread eagle and finally fucked me the way I have always wanted.

I hope you enjoyed reading my tale. If you did and care to tell me, you may email me at . While I wish for my true identity to remain a secret, I like to hear from readers, it helps me to know what they like.

I sometimes write custom stories, tailored to a person’s fetish, if the fetish interests me, so feel free to ask.




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