My Bondage Adventure

by Joe D

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© Copyright 2011 - Joe D - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbm; motel; cd; cuffs; gag; M/m; bond; tape; breathplay; cons/reluct; X

I am a 46 year old guy that enjoys dressing in women’s clothes and getting tied and gagged. One of my main problems is when I get the itch I don’t care what happens to me as long as I get tied and gagged. I have more than once found myself tied and gagged in a seedy motel room wearing satin panties heels and stockings.

I had been talking to this male dom for quite a while and he offered to tie me up and I was feeling that itch so I jumped at the chance. He asked me to get dressed and tie and gag myself. I did not even hesitate I got a room in this little seedy hotel a place where he could sneak in and out easily. Not smart but such a turn on.

I got there and started with two pairs of panties a light color over a pretty red satin bikini, then I added some black thigh highs. After that a short black mini skirt. Then my patent leather red pumps. I then had a white blouse on.

I grabbed my hand cuffs and put them near me. Then a bright red ball gag I needed to keep with the red theme. I tied my legs spread to the legs of the chair, then tied myself to the seat. I then put the ball gag and buckled it tight. I grabbed the cuffs and it was to the point of no return I put the cuffs on one wrist, then closed it around the other one.

I was helpless waiting for a stranger to come and keep me in bondage for hours.

I sat there enjoying my bondage when I looked over to my left there was the empty waste basket with a clear plastic bag in it. Now understand I enjoy breath play but usually I get rid of them because I don’t want to give someone an open invitation to suffocate me to death.

Now I am bound and gagged looking at the bag thinking I did not even move it away from me, it is like I was asking to be bagged. I started to struggle but the keys where way out of my reach.

It was an hour later when he walked in. I thought to myself just don’t look at the bag he won’t use it.

At first he did not even think about that he grabbed red vet wrap and wrapped several layers covering my mouth which was sure to keep me quiet. Then he grabbed rope and tied my wrists together taking the cuffs off. He then tapes my hands into little balls. I am feeling so helpless at this point.

At that point I make the mistake and look at the bag.

He looks at me and says, "You want that?"

I shake my head no but he looks at my panties and I had started getting very hard.

He smiles and says, "Looks like you like that."

I shake my head trying to beg no but I am too helpless to stop him

He grabs the bag out of the trash can and shows me it and my cock gives me away and you can see the pre cum on my panties and he says, "Wow you really like bags."

My eyes are wide open I shake my head no. I am so screwed at the very least he will torment me with the bag and at the most you know what he could do.

He slowly pulls it over my head and grabs some electrical tape I keep in my bag. He seals the tape at my neck and pulls up a chair and watches.

I look at him and try to beg but he just smiles and I slowly use up the air in the bag.

The struggle begins no matter how helpless you are you still struggle when someone takes you air. I pull and tug as the bag clings to my head.

At this point I think he is going to watch me suffocate to death and sneak out. I start making strange noises as the bag clings to my face.

Just when I am about to pass out he cuts the bag open giving me air.

He then takes the bag totally off smiles and walks out the door.

I think oh my god how am I gonna get out. I will be found bound and gagged.