My Beginning

by Milowe

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© Copyright 2017 - Milowe - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-F; hotel; bed; video; voy; mast; M/f; chains; shackles; collar; gagged; strip; naked; susp; pit; oil; submerged; messy; insert; climax; cons; X

Hi I’m Ali, I’m 21 and I’ve just finishing an apprenticeship (not going to say where or what I’m studying just in case someone figures out this is me). I’m 5ft 4 inches, I’m a skinny little redhead with very pale skin. Everyone calls me cute or adorable (it’s really annoying). And I love been restrained and tormented.

I think a little bit of back story is needed at this point. I discovered my fondness for BDSM whilst on a family holiday in France. It’s one of those holidays where your parents stuff you in the back of a small car with your siblings and drive hundreds of miles in blistering heat with no air con (torture – but not the good kind). So we drove through France, I had just turned 18 and on either side of me are my 2 bickering brothers aged 10 and 12 (don’t ask me why my parent waited so long between me and them).

As you can expect after 7 hours in the oven that is the family's small car we are all virtually homicidal but we are only half way to our destination but we had to stop for the night. Luckily for me we were staying in a cheap motel. Due to the continued unrelenting fighting of my brothers, my parents (I will love them forever for this) decided to separate them and each one of them would share a room with my brothers and let me have a room all to myself.

We dumped our bags and went for a quick meal (McDonalds just to shut my brothers up) and were back at the hotel for 7pm. My parents were absolutely shattered from the drive and refereeing so decided to go straight to bed taking (thankfully) my brothers with them. I went straight to my room quite simply because we were in the middle of nowhere and there was absolutely nothing to do. I jumped on the bed (a large double) and sprawled out. Rolling on to my back I stared at the ceiling for a bit, I was wide awake and there was absolutely no way I could sleep.

Looking around the room I spotted the TV and decide to see if anything was on; not hopeful about the prospect of finding something as we were in the centre of France and what French I learned during my GCSE’s was long gone. I flick through the channels a few hundred times (or it felt like it), but soon got bored. I grabbed my overnight bag and rummaged through it to find my book when I found my pack of CD’s. I’d only packed them to listen to on the drive but they had been vetoed to prevent any arguments (lot of good it did).

A quick glance around the room and I spot the DVD player on the stand below the TV; I shuffle off the bed and go over to it hoping that I will be able to play some music through the TV. I bend down and hit the eject button and it makes the whirring noise and then pops open; I look down at the tray and to my surprise there is already at disc in it. It’s a plain silver DVD, one of those you burn on your computer. All that was on it was a date written on to it in permanent marker.

My curiosity kicked in and I bent down and closed the tray; the DVD player made all the usual noises as it started to read this disc and the TV (which I hadn’t bothered to turn off) automatically change channel and a man appeared on the screen, he was quite handsome and look quite athletic and was stood in a large office standing in front a window staring out into the night. I watched intently as beautiful woman entered the office dressed in a long red dress and walk up to the man and touched his chest and said something, I couldn’t make it out.

Then things started to get a bit strange the guy walks to a cupboard and pulls out a load of metal chains. He turns to the woman and says something and then dumps them on the floor and goes and sits in a chair. I’m utterly confused at this point but then the woman turns around to face him and kicks off her high heels and starts removing her jewellery putting it on a nearby table. She then unzips the back of her dress and lets it fall down. She’s completely naked; I can’t take my eyes of the screen.

The guy just waves his hand in the general direction of the pile on the floor and the woman without saying anything move gracefully over to it and kneels. Her hand reach into the pile and pulls out a large circle of metal attached to a chain and leans forward opening the band of metal and places it around her neck. A close-up on the screen shows her closing the band and it clicking shut. I notice that my breathing is getting heavier and my heart is pounding; I know this feeling.

I focus again on the screen and the woman is now sitting down with her feet in front of her, she reaches in to the pile and pulls out 4 more bands the same as the one around her neck just smaller. She arranges them on the floor there are 2 sets of bands each linked together with chains and then another chain runs down from the neck band and is locked to the middle of each of the other chains.

The woman looks at the guy with questioning look the guy just raises a hand and makes a gesture for her turn around. She shuffles and moves the chains so the long one is running down her back and under her bottom; a set of the bands is now right behind her bottom and I could see the chain linking them was no more than 6 inches. But the picture changed suddenly and now is a close up of her feet and ankles; the woman is holding the other set of bands (which are now open) and reaches down and wraps them round her slender ankle and one after the other she clicks them shut. The camera pulls back and you can see that her ankles are now shackled together with a length of chain that can’t be more than 12 inches long.

The woman lifts her feet slightly off the ground and move her feet apart sharply making the chain between ankles taunt as if testing to see if it will break. The woman looks at the guy again and he speaks, it seems like hours since I last heard him speak but in reality it can’t have been more than 10 minutes. My heart is pounding even faster now and my eyes dart over the screen taking in everything. The guy stares at the woman for a long time the woman just stares back; even sat naked in chains she looks proud and unflinching. The woman just smiles and shifts as she pulls her feet under herself so that she is kneeling and uses her hands to turns so that she is facing him.

My breath almost stops as I watch her reach her hands behind her back and find the bands that are now dangling open at the lower of her back. She slips her left hand in to a band and closes it quickly with a definitive click and then without hesitation her lock her right hand in the other band. The shot pulls out and see her kneeling naked squarely in front of the man; her wrists cuffed together at the lower part of back; her bare feet just a little apart so you can see the bands and the chain shackling her ankles and all connected by the chain running down from the nape of her neck down her back to her bare feet. 

The man stands and strides over to the cupboard once more he reaches inside but I can’t see what it is. He stands behind the woman and say a few words to her, she kneels up and she opens her month wide and the man place a red ball with straps coming out of it in her month. She barely has to close her month it’s that big; she tilts her head forward and he brings the straps behind her head tightens them and fastens it in place. She tries to speak but hardly a sound comes out. The man steps in front of her and she looks at his left hand where a long piece of black fabric is dangling. Her eyes look up at him with a brightness that makes me think she was smiling. The man bent forward and used the fabric to blindfold her; she doesn’t move a muscle as he ties it at the back.

He steps back from her and looks her up and down and nods to himself, he reaches in to his pocket and pulls out a length of chain which I sudden realise is a dog leash. He bends forward again and attaches the lead to a loop at the front of the band around her neck. Then with a single word and tug of the leash the women stands in one fluid graceful movement. He lets the leash dangle in front of her as he grabs his coat and hat from behind the door. I feel a familiar heat between my legs and my slowly hand wanders across until I’m gently rubbing myself. The man is now wearing a rain coat and hat, reaches out and grabs the lead and with a gentle tug the woman moves forward her bare feet sliding over the carpet in shuffled steps while the chains rattle with every movement.

Suddenly there is knock at my door and virtually jump out of my skin. I scramble to find the buttons to turn off the TV and I hear my Mum’s voice; ‘Hiya it just me’. I grab the remote and change the channel and hit pause whilst calling back ‘Just a sec’. I check myself quickly in the mirror quickly and open the door. Mum stepped in to my room. ‘Just coming to say goodnight’ she looked at me tilted her head and said ‘are you okay you seem flushed?’

Oh god did she know what I’d been doing? Amazingly I manage a coherent reply ‘yeah, I jumped when you knocked I must have dozed off watching the TV’. See smiled at me  ‘It’s been a long day’.  She went on for another few minutes but I wasn’t paying attention as I was desperately hoping she would leave so I could get back to what I was  doing. She must have sensed this because she looked at me as only she can and said ‘ Are you sure you’re okay?’, I just nodded and she stood and kissed me on the forehead and said ‘Okay – goodnight, don’t stay up to late. I love you’. The door closed behind and I stood by it listening.

Once I heard the door to her room close I locked the door and leaped came back on the bed grabbing the remote. I changed the channel back and the woman was still naked and chained and been led by the man through what looked like a garage workshop. The screen went to a close up of the woman’s shackled ankles as she walked; I turned the volume up just a little and listened and watched breathing heavily. The woman was no longer shuffling but lifting her feet as high as the chain would allow and her bare feet made a slapping noise with every step on the cold concrete floor.

My hands where back between my legs and I was rubbing much harder, I notice that my panties were getting really wet and without a thought I kicked of my sandals, pulled my sundress over my head and unhooked my bra and threw myself backwards on the bed pulling my legs up to my chest and in one swift movement my panties were off and flying across the room. The man stopped at a roller door and turned to the woman and said a few words to her (god I wish I’d learned French back then) and she tilted her head and gave a little moan. The man let go of the leash and moved to the side of the door and pressed the green button to pull the roller door up.

The door began to make a loud screeching noise as it began to open slowly; I grabbed the remote once again and turned the volume down scared that someone might hear and come to see what all the noise was; silly thinking about it now but then I was so excited I was kneeling completely naked playing with my-self watching a naked woman been chained up and led around on a leash, I didn’t want anyone to find out.

The picture pulled back and the woman standing directly in front of the opening roller door. As it open you could see it was the middle of the night; darkness only broken by a couple of spot lights attached to telegraph pole in a what looked like a completely empty huge truck loading yard. I stare at her completely naked, completely restrained, gagged and blindfolded; unable to do anything but accept whatever fate the man had install for her.

The sensation between my legs getting more intense the heat has spread from my vagina to the rest of my body; I could feel myself breaking out in a sweat as rubbed my clit harder and harder. I hadn’t realised but I was gasping and moaning as the pleasure built. I focused again on the TV the door was near fully open and you could see that it was raining slightly the woman shivered with the cold, excitement, or both?

The man return to her and took hold of the leash and without a word tugged on it and without hesitation the woman began to move forward again her chains rattling with every step. The man stepped out into the rain pulling her along behind her within moments she is soaked but it doesn’t seem to bother her. They walk across the yard heading for a structure on the opposite side of the yard; it’s a long narrow building with no walls just large metal posts supporting the flat roof. As they walk under you can barely see it so dark; but this soon changes as the man reached out to the first metal post and turned a switch. Within seconds they were bathed in harsh bright light from several large spot lights in the rafters.

As they continued moving I could see that the structure is some sort of truck maintenance bay with work benches covered in tools and parts. They’re heading to the very back as they move past a long narrow pit running down the centre. They reach a set of large metal squares set in the concrete and the man stops, he gives the leash a quick sharp tug downwards the woman is once again on her knees. I was so absorbed by what was happening and wondering what would happen that I almost forgot the goings on between my legs. My hands still firmly in place but only gently rubbing, sort of just ticking over; I didn’t know what was going to happen but I was willing to bet that it would be amazing and I didn’t want to peak too early.

The man had pulled off his hat and coat and threw them on to a nearby work bench. He turned back to her and unsnapped the leash from the collar and pulls the blindfold off. The woman tries to turn her head away from the lights and blinks rapidly as her eyes adjust to her surroundings after been in the dark. After a few moment she turns her head and looks up to the man with the same brightness in her eyes, she is really enjoying this. The man runs a hand through her wet hair and speaks, he turns and points up at a pulley system that runs the whole length of the structure; it at the very end of the rail at the back of the building. He looks back down at her and gives her a questioning look.

She responds by shifting into sitting position and then shuffle to sit on top of one of the metal squares right underneath the rail. The man smiles and strides quickly to the back taking hold of the chains which I guessed operated the pulley and then drags it down the rail until it is directly over her. He makes sure the pulley is locked into position and then pulls a key from his pocket and moves to kneel behind her. She gives him a quick glance over her shoulder as he unlocks the long chain from the collar at the nape of her neck. He swiftly disconnects the long chain from the wrist chain and then from the ankle chain. He throws this chain to the side where it grinds across the concrete before coming to a dead stop.

He virtually sprints across to the workbench where he put his jacket; he rummages in the pockets for a few seconds before pulling out 2 heavy thick padded leather cuffs. He strides back over to her and takes her right ankle in his hand resting it on his thigh whilst he pulls out a tiny key from his breast pocket and inserts it into a tiny hole in the ankle band and with a quick turn the band pops open; he then repeats this on the left ankle. With the shackles removed she wiggled her feet and toes taking advantage of what would be a short moment of freedom.

He then wrapped each of the thick leather cuffs around her ankles taking care to make sure they were as secure as possible; once on he slips a small padlock on to the buckles of each cuff and locks them on, there was no chance they were coming off. He went back over to his coat and pulled out one last item and walked back over and couched behind her. His hands made quick work of unbuckling the big red ball gag which he removed from her mouth. Even with the volume down low I heard the sigh of relief as it came out; she stretched her jaw for a moment before leaning her head back and looking up at him and whispering one word ‘Merci’. He smiled back down at her and spoke softly to her before asking an unknown question to which she nodded.

With that he pulled out the item he had retrieved from his coat and stretched them over her head; it took a moment to realise what they were – swimming goggles! What, why, questions raced through my head. What the hell was he going to do with her? With the goggles in place he leant forward and kissed her on the forehead (the first sign of any sort of affection he had shown), then he stood and moved round to her feet and said one word at which she lays down flat on her back. He grabbed the chain for the pulley and began pulling in a rhythmic motion and a chain began to descend with a hook attached to it.

He kept pulling on the chain and the mechanism made a constant rattling noise. Camera flicks over to a new view point, it was looking straight down from the pulley at the woman lying bound naked on the concrete floor. The man stopped when the hook was about 3 ft off of the ground; he moved over to it and pulled a pin and with a click the hook came free leaving only the chain hanging above her. He placed the hook on the work bench and picked a large padlock.

He stood next to her once again and with only a single word the woman willing lifted her legs off the ground so that the ankle cuff hovered just below the chain. He took hold of her ankles and threaded the padlock through the D-ring on her left ankle cuff, through the end link on the dangling chain (which with a closer look was much thicker than it looked earlier) and then finally through the D-ring on the right ankle cuff. He closed the padlock and turned the key a few times giving it a final shake. He let go of her ankles and they just dangled at the end of the chain.

He step closer to her and using his  hand brushed the dirt from the soles of her feet making the woman giggle, at which he gave each foot a hard slap with his hand. The women gave a little yelp; she spoke a few word which even in French sounded like an apology. The man stepped back without another word and took hold of the pulley chain. The woman stared at him for a moment and suddenly nodded and closed her eyes. The man started pulling on the chain, but this time in the opposite direction. The chain started to rise slowly to the soundtrack of the rattling metal and inch by inch the woman’s legs where drawn higher and higher soon her bottom and lower back left the ground revealing the woman’s still shackled wrist trapped behind her.

The camera turns to the man pulling on the chain and stays on him for what seems like ages which just annoyed me. I can feel my-self getting close, my vagina is dripping wet and throbbing my hands are working full tilt now. One hand rubbing the clit whilst the other hands fingers are probing deeper and deeper into my vagina; my breath is ragged now but still under my breath I’m silently screaming at the TV to go back to the woman. Which it does a few seconds later, the woman is now virtually upside down only her shoulders and head are still touching the ground. Another second later and the woman grunts and strains as he pulls her head and shoulders off the ground suspending all of her weight on her bound ankles.

The chains continue to rattle as the chain feed through the pulley; and then woman seems to relax and her body straightens fully and her head is a good few inches off the floor. The camera then changes view and I’m staring down from pulley again except this time I’m staring at the soles of the woman’s bound bare feet been lifted into the air, helpless. Completely helpless, It washes over me that even on the ground shackle she could still move and possibly (highly unlikely) get away. But now I realise that she can’t do anything, she is completely at his mercy and she has willing allowed herself or even wanted to be put there.

I stare at the picture and watch her delicate slender feet get larger in the screen the higher she gets, and then something inside of me explodes my whole body lurches and trembles as wave after wave of pleasure hits me. I had played with myself many times before and gotten myself off; but this was so different, I was gulping down air in ragged breath, I was trembling uncontrollably and then having moments where I felt like I was being hit by electricity (I realised many years later that it nothing like been hit by electricity but that’s for a different story) and I double over.

When it finally subsided I was exhausted but I could not take my eyes of the TV, there had to be more to come. The woman was now hanging a good 5 foot off of the floor and was able to stare straight into the eyes of the man. He walked up to her and took her head in his hands and once again kissed her forehead and she whispered something to him. She smiled at him and looked down at the ground, at the metal square directly below her. The camera was now focusing on it; it was a large square about 2 metres by 2 metres made of solid metal. It had small rectangles cut into it each about a third of the way in from each corner.

The excitement began to build again the exhaustion disappearing as the heat began to build quicker this time. The camera never moved but the man wheeled a contraption over the metal square it was like the base of a supermarket trolley but a lot more heavy duty; he lined it up and then dropped 4 keys through 4 holes in the frame of the trolley, each one corresponded with the rectangle hole in the square and with a turn the keys locked the square to the trolley. The man pulled the handle back and down and with some effort the square lifted free of the ground. The man started to pull it out of the way and I found myself edging my sweaty naked body closer to the TV to see what was install for the woman.

The camera changed and I was now staring down into the thing I had been waiting to see. Under the cover was a circular pit just less than half as wide as the square (about a meter wide or just under) the pit looked like it went down about 3 meters and was pitch black at the bottom. At this point all I could think was ‘is he going leave her down there naked and chained, a prisoner in a deep dark pit’. I gasped and moaned as my already sensitive clit reminded me of it presents.

 The man appeared next to the hole and opened his hand to the woman's sight. In his hand was just a couple of nuts and bolts. He quickly turned his hand over and dropped them down the pit. They hit the bottom; but it wasn’t the bottom! It was a liquid a really thick black liquid; my brain finally caught up – ‘it’s oil, thick black engine oil’.

I was trembling at this point rubbing myself, but desperately trying to hold back the orgasm until the perfect moment; was he really going to do it what I hoped he would.

The woman was staring down into the pit but then looked up straight into the eyes of the man her face covered in an expression of fear and excitement. Her face became serious and I’ll never forget it, said ‘Je suis prêt le faire s'il vous plaît’. I understood the please bit straight away; she was asking him to do it to her. She wanted this. My whole world exploded; there were people in the world who wanted be chained up and have things done to them and I was beginning to realise, I was one of them.

The master had taken hold of the chain and the familiar rattle of the pulley started. The camera looked down again and slowly the bound slave was lowered but now she was twisting and struggling against her restraints. The soles of her feet flapping like madly as they moved further away from the camera. The camera had moved again and was now at ground level at the edge of the pit. The slaves head appeared in shot, she was struggling but the expression on her face was now more excitement than fear. Inch by inch her bound body moved passed the camera.

I hadn’t really noticed before but this woman was very beautiful; she was slim, toned, her skin was beautifully tanned (been a red head I’m always jealous of tanned people, I’m very white – think Casper the friendly ghost – if I tried to get a tan I would probably spontaneously combust). Her breast where also perfect round, firm, large but not too large and real. Hanging upside down naked with your wrists tied behind you back makes it kind of hard to find any surgical scars. Back then I had hoped that I was just a late bloomer because mine where virtually non-existent, there wasn’t much point in wearing a bra, I just did it to make myself feel more grown up. It turns out I was a late bloomer; in the end mine are still quite small but match my petite frame giving me a sort of innocent demeanour.

In no time at all her bare feet descended past the camera and the camera view change to looking down the pit from just over it. Looking down you could see it was quite a tight squeeze; she couldn’t bend forward or back without banging to the sides of the pit, therefore she had to remain virtually straight. The camera changed view change again, this time it took me much longer to figure out what I was looking at; it wasn’t until the woman’s head descended into frame that I realised that this was taken from inside the pit. After the initial 3 metres descent the pit expands outwards into a large tank and they had somehow manage to mount a camera just below the pipe accessing it but above the level of the used oil. It was darker but the light shining down the pipe illuminated body wonderfully. Her head and shoulder made it into the tank just before she shouted ‘Arrêtez’.

She stopped moving only a few inches from the top of the oil, in fact some of her hair was already soaking up the oil. Nothing seem to be happening; I thought to myself ‘has she chickened out’ god I hope not that would really ruin it. I stared at the screen willing her to go on, and then as if she heard me she shouts again. This time I don’t recognise any of the words. The camera jumps up to the Man he’d holding the chain differently, originally he held each side of the chain one side in each hand; one side going up, the other coming down. But now he stood at one side holding only one side with one hand above the other. He seem to be preparing himself then began to shout ‘UN, DEUX’ it going to happen; my hands between my legs and I’m shaking. Then finally he yells ‘TROIS’  and he works furiously pulling on the chain as fast as he can for what seems ages and then he stops and grabs the other side of the chain. My mind screams WHAT??? No you can’t do that, all this and you don’t show it. My vagina was pulsing and making my whole body quivering as I knelt naked in front of a TV.

The picture suddenly changed and we are once again in the pit; I expected to see the chain going into the oil. But no, there she is hanging a few inches above the oil. I blink trying to understand the sequence of event then I hear a noise. It takes a second but I know that it is the man counting to 3. I learn forward focusing on her; she is breathing heavily trying to suck in as much air as possible. Then I hear it clear as day ‘TROIS’ the woman takes one final deep breath and then she slides into the oil. From the video up top and the way the man was working the chain I expected her to suddenly drop; but the mechanism of the pulley is deceptive. She is lowered faster than before but not by much.

The camera is close to her point of entry and I watch as her breast and stomach descend past in to the thick oily gloop. Her body is slowly twisting round so by the time her lower abdomen and pubic mould comes into shot she is side way on and I can see her shackled wrists and hand behind her back. Her hand as splayed and flexing out as if trying to find something to grab hold of but with no luck as they disappear under the surface as well.

As her waist slides gently into the gloop the woman seems calm as she doesn’t struggle as her nether regions are swallowed. My hands are soaked by my juices as I continue to abuse my vagina. Her feet come into frame as they descend from the narrow tube into the tank; her legs have almost been completely submerged I watch breathing quick breaths as the surface of the oily gloop reaches the ankle cuffs but doesn’t stop. The oil envelopes’ the cuffs and the woman begins to wiggle her feet as she feels the oil creep around them. The descent stops, all you can see are the soles of her feet just above the surface.

I can feel myself begin to cum again and I desperately try to hold back a little longer.

Just then her feet give a sudden kick and begin flapping around splashing the black oil so that soon her feet were covered in the a shiny layer of black ooze. But the struggling continues and gets more intense; It dawns on me ‘how long has she been under’. My hands stop as I realise there is no way she can breathe she is complete at the man mercy; she bound in inescapable restraints upside down and submerged in this oily filth and the only way out is for the man to pull her out.

My hands fly back to my vagina and I slip 2 fingers deep inside myself and start fucking myself harder and harder as I watch her feet at the end on the chain thrashing around. Seconds pass by like minutes and slowly the struggles weaken as I realise she is drowning and I begin to worry but my hands don’t stop their work. The chain begins to ascend pulling her body from the ooze much quicker than she was put in. I stare at her body covered in the black shiny gloop. Her body still twist and gyrates as she struggles. Then all of a sudden her head bursts from oil and she gasps for air the black ooze covering every inch of her is running down her body and over her face, getting sucked into her month as she breathes deeply causing her to choke and cough as she is drawn out of the pit into night’s air once again. She still struggles a little, twisting this way and that the oil reflecting the light of the harsh spotlights.

I can’t help thinking how beautiful she looks bound and covered in the oily filth. The chain stops and she hanging with her head about a foot above the pit; the man walks up to her and I don’t see it at first but then as he grabs her oily thigh I see it; a large stainless steel shaft it’s got to be 20 inches long and thick. I’m mesmerised as the man begins to work it backwards and forward over her labia coating it in the filthy oil then with one hand he gentle spreads the woman labia, she moans and gasps as he slowly moves the rounded tip so it is resting against her opening the shaft pointing directly down in her. He grabs her thigh once again to stop her moving and  without warning he thrusts the shaft down into her; the woman lets out a cry of pain and pleasure as he pushes inch after inch into her until near half the shaft is buried deep within her.

The woman is breathing heavily through clenched teeth that change to gasps and moans of sheer pleasure as the man begins to pull the shaft out and push it back in, pumping it slowly but then building up speed and forcefulness. The woman is now crying out in ecstasy as her whole body is hit with wave after wave of pleasure. Within seconds the woman’s cry’s stopped and I feel myself explode again as the woman body freezes; her back is arched, her hands are clenched tightly seemingly unable to breath as the man continues to pump vigorously, her whole body starts to shake uncontrollably, her head shaking side to side. She begins crying out again in a mixture of pleasure and pain trying to speak but only spurting out a series incoherent noise.

The man stops and pulls the shaft from her as soon as it is free the woman collapses, her whole body going limp hanging there by her ankles. Her chest rises and falls rapidly as she pants.  The man kneels close to her and pulls off the googles and carefully using a cloth wipes the oil away from her eyes. The camera moves closer to give a close-up of her face, covered in the shiny oil. Her eyes are closed as if sleeping or passed out, the man voice rings out bringing her back to the land of consciousness. The man’s speaks again and the woman’s face lights up her eyes bright once again, she smiles a huge upside down smile full of mischief she wiggles a little and stares straight into the camera and says one word ‘Merci’. The screen goes black and I slump to the floor.

I lie there naked, exhausted, curled up in a ball, I fall asleep almost instantly.

I wake up and the TV is still on but has changed to a blue screen. I don’t know how long I have laid there, 10 mins or an hour I can still see that it is dark outside and I realise that I am shivering with the cold and decide that I would probably be more comfortable in the bed. I stretch and reach out to switch off the TV when something catches my eye. There was a black CD case under the TV stand, it was right towards the back so I shuffled round on my belly I reach under and grab it.

I sat up and unzip the case and in the blue light of the TV screen I flick through the contents. Inside were 5 plain burnable DVD’s each with a different date written on it in permanent marker identical to the one in the DVD player. I stop as I realise what these could be; my heart started to beat faster as I reach out to hit the eject button on the DVD player. I feel the heat, the excitement as I realise / hope about what I might find on them. I gently remove the disc from the DVD player and place it carefully into an empty slot into the DVD case; I quickly select the first DVD and placed it in the player. I hit the play button and the tray retracted. Breathing heavily I wait for the DVD to start. The screen goes black for a moment and then stood in the middle of the screen is the woman staring into the camera smiling her mischievous smile.

I only got about an hours sleep that night and spent the next day been chastised for been a dirty stop up (if only they knew). But it was one of the most defining nights of my life which has influence virtually all of my choices since. I might tell you what was on the other DVD’s (is still on them, I still have them) another time, but this is my story, my journey, my life and this is where it began.

To be continued…..


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