My Wife Locked Up My Cock

by Sensual Robert

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Storycodes: F/m; mpov; bond; revenge; chastity; silk; oral; force; hum; nc; XX

My Wife Locked Up My Cock - Sensual Robert

"I can't believe you were stupid enough to allow me to tie you down to the bed!"

I lay naked on the bed tied to the four bed posts with rope. I look at one of the bed posts and try to break free, but the rope is tied tight and I'm not going anywhere...I'm now at the mercy of my wife Melody.

"What are you talking about sweetie? This has been one of your sexual tie me down so you can have your way with me? Right? Sweetie?"

I'm growing more nervous, as I continue to test the's no use I'm spread eagled tight.

"Don't sweetie bastard. I made up this bondage fantasy just to get you where I want you. You have been cheating on me and you thought you could get away with it. I'm going to teach you a lesson."

My wife Melody is still beautiful at 45 years old, a little plump, 5 foot 6 inches and she has gorgeous blonde hair. I'm 10 years younger than her and my work profession has allowed me to meet and fuck many sexy younger models.

"Sweetie...ah I mean Melody my love...those women meant nothing to me...I love you! plan to do"

"Shut up...I no longer love you. I already prepared divorce papers and you will sign them today after I'm done with you. You will give me over 90 of your wealth and I have a way to make you sign."

My beautiful wife goes to a drawer and pulls out a few objects. She is wearing a pretty silk nightgown with lace trim, one of the straps has come undone and her breast is exposed. She holds one of the objects next to my face.

"Do you know what this is? It's a cruel chastity device that I will lock on your cock after I suck you off. You see right now your 7 inch cock is too hard to place the chastity device on, but once you cum your cock will become small enough for me to lock up...For good! You will never fuck another woman again!"

"You crazy bitch! I will never sign the divorce papers! Once I get free I will use my belt on you and then bend you over and fuck your ass! Wait...what are you doing...stop that...mmmmmm...that's not fair."

My wife grabs a silk scarf and begins to stroke my cock with it. The silk against my cockhead and shaft is incredible, but I have to resist cumming.

"That's funny, once your chastity device is locked's you that will be getting ass fucked by strap-ons and maybe by men. You will learn to love your pretty pink chastity's only 2.5 inches long."

Melody takes my cock into her mouth as she plays with my balls. From my point of view I see her beautiful red lips open up and swallow my cock whole. She does a quick deep throat of my cock which sends pleasure waves to my cock.

"Please stop...mmmmmm...that feels can't cum...slow down...I don't want to cum yet...ahhhhhhhh...NO! Don't Stop!"

My wife is sucking and licking my cock, then she stops sucking and starts to stroke my shaft with the silk scarf...very fast. My orgasm hits me and then she abruptly takes the silk scarf and her hand away from my cock. My cock has only one quick cum shot and it wants, needs, more attention to finish the job.

Now I watch as my cock goes soft, shrinks and the pink chastity device is easily placed on me. I'm shaking my head no and I'm helpless to prevent it. Then she shows me the tiny pink padlock.

"Please Melody...we can work something out...don't lock up my cock! Hey...where is the key to the chastity device." Then I hear the dreaded click.

"The key? Hmmmm...where did I put that key? Oh yeah...I's not here. Remember when I asked you to mail that small package to your dyke sister Patty...well the key was in that package."

Melody grabs her phone and takes many photos of myself with the pink chastity device on. Then she sends the embarrassing photos to someone.

"NO! Not Patty! Shit! This is not happening! Delete those pics! Who did you send it to?"

Patty is my dyke sister who hates men, including me, since she knows about my cheating. She enjoys bringing strange men home, tying them down and fucking them with her cruel strap-on's. I know I'm fucked if Patty now has the key to my freedom.

Melody then flicks my pink chastity device and she touches the exposed skin of my cock giving me pleasure and pain. My cock starts to grow in the small cage and I feel pain from the device. I feel so embarrassed wearing this pink chastity device.

My cockhead is pushing up against the tip of the chastity device and I'm already producing pre-cum. My wife takes a lick and the pleasure and pain returns.

Melody then shows me one more item...a sissy pink satin pouch with white lace trim. (As I write this story, my cock is placed in a pink satin pouch with white lace trim) She then ties a pretty bow and my once proud 7 inch cock is now locked away and covered in a pink satin pouch.

I know I have no other option so I sign the divorce papers while still tied.

"Ok. I signed the papers. Now release me and help me get the key from my sister."

I watch as Melody puts a black skirt and sexy ruffle silk blouse on over her pink silk nightgown. She steps into her fuck me 5 inch black stilettos.

"I'm leaving you for good now. Don't worry I told Bill to come over in about an hour to free you."

I watch as Melody places a butt plug, nipple clamps, a collar and leash on the nightstand next to me.

"Not Bill...our psycho neighbor...he's...he'! Untie me now! What are those items for?"

"Oh yeah he is gay and he does not like you, especially since you fucked his sister. These items are for you and Bill. If you are lucky Bill will force that butt plug into your ass...if you are unlucky Bill will rape your ass. Have fun...sweetie!"


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