My Turn

by Graybeard

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© Copyright 2004 - Graybeard - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; D/s; bondage; cons; X

My Turn
by Graybeard
My Turn by Graybeard


 I don’t know what I sensed first, the voice or the vibration. The voice was computer generated and female and kept repeating “wake up slave” over and over and it seemed very loud but that may have been my headache. What really got my attention was the vibration in my pants, or at least I thought it was my pants. When I finally pried my eyes open I discovered that I had no pants. In fact I had no cloths at all accept for what I instantly recognized as a chastity belt. 

 The belt was like nothing I had ever seen, and I had seen everything there was to see on the net. As I looked at the belt I noticed my body and the modifications that had been made. I had TITS. Small tits, but when you never had any tits, small tits look massive and felt sore but not as sore as my huge nipples and that pain was probably due to my new nipple rings. I had no body hair, anywhere arms, face, hell even my head was bald. The only hair on my whole body was my eye lashes and eye brows and they had been trimmed. And as I was looking for hair I found more rings. I had one ring in each ear lobe and one hanging from the center of my nose. We’re not talking the small rings that women wear; oh no we’re talking ¾ inch diameter, 3/32 thick inch their not coming off without tools rings with ¼ inch balls and the same size were in my nipples.

 As I sat there in semi-shock the unending vibration brought me back to the chastity belt covering my crotch. It looked to be made of stainless steel and went all the way around my waist just above my hip bone and was about 4 inches wide at the sides and back. It had a layer of hard rubber between the metal and the skin with a heavy movable ring on both sides and in the back. The belt was secured by a single round high security lock like the ones found on vending machines at the very center in the back. At the front of the belt there was a bulge that tapered from about 6 inches to about 2 inches wide and transitioned from a bulge to what seemed to be a flattened tube that curved under my crotch and entered and was anchored in my anus. My testicles were pushed up under the skin at the front and seemed to be held there by the inside of the belt. My penis was pulled down through the tube and somehow anchored to the end of the tube close to my anus. By feeling the vibration in my anus, penis and my fingers I surmised that the source of the vibration was coming from the end of the tube. The belt was not at all uncomfortable and with the vibrator on in truth felt very nice, but it was very clear that without the key it wasn’t coming off.

 I was sitting on a piece of ¾ inch thick black foam rubber about 2 feet wide by 4 feet long with my back against the wall. I stood up and observed that I was in a square room about 10 feet by 10 feet with an 8 foot ceiling. All 4 walls are covered with mirrors, the ceiling was black and the floor was black and felt like concrete. To my right in the same corner as the wall that I was leaning against was a clear enclosure with a toilet and a sink in it. Directly in front of me was a stack of doors that were about 2 feet wide by 1 foot high and went from floor to ceiling. The doors appeared to be made of stainless steel and were recessed with no handles or exposed edges. A chain made of ¼ in thick links extended from the ceiling to half way to the floor and had a 3 inch diameter by 1/2 inch thick ring at its bottom. Directly below the chain was a corresponding ring attached into the concrete floor. In each corner there was a recessed spot light that was pointed at the center of the room that is covered by a 1/2 inch steel mesh screen. There were 3 inch rings in each corner
 on the floor and the ceiling, as well as one at the mid point between them on the floor, ceiling and corners with the exception of the mid points on the ceiling in front of me there were doors. To the right and left of me the rings had been replaced with what looked like large quick release clips like the ones used on the jib of a sail boat.

The voice was still repeating “wake up slave”, and had finally anoied me to the point that I finally shouted (SHUT UP) and to my surprise it did. But only for about what I think was 5 min, then it (the voice) began to give me instructions and ask me questions.

Voice- You will listen to and follow all instruction promptly. Failure to comply will result in punishment.
 When you are asked a question you will answer promptly and honestly. Failure to comply will result in punishment.
 Do you understand?

Me- yes

Voice- Do you know where you are?
Me_ no

Voice- Do you know why you are here?
Me- no

Voice- Are you a cold blooded bastard?
Me- no

Voice- you were told that to not answer honesty will result in punishment. Let the punishment fit the crime.

 With those words the vibration in the chastity belt stopped and the temperature of the room began to drop. In just a short time I could see my breath and the temperature seemed to continue to fall. After what seemed like forever, but was probably only 5 minuets, I was shaking faster than the vibrator and knew that I would do just about anything to get warm the voice returned.

Voice- Have you been enlightened?
Me- yes

Voice- What are you?
Me- A cold blooded bastard

Voice- Do you agree that you are under my control?
Me- yes

Voice- You will comply with my wishes?
Me- I have no choice.

Voice- I hope you will remember that!
Me- I hope so too

 The temperature in the room returned to normal

Voice- Do you have any questions?
Me- yes, why am I here?

Voice- because I desire it.
Me- why?

Voice- silence
Me- then I scream WHY AM I HERE, and the voice begain repeating.

Voice- “you are a slave”.

 It was the silence that woke me on the second day. The voice that had been repeating all night “you are a slave” had stopped. Actually I was only assuming that it was a new day because the lights had never turned off and my sense if time was gone. As I sat up (not as easy as it had been without the belt) and realized that I was hungry. As I stood up the voice started again.

Voice- what are you?
 Before I realized that I was saying it I said
Me- “I am a slave”

Voice- why are you here?

 I thought for only a moment and said
Me- because you desire it

Voice- Very good slave. There may be hope for you, if you survive.

Voice- Do you have any questions?
Me- yes, can I have something to eat and drink?

Voice- you have used the toilet facilities and the cup at the sink?
Me- yes 

Voice- drink water
Me- and may I have something to eat?

 And with that the second door from the bottom slowly opened and a tray with an apple, a banana and a slim fast slid out.

Voice- breakfast of champions
Me- thanks

 I ate the banana, drank the slim fast and tossed the apple on the bed.

Voice- now you must do something for me
Me- I thought that might be the case

 The second tray and door closed and the third one opened. It contained a stainless steel collar with a D ring on both sides, front and back, a lock, and a key. The collar matched the construction of the belt, as did the lock. The key looked strange, too big maybe.

Voice- put on the collar and use the key to install the lock, it faces to the front. Turn the key until you hear a click.

 I put on the collar, but hesitated with the lock. The more I hesitated the more I didn’t want to lock that collar. BIG MISTAKE! 

Voice- Failure to comply will result in punishment.

 At the same time the voice finished a terrible pain erupted in my lower torso. It felt like I must have had an alien in there trying to get out. Everything from my balls to my ass hole was on fire and getting worse. I screamed, I begged, and I cried, and finally it stopped.

Voice- that was punishment level two

Voice- what are you?
Me- “I am a slave”

Voice- why are you here?
Me- because you desire it

Voice- lock the collar

 I did as I was told and tightened the key until it clicked. I then tried to loosen it, it just free wheeled and I knew I was stuck.

Voice- Did I tell you to try to remove the lock?
Me- no

Voice- no what
Me- no ma’am

Voice- Failure to comply will result in punishment. This is punishment level 3

 I screamed until I was hoarse and on the verge of passing out and pissed myself.

 For the next hour or so I listened as the voice repeated

Voice- “a slave must follow directions”

 Pain is a funny thing. There I was on the floor lying in a pool of my own piss and all I could think of was that I never wanted that to happen again! As I moved and opened my eyes the bottom door opened and the tray slid out. All it contained was a 3 inch by 6 inch sponge. I didn’t need to be told to know what to do.
 After finishing the cleanup and returning the sponge to the tray, I sat on the bed and asked if I could take a shower.

Voice- first these
 The fourth door opened and the tray slid out with two stainless steel cuffs and a key in it. The cuffs were made with a rubber layer next to the skin like the collar and the belt. The metal appeared to be 1/8 of an inch thick. They were formed to the same shape as my wrists. They had a ring on the inside and out, with the same type lock as the collar. The ring located on the inside of the wrist was through a pin that was attached to the cuff with a swivel. The ring on the outside was D shaped and was hinged so that it moved along the line of the arm. I pushed a threaded pin through a matching hole and installed the lock with the key until it clicked. I make sure that I did not turn the key backwards, then placed it back in the tray. The tray slid in and the door closed.

Voice- that’s a good slave, you may shower now.

 My shower was interesting. door 5 opened and gave me a dish towel to dry with and a scrung pad to wash with. I got soap in the shower from an in the wall liquid soap dispenser. The cuffs and the belt were a real pain in the ass to wash around but at least I had the luxury of time. After I finished I replaced the scrung pad and towel, ate my apple seeds and all, and asked if I could go to bed.

Voice- you may

Brainwashing, it took a while for it to sink in but that’s what the wake up messages were. This morning it was “I will obey my mistress”. I got up, the voice stopped, and I asked for breakfast. Before I asked I knew it would cost me. I thought it would be ankle cuffs and I wasn’t far off.

Voice- there is a price
Me- yes mistress I know

 Door three opened and the tray sled out to reveal high heel boots and ankle cuffs and the key. The cuffs, of course, matched the set accept that they only had the swivel rings and were large enough to rotate on my ankle. The boots were leather mid-calf booties that had a locking hasp that went around the arch of the foot. The arch strap seemed redundant to me but I didn’t have the balls to mention it. They had a zipper on the inside that locked at the top with a small lock it a hasp (more redundancy). I put on the shoes, then the ankle cuffs, and returned the key.

Me- May I have breakfast now

Voice- say please
Me- please

Voice- say please mistress
Me- please mistress

Voice- stand up

 I stood up

Voice- head down

 I bowed my head ( hay, I was hungry)

Voice- walk to the wall and back

 I walked to the wall and back (not so easy in 3 inch heals)

Voice- walk to the wall and back but this time swing your ass

 I walked to the wall and back and swung my ass. The voice laughed hysterically for 5 minuets as door 2 opened and the tray delivered my two course breakfast consisting of a package of dry crackers and a slim fast. I was not amused. I started to sit down and the voice slowed her laughter.

Voice- oh no no, you will stand until I say otherwise slave, you need to get used to your new shoes. And if you’re not totally stupid you will practice you walk. You will be tested later and that walk needs a lot of work.(laughter returns).
Me- yes mistress

 I ate my breakfast and walked until I was limping on both feet before my mistress allowed me stop.

Voice- stop in front of the doors slave
Me- yes mistress

 As I stopped, door 5 opened and delivered 4 chains and 5 locks. The chains were 12 inches long with 1 inch links ¼ inch thick and had a 2 inch ring on both ends. The locks were medium brass master locks with ¼ inch hasps. The locks were open and there was no key. I took the chains and locks from the tray and the door closed

Voice- you may sit

 I backed up and sat on the bed

Voice- Follow my instruction exactly. Failure to comply will result in punishment. 
Voice- using a lock, attach a ring on the end of a chain to the D ring of your right wrist.
Voice- using a lock, attach a ring on the end of a chain to the D ring of your left wrist.
Voice- using a lock, attach a ring on the end of a chain to the ring of your right ankle.
Voice- using a lock, attach a ring on the end of a chain to the ring of your left ankle.
Voice- using a lock, attach the loose ring on the end of the chain on your right ankle to the loose ring on the end of the chain on your left ankle.

 I finished and sat there, hoping that I had understood what she wanted.

Voice- slave
Me- yes mistress

Voice- is that what I commanded you to do?
Me- I believe so mistress

Voice- don’t you wish to please?
Me- yes mistress

Voice- good, resume your walk
Me- yes mistress

Voice- oh, and slave
Me- yes mistress

Voice- don’t forget to swing your ass
Me- yes mistress

 She only made me walk long enough for the limp to return then had me stop in front of the doors again.

Voice- do you still want to please me?
Me- yes mistress

 Door three opened and the tray contained a gag, three more open master locks, and a hood. The hood was a lace up type with a built in locking collar and had a snap-on blindfold. But was the gag that caught my attention. It was a penis gag, and a gag with a 1 ½ inch by3 inches long penis it will do just that. As I looked at it I realized that I had hesitated.

Voice- PUT IT ON
Me- yes mistress

 I put the gag into my mouth as far as I could and put the hasp through the slot in the strap


 I pulled it one more notch tighter and started to retch, then regained control and locked a lock in the hasp before I could back out.

Voice- lock the center ring of your ankle cuffs to the ring on the floor.

 I complied

Voice- remove the blindfold from the hood and put the hood on TIGHTLY, then lock it.

 I complied but not without more gagging

Voice- lock the rings on the loose end of your wrist cuff chains to the big ring at the end of the chain hanging from the ceiling

 I complied

Voice- snap the blindfold back on and hold your arms in front of you.

 I compiled and heard the distant sound of a motor. I felt the weight of the chain being taken by the hoist. After what seemed like minutes but was more likely seconds, most of my weight was hanging from the chain. After a short pause I was lifted again to where the heels of my boots were off the floor. After another short pause the moment of real fear came when I left the floor and continued to rise. How far would she go. How much would it hurt, would she pull my arms off, would I die. Then, just as I felt the tension of the bottom chain the motor stoped.

Voice- well slave, it’s time to meet your mistress.

 Just as she finished speaking I heard two loud popping sounds in front of me and felt cool air all over the front of my now heavily sweating body. At that time the long forgotten chastity belt vibrator began again and I felt the touch of a gloved hand on my chest. then very close to my left ear heard the words “it’s punishment time”, and felt the first stroke of the lash on my right thigh. I lost count of the strokes around twenty, but was consoled by the fact that it was a small whip. It had to be a small whip because a big whip would take longer for the next stroke. She hit me fast and for a long time never hitting the same place twice and never letting me know where the next one was going to strike. Somewhere into the early stages of the whipping the vibration in the belt changed. It began to pulsate in a rhythm and with an electrical intensity from the front of the belt to the back along my penis. The frequency of the vibration started low, but as the whipping progressed the frequency began to rise as did my desire to cum. As if she knew it was happening my mistress began whipping me more quickly until I was actually bucking as much as possible while stretched out by the chains until, screaming into my gag, I had the most mind blowing orgasm of my life.

 By the time I returned to earth I was kneeling on the floor with my hand in front of me and my mistress was removing my hood. As it came off she stepped back and allowed me to look at her while she took my picture. All men at some time dream of being dominated by a 6 feet 2 inch Viking princess with large breasts and long flowing blond hair, but this wasn’t her. My mistress was about 5 feet 4 inches tall with short red hair that was cut above her ears and what I would call A cup breasts. What she was to me was the most ravishing woman that I had ever seen as I knelt there with that penis gag in my mouth. As she moved forward and knelt in front of me I looked into her green eyes. I noted the vast number of freckles in her face, and the I noticed that she had a nose ring that looked exactly like mine. She pulled the gag out of my mouth and  before I had a chance to close it she kissed me with a passion that almost matched my orgasm. At the end of the extremely long and  aggressive kiss she removed the locks connecting my chains and I noticed that her large nipples had rings just like mine. After she finished with the locks she stood up and held my head, forcing my mouth against a chastity belt much like mine and said kiss, which I gladly did. My wife then took my hand, helped me up and said “MY TURN”

By Graybeard