My Tormentrix

by Cropsncuffs

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© Copyright 2010 - Cropsncuffs - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; bond; cuffs; chain; tease; bdsm; mast; climax; cons/reluct; X

She is standing over me, smiling down at me. She has me exactly where she wants me, and she knows there is not a damn thing I can do about it. I asked for it, and when she said yes I actually let her do it to me. I can feel my face blushing and my cock getting hard as I remember the feeling of her fastening the cuffs about my wrists. They felt so soft and forgiving when she showed them to me first, allowed me to handle them like a curious child. Allowed me to feel the heft of the gleaming chains attached to them. I even helped her fasten them to the ringbolts in the stable floor before willingly slipping out of my clothes and getting down on my hands and knees.

The concrete was cold to my hands and knees as she gently manoeuvred me between those four cuffs until I was placed to her satisfaction. Now I was kneeling exactly in the middle of those cuffs, and she knelt down in front of me and gently, almost lovingly took my wrist in her hands. She was smiling that big blue-eyed smile of hers as she wrapped that first soft leather cuff about my wrist, tugging it tight with slow, deliberate movements.

I gently pulled at the chain that tethered wrist, enjoying both the gentle rattle of the chain and the fledgling feeling of helplessness it imparted. By the time I was concentrating again my other wrist was also fastened and I was forced to keep my arms wide apart.

She laughed her pretty little laugh as she got up and strolled round behind me, and for the first time I felt a mixture of wonderful exaltation at a fantasy come true and a terrible foreboding at what was to come.

Hands rather rougher than I expected grabbed one ankle and jerked it out to where the cuff lay in wait for it, and I felt the buckle being hauled tight in a way that left no thoughts of ever getting free without outside help.

“Hey, not so tight”

I called out, but my other ankle was already fast and I was her helpless prisoner. Down there on my hands and knees, Wrists widely spread so there was no way desperate fingers could get even remotely close to buckles and hasps to set themselves free. My knees pulled wide and my back forced down parallel with the cold concrete floor. I was as helpless as I had ever desired to be.

“Don’t go way” she said softly, skipping out of the room, ignoring my cries for her not to go and leave me here. What if someone came in ?. What if something befell her and I was left here ?

I pulled at my cuffs and chains, first gently, then harder and harder as a sudden feeling in me rose up and sought desperately to be free. Then I heard her coming back. Only something had changed.

Where she had crept away in soft shoes, I could hear the rhythmic chatter of high heels coming back. A sound that made both my flesh creep and my manhood spring to attention.

“Good boy” she said from the doorway “I’d have hated to found you had chickened out while I was getting changed”

I looked up, twisting my head to take in the glorious sight of her draping herself seductively around the doorframe. The gleaming boots had heels higher than I had ever seen her wear before, tightly laced up their fronts with a large, flamboyant bow at the top. Her wonderful legs were sheathed in black fishnets from the very tops of those boots to the tiny hem of a deceptively simple black miniskirt, and a black basque pressed her breasts upwards and outwards to form two milky white mounds that would have turned my knees to jelly had I been upright.

She dropped a small pile of things on the bench, separating out a high black collar with gleaming steel studs that she twirled about her fingers.

“Nearly all done” she said “Just a few finishing touches and we can begin”

She knelt gently down and planted a kiss of my lips, a long, lingering kiss. I lunged forwards, pressing my mouth to hers and reaching out with my tongue when the chains snapped me back and she pulled away with an evil smile on her face. Something had changed, and it was a moment before I realised I was now wearing that collar. It was snug about my neck, and by twisting my body and reaching the fraction the chains allowed my hands I could run my fingertips along it’s soft black surface. I could imagine how I must look and I felt so turned on I hardly noticed the rattle of chains again, and I yelped when she grabbed the ring on the back of the collar and jerked my neck upwards. There was a sharp snap of a fastener, and I found I couldn’t lower my head.

I desperately twisted my neck, shaking my head to set myself free, but all I could hear was the rattle of an unseen chain. Twisting my body as far as I dared I managed to look upward, and saw a fifth chain dangling from the ceiling and fastened to my collar. As soon as I tried to lower my head it bought me up short, keeping me painfully upright like some well-trained pointer dog. And somewhere over by the door, watching my trying to work out my predicament, she was laughing at me, at my confusion, and I wondered what else she had in mind for me.

She swayed over like a hooker, the heels clicking out a deadly rhythm on that cold hard floor, and she knelt down in front of me flashing acres of stocking tops and pale flesh beyond.

“Well now” she said softly “is this what you wanted lover ?”

I blushed every shade of red, and I could feel my rock-hard cock bobbing an answer to the fresh air that betrayed my innermost thoughts. She laughed again as she spotted my response before turning and swaying away. I almost cried out as her perfectly formed arse wiggled out of my sight, those gloriously formed buttocks tightly sheathed in that black skirt I could have happily taken her there and then. Roughly, up against the wall. But she had other plans for me.

When she came back to the scene of my torment she was carrying something, or rather things. Standing before me she paused, and I lunged towards her, suddenly desperate to get my lips against those fish netted legs. But she had chosen her position carefully, and I yelped as the collar bought me up tantalisingly and chokingly short of my prize. Part of me could hear her laughing again and she allowed the things she was carrying to fall to the floor before me.

For a moment I was confused, then I heard her talking to me from somewhere above my head.

“The thing is” she said “Some people spend an absolute fortune on toys to torment their lovers, when with a little thought they could save an absolute fortune”

I started at the items before me and struggled to match what she said to what I could see.

There was a riding crop, a soft foam children’s ball, a feather, and a pair of leather gloves. The crop I could figure out easily enough, and I was still struggling with the finer points of the others when she knelt down and before I could stop her she grabbed my hair and hauled my head back. There was something in her other hand as my head screamed at me, I felt it against my lips, then that soft foam ball popped between my teeth and swiftly expanded inside my mouth to fill it.

It was so simple yet so deadly effective. For a few moments I shook my head like a dog, but no matter how hard I tried to push it out with my tongue the soft foam just gave way and the ball never moved. And the longer it was in my mouth the more my jaw muscles weakened until my mouth was forced open, my cheeks puffed out and I was helplessly silent. And somewhere above me I could hear her laughing again. I tipped my head back as far as I could and looked up at her. From the acres of black fishnets to the pelmet of her tiny skirt, up over the boning of her basque and on to the mounds of her magnificent breasts I was both turned on and so afraid. I was her silent prisoner and I dreaded to think what fate she had in mind for me.

She scooped up the other items and slowly walked round out of my vision humming gently to herself.

“The thing is about leather” I could hear her say from behind me “Is that it feels so incredibly sexy, don’t you agree ?”

I mumbled and mewed a non-reply as I heard her doing something, then I let out a yowl as the leather glove, now wrapped around her firm, supple hand caressed my cock. Fingers closed about me and squeezed me, gave me a couple of quick jerks before dancing away as I tried to move my hips against them.

“Of course, it has other uses as well” she said, and I howled again as the leather whip slashed across my upturned buttocks “but today” she continued “I think I would prefer more subtle methods of torment”

Oh Lord, what did she mean ? I desperately tried the strength of my bindings as I heard her moving behind me but there was no give in them.

Something touched my arsehole and I gave a little yelp, springing forwards as far as my chain would permit, and she was laughing again. I gave a whimper as I felt the delicate caress again, and for a moment I just didn’t know what to do as my body fought a range of emotions.

Then it came to me. It was the feather. The very tip of that sturdy feather, and she was using it to very delicately probe my anus. That’s not too bad I thought as the caress continued, I can stand that. But as the caress continued it started to get to me. There was something about the soft yet insistent brushing and pushing that started to get to me, and before I knew it I was jerking against my bonds involuntarily as I tried to get away from that incessant probing feather tip.

For a moment the feather drew back, then the gloved fingers came back firmly caressing my poor neglected manhood, bringing it back to it’s raging erection and bringing a flush to my flesh before silently drawing away and bringing tears of frustration to my eyes. Then the feather was back, gently yet firmly probing my poor defenceless arsehole and driving to absolute distraction. I could feel my anus twitching, contracting and flexing under the assault while I was hauling myself forwards in my chains as far forwards as they would allow me to go, absolutely desperate to get away from the source of my torment. And as she watched me twitching in my bondage and hauling on my chains she was laughing, the bitch was laughing long and hard. It was a nasty, sadistic laugh that showed she was clearly enjoying the sight I presented. And always at the back of my mind was the whip. The simple, basic black riding crop with it’s leather loop designed to control four-legged animals and capable of inflicting stripes of agony on my poor arse. A feeling I both dreaded and desired.

The feather withdrew, and from behind I felt her leather gloved hand reaching down under me from behind, first rolling my exposed testicles about on her palm, then allowing them to rest against her glove as her fingers made their way up my shaft until her thumb and forefinger could gently oh so gently massage the very head of my manhood. Those two terrible digits did their worse for long moments, then I felt a familiar fire deep within my loins. As she ran that sleek leather palm along the length of my manhood it started to twitch, then jerk, and then I was cuming harder than I had ever done before. I felt my back arching, and even through the softness of that gagging ball I cried out as I finally received the relief I was crying out for.

Then everything was still. My head hung in it’s collar, my limbs ached, and I could hear her breathing behind me.

“My my” she said “Your self control really is lacking today. I think I’m going to have to hose all that mess off the floor and off you, you filthy brute, then maybe I’ll get my whip out and beat some discipline into you”

I tried to plead with her as she stalked past me, her heels make every step sound like an echo in a dungeon. I watched helpless as she unclipped a hose from the wall and turned it towards me. And in her other hand she was holding that whip. She was tapping it slowly against her thigh as she aimed the hose, and I realised that I had both gained my dream mistress and awakened a monster.


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