My Mistress, My Accountant

by Bob Salinas

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© Copyright 2003 - Bob Salinas - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbm; F/m; bond; slave; cons; X

Part One

I turned my hardware business over to my partner to drive north for a couple of weeks to see our accountant. In addition to being a college friend and business advisor for years, she was a true friend and I looked forward to seeing her.

Iris moved away a few years after graduation from the college we attended at the same time (she was two years ahead of me) and ‘made it big’ in a  modest-sized town upstate; I stayed in the Los Angeles area and started a reasonably successful small hardware business in a charming small town not far from the San Andreas fault. Even though we were separated by enough distance to make personal contact unusual, we still kept in touch with each other because I was smart enough to hire her as our accountant; we talked every few week or so.

I was always pleased to hear what was going on with her, and it was clear that her decision to move away and set up her own accounting practice was a good one. She was extremely successful, both professionally and financially. Personally, she was very secure and stable. I didn’t know much about her social life, but I imagined it had to be hot; she was ‘way beyond beautiful with her long hair and sultry ‘Seductive Accountant’ look. I tried not to envy her success but I wasn’t entirely successful at that; I mean, she pushed around the money of million-dollar companies while I sold the occasional high-tech toilet plunger. I did okay, but I was not excited by the way my life had turned out.

Our friendship was close but platonic. Even though I once (and only once) kidded her that “I’d love to see you naked!”, I never ventured past her front door. Somehow, both of us valued our friendship too much to complicate it with sex. Both of us had relationships of some degree or other, so it wasn’t that we were hard up or anything. But we talked about it and discussed our involvements, sort of like ‘reality testing’. Beyond that, though, we let it be.

I knew that she had a most-secret kink and had figured out that she was into some sort of  fantasy sex, but somehow we never went there, possibly because I have a ‘thing’ for bondage. I had a heavy fantasy life involving dominant women, and somehow I feared that dragging this emotionally explosive addition into our relationship would be devastating. But, emboldened by the distance and the anonymity of online chat, she eventually confessed that she was a sexual dominant. But I was too reserved to confess that I shared her kink and just tried to be helpful as a friend. One the one occasion when our online chat went too far for my comfort, she tease me with "Any time you want to try it, it's yours! Maybe you could spend a couple of days while I teach you the ropes- LOL” I got a kick out of hearing her say that, but I never knew if one day it might come true. 

Anyway, on this trip up to visit her, I was by myself and was concerned with accounting issues and a nice visit more than anything else. When I arrived after a drive that took most of the day, she met me at the front door and explained that she just gotten a call to take a close girlfriend of hers to the airport- 90 minutes one way. She showed me into the house, gave me a set of keys and a quick kiss on the cheek, and as she settled into her car grinned “I won't be back for three or four hours, say early evening. Make yourself at home, but stay out of my lingerie drawer!” Then she pulled out onto the street, turned a corner, and was gone.

I went back into the house and dropped my overnight case in the living room, where I figured I’d spend the nights. I wandered through the kitchen, where I grabbed a beer, and then strolled through the house. Eventually I wandered into her bedroom, where I stepped into her bathroom (it smelled pretty and ladylike) and showered. After drying off, I laid my clothes on my suitcase (I’d get dressed long before she came back) and continued my snoopy tour naked, the way I usually am at home.  Yes, I’m nosy! I even (shamefully!) looked in her lingerie drawer- a mix of Sears Roebuck and Victoria’s Secret, with a few bits of Frederick’s of Hollywood thrown in. Well, she’s a grown-up woman- what she wears under her dress is none of my business any more than what any other woman wears under her dress is my business.

After my brief inspection of her undies and took a couple of sniffs (it was all clean, of course, damn it- what else do you expect in a lingerie drawer?), I strolled down to the basement. There, where I expected to find a rec room and maybe a pool table, I found just about the absolute best working dungeon I’ve ever fantasized! Filling half of the basement, it had stocks, a pillory, an X-cross, a spanking horse, stocks mounted on a horse, a whipping post... damn! On one wall was arrayed an incredible assortment of whips, cuffs, chains, dildos, butt plugs, vibrators, vibrating butt plugs, nipple clips... everything imaginable to stimulate, tease, and torment a submissive. I couldn’t tell whether her ‘victim of choice’ was male or female, as just about all of the toys could have been used on a victim of either sex. 

At the far end of the dungeon was a large-screen TV with a VCR and CD player and several racks of tapes and CDs. I looked over the tapes and found, much to my shock and indignation (yeah, sure, if you’ll believe that I bet I could see you a choice bridge of two) that they were all pornographic. I wondered about Iris’ taste in porno and shoved a couple of them into the machinery to check just how awfully degenerate Iris was. I discovered, to my delight, that her ideas were much like mine. Almost all of the tapes were bondage-related and heavy on female domination. A lot of the tapes, although they were in English, were made in Europe.

The first tape I watched was German and showed a body-builder sort of guy standing against a massive tree while his Dominatrix (a slender young fraulein in a form-fitting black catsuit) used rope around his waist to tie him to the tree. On order, he held his wrists behind him against the sides of the tree, and she tied them there with another rope. After a few more minutes of roping, he was quite helpless and also visibly excited. His Dom played with his fat cock until he begged to cum, where-upon she laughed and tickled his tits for a change. Damn, I sympathized with him! I naturally had quite an erection by now, but I decided to continue my dungeon tour; I’d appreciate it much more now than after I jacked off, and I didn’t want to relieve the pressure that would increase my enjoyment, so I walked away from the TV, pulled myself back together, and went back to look at the toys.

Damn- Frederick’s of Hollywood was one thing, but finding that my accountant shared this major kink was something else again! I was so turned on that I decided to take advantage of her ‘make yourself at home’ offer and try out her dungeon and the toys. I just had to make sure that everything was back in place and that I was cool and calm by the time she returned. I’d tell her I had never gotten downstairs but that I’d dozed off in front of the TV or some bullshit like that.

One item which immediately grabbed my eye and just wouldn’t let go was a chastity belt; I took it off its hook on the wall and examined it carefully It was made in Germany and looked like the ones I’d read about on the Internet. It had a steel waist band with a steel belly panel and a steel tube inside the belly panel- definitely a male model, snaps which would hold the whole thing together, and a sturdy-looking built-in lock. I resisted for at least twenty seconds, but I just had to try it out. I’d always had a fantasy about being locked in a chastity belt by a dominant woman and being unable to remove it or free myself without her permission, someone to whom I’d willingly surrendered the keys. Whether my hands were tied or not wouldn’t matter, because my penis and my balls would be locked behind an unyielding shield. 

I’d dreamed and fantasized about this kind of thing, but I had never gotten up the nerve to buy one, and anyway I certainly didn’t know anyone else who was ‘into them’ or who would be my ‘keyholder’, somebody who would keep my keys and not let me out of the chastity belt when I wanted to get out. Just the fact that Iris had acquired a belt impressed the hell out of me. I wondered what it must be like for her to control someone, to hold the key to their pleasure, to their sex! I imagined it must be a great thrill for her, the Mistress, and for the one who wore the belt, who let her hold the keys.

I’d read about guys who were ‘chastitied’ or ‘chastised’ and were then sent back to work while locked in the belt to which they didn’t have the key. That would be manageable, I supposed, but the tough part would be when I was hot and crouching at her feet. I didn’t think I would mind not being able to get at my dick at the hardware store, but the idea of not being able to get at it when my Dominatrix was exciting me made me wild! My cock was throbbing just with the ideas pounding through my head.

At any rate, I knew that I had to try the belt, to simulate the feeling of being locked up and unable to touch my cock. As soon as I took it off the wall I had seen that the keys were already hanging out of the lock built into the front of the waist band- where the lock both held the waist band closed and kept the belly panel clamped against the waist band. Reasonable, I thought, that way the keys won’t get scattered! The lock was already open, so I just pulled the keys out and laid them on the table where I could get them when I decided to release myself.

I didn’t know if the chastity belt would fit, but just to my eye it looked close. I plunged on, just hoping the belt was close enough to my size to allow me to wear it for a couple of hours. This was a dream come true! I thought about adding some forced-delay process- like the ice cube holding the key away from me, a trick I’d used many times in my ‘home games’- but tonight was going to be a short playtime in Iris’ dungeon. I’d play for a couple of hours and then put everything away, and she would never know I’d snooped.

I unhooked the belly panel from the waist band and tested it by opening and closing it. I had to be sure I would be able to work it properly- I didn’t want any embarrassing screwups!.I wrapped the waist belt around myself and let the positioning pegs hold it in place without locking it. The waist was snug, but I knew it had to be to work right. I reached back between my legs and pulled the belly panel forward; the chains from its bottom end went to points on the waist belt which were well-separated so the chains cleared my asshole. I didn’t figure on wearing the belt long enough to be needing that, but I was curious. 

I slipped the belly panel into its clips on the belt, squishing my half-hard cock up against my belly, and found that the belly panel was shaped to cup my balls up against my belly- sort of like a steel jock! I knew the design was going to hold my cock pointed downward, but this preliminary step still felt good and confining and kinky. My cock was thick, fat and eager, but this enforced waiting was going to be incredible!

Okay, it was time to do it for real. I unhooked the belly panel and pulled it outward so I could seize Mr. Happy and give him a few strokes to firm him up (really unnecessary, mainly because it felt good!). Then I bent him down, poked his head down into the opening of the sheath, and sank him head-first down into the tube, which was just big enough. I pulled the front panel up against my belly; my fat dong slid down into the curve of the tube. Its length was deceptive, because not only did the tube get narrower toward its end, but it was curved more toward its far end.

As I pressed the panel firmly against me, I savored the new sensation of having my rigidly-sheathed dick pressed hard downward; wow! My cock was fat but not hard; I knew the chastity belt design would inhibit erections, but I could live with that for a little while. I’d be able to take the belt off anytime, I reminded myself. After I got really turned on I’d take all the stuff off, jerk off, put things away, and then pretend I’d been watching TV while I waited for Iris to come home.

I slipped the belly panel under its clips on the waist belt, feeling the solid German workmanship snap the pieces together. I pulled and tugged the belt, checking to verify it was secure. It was- no way would it come loose. It was a weird feeling, being completely unable to touch myself or feel anything under the panel. 

It was just like I’d read in my pornographic research; I couldn’t touch my cock or feel anything. Sex or jacking off would be impossible- I was completely locked in tight until I chose to remove the belt. What a feeling! It held my member firmly in place, squeezing it gently (the tube was a really snug fit, now that excitement was driving me) and I couldn’t even come close to touching myself. I was incredibly turned on! I fantasized about being locked into the belt without being able to get it off- like I had been locked in by my Dominatrix lover.

The thoughts made me even more aroused, but the belt kept me from getting really hard! Damn... I detached the belly panel from the waist belt and rocked it back and forth- my cock was almost jammed in the tube. It slid back and forth in the tube, pulling hard at the head. I felt the first twinges of a cum, which I knew I had to postpone if this was going to be any fun, so I determined to make do with the excitement in my head, even if it couldn’t get down to my cock for a little while.

I pressed the belly panel back against me, burying my cock balls-deep in the tube, clipped the belly panel back to the waist belt, and pressed the lock inward. CLACK! What a mind-rocking sound the lock made! I pulled and twisted at the chastity belt; nothing gave- I was locked away from my own cock! But, knowing I could eventually take the belt off, I pulled the key out of the lock cylinder and set it on the workbench, where I’d be able to get at it when I decided to release myself and jerk off before Iris returned.

I went to the wall, browsed for a bit, and removed a black leather hood. I slipped it over my head and pulled it snugly down over my neck. I’d chosen the hood partially because it looked ominous and severe; it came complete with a stiff three-inch ‘posture collar’ that snapped to it. I carefully wrapped the collar around my neck and buckled it. This gave me an interesting feeling, because when I tried to lower my chin the collar dug sharply into the underside of my chin; I was forced to keep my head upright and facing straight ahead. This was a powerful sensation indeed, and I would enjoy it until I had had enough, and then I’d take it off.. 

Before I zipped the hood closed my eager eyes spotted a gag on the incredibly well-equipped wall- it was a blow-up penis gag I’d seen in a couple of magazines. When I looked carefully, I saw that it would fit nicely into the hood. I unhooked the hood from the collar and slipped it off. I slipped the penis gag into the mouth hole of the hood and snapped it in place. Then I pulled the hood back on, opening my mouth as it came down so I could take the gag into my mouth; deflated, it was about three inches long- not enough to reach the back of my mouth- and maybe an inch across. I pulled the hood snugly down around my neck, snapped it to the posture collar, and pulled the zipper down the back of my head to hold it closed and push the plug firmly into my mouth. Then I pulled the buckles to strap the posture collar firmly around my neck. The pump-up bulb and hose hung out of the mouth hole of the hood; as I looked in the mirror, I could see no mouth at all, just gag and hood. I could see only my eyes through their holes, no other skin showed above my shoulders.

I took the bulb and squeezed to pump up the gag; I felt the small penis in my mouth swelling and extending. A few more squeezes, and my mouth was full. I tried to yell for help, but only muffled noises came out. Wow- more fantasies! I kept on squeezing and felt the penis (now ballooned out in the middle but with a distinct penis head) squeezing my tongue down to the bottom of my mouth and my cheeks pushing out against the leather of the hood, which now was holding my entire head like a fist. Oh, man...I gave it a few more squeezes, just for the sake of firm excess, and tried to call for help again; this time so little came out that I could only hear myself inside my head. 

Looking at the wall again, I found a set of nipple clamps- like oversized rubber-tipped tweezers with a ring that slid to pull them closed. I stood in front of the mirror so I could have a better view of what I was doing to myself, always a kick. With one hand I pulled one nipple out, seized it with the clamp, and pushed the slider down until it held firmly... a nice erotic feeling. I applied the other clamp to my other nipple and adjusted them both to equal firmness. Oh, what the hell- I gave them both another squeeze so they stung enough to really feel it. Ohhh... it hurt so good! I’d take them off in a little bit, anyway.

Now I looked around for my next implement of restraint. I gazed longingly at a marvelous pillory but sadly gave up on it; it didn’t have a latch I could manipulate while locked in it. This one required the ‘personal touch’ of a Mistress to close the gate and insert a wooden peg to lock it down. As tonight was a short-term do-it-myself exploration, I gave up on it. If I had days, I’d figure something out, but not tonight. I moved on.

I finally settled on a large X-cross. This was impressively massive- about seven feet tall, mounted on large plywood base, and leaned back about a foot at the top. It faced the TV and the ongoing saga of Hans and Gretchen, a nice benefit; I would have something to stimulate me while I was bound! Also, the TV was flanked by a pair of full-length mirrors which gave me a total view of myself should I tire of the video; just watching yourself struggling for freedom can be a real turn-on!

The cross had wooden blocks near the bottom to stand on (fortunately with no nail holes- that would have been far too much), several straps located on each leg of the ‘X’, and a couple of hooks screwed into the top of each leg. That last gave me an idea for how to use Iris’ ‘furniture’ for self-bondage, since I obviously couldn’t just to ask her to be my Dominatrix, could I? I went back to the wall and picked a piece of light rope out of her abundant supply. I tied a clip on either end and then picked out a pair of leather wrist cuffs and a padlock which waited with a key sticking out of its base.

First I strapped the cuffs on my wrists, they were comfortable (rather important) and secure (most important). I looped the cord through the hooks at the top of the cross, leaving about a foot hanging down on each side; in a bit I would lock my  wrist cuffs to this cable. I taped the key to my wrist, making sure that I could reach it. Leaving yourself a way out is extremely important in any self-bondage game-playing, and so far I had been very careful.

Taking a deep breath, I put one foot up on one foot block of the cross and stepped up, pivoting to put my back against the cross and standing on the other block. I bent over to attach the heavy leather straps at my ankles- I found I had to be careful not to land on my head, but I managed. Next I tightened the straps just above my knees, high on my thighs, and at my waist. When I had pulled the last strap snug, I found that my entire lower body was pinned solidly to the cross. I would have had a raging hard-on except for the chastity belt!

Now to get serious: I took a moment to pump up the gag an extra notch, completely plugging my mouth, and to slide the nipple clips a bit tighter. My tits burned, bit I remembered it was only for a little while. I stretched out, reached up for the cord, and pulled one end down enough so I could clip it to my right wrist. Stretching again, I reached out for the other clip, getting it into the fingers of the hand which held the lock.

I worked the shackle of  the hasp into the clip, pulled the cord snug, and finally maneuvered the lock until I could get the whole thing into my hand. I squeezed and was rewarded with a solid “CLACK”! I let go of the lock and the cord, sagging down against my restraints; everything held firm. I could pull one hand down a bit if I put up with pulling the other hand up, but all in all I had immobilized my hands.

I struggled, but found that I was helplessly bound. My legs were immobile, locked to and spread wide by the wooden X-cross. Desperate, I called out for help to anybody anywhere, but all that came out of my hooded and plugged face was mumbles. I looked out at the TV; the young Fraulein had her submissive kneeling on a bondage table, his knees strapped and spread wide, his ankles spread wider, his wrists bound behind his back. His thick cock poked thickly out as he alternately pleaded for release and squealed out his helpless delight as she firmly probed his ass with a dildo that looked as big as her forearm.

I cried out even louder, wishing that my cock would somehow break free of its steel restraint. It didn’t. Were it not for the chastity belt, I would have had an iron erection nine inches long- but in a few minutes, when I had enough of this, I would allow myself the pleasure of release from my bondage and then my release! I was so horny I was about to cry, but not just yet. My mind slipped into a foggy haze of lust as I savored my helplessness and struggled to get free. 

I strained earnestly and uselessly.. I was helpless! I struggled seriously for freedom which eluded me. I couldn’t move at all, not in any direction, I used all my strength but I found the combination of the heavy wooden cross and the sturdy leather straps was stronger than all of my muscles. I had strapped my legs and my ass firmly to the cross so carefully that I couldn’t even wiggle. I struggled for a long time, thoroughly enjoying my helplessness. I had no lack of stimulation- as if my restraint and the mirrored reflection of my struggles weren’t enough, the wide-screen pornography in the TV was right in front of my face, My balls were aching, and after a too-long time of erotic torment I decided finally to release myself.

I squirmed and reached for the key I had taped to my wrist. I carefully twisted it free and carefully, oh so carefully, got the key between my thumb and a forefinger. My freedom! Carefully, very carefully, I wiggled the key around and got its tip into the keyhole.  All I had to do was carefully maneuver the key into the hole and then turn the key gently until the lock sprang open. With my arms free, I would be able to unstrap my legs and stand up. That done, I would be able to walk over to the wall and get the keys to the lock to my chastity belt. After that, it would be a matter of thirty seconds’ work and I would have a hard, eager erection in my hands, and shortly after that I would be draining my frustration into a thick puddle on the floor.

I worked for hours, it seemed. It seemed I had really outdone myself by putting myself onto this cross and locking Iris’ restraints on my wrists. No matter how hard I squirmed or which way I pushed, I couldn’t get the bloody key to release the lock! I couldn't see clearly to find out what could be wrong- my lower body was locked rigidly to the cross, my upper body was stretched upright, and the pressure from the nipple clamps was a constant reminder of my predicament. 

I had now been locked away in this damned too-effective restraint for what seemed like hours. I had tried, time and time again, to relax enough and collect my wits to concentrate on manipulating my hands to get the key into the lock. Every time I thought I had it, and every time the key wouldn’t go into what I was certain was the hole! I couldn’t free myself and I was a complete mess. I have never had to struggle so hard before to get out of any self-bondage situation. I was also very excited and- had it not been for being locked in the damned chastity belt- I would have had a hard-on fit for the record books! This was more than I could bear; it’s as frustrating as hell to have the key in your hand but not be able to use it!

It was then I heard a noise- somebody (I sincerely hoped it was Iris) had entered the dungeon. “You degenerate pervert!” Yes, it was Iris. That was both good and bad, of course. “Here I let you into my home and look at what you get yourself into! Did you go through my lingerie drawer too?” Then she laughed heartily at me. I heard her approaching, the clicking of her shoes on the tiled floor. Then I could see her in the mirror, standing right behind me. 

My god, what a vision! About 5'8" tall with shoulder length brunette hair, she had a strong but attractive face that at the moment was made up a bit heavily. That fit well with her Official Certified Public Accountant black leather catsuit- a form-fitting garment of thin leather that molded to even the faintest curve of her body (although not many of them were faint). The leather molded incredibly over her jutting bosom and caressed her rounded bottom like my hands wished they could. Damn! But she ignored me and continued.

I felt her warm fingers tugging on one of my clamped nipples and tried to pull away, but I couldn’t do more than wiggle. I was stuck, helpless, and in a real jam. “I’ve really been enjoying myself watching you locking yourself up! I’ve been  watching you almost  the whole time from my bedroom on a closed circuit TV- see the camera hidden in the corner?” I looked... sure enough, there it was, a little green light saying it was operating faithfully. “Smile,  you’re on Candid Camera!”

Iris patted me on my bare butt in a friendly but fresh manner, low and between my cheeks, and stepped out where I could see her, glancing at the TV (where the fraulein was cleaning his and her cum off her master’s Teutonic prick) for a moment before switching everything off.

“Remember that I told you I was driving my friend to the airport? Well, I lied. I actually I met Monica at the 7-11 down the street and then came right back. I explained that I had something hot going, and after I gave her a few details she was glad to take herself to the airport. I figured that you wouldn’t waste any time getting into trouble, so as soon as I saw the basement lights come on I slipped quietly in through the back door, mixed myself a drink, walked into the study and turned on the closed circuit TV monitor. Sure enough, there you were, fitting your dong into the chastity belt. I really got a charge out of that- truly a moment to be remembered.“ I grunted and struggled, but my work had been too thorough;  she just laughed. “And I have it all on tape! We can watch it over and over again whenever we want, and if we ever get tired of it we can send it to Channel 7 News!” Oh shit... “Oh, Bob, you have no idea how long I’ve waited for this opportunity for you to let you get yourself into something that you can’t get out of! And being able to watch while you did it was priceless.

“Bob, of course by now you know this was a complete setup! I’ve been planning this ever since I you first told me you would be coming to visit. I figured out ‘way back that you had a thing for bondage, although you couldn’t admit that you wanted to be a sexual submissive. I knew that you’d never be able to resist experimenting in the dungeon; I knew you would try putting yourself in bondage, pretending you were a helpless captive- just like you are now, as a matter of fact!

“I arranged the dungeon very carefully, placing toys I figured would be your favorites just where you would find them. I went to a lot of trouble to ensure that, no matter what toys you chose to play with or what precautions you took, at the end of the evening you would be my helpless prisoner, unable to free yourself from your own bondage, that I would end up having total control of you. You couldn’t have picked a better position if we had sat down together and planned it!

“For openers- that cross is, in my humble opinion, one of the classic forms of restraint; it’s one of my favorites, and I really hoped you would choose it! I mean, here you are, self-bound, naked and exposed and totally helpless- wow! While I watched you carefully strap yourself to it, always being so confident you could release yourself whenever you decided to, I got so hot I had to jill off twice!” I was of course totally blown away, first by the idea of my accountant being a hot-blooded babe, second by her turning out to be a Dominatrix, and lastly by her having maneuvered me into being her prisoner. This was both a dream and a nightmare.

“Just in case you wondered, that chastity belt was custom-made to your measurements. Remember how you sent me your measurements last year?” Shit, I’d forgotten about that- it seemed so innocuous a request. “No, it wasn’t for a birthday present, silly boy! I made a few estimates based on that and then made a phone call to a friend in Stuttgart. And you saved me so much trouble by considerately trying it on yourself, fitting it carefully, and then locking it on yourself! Bob, you were such a turkey!

“I really enjoyed watching you select that hood, so carefully strapping it over your head. I just knew you would love it! And I really got a charge out of how you picked that particular gag to plug up your mouth. I’ve tried it myself, and I know what it feels like. Don’t you enjoy having your mouth stuffed like that? Do you fantasize about having a man shove his pork into your face and being helpless to do anything but suck on it? Do you think about another man’s cock getting fatter and harder and longer in your mouth until he spurts his cum in your face?” She grinned perversely.

Iris told me that she had figured out what my kinks were from the chats we’d had in the past years; I remembered one conversation we had about bondage implements and how she had chuckled when I reacted strongly to her mention of someone being bound to a statue in a park- a big, massive statue. Yes, she could have been a psychologist! So she laid out in front of me the toys she figured I wouldn’t be able to resist, and I walked right into it. She had provided the tools and I had predictably built the box and nailed it closed with myself inside. I was completely at her mercy, her absolutely helpless property.

I pulled and struggled against the bonds that I had willingly locked on myself, but I knew that I wasn’t going to get loose. Not only were my bonds strong and carefully applied, but Iris knew what she wanted and how to keep it. I heard Iris say ”Bob, I can almost hear your brain churning. Don’t worry!  I know you, and I can predict your every move. You’re not getting loose until I decide to let you loose, and that may not be for a very long time.

“Now here’s the situation. I myself have no way to remove your chastity belt; I couldn’t let you loose if I wanted to- which I don’t. I knew you couldn’t resist the opportunity to lock it on yourself, so I gave Monica the only keys for its lock. Right at the moment” (she looked at her watch) “Monica’s at about forty-five thousand feet headed for Berlin. She’ll be back in five days. I’m not saying I’m going to let you out in five days, but I wanted to let you know that the keys aren’t here, and even when Monica comes back that belt isn’t coming off you without my assistance.

“Just for an introduction to your new lifestyle, I’m going to award you a change of position.” Iris removed the straps which bound me to the cross. Then she took a key from her pocket and reached up to unlock the cuff from my wrist. “It helps to have the right key! None of the keys you set aside so carefully do anything. I went through my drawers and picked out a set of keys accumulated over the years. That’s why you couldn’t unlock the padlock and let yourself loose; I have no idea what that key opens.”, she said as she took down the cable.

As I stepped down from the cross, she crossed my wrists firmly behind me and tied them there with a leather strap. “I like the nonmechanical touch every now and then!”, she said as she marched me over to a curtain near the side of the dungeon. She pulled the curtain aside to reveal a toilet elevated on a two-foot-by-two-foot dais maybe three feet tall.

“I imagine it’s time for you to relieve yourself, I’ll take this opportunity to show you something about real life while locked in a chastity belt. Go ahead!” 

She released my wrists and I walked up the steps and ascended the throne. I automatically reached down for my dick, only to be reminded by my hand’s thudding against a hard metal plate that I no longer had access to my organ! For a brief moment I looked at Iris; she just looked back with a cheerful smile. “Ah, I see my slave realizes there’s been a change. You’ll have to sit to pee like a girl from now on!” I sat on the toilet like a girl, feeling the chains under my ass pulling tight and my pee gushing out of the stainless steel tube. Afterwards, I stood over the bowl and shook my entire body instead of just my dick. “Yes, that’s good, Bob! Be dainty and ladylike in your new situation- try to be as delicate as a girl! Now come to me.”

I descended the stairs from the throne, and Iris once again held my wrists crossed while she marched me to the pillory; part of my heart said “oh joy!” while the rest was worried and resigned to my fate. She released me momentarily to remove my posture collar and set it aside; then she held my wrists in one hand while she lifted the top gate with the other. I suppose that would have been my opportunity to make a break for freedom, but for some reason I just let her hold my wrists. She maneuvered my wrists and neck into position  and lowered the gate; the holes weren’t tight but there clearly wasn’t enough room for me to withdraw my hands. Then I heard the soft sound as she pushed home the wooden peg that secured the pillory. I automatically squirmed a bit, finding that the pillory held me firmly, not even rattling. Once again I was helpless and vulnerable.

I looked toward the wall; I had a great view of myself in a full-length mirror about six feet away, a vision both erotic and humiliating. My head was still covered by the hood, but everything else was exposed! I saw Iris behind me as she  maneuvered my feet into the ankle stocks attached to the pillory. In a moment I heard a soft ‘Thud!” as she closed the stocks around my ankles and latched them closed. I found my legs immobile and spread to the extent that my balls would’ve swayed beneath me, except that my balls were locked away behind the steel belly panel of the chastity belt I had locked on myself. I looked at myself in the mirror- my head, hands, and feet were immobilized, my head was covered by a leather mask, steel clamps dangled from my nipples, and my manhood was locked away behind a steel plate that I had locked on myself in a fit of imaginative lust. I was humiliated beyond belief and yet terribly excited.

My excitement was partly because of my Mistress. She stood beside the pillory where I could see her and study her curves as she spoke to me. She reached out and stroked the waist belt of the chastity belt and then let her hand trail down the chain from the waist belt through my crotch, her electric touch following the chains which held the belly shield firmly down against me covering my cock and balls.

“It’s a bit of a shame you locked yourself away in the chastity belt where nobody, especially yourself, can get at you!” How well I realized that. I was beginning to accept that Iris wasn’t about to even try to get at Mister Happy, but I certainly missed touching him. “At least for the next four days, and even then nobody will be able to release you. Nobody except me! Just think... it’s only at my whim that you will ever be able to touch yourself again!

“I watched you fitting the chastity belt over yourself, and I’m sure you realize that your penis is completely inaccessible; I know the fantasies that were running through your mind as you buried your penis in the steel sheath. I hope you appreciate the way the belly panel cups and covers your balls, too- you can’t even touch your balls! I thought that was a diabolical little touch.

“Whether you’ll ever again be able to get your hands on your dick, to have an erection, or have an orgasm like a normal man is completely up to me. Maybe, just maybe, if you’re obedient and very very nice to me, I’ll let you touch your precious organ sometime, just to remind yourself what it used to be like, to be able to play with it whenever you felt like it. Of course, if you don’t feel like you want to be obedient and very very nice to me, well, I suppose you can eventually get used to life as a girl.” Oh, shit... I didn’t really feel like being obedient and very very nice to her for however long, but then again I really didn’t look forward to life as a girl, either!

“Well, Bob, looking back I think you may realize that there’s a reason why you didn’t check the keys before you locked the chastity belt and the wrist cuffs. You’re usually a careful and thorough guy, but I think deep down you knew you wanted this, that you wanted to put yourself in a position of total subservience to me. Actually, I think I know more about what you need and want than you do, so here’s the deal. This is a list of house rules which you will obey from now on.” She pulled down the zipper over her boobs, revealing a flash of incredible cleavage, and withdrew a small sheet of paper. Sadly, she pulled the zipper back up just as I was admiring her curves and imagining how warm and wet she must be in there. But she said nothing and read to me:

1. You will be handcuffed or wear restraints for as long as I desire. When or if you are released from these restraints and for how long is up to me alone. You will have no voice in the matter. Infractions will be punished; your punishment and its severity are up to me.
2. You will wear the chastity belt until I decide it should be removed.  When or if you are released from the chastity belt and for how long is up to me alone. You will have no voice in the matter. Infractions will be punished; your punishment and its severity are up to me.
3. You will refer to me as Mistress on those occasions when I allow you to speak. You will not speak unless I address you and give you permission to speak. Infractions will be punished; the punishment and its severity are up to me.
4. You have no possibility of escape; don’t even try. Should you attempt this, you will be punished; the punishment and its severity are up to me. I may be tempted to make public the videotapes of your humiliation.
5. You will serve me in the manner and at the time I tell you; this service may be physical, sexual, or anything else I desire. You will have no voice in the matter.
6. You will sleep in the cage or some other item of abusive furniture in the dungeon. You will sleep there every night until you earn the right to sleep beside me in my bed.
7. You will learn that I have always wanted you and love you; I will never let you go, we will always be together, but from now on it will be on my terms.

“Things are going to change between us quickly and decisively, Bob! You will very soon learn your new role in life and what I expect from you. You will get what you want and need- and those aren’t always the same thing- but the cost will be great. Do you agree to my rules? Nod your head, yes or no.” I thought for a second and then my leather-hooded head nodded affirmatively and submissively. I knew that I was completely in her power and realized that there was no fucking way on earth I would ever get free. I was totally and completely at her mercy, what little of that there was. “Good, Bob. I’m sure you will agree you have chosen well, at least after a while. Maybe a long while, but you will agree.

“Now we will go ‘on the record’.” She let the air out of my gag, pulled it out, removed my hood., and released me from the pillory. I stood and flexed my stiff muscles. Iris smiled and then told me to “Look toward the camera, Bob. I want you to state for the record that you agree with the conditions I have laid out and that you agree to a life of slavery to me.” Shit... 

I took a deep breath and then told the camera and the rest of the viewing world in my own words that I was eager to comply with any demands Iris might make of me and that a life of submission to her was what I wanted. “Is this truly what you want, Bob?” I took a deep breath and then said “Yes, Mistress Iris, this is truly what I want, need and desire. I want to be enslaved by you forever!”

Mistress Iris smiled and waved me back to the cross, where she bound me as before except for the cord. This time, I stepped up on the cross and waited patiently while Mistress Iris strapped my ankles, my knees, my thighs, my arms and my wrists firmly to the X-cross; when she stepped back there was no question at all in my mind that I might free myself, none at all.

She pulled the hood back over my head and plugged my mouth with the blow-up penis gag. Mistress Iris strapped the hood snugly, pumped the gag up until my mouth was firmly packed, and finally covered my eyes with a blindfold. The blindfold she had chosen was extremely effective and all I could feel was the cross supporting me and the straps holding me to it; it was very close to sensory deprivation.

“Okay, Bob, now I want you to stand here for a while and think seriously about what is happening to us so you’ll learn to be appreciative of even the smallest things. Maybe I’ll come down and let you walk for a bit before I put you in the cage for the night, but don’t be concerned if I don’t because I’ll be able to watch you from my bedroom. I can listen to you too, although you won’t be able to say much. Maybe some time in the future I’ll let you call to me.”

She walked out and turned off the lights, leaving me to do some serious long-term planning without even a spreadsheet to help. I struggled on the cross, but as before I was completely unable to move or free myself from her restraint. I thought ahead, wondering this bondage really means for me? I can only stand and wait for her return now. This is what I really want, isn’t it?

Several hours later, Iris... I mean my Mistress Iris... returned and removed my blindfold. She was ready for bed and was wearing a cute little baby-doll nightgown. The fluffy little thing was made of something about as opaque as window glass and didn’t float away only because of a cute little ruffle at the bottom. That ruffle at the bottom half-covered a swelling derriere which was delicately obscured by a pair of pink panties with abundant lace trim. She of course looked gorgeous!

She pulled up a chair and sat down in front of me, her legs slightly but not blatantly separated- just enough to expose her thighs and a bit of panty crotch, which naturally set my head afire (but sadly not my chastely-bound cock). “Well, Bob, have you devoted some thought to our future together?” I nodded my head. “Do you still want to continue as my slave and partner?” Again I nodded my head affirmatively. She smiled happily, got up, and started undoing my straps. After she released me from the cross she led me over to The Throne and maximized my humiliation by watching closely while I did my business.

After I got up and shook myself dry, she showed me over to my night-time accommodations- the cage! It was a steel cage about three feet wide and five feet long with bars about half an inch in diameter (plenty to restrain me even if I had been bent on escape) and was maybe two and a half feet tall. Well, she had put carpet on the bottom! All in all, it was big enough for  me to lie down in even if it wasn’t long enough to stretch out in. She bent down to open the door at one end, exposing most of her bottom in the process, and looked at me expectantly. I took a resigned breath, dropped to my knees, and crawled in. As I lay down and pulled my legs up, she closed the door with a clank and locked it with a massive Master padlock. She gently removed my nipple clamps (the touch of her fingers was heavenly even though the return of blood to my nipples burned). Mistress Iris let the air out of my gag, removed it from my mouth, and unstrapped and removed my hood. Then she slipped a bowl of kibble and a water dish into the cage before she quietly wished me a quiet night, turned off the lights, and closed the door with a booming thud.

I managed to fall into a fitful sleep after an hour or so. I woke several times during the night, totally disoriented. Instead of being asleep in my bed at home, I was lying on a hard floor in a tiny cage, locked in and still wearing the chastity belt I had locked on myself! I almost cried for a while and then went back to sleep, this time with a series of weird dreams. Some of them would have been wet except for the damned chastity belt. This time I did cry myself to sleep.



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