My Initiation

by Michelle

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© Copyright 2004 - Michelle - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbm; F/m; M/f; bondage; cons; X

My Initiation
by Michelle
My Initiation by Michelle

My parents were away for the week, and I was home from university to house sit.  I had plenty of work to do before my exams, and was quite content to sit in the garden and revise.

The evening was drawing in, and I was beginning to think about moving inside where the light was better, when I heard a clatter and a thump from over the fence, in our next-door neighbour’s garden.  There was a six-foot high fence between us, and I was wondering whether I should check up that everything was all right, when there was another clatter and a scraping sound.

That decided me.  I pulled the garden seat over to the fence, and stood on it to peer over.  What I saw changed my life for ever!

The noise had been made by a chair falling over, and our next-door neighbour – I’ll call him John – was struggling to set it upright.  He hadn’t made it easy for himself though.

John was dressed in a black one-piece lycra body-suit, which was complete with feet and hood.  The hood had holes in the face for his eyes, but these were zipped shut.  His legs were tied together with rope at his ankles, and above and below his knees.  His hands were in leather mittens, buckled round his wrist, and with metal rings fitted at the end of the fingers.  These rings were attached to a metal hook fixed to the roof of his rear porch, and he was hanging with his arms above his head, and his feet swinging six inches off the ground.

As I watched, he swung his feet forward and used them to try to draw the chair towards him, with no success.  Then I realised what must have happened.  He must have stood on the chair to be able to fix the rings on his gloves to the hook, and then lowered himself off the chair so that he was hanging in space.  He must have intended to release himself by standing on the chair again, but he had knocked the chair over, and couldn’t right it.

I stood there watching his efforts, as he struggled to set himself free.  As he tired, his efforts became less and less successful.  I realised that I found something about his predicament to be rather exciting.  It was the first time I had seen anyone in bondage, and it rather turned me on.  And I could see that, for all his problems, he was turned on as well.  The zipper to his crotch might be closed, but the lycra wasn’t hiding his response! 

I knew that I would have to go and release him.  He was still a young man, but he had lived on his own since his wife died, and I doubted whether there was anyone else there now.  But did I want to let him know who had done it?  I could easily just replace the chair and disappear before he removed his hood and could see me. 

But I didn’t!  I simply stood there and watched as he unhooked his mittens, and struggled to undo the straps round his wrist.  His lycra suit also had gloves fitted - it completely covered him.  Then, still standing on the chair, rather than unzipping the eye slits, he unzipped the back of his hood and pulled it off.  He was wearing a gag - a large rubber ball held in his mouth with straps - and a blindfold.  These he removed, and then he finally saw me standing there.  He pulled out plugs from his ears and gave me a rather embarrassed smile.

‘Thanks, I don’t think I could have got out of that without you!’

He sat down on the chair and untied his legs. 

‘I could do with a drink.  Do you fancy one?’

I nodded, and followed him into the house.  As he fixed the drinks, I was bursting to ask him the question.  Finally, out it came:

‘What were you doing?’ 

He paused for a moment.  ‘Acting out a fantasy.’

‘I don’t understand.’

‘My wife and I both liked to fantasise about being totally under the control of someone, totally submissive to their every whim.  Sometimes, I would be the submissive and she the dominant partner, and sometimes vice versa.  Since she died, I’ve had to improvise – obviously I can only play the submissive role now, but I can pretend that someone has tied me up.  Up till now, I’ve always made it possible to release myself when I needed to, but this time it went wrong.  I’m glad you turned up.’

‘But what do you get out of the fantasy?’

‘It’s the feeling of total vulnerability and dependence.  That can be quite a turn-on itself.  And the dominant partner has complete access to and control of the submissive’s body.  That can be exciting too.  My wife used to make the most of it if I was being the submissive.  She could take hours to gradually work me up to a frenzy before she finally took me into her body, and released me.’

‘Isn’t it rather dangerous to place yourself totally at someone else’s mercy.  What if they took things too far?  If you’re tied up and gagged, you can’t stop it.’

‘It’s all a matter of trust.  If you don’t totally trust the person, don’t do it.  And even then, you need to agree a word or tune which is the signal to stop.  We used the tune ‘Jingle Bells’.  You can even hum that through a gag.’

I was getting more and more worked up at the thought of what he was describing, and I couldn’t resist it any longer.

‘Would you trust me to tie you up?", I asked.

He may have been hoping that I would be interested, but he clearly wasn’t expecting such a direct offer, and it stopped him in his tracks.  Even so, he only paused for a moment.

‘You’ve already proved that I can trust you, so yes please, but I would like you to dress the part as well.’

‘What do I have to do?’

He took me up to his bedroom and, from a cupboard, he took out what seemed to me to be the most thrilling clothing I had ever had the chance to wear.  The costume consisted of a red rubber leotard with long sleeves and high neck, zipped at the back and with a zip in the crotch.  There were also red split-crotch fishnet tights and black knee-length boots.  He gave me some talcum powder and left me to get changed.

I decided that underwear was out of the question, so I stripped off and pulled on the tights.  Then I struggled into the leotard, aided by the talc.  It was a bit small for me, but I managed.  The boots were a bit too large, but I found a pair of his socks, and that solved the problem.

I tried walking up and down, and loved the way the rubber pulled at my most intimate parts.  I posed in front of the mirror.  The leotard legs were cut very high, combining with the high heels of the boots to emphasise the length of my legs, and drawing attention to what lay above, but he would be able to do nothing unless I allowed it. 

I went back downstairs, and stood in the doorway, standing with my legs apart and my hands on my hips, my stance demanding that he submit to me.  I would never have dreamed that I could face a virtual stranger like that, but I somehow knew that I was now in total control.

I could see that I had achieved the effect I wanted.  I made him plug his ears and gag himself again, and replace his hood, this time with the eye holes unzipped, so that he could still see me.  Then I made him lie down on the rug on his stomach.  I used his ropes to tie both his wrists and his ankles, and then used a third rope to draw them together, into what I now know is called a ‘hog-tie’. 

With him helpless at my feet, I started to explore the box where he kept all his bondage items.  In addition to ropes, he had handcuffs and leg-cuffs, chains and padlocks.  There were also photographs of him and his wife tied up in different positions.  As I thumbed through these, I began to realise some of the possibilities open to me.

Finally I decided what I wanted to do.  I untied his legs and led him upstairs to his double bed.  There I made him lie on his back with his legs spread.  I tied his ankles to the bottom corners of the bed.  Then I untied his wrists and tied them to the top corners of the bed, leaving him spread-eagled and at my mercy.

Except, I didn’t intend to show him mercy for some time yet!  I began gently caressing his arms, legs and chest.  I could see how he was responding, because the lycra kept no secrets.  I zipped up his eye-holes, to deprive him of all his senses apart from that of touch.  I wanted him to be hyper-sensitive to even the lightest touch on his skin.  Soon, I moved onto the more sensitive areas such as his arm-pits, the soles of his feet and the inside of his thighs.  By now he was writhing, almost bursting as he sought some form of relief for his ecstasy. 

Eventually, I decided that his time, and my time, had finally come.  I unzipped his crotch to release his swollen manhood, and unzipped my leotard crotch.  I knelt astride him, and lowered myself onto him, parting the leotard and the tights to let him in.  He was barely able to move, but that wasn’t my intention anyway.  Using all the muscles which I knew how to control, and rising up and down and leaning back and forward, I worked us both up into a frenzied orgasm, leaving myself so spent that I wasn’t able to move off him for a while.

Finally, I rolled off the bed, and changed back into my own clothes before releasing him.  I removed his hood, and took out his ear-plugs.  Then I simply said:

‘See you tomorrow evening.  Then it’ll be your turn to tie me up.’

Then I released one of his wrists, and left him to complete the job.

I’m not sure that I managed much useful revision over the next day.  My thoughts were decidedly elsewhere.  I certainly put a lot of thought into what I wanted from being a submissive.  That evening, when I knocked on his back door, he must have been extremely eager, because the door knocker was almost snatched out of my hand, he opened it so quickly.

He was wearing biker leathers and, once he had closed the door behind me, he took off the jacket revealing a bare chest with a leather harness.  I took off my coat, and stood in front of him, watching his reaction.  I was dressed in high heels, and the briefest bikini I owned – three triangles, held in place with string.  He started to speak, but had to start again before he could get out any form of sense.  That was exactly the reaction I wanted!

He led me into the lounge and helped me to make ear-plugs from blue-tack. Then he got out a rubber hood, and helped me put it on.  It had a hole for my mouth, for me to breathe through.  I could see and hear nothing, but I could still breathe easily.  Then I felt him opening my mouth, and I felt something being fixed into it.  As I explored it with my tongue, I realised that it was a metal ring, holding my mouth wide open.  A funny sort of gag, but I was now completely helpless in his hands.

He made me lie down on the carpet, and tied two pieces or rope round my legs just above my knees.  I couldn’t work out what they were for.  Then he tied my wrists to my ankles.  Lying there on my back, with my legs drawn up and pulled apart, I finally realised what being helpless. and totally under someone else’s control. really meant.  I felt wonderfully vulnerable.

He rolled me on my side, and then pulled me up so that I was kneeling.  Then he tied my ankles to my thighs.  Finally, he fixed ropes round my elbows behind my back, and drew them tighter and tighter together, forcing me to push my breasts forward, pressing against my bikini top.

Then, before I knew what was happening, I felt my bikini fall off me, first the top and then the briefs.  He had untied the strings and I was completely naked apart from my shoes.  I found that this didn’t worry me in the least.  I had submitted to his control, and whatever he did to me, I couldn’t stop it, so I didn’t have to feel embarrassed.  I think, if he had brought in friends and showed me to them, I wouldn’t have minded because I was not in control. 

It was a very new experience for me, and I really liked it.  With control went responsibility, and without the first, I didn’t have to worry about the second.

After a few minutes, I felt him fitting a metal collar round my neck.  I was really his slave now.  Then I felt the ropes round my knees being drawn up, and I felt my neck being pulled forward.  He had fixed these ropes to my collar, stopping me from leaning back.  I was becoming more and more securely tied.  I could just about wiggle my toes and my fingers, but not much else.

Then I felt myself being pitched forward, and being gently lowered onto my face.  I lay there with my backside sticking up in the air, with the two ropes joining my knees to my collar stopping me from lowering it.

I suddenly realised that every one of my body orifices was fully exposed to him, and he really could do to me exactly what he wished.  The ring gag meant that I couldn’t even close my mouth if he chose to do something which I must admit, I had never tried.  It was at this stage I panicked slightly, and thought about humming the release tune, but I relaxed and decided to wait and see what happened next.  After all, he hadn’t hurt me in any way.

Then I felt something cold and hard pressing into my back passage and, before I knew it, it had slid right in.  He had pushed some sort of a plug into me.  I felt it starting to swell, making me feel fuller and fuller.  It must be inflatable.  When it stopped growing, I knew that I wouldn’t be able to get it out until it was deflated.

While I was still getting used to this intruder, John untied my elbows and rolled me over onto my back again.  He started to massage my already enlarged nipples and, when they were firm and erect, he clipped something onto each.  Whatever it was, it wasn’t painful, but it was the first time anything like this had been done to them, and it felt very strange.

The devices on my nipples suddenly started to vibrate, and this was followed by the device stuck up my backside.  I couldn’t believe the sensations I was feeling.  I started to get wetter and wetter, and I longed for the feel of something in my sex, but John denied me that.  I urgently needed something to be done to release the pressures I was feeling.  I shuddered and squirmed, but all I could do was to open and close my legs.  There was nothing I could do to bring myself to a climax.

When I finally thought I couldn’t bear it any longer, John relented and I felt him enter me.  I came within seconds in a series of shudders that spread from my crotch, and shook my whole tightly-secured body.  But I wasn’t allowed to rest there.  John worked on me relentlessly.  The combination of his member inside me, the huge inflated plug vibrating in my backside, and the gentle vibrations on my nipples all combined to work me up to a second and then a third climax before he finally reached his own and he relaxed, switching off the vibrators, and began gently stroking me.

It was still some time before he finally released me from my ropes.  By then I was totally enraptured with everything related to bondage.  I had undergone the most complete sexual experience of my life, and my life had changed for ever.  The rest of that week passed in a haze of ecstasy as I learnt how to give and to experience the joys which it had to offer.  I found it very difficult to return to university when my parents came back from holiday.