My First Time

by A friend of Adam Egg

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© Copyright 2004 - A friend of Adam Egg - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; bondage; cons; X

My First Time
by A friend of Adam Egg 
My First Time by A friend of Adam Egg or adamegg2 in the forum
© 2003 - Adam Egg - Used by permission 
When this was first written, it was fiction but has become fact.
It was a beautiful day and she was on her way to an exciting new adventure.  He was waiting for her.  She could feel her heart start racing as she neared his house.  What would it be like... would she enjoy it... it was their first time together and she knew his desires.  Would she please him as she had hoped?  She was new to this and he was so experienced.  Would she meet his expectations? The more she thought, the more it felt like her heart would jump out of her chest. 
The excitement, the anticipation.
As she neared his door, she felt herself tremble.  She slowly reached up to ring the door bell.  As she waited for him to answer, a million things were running through her mind.  Should she leave now before he made it to the door?  But she needed to know.  She needed to feel him close.  Feel his warmth and kindness.  She jumped as the door opened.
Too late to run now.
His warm smile and sparkling eyes invited her in telling her it was safe. She walked into the room, as she heard the door close behind her.  She stood waiting for him.  He slowly walked up to her, and as she looked up at him, he could see the fear and uncertainty in her eyes.  He took her in his arms and felt her quiver with excitement.  He knew she was ready for the taking.  He held her calmly.  He smelled her scent as he buried his face in her neck, kissing it gently.  A whimper escaped her lips.  He held her close until she calmed.  Slowly, he released her.  She looked deep into his eyes.  He was looking behind her... to a table.  "There."  She followed his eyes and saw the ropes.  The very things that would rob her of her freedom.  "Bring them to me."  Could she do it?  Could she give herself totally to him?  Could she take the freedom robbers to him?  She lowered her eyes to the floor and walked over to the table.  With trembling hands she picked up the ropes.  She held them in her hand for a moment - feeling the thickness and strength of them.  Soon.  Soon they would bind her wrists.  Soon she would loose her freedom.  So soon.  She quietly turned and looked at him.  He stood there, watching her every movement and waiting patiently.  Slowly, she returned and stopped in front of him.
He was pleased.
He reached for her hand, taking it in his as he led her to the bedroom.  He felt her hesitation, but he was a patient man.  She followed him.  Followed him to the room where she would experience new heights of pleasure.  She stood by the bed, waiting for his next command.  He lay the ropes on the bed and slowly started to unbutton her shirt.  She stood there quietly, eyes closed, as she allowed him to undress her.  His hands gently ran over her.  He felt her quiver from his touch.  She looked up at him.  Their eyes met.  He looked at her for a moment... seeing the fear in her eyes.  He looked at the ropes on the bed.  Was she ready?  Did she want this?  Without saying a word, she reached down and picked up the ropes.  She handed them to him once more and turned her back to him, putting her arms behind her.
He smiled.  She was ready.
He tied her securely, feeling her flinch as he pulled them tight.  He feels her anxiety building and wraps his arms around her... holding her.  He feels her tense muscles.  Again he starts to kiss her neck.  She lays her head back against him.  He can see the pleasure on her face.  He can feel her breath coming in short gasps as he reaches around and caresses her breasts.  She quickly draws her breath in at his touch.  He can feel her beginning to relax.  Her breathing returns to normal.  He reaches down to the night stand and picks up the blindfold without her knowing it.  He reaches up to slide it over her eyes.  She instinctively pulls her head away.  He strokes her face gently with his finger.  Traces her jaw and across her lips so soft.  She lowers her head for him to place the blindfold.  He gently pushes her to the bed.  The darkness... the darkness frightens her but calms her at the same time.  She feels his weight on the bed as he lay beside her.  She cannot see... she cannot touch... she is at his mercy.  She slightly tilts her head to hear every noise she can.  What will he do now?  She can only lay there and wait.  His desire is to please her... in any way... in every way.  She lay trembling as he runs his hand over her body.  The pleasure he gives is intense.  Touching.  Kissing.  Stroking.  His hand slides down to her legs.  He gently parts them, feeling the warmth she has.  He needs her now as much as she needs him.  He needs to have her.  She needs to have him.  Their moans of pleasure are unmistakable.
Both now lay, breathing heavily... side by side.  He reaches over and removes the ropes, then the blindfold.  He looks into her eyes.  He no longer sees the fear and apprehension... only a smile of satisfaction on her face.