My Bondage Valentine


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Once a month I have lunch with my girlfriend Brandi, and we discuss the usual things. Our jobs; clothes; shoes; and men.

“How are things going with Mark?” she asked.

Brandi and I are both 30, born just months apart, and we’ve been friends since college when we shared a dorm room together. She’s in sales, and I’m in advertising. We both live on Long Island and work in NYC; taking the train in everyday.

Brandi is the more attractive of us, she’s always been thin. I’m well, average. Five feet five inches in heels, 130 pounds and I wear glasses. I’ll never be in Vogue, that’s for sure.

“All right, but after what happened last Valentine’s Day, this one is going to be awkward,” I replied.

“OK, what happened last Valentine’s Day?” Brandi asked.

“In January, we were watching and adult film together before having sex, and there was a woman on screen wearing a rubber bra and panty. I said that I’d really like to have that as a joke.”

“What happened next?”

“On Valentines Day that’s exactly what he gave me! I never really meant it!” I protested.

“Did you at least wear it for him?” Brandi asked.

“No, I just thanked him for it and put it in the bottom of my dresser drawer. It’s in a red box, and each piece is wrapped in paper, and I think there’s talcum power to keep them from sticking.”

“How did Mark take it?”

“Not well, I’m afraid I hurt his feelings. The next weekend he gave me a watch.”

“You could at least have worn it for him once you know,” said Brandi.

“But that is nothing compared to what happened in April.”

“What did you do in April?” Brandi demanded.

“Remember when my computer was infected with a virus?” I said.

“How could you let your computer get a virus these days?” Brandi asked, “Anti-Virus programs are even free these days on the net?”

“I let my subscription lapse. Anyway when I called Mark to ask if I could use his PC he said to come right over. We live only about fifteen minutes apart. So he welcomed me to his apartment, took my coat, and sat me down in front of his PC and brought up Word, since I had to write a short report.”

“What happened next?”

“He was in the kitchen making coffee, and I decided to peek at his computer. In My Documents I discovered that he writes porn for the Internet! From the titles, I guessed they were Bondage Porn! When I went into My Pictures, I found dozens of pictures of girls in leather, latex, all tied up in straps, chains, rope! I was scrolling through that when I gasped, and he came running into the room.”

“Wow, Amy, that’s pretty good. Your boyfriend lets you into his place to use his PC, and you start nosing around. Why didn’t you just ask him for his credit report and bank balance while you were at it?”

“We had a long talk, and he admitted that he wrote bondage fiction, showed me his book collection starting with “Story of O” and “The Image” and paperbacks from Virgin Books; Silver Moon; and others. I just listened quietly, apologized for snooping, and asked to do my work. We had coffee and didn’t mention it again.”

Brandi just sat in her chair and whistled in surprise.

“That’s deep, Amy,” Brandi replied.

“I told him that I wanted to continue seeing him, and that his hobby was OK by me, but that I wasn’t interested. Then he called me later on in the week, and we resumed dating as normal, and we never talked about it again.”

“Didn't Mark also take care of your cat when you were away on business?”

“I gave him my key as a mark of trust, that it would be a way of showing that I believed in him. When I got back home not only had he cleaned the cat box, but also went food shopping for me!”

“That was very considerate of him, wasn‘t it?”

“Yes,” I admitted.

“Now Mark is the same guy who stayed with you that September weekend when you got sick, right?” Brandi asked.

“I called him Saturday to say I wasn’t feeling very well, but he came over to my apartment anyway. We didn’t go out but watched TV together, and then went to bed, and didn’t have sex, I was so nauseous by then! In the middle of the night I got up and threw up into my garbage pail on the side of the bed. Mark felt my tummy, said it was either gastritis or appendicitis and insisted he take me to the hospital. Of course that’s exactly what it was, and he called my parents to come from upstate while I was in surgery.”

“You know Amy this is the first man you’ve gone out with for a long time who has his head screwed on right,” Brandi pointed out.

“What do you mean by that?” I asked defensively.

“Remember when you told me that his car was paid off; he lived modestly; no jewelry; expensive cars or clothes? That he only drinks modestly, and no drugs? Men like that are hard to find, you know.”

“But he’s got this bondage thing!” I pointed out.

“OK, Amy, let’s review some of your recent men: Todd, who couldn’t stop playing the ponies at Aqueduct or OTB; Sam, who was always asking you for money; Frank, who only loved his sports car; and Tommy, who couldn’t stop drinking. Is that a complete list or did I miss someone?” Brandi asked.

“Yeah,” I answered.

“And how is the sex with Mark?”

“He’s the best lover I’ve ever had in bed. He knows how to excite me with foreplay, is a skilled lover with his cock, and cuddles me afterward, not just rolling over and going to sleep.”

“What’s his number?” Brandi asked.


“If you don’t want him, and since I’m not seeing anyone at the moment maybe I’ll go out with him. And I’ll gladly wear a rubber bra and panty for him. I let a guy spank me in one relationship, and another tied me up and made me wear handcuffs. Another asked me to wear high heels and a leather skirt. No big deal!”

“What? That’s kinky sex!” I protested.

“No Amy, that’s satisfying your boyfriend. A man whose feelings you hurt by not wearing his Valentine’s Day gift; then snooping on his computer; from a man who stayed by you when you were really sick and took you to the hospital. I’m surprised that he hasn’t left you by now for a more tolerant woman.”

“But……But,” I sputtered.

“What’s his screen name anyway? I’d like to read some of his fiction, or maybe I have already by accident? There’s some very good fiction out there on the Net, and I can’t believe that these people do it for no pay!”

“You’re kidding! You read porn?”

“Why not? I don’t have to go to porn shop, not that they sell books anymore. I can sit in my pajamas eating ice cream at my notebook, scan websites and the newsgroups, and see some pretty good stuff.”

“I never would have figured,” I answered.

“There, so my little secret is out,” Brandi answered.

“But what do I do about Valentine’s Day?” I asked, “how can I keep Mark as my boyfriend?”

“The first thing is that you’re going to go home and start wearing his rubber gift! How would you like to do something really wild?” Brandi asked.

“What do you have in mind?” I asked.

“Do you want to keep Mark as your boyfriend?”

“Sure,” I answered.

“Do you want to give him the best Valentine’s Day gift?”

“Yes! What can I give him?”

“You,” Brandi replied, “let me tell you what I have in mind…..”

Valentine’s Day

When the phone rang, I knew that Mark was on the way. I picked up the receiver, and sure enough it was him. He told me that he would be over shortly to pick me up for dinner. I told him to use my key, and tried to sound mysterious.

I ran to the bedroom, and removed my bathrobe. I was wearing his rubber bra & panties, plus a pair of locking three inch high heels that Brandi & I bought on a shopping trip to NYC.

But that wasn't the only thing that we had bought!

I sat myself down in my wooden bedroom chair which we had found was ideal for my bondage. Making sure that everything was close by (I had rehearsed self-bondage with Brandi watching several times) I chained my new shoes to the chair legs, which had decorative holes just large enough for a small chain to run through them.

With my heart pounding I locked a D-ring Collar around my neck, closing the small keyed lock. I pulled at it to make sure that it was closed. Next I placed a small chain around my neck that had all the keys to my bondage. I picked up the penis gag which had a small breathing hole. In the store I agonized over whether to buy the ball-gag or this, but as a novice I thought it was better that I had something I could breathe through. It was quite an interesting experience getting used to wearing it!

I placed the penis gag in my mouth, closed the roller buckle firmly.

"Mmmmmmph!" was all I could manage from behind the gag. Until Mark removed it, the gag was going to stay between my lips.

Finally, I picked up the gleaming pair of stainless steel handcuffs. This was it, the final step! I could either chicken out, or lock them around my wrists!

Now or never!

I locked one cuff around my left wrist, and placed both arms behind the chair. I locked the other cuff, and I was a prisoner of my own making! 

I glanced at my bedroom digital clock, it was just past 7 PM. Mark would usually take just minutes to get to my apartment; the most he ever took was half an hour. Brandi was waiting in her apartment and she would call me at 8 PM; if there was no answer she would come to my place and set me free.

Ever since Brandi had come up with the idea of me placing myself in Bondage a gift for Mark I had been "training" for tonight. Wearing the rubber bra & panty. Wearing the high heels locked upon my feet (once realizing that I had to run an errand I wore them outside, complete with the little locks! I didn't realize I had them on until a woman asked me where she could get a pair!); being gagged for longer and longer periods of time; and the handcuffs!

Finally, tonight, Valentine's Day, it had all come together! So there I sat in my wooden chair, ankle chains holding me immobile and wearing rubber, gagged, with my wrists cuffed behind my back.

"Mmmmmph!" was the only sound that I could make in my position.

Looking at myself in the bedroom mirror, I realized just how strange this idea really was! Had I really acted so prudishly with Mark? After all, I always watched Adult films as a prelude to sex! So why was I so against using any bondage before?

I pulled at my handcuffs again, and there was no escaping the implacable steel that was holding me prisoner. I breathed through my rubber penis gag, my mouth welded to the shape of the male member within. I stared at myself in the mirror, and realized just how sexually excited I was. I decided that on my next trip to the city I just knew that I was going to buy something else at that fetish shop!

Brandi and I had both tried on catsuits! I couldn't believe the feel of it, like a second black gleaming skin that hugged every curve of my body! I wore it with my new heels, and could barely restrain myself from buying it right there!


I breathed through my nose and the small hole in the penis gag. My lips surrounded the rubber gag made in the shape of a male cock, and having it in my mouth for an extended period of time was making me very sexually excited! I began to think that sex toys weren’t all that bad! Everything made me feel like I was exploring new sexual territory. After this, there would be no going back!

Then I heard the key turn in the lock!

"Amy?" Mark called as he opened the door, "what's this?" was followed by the sound of the front door closing.

On the carpet I had placed a red arrow pointing to the bedroom door. I heard the sounds of Mark removing his jacket and placing it in my closet, and then he entered the bedroom, and it was his turn to gasp!

"Amy, what's going on?"

"Mmmmmmph!" I replied, the gag silencing any other reply.

Mark was carrying a dozen roses, and what I guessed was a box of candy. Maybe he had a jewelry box in his jacket as well. But now, I was the present!

He put both on the night table, and walked behind me and opened the strap holding the gag in my mouth. I opened my lips, and it was out! Glancing at the clock I discovered that I had been in bondage for less than thirty minutes.

"What's going on?" Mark asked.

In all the time we had been going out I never thought that he looked more handsome than right now! He was wearing a mock turtleneck sweater, black jeans, and black slip on shoes. 

"Hello, Master!" I greeted him.

"I'm not your Master," he replied, "at least not yet. Why are you in bondage?" he asked.

"Mark, I'm sorry for the way I've treated you over the last year. You've always been so nice to me, and all I've ever done is to ignore your kindness. When you gave me the rubber bra & panty I should have worn them to please you. I'm sorry I snooped on your PC."

"Where did the bondage idea come from?" he asked.

"I went out for lunch with my friend Brandi, and she suggested the idea. We went to a fetish shop in the city and bought the toys that are holding me captive."

"It's very dangerous doing self-bondage!" he cautioned, "what would have happened if I had a car accident coming over here?"

“At 8 PM my girlfriend Brandi is going to call. If there’s no answer she’ll drive right over and release me,” I proudly answered.

“This is quite a project,” said Mark as he sat on the bed, still holding onto my penis gag.

“Did you like having this in your mouth?” Mark asked.

“I felt really slutty with my lips surrounding the latex cock,” I answered.

“How does the bondage make you feel?”

“Helpless, and very sexy.”

“That’s because you’ve lost control of your body. That’s the first thing you learn in a D/s relationship,” Mark commented, “do you know how vulnerable you are?”

“No,” I answered.

Mark reached out with his left hand and began to play with my left nipple, which was already hard under the latex cup of the bra.

“Excited, aren’t we?” Mark asked.

“I joined a bondage site, and for the last two weeks I’ve been downloading pictures of girls in bondage, and small videos also. I have to admit, they made me really hot!” I admitted.

“Is that what you want?” Mark asked, “to be placed in bondage and go under the lash?”

“Last night I watched one where a woman was bound into a body harness and a Domme used a riding crop on her. I got so wet! I took my vibrator and used it while I watched the video - twice!”

“That’s quite a change from the look you gave me when you found the bondage porn on my PC,” Mark observed.

“I’m sorry that I snooped, please forgive me?” I asked.

“Forgiven,” Mark replied, “but that still leaves you in bondage, doesn’t it?” he smiled mischievously.

“You like seeing women tied up now,” said Mark.

“Yes, even better if they’re wearing latex or some other fetish garment,” I replied eagerly. 

At that moment, the phone started ringing! A glance at the clock showed it was 8 PM.

"That's my friend Brandi. If I don't pick up, she'll be over here to release me," I answered.

Mark picked up the phone and held it to my mouth and ear.

"Amy, are you all right?" Brandi asked.

"I'm fine Brandi. Mark is here and we're having a nice chat."

"Are you still tied in the chair?"


"He hasn't released you yet?"


"I'll leave you two love birds alone then, have a nice night!"

"Thanks Brandi!"


Mark placed the receiver back on the cradle, and I wondered what he was going to ask next.

"Have you been wearing my gift since your friend came up with this idea?"

"Yes, and not just at home. I've even worn it outside under a dress, and it makes me feel very sexy inside, like I have a secret."

His right hand snaked it's way down to my pussy, and his hot fingertips massaged my rubber clad sex.

"Ahhhhh!" I moaned.

 His hand continued to massage and probe my rubber clad pussy! His fingers reached down and under my crotch, and he cradled my hot sex in his hand, while his thumb flicked across my latex clad cunt!

“Ahhhhh!” I moaned again.

I had read that there’s something different about having sex if you’re helpless, and I didn’t believe it was true until this moment. My hands strained against the cuffs, even as his assault on my pussy continued!

I looked at the penis gag on my bed, would wearing that now increase my sensations as well?

Just when I was ready to come, my body all hot and bothered and eager for my first climax in bondage, all of a sudden Mark withdrew his hand, leaving me disappointed!

“Mark! I was just about to come!” I protested.

“True,” he said, “but we’re not in bed having regular sex. You’ve placed yourself at my mercy by being in bondage. I’ll decide when you get to have an orgasm, and not before!” 

“But I was almost there!”

“If you want me to be your Master, that’s one of the things you’ll have to learn, unless you want to be punished,” he answered.

“If I can’t have an orgasm, maybe you’ll release me so we can go to Dinner?” I asked.

“You said you read my fiction, right?”


“Then you should know that there’s a certain way you have to ask a Master.”

“Owwww!” I cried when he pinched my nipple.

“Surely you must have learned something while reading?”

“Please, Master, release me so that we can go to Dinner?” I begged.

“That’s better!” he replied.

He removed the chain from around my neck and unlocked my handcuffs. I didn’t move my hands until he had knelt and freed my ankle chains to the chair. When he stood up and sat on the bed I remained seated with my hands still behind me.

“You may rise.” he ordered.

I brought my hands forward and massaged my wrists, glad that I hadn’t clicked the ratchets too tightly to cut off circulation. Then I cautiously got to my feet, took a step, and knelt at Mark’s feet.

“Master Mark, please make me your love slave?” I humbly asked.

“That’s quite a request,” he said, “do you have any idea of what’s involved?”

“I don’t, Master, but I’m sure it will test me as a woman,” I replied.

“You said that you had gone into a fetish shop, what was your impression of the place?” he asked.

“I couldn’t believe that all the fetish clothes and all that bondage equipment is actually for sale! When Brandi and I walked into that store, the aroma of latex almost gave me an orgasm! It was the weirdest thing I could ever imagine!” I replied.

“So now you want to learn more?”


“I introduced a previous girlfriend to the scene; after we split up she said that I’d ‘ruined her’ because regular sex just wasn’t enough for her any more, that she enjoyed being placed in bondage and receiving some mild discipline.”

“That’s incredible,” I answered.

“You may remove your collar, that will attract attention, and get dressed. We have reservations for dinner at 8:30 so we better get going. You can keep your locking high heels on,” Mark ordered.

I chose my red dress, and Mark zipped me into it. It hugged all of my curves, and wearing my latex underneath made me feel all sexy. I left the gag (which Mark made me wash in the bathroom) and my handcuffs on the dresser, along with the D-ring collar.

Dinner was at a great steakhouse, and we had Porterhouse for two. In fact there was so much, we ended up having it wrapped up to take home. Mark wanted to go to the movies, so we dropped off the leftovers at his place.

“Do you have any other bondage toys?” I asked as he placed the paper bag in the fridge.

“A few,” he answered.

“I’d like to see,” I asked.

“Don’t you want to go to the movies?” he questioned.

“I’ll bet that what you have might be more interesting than any movie.”

“All right, he answered, “let’s go down to the playroom.”

Mark owned his own house, since his parents had given it to him before they retired to Arizona. In all the time we had dated, I had spent the night within him here only once, and after my discovery of his “interest” I had never broached the subject again. The basement was puzzling. There was a room with the heating system, a washer & dryer; and a workroom. But there was another door, which Mark unlocked and opened.

“Enter,” he said.

The room must have been designed as a basement apartment, but Mark had changed it! There was a large cage big enough for a person; chains hanging from the walls; a rack containing all sorts of things (crops; whips; paddles!); and a chain hanging from the ceiling - which I guessed that he might be hanging me from!

“Wow!” I said, “I can’t believe this!”

“It’s a good thing that houses weren’t built one on top of another here, so there’s some distance between me and my neighbors. I only have a few neighbors, and they’re not that close; which has allowed me to create my little playroom down here,” he described.

“Where did you get the cage from?” I asked.

“It’s obviously a large dog cage. I got it from a garage sale and it was never used; I still have the box, in fact.”

“May I look over your wall rack?”

“Go right ahead,” Mark answered.

I looked over his “toy” rack, and I was familiar with his selection. I picked up a riding crop and ran my hand down it’s length.

“Do you really use this on naked girls?” I asked.

“Would you like a demonstration?” he replied.

I put the crop back and removed a large, triangular piece of red leather with two straps hanging from it.

“What’s this?” I asked.

“A good friend of mine, Mistress Sally, just gave that to me. Her career as a Domme is over now that she’s a Mom with two kids. It’s an armbinder, one of the most confining devices ever.”

“How does it work?” I asked, “you mentioned it in one of your stories, but I forgot.”

“Your arms are zipped inside the leather glove, and then the straps are locked above your shoulders. Impossible to get out of, and very painful after a while since your arms are welded together.”

“I’d like to try it?” I asked.

“From prude to bondage slut in one jump! That’s quite a change, isn’t it Amy?” Mark questioned.

“Yes,” I answered, “I realized that I want to be a more sexual person, not just lay in bed as you make love to me.”

“You didn’t just lay there like some girls, you matched my thrusts,” Mark answered.

“Thank you, but Brandi pointed out to me that sex could be so much more than just lovemaking, and now that I have an opportunity to experience something different I’d like to take it,” I said.

“What did you think of the fetish shop?” he asked.

“I can’t believe that there is an entire industry devoted to making things to place girls in bondage and punish them,” I said.

“Not just girls, plenty of men go under the lash too. I can introduce you to my Dominatrix friends who’ll gladly stripe your bottom.”

“Wow! There are women into this also!”

“Yes, both as Dominants and submissives,” Mark answered.

“Instead of going to the movies I’d rather stay here,” I said. I walked over to Mark and knelt on the carpet, and presented him with the armbinder, “please place me in this?” I asked.

“You’re a cheap Valentine date,” Mark answered, “but if you desire a scene, so be it!”

“A scene?” I asked.

“I’ll give you a little sample of what you can expect, Amy. A spanking, some bondage, I’ll hang you from the ceiling, then place you in the armbinder for a while. Is that what you’d like?” he questioned.

“Yes,” I answered.

Seeing everything in his playroom made me feel like I had in the Fetish Shop; all sexually excited! Plus the experience of eating out while wearing the rubber bra & panty. When I had excused myself to go to the Ladies room, and I had to delicately pull the rubber from my body it felt like it was welded to me! Underneath I was all hot, sweaty, and bothered, and if I had a vibrator in my purse I would have plunged it into my hot, wet, sex!

Sitting in the stall I wondered if the woman next to me had glanced down and seen the black rubber panties around my ankles! Since it was Valentine’s Day I knew that many women were now receiving gifts of lingerie. Few would get Rubber Fetish garments!

After I finished I carefully pulled the rubber panties up my legs, and back on, careful not to rip them! I had worn them repeatedly since Brandi had suggested the idea so they felt normal to me. I had worn them on errands, shopping trips, even to the Library!

My neighbor in the next stall had exited at the same time as me, and we washed our hands next to one another. She was a woman in her thirties, and nicely dressed. I could see the way her eyes looked over my shoes, seeing the small locks that held the ankle strap in place.

“Did your boyfriend make you dress like this?” she asked.

“No, I dressed this way for him myself,” I answered, “it makes me feel sexy.”

“My husband doesn’t care if I wear a sack,” she answered.

“Try going online, I’m sure that you’ll find something to excite him,” I suggested.

“I’ll give that a try,” she replied.

“Good luck!” I told her, like I was suddenly an expert in the field of kinky sex!

There comes a moment in every girl’s life when she decides that this is THE MOMENT to undress before a man. That he is THE ONE, for whatever reason.

I had, of course, undressed many times before in front of Mark: in my bedroom; a package of condoms on the night table, with sex next on the agenda. But this was different! Here I was, in my red dress, wearing his rubber gift underneath, in his playroom surrounded by all sorts of bondage devices asking to be bound and punished, just like I’d read in his stories. It all seemed too weird.

“May I get undressed, Master Mark?” I asked.

“Yes,” he said.

I placed the armbinder back on it’s hook, and I noticed a small shelf and a clothes hanger hanging from a hook nearby. Without prompting I walked over (my heels clicking on the floor); and managed to unzip myself. I stepped out of my red dress; and hung it up. Then I removed my rubber bra; folding it carefully and placing it on the shelf; and carefully slipped the rubber panties from my hips, letting them fall to the floor. They joined the bra on the shelf!

There I was, naked in the playroom!

Mark had sat himself down in a large wooden chair, and I knew what was expected of me next!

Clicking my heels back to the wall rack I again removed the dreaded armbinder. Should I take the paddle as well? Or the riding crop? Was it a breach of etiquette to take more than one thing? Strangely, all of the bondage fiction I’d read never had anything to say about it.

I meekly walked back to Mark, and knelt before him naked and presented the armbinder, figuring that he would choose whatever punishment instrument he wanted to use on me.

“Is this what you want?” Mark asked.

“Yes, Master,” I answered.

“No intermediate bondage steps? Right to the armbinder?”

“Yes, Master,” I replied.

“As you wish,” he said, “stand up and turn around.”

I did as he ordered, and placed my arms palm to palm, figuring that this was the way I was supposed to be.

“Very good,” he complimented.

I stood still as the leather encased my hands and he pulled the armbinder up around my forearm, next below my shoulders. Then he zipped it up ever so carefully! At once my arms were held together, and my breasts stuck out obscenely from my chest! Mark then closed the strap at the binder’s top, securing the roller buckle.

Working silently, he next drew the shoulder straps around me, locking them both in place by means of the same method. Once complete, he sat back in his chair.

“All done! Why don’t you go look at yourself in the mirror?” he suggested.

“Yes, Master,” I answered.

I walked carefully over to the mirror, since the armbinder had changed my center of gravity! With my arms taken away from me I now had to walk carefully indeed!

Seeing myself in the mirror was like seeing a different person! I was naked and exposed, my skin still bearing the imprint of the rubber that I had worn for so long. My sexy locking high heels made me feel naughty. But the armbinder that encased my limbs and made me helpless; which made my chest thrust out obscenely; made me feel like a different person.

“If it hurts, ask me to take it off right away,” he cautioned, “the armbinder is for more advanced submissives.”

“I’m fine, Master Mark.” I told him.

The confinement imposed by the armbinder is total! There’s no way that a naked girl could ever possibly escape from it. With my arms palm to palm drawn tightly together (welded is a good description), and the strap at my upper arm, and the shoulder straps, I was a prisoner until released.

“Enjoying yourself?” he asked, “Not for sale at Macy’s.”

“No, I answered, “the armbinder wouldn’t be for sale at Macy’s - or any other store in the mall, Master!”

For the first time, I was suddenly fearful. Here I was, naked in his playroom, surrounded by all of these things meant to be used on naked girls! I’d always watched movies where the heroine was tied up and tortured in movies; and now here I was for real!

I stared at myself in the mirror, took a few steps here and there, and wondered what was going to happen next. Should I ask to be punished, or would Mark just grab me and begin?

“Come here,” he ordered.

Gingerly I stepped back to his chair, and waited in front of him. He looked different somehow, now that I was helpless!

“Turn around,” he ordered.

I did so, and I was relieved when I watched as he loosened the shoulder straps! Next he opened the strap at the top of the armbinder, and he unzipped the armbinder from my limbs.

“Ahhhhh!” I moaned.

“I only wanted you in the armbinder for a half-hour,” he said, “later on you’ll be able to wear it longer,” he said as he slipped the confining leather from me.

“Thank you, Master,” I told him gratefully.

Actually, I was glad that he had removed the thing from me! I enjoyed the feeling of helplessness that I got from wearing it, but it was beginning to strain my shoulders! My nipples were hard and my sex was wet, but I was happy to be free of the armbinder for now.

“Still want a scene ?” he asked.

“Yes, Master!” I answered.

“Don’t you want to try a mild spanking first?” Mark asked.

“As long as I’m in a Dungeon, I’d like to experience something a little more intense. Could I be punished with a riding crop, please?” I asked.

I wasn’t going to leave his playroom without experiencing at least some form of discipline! If I had gone this far I wasn’t going to chicken out now!

“Very well. I want you to get a collar from the wall, matching wrist bracelets, and to spreader bars from my toy collection. I’ll hang you from the ceiling in the shape of an X and use the riding crop on you,” he said.

“Yes, Master!”

I couldn’t believe this! If you had told me two months earlier I’d be standing naked in Mark’s house wanting to be tied and punished, I’d have said you were crazy! But now my pussy was all wet with desire!

I selected the collar first, locking it around my neck, followed by the wrist cuffs. I removed the two spreader bars, and walked back to Mark and knelt before him, who had again seated himself like a Master of his Domain.

“Very good,” he answered.

“Thank you.”

“Do your arms feel better?” he asked.

“Yes, they’re fine.”

“Good, go to the ceiling chain and I’ll confine you there, and you’ll be cropped with your feet on the floor. Later I’ll hang you without any contact with the floor,” he said coldly.

In a few minutes I was naked; my body in the shape of an X. Totally helpless, I looked at myself in the mirror. I was shockingly exposed! My breasts, my underarms, my thighs, and my sex were all easily accessible to the riding crop that Mark had placed on a silver tray on a high stool right in front of me!

The usual question for a girl is whether she is “good” or “bad” for having sex with a boyfriend. I wondered what my position of helplessness made me?

The answer was simple: a slave girl, awaiting punishment from her Master.

Just a few hours before, I’d locked myself into bondage awaiting my boyfriend Mark before he picked me up for Valentine’s Day dinner. Now I was naked in his bondage playroom waiting for him to use a riding crop on me!

Once I had gone out with a man who was literally scared to death to touch me! I told him that I liked it a little rough in bed, that I wanted him to use me “as a man” hoping that it would liven him up once and for all. One night I got up from under the covers, and up on all fours and told him to place his hands on my hips and take me from behind.

That was the last I ever saw of him.

After Mark had released me from the armbinder, I located the collar and bracelets that he wanted me to wear. The collar was made of black leather, and had four D-rings around its circumference, no doubt to attach things to! I placed the collar around my neck, and secured it with the use of a small lock that was nearby. After closing the lock, I pulled at the leather collar. There would be no getting it off until it was unlocked, and the key didn’t seem to be anywhere!

Then I locked both my wrists in similar bracelets, and I was beginning to feel more like a slave girl! I’d stripped off my clothes to go to bed with guys, sure! But to be naked and confine myself in bondage devices? This was bringing sex to a whole new level for me!

I found the two spreader bars easily enough, and brought them over to the ceiling chain. Mark had placed a stool nearby to indicate it’s location!

I stood there, uncertain about what to do next. Should I again kneel, or ask to be confined? My dilemma was solved when Mark appeared next to me.

“Are you ready for your bondage?” he asked.

“Yes, Master,” I answered.

“Good, stand under the chain and open your legs,” he ordered.

I did so, and he took one of the spreader bars and, taking one of the small locks from his pocket, secured one end to my right locking heel! These shoes had more than one use! My left heel was next attached and my legs were opened and I couldn’t close them!

“Right hand, please!” he asked, “left hand!”

My hands were confined to the other bar, just as my ankles had been to the first! Mark then raised my hands above my head and snap-locked the spreader bar to the ceiling chain, but I still had some slack and freedom of movement.

He walked over to the wall and activated a small switch. At once I heard a motor whine, and suddenly the chain began to tighten! By skillful use of the motor Mark put just enough tension in the chain that my feet could just gain a slight purchase on the floor.

“How do you like it?” Mark asked.

“I’m not sure, Master!”

I was stretched taut and vulnerable! My pretty breasts stuck out again, just like they had when my arms were encased in the armbinder. But now my legs were open and I couldn’t close them!

“I’ll be right back,” said Mark, “don’t go anywhere!”

Mark left me alone hanging in his playroom! I pulled at my wrist cuffs, but I knew that there was no escape! I could see myself in the mirror, and what a sight I looked like!

Naked, exposed, vulnerable! Whatever adjective that you want to use could fit me just now! Here it was Valentine’s Day, and I recalled that a previous guy had given me a Valentine’s Day pendant with diamonds (I still had it in my jewelry box!) for the holiday. Now I was giving a gift: of my own naked body!

Next I heard the sounds of Classical Music from upstairs! Mark had turned the stereo system on, no doubt to use the sounds to muffle my screams from the crop!

I recalled that from one of the DVDs I had bought, and now it was to be used for me! Again I pulled at my chains, but they were implacably locked upon my wrists. There would be no escape for me until I was punished.

But now, by my own choice, here I was, helpless, naked and in bondage, waiting for Mark to use a riding crop on me!

I shivered (even though the playroom wasn’t a bit cold) with anticipation. How would I react under the crop? Would I feel pain and pleasure like I had read about?

Mark appeared before me, and casually picked up the riding crop, flexing it between his fingers. I watched in dreaded fascination as he handled the instrument of torment.

“Is this what you want?” he asked.

“Yes, Master,” I answered.

“Kiss the crop,” he ordered.

I kissed the proffered handle of the riding crop which was soon going to marking my naked body!

“How do you feel?” Mark asked.

“Scared, Master,” I replied.

“Because of the pain you may experience or what you may discover about yourself?” Mark demanded.

“Both, Master!”

Truth was, I was terrified. The first time I’d been with a man it was just a brief moment of pain when he penetrated me, and I was little sore afterwards.

“You’re so exposed right now,” he observed.

“Yes, Master.”

“With the crop I can strike anywhere I want without mercy,” he said.

“Yes, Master,” I agreed.

Holding the crop in his left hand, he brushed the tip against my left nipple, which was erect. Then he tapped the tip against the underside of my left breast, and then between my breasts!

I sucked in a cautious breath as the crop explored my naked body, and my punishment hadn’t even started yet!

The tip traced it’s way down my tummy finally coming to my sex! I thought that Mark would press the crop between my legs and force the tip inside me, but instead he ran the tip over the sensitive skin of the inside of my thighs!

“If I strike you here, you’ll scream horribly,” Mark observed.

“Yes, Master.”

“Is that where you want to be punished?” he asked.

“No Master, but you may use my body wherever you desire,” I replied.

“Just so that you understand your position now that you’re in chains,” Mark answered, “you’re totally at my mercy.”

“Yes, Master!”

My naked body was taut with excitement as I waited for my punishment to begin. What had started with me confining myself to my wooden bedroom chair would now reach it’s climax with me being punished with a riding crop, all by my own choice! 

“Since you’ve been doing all the research, what is your safeword? I’m sure that you must have been thinking about one all this time?” he asked.

“Pain,” Master Mark.

“That’s good, at least you didn’t choose something as unoriginal as mercy,” he said, “now ready yourself for the crop!”

My body taut within its steel and leather prison, I awaited the final (or was it the start) of my debasement. I wondered just what my girlfriend Brandi was doing this evening. Probably curled up in front of the TV watching a romantic movie for the holiday, and here I was about to be cropped by my boyfriend!

When the first stroke of the crop struck the outside of my thigh I screamed with all of my lungs, as all of the tension in my body was released in one instant of time. However, I felt pretty silly when I realized that all I had received was a modest stroke, not a severe one.

“Feel better?” Mark asked.

“Yes, Master,” I answered.

The first stroke had broken the ice, and I realized that the crop was capable of light as well as harsh strokes.

“Since you’re a novice I’ll bring you along slowly,” he said.

“Thank you, Master,” I replied.

Mark circled around me like a shark orbiting it’s prey, striking out with the crop onto various parts of my exposed flesh. Onto some areas of skin I received a mild tap, onto others the crop sliced across my virgin skin. I had read that some Masters had their slaves count every stroke, but Mark had dispensed with that. Instead he administered stroke after stroke that gradually accustomed me to the bite of the crop.

Some strokes he would use the folded lather tip at the end of the crop; for others he would strike me with the body of the crop; which was leather cased bamboo. During the major strokes I would gasp and moan, my fingertips buried in my palms, tears beginning to run down my cheeks.

My feet vainly sought purchase on the floor, and my body wanted to escape from the crop’s punishment. But I was helpless in my chains! What could a naked girl do when confined like this?

Worse, I had put myself in this position! Was I out of my mind?

Abruptly, Mark stopped! Just as I had gotten used to the relentless assault on my flesh, my ordeal had stopped. Or had it?

“How do you feel?” Mark asked.

“Please stop!” I cried instinctively, “there’s better things to do with naked girls that use the crop on them?” I pointed out.

Mark reached out with his right hand, his forefinger and index finger extended and plunged them into my hot hole! He thrust them several times inside me, making me moan and buck inside my chains, embarrassing me even more than my response under the crop.

Finally, he withdrew them and showed me my juices on his fingers.

“The mouth says no but the body says yes! Your body betrays you, Amy. You may resist the crop mentally but you crave it all the same. This is what you have desired all the time, even if you never knew it!”

I opened my mouth to protest, only to have thrust his juice clad fingers into my mouth, and I didn’t have to be told to lick them clean. My response under the crop was further evidence of my debasement under the crop.

“You are doing very well, Amy. After a few more strokes of the crop I’ll be done for this evening, and then I shall take you to my bedroom and continue using you there,” said Mark.

Once he had dried off his fingers of my saliva he again offered me the crop. I kissed it as before, and again tensed myself in my chains!

“Owwww!” I cried as the crop slashed between legs, onto the sensitive part of my thighs.

During the entire time of my punishment, Mark had not let me see what I looked like! I imagined that my naked body was covered in welts from the crop, and I would be wearing these marks for days, if not weeks!

The crop stung my naked flesh, and I desperately sought release from my trial. But again the steel and leather defeated me. There would be no escape from the prison of my own making until Mark was finished with me!

“Owwww!” I cried again as the crop struck my pretty breasts.

It was during this second series of strokes with the crop that something strange began to happen. Before, every time that the crop struck me, it hurt! But now, my flesh marked by the crop, I actually began to feel pleasure!

My heart racing I again pulled at my wrist cuffs, in a futile attempt to escape my discipline. But did I really want to? Being bound and vulnerable like this was new to me, and I was at Mark’s mercy! This wasn’t just going to bed with a guy I liked, no this was definitely something a lot more intense than just sex!

I could, of course, call “pain” and everything would come to an end. Not only my punishment, but my relationship with Mark as well. That was a chance that I didn’t want to take, and if the cost my love was my naked body, then so be it!

The frequency and force of the strokes began to lessen, and I knew then that my chastisement was just about over. I tried to stand tall and proud in my bondage, and when Mark offered me the crop’s handle, I kissed it eagerly.

“How do you feel?” Mark asked.

“Fine, Master,” I replied.

“Would you like to see how you look?” he asked.

“Yes, Master, please?”

When he turned to mirror towards me, I expected that my flesh would be striped like a zebra. Instead I had just a few stripes that looked mild and would fade shortly.

Once I had locked myself out of my apartment in the summer and a neighbor helped me crawl in through an open window. I had cut and bruised my legs on the sill and rosebush nearby.

The next day I was out on a date and I wore a skirt, and it seemed like every other girl was looking at me. Finally in the ladies room another girl asked me if my date had abused me, and I told her the story but I don’t think that she believed me.

Now I had gone under the riding crop for Valentine’s Day, the holiday of love. How strange!

“Thank you, Master for the punishment that I have received and the marks I’ll carry for a while,” I said.

“You’re welcome, darling, now let me release you.”

The motor was activated again, and my feet rediscovered the floor. I stood unsteadily as Mark unsnapped the spreader bar from the ceiling chain, and my arms fell to my tummy. Mark supported me and sat me on the stool.

I sat impassively as he unlocked my hands, only to be surprised when he locked them again behind my back! My ankles were freed, and Mark hung the spreader bars back on the wall rack where I had removed them from. Then he took a leash and clipped it to my collar.

“Follow me to the bedroom,” he ordered.

With my hands locked behind my back, I followed Mark in silence to his bedroom. I had only spent a few nights here since I preferred him to stay at my place. But now that I was his submissive I knew that this was going to change from now on.

He sat me down on the bed and removed my locked shoes, and then made me drink a glass of water. He asked if I had to go to the bathroom, and I said no, not yet. Then he undressed, removing his shoes, mock turtleneck, black jeans, and underwear, all placing them neatly on a chair next to the bed.

Mark then unlocked my hands, and said “on all fours, please!”

“Yes, Master!” I cried in delight. Finally a boyfriend who was going to make love to me in my favorite position!

I got on the bed as ordered, and Mark unrolled a condom onto his erect member. He held onto my hips, and his cock found it’s way between my legs and into my hot waiting sex. He thrust inside, making me gasp with pain and delight, and soon began to piston his shaft inside me!

“Ahhhh! Ahhhh!” Ahhhh!” I cried with pleasure as his rod pounded into me again and again.

I had never felt such intense sexual sensations before! It was as if my cropping had intensified my sexual responses to Mark’s thrustings inside my pussy!

“Ahhhh! Ahhhh! Ahhh!” I moaned.

“What do you desire more, my crop or my prick?” Mark asked.

With the memory of his cropping still fresh in my mind, I really couldn’t answer. I had never confessed that I had begun to like the crop during the second series of harsher strokes, so in reality I now wanted them both: his crop and his prick!

“Both, Master!” I answered. 

Sexually, I had never felt like this before. My whole naked body felt like it was fire, a combination of the riding crop and now Mark’s taking me from behind had lit a sexual fire within me that I had never experienced before!

“Ahhh! Ahhh! Ahhh!” I cried out with pleasure.

“Next time I’ll fuck you with a gag in your mouth, and your pleasure will be further increased!” said Mark.

At that moment I would have done anything that Mark had asked, but all I was concentrating on was his cock in my pussy. I felt his hardness inside me shudder, and I knew that both he and I were about to climax together.

Then I felt his cock jerk in the latex, and we both came with a shuddering, moaning climax together at the same time! I felt as if a bomb had exploded inside me, and suddenly the crop marks that I had taken to get them didn’t matter.

He came time after time inside me, his cock slamming into my clit, banging me to one orgasm after another. When he was spent he rested against me, still holding onto my hips, his breathing ragged after the exertion of lovemaking.

“That was fantastic, Master,” I said between gasps of breathing, the sweat pouring from my fevered body.

“Very good, Amy,” Mark said as he withdrew from me, and holding his hand over his cock to prevent losing the condom, “I’ll be back,” as he staggered to the bathroom.

I remained on all fours on the bed, not having been given permission to do anything else. I waited in silence as Mark attended to himself, my hands still locked together.

“You may be seated,” he said when he returned from the bathroom, when he saw that I was still in the same position when he had left me.

“Thank you,” I said, as I finally sat on my bottom. Striped by the crop I knew that every time I sat down this week, I’d remember this night!

“Do you want to use the bathroom?” he asked.

“Yes, Master, please,” I begged.

He unlocked my wrists, and I walked to the bathroom. As a slave, I realized that I now had no privacy, so I didn’t close the door. Instead, I attended to my toilet with the door open, and Mark ignored my bodily functions. After washing myself and taking a good drink, I rejoined him.

Mark was naked and sitting on the bed, and I knelt at his feet. I waited for him to tell me what to do next!

In my absence I noted that Mark had placed a crop and paddle on his night table! So it was possible that I would again be punished that night!

“Come to bed and we shall have sex again!”

Mark climbed under the covers and I joined him, and he held me tenderly in his arms. Just a short time ago he had been using a riding crop on my bare body, now he was holding me warmly! Meanwhile I was still wearing a collar and bracelets, reminding me of my new position in our relationship.

“I have many other instruments that I can use on you: the cane, the whip, and the paddle. Would you like to experience more of them?” he asked.

“Yes, Master,” I replied.

What was I getting into? Brandi had suggested I place myself in bondage to please Mark, and then I had asked to be his love slave, and now that was coming true! If Mark was as skilled with the whip as he was with the crop I was certainly going to be in for quite a painful training period.

His cock soon stirred to hardness again, and he unrolled another condom over it as it sprang to erection. I opened my legs to receive him, and he again plunged inside me, his shaft filling my hot hole and driving me wild.

As the bed rocked I could hear the D rings on my collar and bracelets tinkle in response, like small bells as the stainless steel pieces rang against each other.

Mark pounded his hard cock into me again and again, and we moaned together our passions synchronized again as he drove me into the mattress! I’ve never been with another man who could do this to me, and I certainly wasn’t going to give Mark to Brandi now!

In my mind’s eye I saw Brandi downstairs, naked and chained, being flogged by Mark, and enjoying every stroke! Had she told me everything about all of her kinky sexual experiences, or had she held something back? Had she gone under the lash before?

I was suddenly brought back to reality, Here I was, being jealous of my best girlfriend over whether she had ever been flogged before!

“Ahhhh! Ahhhh! Ahhh!” I cried, as we both neared climax.

I could feel Mark’s sweat drip down onto me as our passions combined, then his cock pumped his seed into the latex condom again, the hot liquid driving me to another earth shattering climax!

We moaned together again and again, our limbs intertwined, my legs holding Mark to me so that he could drive deeper into my hot pussy! Mark, exhausted by the effort, collapsed onto me, and I held him tightly to my naked body.

He took several deep breaths, and I could feel his shaft shrink as his fantastic erection soon passed.

“That was fantastic,” said Mark.

“Yes, Master.”

I released my legs from around his body, and soon he was no longer inside me. He withdrew to the bathroom to clean himself up, but quickly rejoined me under the covers.

We lay together quietly, in each other’s arms. I thought that he would drift off to sleep, but instead he got a second wind!

“Do you want to go to the bathroom again?” Mark asked.

“No thank you, Master,” I told him.

“You’ve got to be chained up for the night,” Mark replied.

From the night-table he removed a leather extension that he locked to my collar which extended a few inches downward, to which he locked both of my wrists. Then a small chain was used to lock my collar to one of the bedposts. He kissed me tenderly on the lips, and was soon asleep.

I lay awake on my back, my hands locked before me as if in prayer. I couldn’t touch either my breasts, and certainly not my pussy, which was probably the intention all along! Soon the events of the night finally took their toll, and I joined Mark in sleep. The world faded from view.


It wasn’t until April that Brandi and I met together again for lunch. In March she had come down with pneumonia, and even though I called to say I’d take care of her, she had urged me to stay away so that I wouldn’t get sick as well.

Then both of us got busy at work, so our monthly lunch just had to wait. But finally, in the middle of April, we met again as usual.

Brandi had arrived early and was seated at a booth when I came in. I scanned the restaurant, and walked over to join her.

“Brandi!” I greeted her, “it’s been too long,” we kissed and sat down together.

“You look very good, Amy. How’s everything?” she asked.

“Great! After your idea to place myself in bondage for Mark it transformed our relationship.”

“Amy, what’s that collar you’re wearing?” Brandi asked.

“That’s just it,” I told her softly, “I’m Mark’s collared slave, we signed a contract together.”

“Huh? Slave contract? What are you talking about?”

“I’m famished, mind if I order?” I asked, “I’d really like to eat lunch.”

“Sure,” Brandi replied.

Once I had ordered an I had a Diet Coke in front of me I began to relate the whole story. Of how Mark had freed me and we went out to Dinner, ending up at his place and my discovery of his bondage playroom. I described our bondage scene, and Brandi looked shocked when I described how I had endured the riding crop.

“I just can’t believe that you allowed yourself to be punished like that! Two weeks before you didn’t even want to wear his rubber bra & panty. Now you get thrashed with a riding crop!” commented Brandi.

“You know, Brandi, the strangest thing happened after a while as I was being cropped. Yes it hurt, and I moaned and screamed, more with fright than actual pain as the crop struck me time after time. But then I began to feel pleasure! I know that it sounds weird, but it’s true! By the time he finished I was ready to come!” I told her.

“Why didn’t you?” Brandi asked.

“Because he didn’t want me to, that’s why! He wanted to take me to bed, and I’ve finally found a man who’ll do me doggy style from behind!” I told her softly.

“That’s been one of your complaints for years,” Brandi replied.

“I thought that it was worth the cost of a few marks on me, besides they faded quickly anyway,” I told her.

“Let me see this collar you’re wearing?” Brandi asked.

I pulled at the small leather collar that had a small symbolic D ring in front. It was secured in back with a roller buckle that I was allowed to open.

“After we signed a slave contract that Mark printed up off the net, he gave me this collar to wear. It’s like an engagement ring that says I belong to him.”

“Slave contract?” Brandi asked, “you’ve got to be kidding!”

“Well it’s not legally binding, obviously. It’s more a code of conduct between us. Mark promises to protect me, and it lays out strict guidelines about what he can & can’t do; and I have to obey him and submit to his discipline.”

“Okay, what can’t he do?” Brandi asked.

“Screw me up the ass, which I’ve never really liked,” I replied.

“And you enjoy being his slave?”

“I love it! For the first time I really like going out with a guy who treats me properly.”

“By keeping you in bondage and using a whip on you?”

“You’re the one who said that I should cater to his interests, remember?”

“I guess so.”

We chatted about the usual things, money, work, our families. But the collar had introduced a new factor in our relationship - just like when a girl gets an engagement ring.

“Does he flog you every weekend?” Brandi asked.

“No, silly, not every time we meet! I had my period last weekend, so he cooked dinner and we had a quiet weekend at home together.”

“You sound terribly domestic,” said Brandi.

“We’re just like any other couple,” I told her, “except that I submit myself totally to him, and he keeps me in thrall with the whip.”

“Sounds nice. My new boyfriend wants to double date next week, want to join us?”

“When did you start dating again?” I asked Brandi.

“We met in the Library on Sunday a few weeks ago, he took me out for coffee afterwards. On our third date I got him into bed. Matthew is rather nice,” Brandi replied.

“I’ll ask Mark, I can’t see why not,” I told her.

After lunch we kissed and parted. On the way home and before my date with Mark that evening I had to do some shopping.

It was in the Computer Store that it happened. I was picking out an external Hard Drive when the sales clerk came over to help (a pretty girl in her 20s) when I noticed that we were wearing the exact same collar!

She winked at me as I made my purchase, complete with a knowing smile. On her left hand was the same ring that I had seen in the movie version of “O”; so this was no fluke!

I drove home confident that there were others like me; and looked forward to my scene with Mark that night.

He had promised that for the first time I’d be punished with a ball-gag in my mouth, and my safeword would be to hold some coins in my hand. He said that being gagged introduced a whole new level of being helpless.

The night couldn’t come fast enough!



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