My Best Birthday

by Studbound

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© Copyright 2002 - Studbound - Used by permission

Storycodes: M+/m; F/m; bond; hogtie; frat; oral; cons; X

Despite the tradition, I was determined to join the fraternity. It was an old fraternity with great prestige and my brothers had been members, so I wanted to follow in their footsteps – even though it meant acquiescing to the tradition. Everyone knew about the tradition – it dated back so far that even the fathers of current members who themselves had been members couldn’t remember when or why it started. It wasn’t hazing by any means, and the college administrators, who must have known about it – a couple of them had been members of the fraternity, simply ignored it as something which that particular fraternity did that was harmless fun and a long standing observance not to be quickly challenged. 

The tradition was simple enough. Each fraternity member spent his birthday naked, bound, and gagged. It generally happened starting at midnight on the member’s birthday and lasted twenty-four hours until the following midnight. Usually the member was tied up in the main lounge on the floor. The evening of the birthday there was always a party celebrated around the trussed up "guest" and it wasn’t unusual for older brothers, fathers, sometimes even mothers and girlfriends to attend. As the restrained member squirmed on the floor, everyone had a good time, ending up with a joyous singing of "Happy Birthday to You." 

Of course, not everyone had a birthday during the school year. For those who had their birthday during any of the vacations, an alternate date was selected and posted on the bulletin board along with all of the real birthdays. So sometime during the school year each of the twenty-two of us had a "birthday" complete with the bondage that went with it.

The tradition was carefully explained to potential members, although everyone knew about it long before they arrived at the University. Those selected for membership went through a ritual initiation that further demonstrated the tradition. At eleven PM on the evening of the initiation, new members appeared naked in the lounge. Returning members bound their hands behind their backs. Then the fraternity president explained, "We come into this world naked. You enter this brotherhood also naked. We come into this world tied to our mothers. You enter this brotherhood symbolically tied to indicate the bonds that will for your lifetime bind you to the brothers, past, present and future, who you are now joining. We come into this world mute. You enter this fraternity equally mute [as these words are said a returning fraternity member approaches each freshman initiate and puts a strip of duct tape on his mouth]. To remind you and all of us of these important ties, you will spend your birthday in thoughtful contemplation, naked, bound and gagged as we now prepare one of our current members." 

At that the President holds up a box that contains the names of all returning members including his own. The Vice President draws a name which he reads. That member steps forward, strips completely, and is securely bound and gagged and hog-tied on the floor. That will be his ‘birthday’ for that school year and he remains that way for twenty-four hours. The new members are asked a number of questions indicating their willingness to be fraternity members, to follow the customs and traditions of the fraternity. At each question the member grunts his agreement. The initiation is then over but new members must remain naked with their hands tied and their mouths taped for the next twenty-four hours and they will celebrate their birthdays in the traditional manner.

In recent years a few older members had tried to dodge the tradition by cleverly absenting themselves from the campus. Some were caught, but once in a while one managed to actually escape and it was a badge of pride if you were clever enough to get away without having to endure the birthday ritual. The rule was that it had to happen exactly on your birthday, and no other time, so if you could find somewhere to hide, you could evade what most of us conceded was inevitable.

In my freshman, sophomore, and junior years I dutifully allowed my fellow frat brothers to get me out of bed at midnight, strip me naked, and tie me up and gag me as they happily did to everyone else and as I equally happily did to each of them when it was their turn. I enjoyed the party they threw the following evening, and was relieved when it ended at midnight and they released me. Nobody ever escaped once tied. There was so much experience at hog-tying bondage that one simply endured when it was his turn, and then eagerly pitched in when it was someone else’s time. But as my senior year birthday approached I decided to try to dodge the ritual and gain points as I became one of the few who had cleverly avoided the constraints imposed so cheerfully on one’s annual celebration.

I laid my plans carefully. I had one last class at two in the afternoon on the day before my birthday. I left the fraternity house as usual heading for the campus, and attended the class. After class I walked through the student union building, out the back door, and quickly caught the first public transit bus that took me into the downtown part of the city. From there I transferred to another bus that took me to a suburb where I knew of a motel. I checked into the motel under my full name, and laid low in my room studying my book the rest of the afternoon. In the evening I bought a quick dinner in the motel restaurant, and retired to my room to watch television. At a little after ten I was in bed asleep.

When the hands grabbed me by the arms and legs with one firmly over my mouth, I knew immediately what was happening. Swiftly, efficiently, they tied me spread-eagle on the bed. A ball went into my mouth, strapped in place and covered with wraps of duct tape. The ropes that held my arms were similarly wrapped with tape and tape encircled my hands binding my fingers together. It all happened in the dark and very fast. Finally a piece of duct tape closed my eyes and put me really in the dark. There were no voices, no indication of who was there, although I knew perfectly well who was there. I found out later that it only cost my fraternity brothers fifty dollars to bribe the night clerk to let them into my room, and that two of them had been following me suspicious that I might try to avoid the sacrosanct tradition.

So there I lay, stretched out on the bed, naked, blind, bound, gagged. And it was all over. I would remain there for twenty-four hours – until midnight the next night. And the worst part was that I would miss the party that I was sure they would throw back at the fraternity house. Perhaps I hadn’t been quite so clever after all.

Was anyone in the room? I couldn’t tell. Was it light or dark? I didn’t know. Had an hour passed or two? Impossible to tell. Was the door or the room open so people passing by could see me, or was I secluded? No sense worrying, there was nothing I could do about it.

And then I thought I felt something. Maybe not. Yes, I felt something soft on my right arm. It touched my arm just above my elbow. Then it was gone. Nothing for a long time. I squirmed, made noise in the gag.  Nothing. Suddenly a light touch on my right tit. I jumped at the sensation. Who was there? Nothing. Was it my imagination? Was I losing it? Another touch on my right tit – firmer this time, but still just a touch. I tried to cry out, but only muffled sounds emerged. 

Nothing for another long time. Then a touch on the inside of my left leg above my knee and the light touch went slowly up my leg toward my crotch. This time I was sure there was something going on. So was my prick that started to jump to attention. God only knew who was there enjoying my frustration – and my arousal. The soft touch went up and then back down my left leg. Then nothing. Then up and down my right leg. By then I was horney as could be, hard as a rock. More attention to my tits, soft, teasing. Then it stopped. Nothing.

I waited. I squirmed. My erection subsided. After what seemed like forever something touched the bottom of my right foot. Slowly it went up and down causing me to jump and try to pull my leg away. The rope held fast. I laughed into the gag as I am ticklish and the light unavoidable touch was a tender yet sensual stimulus that caused my body to convulse. As I jumped and twisted in my bondage, the tickling continued with more emphasis and pressure. Then, suddenly, it stopped. Nothing. I lay and waited. Who was there?  Who was torturing me with such pleasure?

Were they still there? Had they quietly left? Was it male or female? Nothing for such a long time. Then I felt it, damp and warm on my stomach. At first I couldn’t tell what it was, but soon I realized it was a tongue, slowly moving on my body, up toward my right tit where it lingered, where teeth gently nibbled at my tit, then withdrew and moved down my body toward my stomach, and on down. I was so hard by then I thought I would explode. But whoever it was knew how to keep me excited without climax. The next time I felt the tongue it was tickling my balls, first my right and then my left testicle, bounding them around, flicking them with a quick tongue movement. Then the mouth moved up on my prick, slowly teasing it, ending up at the head where the tongue toyed with light and heavier brushes causing my penis to twitch and strain. Heavenly pleasure and ghastly torture at the same time. I strained at the ropes that bound me, unable to resist the penetrating waves of overwhelming pleasure that the tongue and mouth continued to shoot through my body.

Finally, after what seemed like an eternity, the mouth engulfed my erection and began a rhythmic movement that quickly brought me to full climax. As I bucked and bounced on the bed, my body writhed in bursts and waves of pleasure. My arms and legs pulled against the binding ropes and I screamed into the unrelenting gag. I had never felt anything like it in my life.

As the orgasm subsided, I settled down and relaxed.  Nobody there. Nothing. I had no idea if it was early morning, mid day, or what. How long had I been there? Would they remember to come and untie me? Who had provided me with such gratification – such unimaginable sensations? I made sounds into the gag, but if anyone was there, they were ignored. I knew I had to remain bound for the full twenty-four hours. That was the tradition. But how much longer was that? So frustrating.

After waiting for God only knows how long, I felt something on the bed next to me. Someone. The bed moved, and someone was lying curled up next to me. Quiet. I heard soft breathing. Someone was there. I knew for sure that I wasn’t alone. The person slept, then finally started to move. A hand stroked my stomach, my chest. It played with my hair – the hair on my head, the hair on my chest, the hair at my crotch. I was erect again. The hand played with my erection and I heard giggling. Probably a woman but I wasn’t sure. I hoped it was a woman. Had they paid a prostitute to play with me? 

The hand played with my erection for a long time keeping me hard longer I think than I had ever been hard before. A light finger toyed with the sensitive head of my engorged prick. Again I twitched and jerked without any success. Then I felt the person next to me start to move – to move over on top of me. I felt breathing as the person’s face was over mine. I moaned. The body slowly dropped and I felt my erection enter the body of what I now knew for sure was a woman. Gently we undulated together – gently, drawing out the sensations. She was in control considering my bondage. I had a little movement, but she was in control. We rocked together for a long time, and finally I climaxed again. She lay on top of me for a while, then as my erection withered, she pulled away and left me.

Who was it? God how badly I wanted to know. Nothing. I heard a toilet flush somewhere. Nothing more. Then it was quiet. Was someone still there? I couldn’t tell.

When the noise started, I realized that there were many people coming into the room. Somebody pulled the tape off of my eyes, and I saw about a dozen of my fraternity brothers standing around. They brought beer, and cake, and were setting up for a party. One of my real older brothers was there looking down at me and smiling. "Happy birthday bro," he said. "Looks like you’ve been enjoying it."

They sang "Happy Birthday," and carried on telling stories, jokes, and making obscene comments and gestures about the nude man lying on the bed. I was astounded when my girlfriend, April, showed up. What if she found out about what had happened while I was bound and gagged in that motel room? 

Finally, at midnight, they untied me. Stiff and sore, it took me a while to move about comfortably, but eventually I was back on my feet. I dressed, and April said she would take me back to the fraternity house. In her car, on the way, she looked at me and smiled. "I loved spending the day with you today,’ she said. "And you can count on this for sure – you’re going to spend many more days and nights tied up. Count on it!"