Mr. Williams Impersonates Harry Houdini

by Anonymous in NYC

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Storycodes: F/m; latex; bodysuit; harness; bond; penis-cage; cloak; outdoors; park; discovery; nanny; stroller; challenge; pacifier; gag; cuffs; cot; inf; stuck; cons; X

“I’d like to try another Houdini escape while taking a stroll in Central Park but this time restrained under normal street clothes.”

Mrs. Williams rolled her eyes and waited for the umpteenth installment of Escape 101, secretly wishing someday to abandon Harry Houdini to his own devises.

A ½ hour later his wife sat stunned as her husband returned total enclosed in a shiny black latex body suit from neck to foot with a small bon4 black transparent silicone penis cage peeking through the opening in his crotch.

Atop the body suit was an equally shiny black patent leather adult baby reins awaiting its closure behind his back.

The only normalcy to his attire were the black oxford shoes and socks on his feet, and a Sherlock Homes Inverness cape draped over his arm which he placed on a nearby chair.

“I can’t tell if you look more like Darth Vader or a perverted flasher.” She joked.

“Very funny! May I continue?”

“At your own risk,” she teased.

“Would you be so kind as to close the clasp on the reins?”


“Now please cuff each wrist to the baby reins.”

“Front or back?” She asked for clarification.

“Your choice,” he foolishly offered.

Given the option she crisscrossed his cuffed wrists behind his back securing them to opposing sides of the baby reins.

“Wow, that’s intense.” As he tugged on the cuffs. “Perhaps you could cuff them in front or at the very least loosen them a little?”

“Not up for the challenge Harry?” She taunted before warning, “I could make them tighter if you don’t start showing some gratitude for my participation in this time consuming charade of yours.”

Mr. Williams timidly continued, “Honey, would you please drape the cape over my shoulder and see if it covers me completely.”

“Voila!” she shouted as the she closed the last button at the top of the Inverness.

She had to admit that he made a credible Sherlock Holmes. Unfortunately, his impersonations of Harry Houdini left much to be desired in that it required her to untie him at least 50% of the time.

The first one mile of their Passeggiata into Central Park was inconsequential in that they didn’t encounter anyone.

That was all about to change as Sherlock Holmes sat down on the park bench while Watson adjusted her black leather trench coat cinched tightly at the waist and likewise sat down.

He had grown immune to Watson’s attire but was about to be shocked out of his oxfords as a 6’2” tall zaftig nanny approached wearing an eye-popping ankle length shiny brown rubber apron while pushing an extra-large black stroller in front of her.

Mr. Williams was unable to keep his eyes off her which didn’t escape nanny’s attention as she sat down and parked the stroller between his wife and herself, just out of his peripheral vision.

Watson spoke first as Sherlock shifted anxiously on the bench, “Now that’s what I’d call a substantial stroller.”

“It’s for a really, really big baby.” Nanny answered.

Mr. Williams felt his penis make a concerted effort to expand in its silicone cage as the conversation continued provocatively around him.

“What’s with the Sherlock Homes attire?” Nanny queried, “Are you Watson?”

“It’s more like Houdini and his leather clad female assistant,” Mrs. Williams sarcastically remarked.

“Care to elaborate,” Nanny pried.

“No she wouldn’t,” Mr. Williams chimed in.

“Oh, don’t mind Houdini over there.” Watson shot back. “It’s hard to see but under the cape he’s having some difficulty freeing the cuffed wrists pinning his arms behind his back.

“Perhaps he needs more practice like Mr. Jones?” Nanny suggested, while quickly raising the tinted rain cover exposing a fortyish wannabee baby cuffed hand and foot to the inside of the buggy with the obligatory pacifier firmly in place.”

“How much time does he spend practicing?” Watson curiously asked.

Mr. Williams slid down the bench for a closer look, while his Houdini persona continued to tug unsuccessfully at his own cuffs hidden under the dark gray woolen cape.

“A month every so often.” Nanny replied while elaborating further, “Maybe three times a year.”

“Spends the entire month does he?” Watson asks in her best British accent.

“Most certainly, Madam. He has never escaped. Not once.” She reassured her.

“Perhaps he’s not sufficiently motivated.” Sherlock said cynically.

“Au contraire Mr. Holmes, I can assure you that he is extremely motivated.” As she looks down on her struggling wannabee.

“Mr. Jones pays $10,000 for each stay with the inducement that the month is free if he is able to escape.” While laying down the gauntlet, “Care to have a go?” As she brandished a formidable looking pacifier under Mr. Williams’ nose.

Sherlock Holmes immediately answered, “Madam, Harry Houdini would be more than happy to accept your challenge but regrettably Mr. Williams finds the $10,000 price tag too rich for his blood.”

Unfazed at having to deal with the Three Amigos Nanny counters, “Would Mr. Williams be interested in paying $100 for every day that his friend Harry Houdini is unable to escape?”

Before responding to Nanny’s offer, Mr. Williams turned to his wife and pleaded, “Honey, it’s just the thing I’ve been looking to try for quite some time.”

“What if you can’t get free? She said while silently hoping for such an outcome.

“I will.” He guaranteed her.

“OK. But I’m not as wild about Harry as you are.” Having a play on words from an old song.

“One more thing?” He apologetically asked.

“What is it?” She demanded impatiently.

“Would you please pay the daily cost of $100 for me?” He asked while arrogantly adding, “It’s only until I escape.”

Unimpressed by his bravado she snaps back, “I’m not using any of my money for such foolery.”

“You can use the money in my savings account at the bank.” He offered boldly.

After a long pause, Nanny interrupted, “Madam may I have your permission to proceed?”

Hoping to get a breather from Escape 101, Mrs. Williams abruptly rose from the bench and jokingly announced, “For all I care you can hog-tie the whole damn bunch.”

Mr. Williams smiled as he watched his wife stroll away with her black leather trench coat glistening in the October sun, quite taken with himself that he would be able to spend a whole month as Harry Houdini for a mere $3,000.

“Open wide, Harry,” Nanny commanded, snapping him back into reality before cramming the ‘care to have a go?’ pacifier into his mouth, buckling it tightly behind his neck.

Finally, as a gesture of good will she raised the large collar on his coat as a shield from onlookers as they began their trip back to Nanny’s Adult Baby Care.


Upon returning, Mr. Jones was set free having exhausted his thirty day stay. He would return many times. Although highly motivated, he would never escape, most certainly because of his lack of talent in such matters.

Although he tried to mimic Harry Houdini, Mr. Williams was nonetheless going to learn that he too like Mr. Jones was no match for the staff at Nanny’s.

On the thirtieth night having been unable to escape his wife appeared.

She tugged on the cuffs securing him to the side slats of the crib, while checking the immovable pacifier strapped firmly in his mouth.

“Exactly how long are you intending to lay around night after night doing nothing but fantasizing about who knows what?”

He raised his chin pleading for the gagging pacifier’s removal.

“Not on your life, Harry. I have no intention of being interrupted.”

“You have exactly two seconds to end your latest installment of Escape 101.”

“Then, I am off to Europe with or without you.”

“Stop with the mumbling. I told you no damn interruptions.”

“While I’m away, I’ve put the daily charge of $100 for you to play Houdini on automatic withdrawal from your savings account at the bank.”

“For how long?” He asked quizzically with his eyes.

“Until you escape, silly! Or ‘til the $100,000 balance is depleted.”

“Either way you’ll have plenty of time to practice.” She taunted.

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