Mr. Williams Pleads His Case

by Anonymous in NYC

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© Copyright 2020 - Anonymous in NYC - Used by permission

Storycodes: F+/m; bond; gag; chastity; latex; enslave; spank; crop; reluct; X

She promised to stop by randomly to make sure that everything was copasetic usually after he was tucked in for the night.

She cherished these moments and relished wearing the provocative clothing that made him lust for her without the slightest opportunity to have her while he was occupied in his fantasy.

Tonight she had selected a new shiny black vinyl raincoat as she removed his pacifier and stood provocatively with hands akimbo on her hips for their twice monthly chat.

“Honey, I want to come home,” he begged while tugging at his cuffed wrists securing him to the inside slats of the crib.

“Sweetie, you’re only half-way through your second month.” She reminded him.

“I don’t care. I still want to come home. Now!” He impudently demanded.

“I strongly suggest that you lower the volume or I’ll be forced to call Nanny.”

“No. Please don’t. I’ll be good. I promise,” he begged. 

“You had better be!” She emphasized, well aware that Nanny had taken a firm hand when it came to her husband. An attribute that he first sought but no longer appreciated. 

“What’s the matter cupcake? You can tell me.” His wife asked feigning concern.

Mr. Williams whimpered, “Nanny makes me wear a small bon4 black transparent silicone chastity cage.”

“Why?” His wife asked, knowing the answer beforehand.

“Because she’s mean,” he lied.

“I thought she made you wear it for authenticity?” She corrected him.

“Well, maybe that too,” he stuttered.

“You know that wanking is verboten at Nanny’s Adult Baby Care.” She reemphasized, while gleefully adding, “She’s only doing her job.”

“I know but she’s too conscientious,” he sniveled.

“How can she be too conscientious?” Mrs. Williams queried.

 “Well, each morning at 7 o’clock she removes the bon4 silicone chastity cage and gives it a thorough cleaning.”

“How is that bad?” 

“Then she turns her attention to my morning stiffy and thoroughly cleans that as well.”

“And how is that bad?” Repeating her previous question.

“She cleans it, stopping just short of relief, applies the ice pack, and reinstalls the cage.”

Further clarifying. “All this happening while wearing her provocative ankle length shiny brown rubber apron that clings tightly to her zaftig body.”

“Sounds like something you would like?” She teased.

“Yes but……..”

“But what Mon Cheri.”

“Nanny flaunts it knowing full well that it drives me mad while I’m stuck inside the bon4. Whether she is cleaning the cage, the daily three meals while I’m affixed to the highchair, or the reinsertion of the pacifier, she is right in my face, so close that I can smell the rubber.

“I once unintentionally leaned forward with my face and accidentally brushed up against the upper part of the apron that covered her zaftig breasts.”

“Accidentally?” His wife skeptically asked.

“It didn’t matter. In any event she took out the paddle, pulled me over her lap and beat the day-lights out of me until I cried uncontrollably like a baby.”

“Sounds like the perfect way to handle a naughty boy?”

“I know but I still want to come home,” he sobbed.

“This is getting us nowhere.” Mrs. Williams scolded as she finally brought up the financial aspects of his charade.

“You begged, begged and begged some more.

“Then you whined, whined and whined some more until I gave in and agreed to let you pay $30,000 for a three month stay with a no refund policy. Now halfway into your little fantasy you want to come home and forfeit $15,000.”

“Well, not on your life buster!” As she raised the pacifier to his mouth.

“Honey, please, I’m not done pleading my case.” Were his last word before she forced the pacifier into his open mouth, while buckling the strap tightly behind his neck for good measure.

No sooner was the pacifier in place when Nanny appeared.

“It’s nice to see you again Mrs. Williams,” She said.

“Likewise,” Mrs. Williams responded.

“Madam, I’d like to have a brief chat but first some housekeeping chores,” As she approached Mr. Williams while shaking the milky white colored 7 gauge plastic baby pants for all to see.

His penis in the silicone cage twitched with the anticipation knowing that his wife was about to see Nanny’s humiliating process of placing him into them.

“Upsy Daisy,” Nanny commanded as she slid the smooth plastic under his rump, pulled the front up to meet his waist, and closed the three shiny chrome snaps on each side.

She finished by running two fingers between the top of the thick plastic and his waist to confirm its snug fit.

Nanny turned her attention to Mrs. Williams, “I couldn’t help but overhear your conversation. May I offer a suggestion?”

“It would be most appreciated.” Mrs. Williams answered.

“Well, from the way he sounded you would have thought your husband was pleading his case in court.”

“He should have been a lawyer,” Mrs. Williams joked.

“Let’s pretend for a moment that I’m a judge and he’s in my court,” as she tapped a brown leather riding crop like a gavel across the plastic baby pants now covering the bon4 cage. 

“How resourceful,” Mrs. Williams complemented.

“Thank you, Madam. I am going to ask your husband a few questions and hopefully we can resolve this supposed impasse.”

Again she firmly tapped the riding crop to get his undivided attention.

“Mr. Williams, let’s begin. A simple nod one way or the other will suffice. Please take all the time you need before responding.”

“Do you really want to go home and forfeit $15,000?”

Immediately he nodded in the affirmative.

“I guess that settles it?” Mrs. Williams sighed. “What a waste of money.”

“Madam, the jury is still out.” Nanny reassured her.

“Mr. Williams, did you read the entire waiver before you rushed to sign it?”

Again, he nodded in the affirmative.

“The part about the five years?” The nanny turned judge queried.

Mrs. Williams listened intently, well aware that neither she nor her husband had any idea where the judge was going.

Nanny continued, “I’ll take your silence as a no.” As she leaned over the crib’s railing in order to give the wannabee a more tantalizing look at the rubber apron tightly hugging her zaftig breasts, while at the same time giving him a torturous whiff of its aromatic scent.

 Nanny cruelly pulled back from the crib, “The first clause in the waiver that states the client may leave early but has to not only forfeit any upfront money but also has to agree not to return to Nanny’s Adult Baby Care for a minimum of five years.” She stated while tapping her riding crop.

“How clever,” Mrs. Williams said to her husband before recapping. “As if forfeiting the money weren’t bad enough, now you won’t be able to return to Nanny’s Adult Baby Care for five arduous years.”

“Five very long years!” She taunted. While asking, “Still want to come home?”

“I’ll take your silence as a no.”


Mr. Williams didn’t sleep a wink during his ninetieth night, wanting to savor every last minute before going home.

Just before 7AM Nanny appeared like she had on all the previous mornings only this time accompanied by Mrs. Williams.

“How’s my big-boy doing?” his wife teased.

Unable to answer because of the pacifier, he instead rattled the cuffs hoping to move things along.

“Patience, my love.” 

Then turning to Nanny, “Do you think he knows about the second clause?”

Mr. Williams laid stunned, barely able to breathe through the pacifier as he tried to remember the second clause in the waiver.

Nanny wasted no time in refreshing his memory, “You mean that short clause that states ‘Management may offer at the end of any stay, another stay of equal length, at no additional cost. Provided of course that the spouse of said wannabee is in complete accord.’”

Mrs. Williams headed for the exit, while singing a few lines from an old Kingston Trio song about some guy named Charlie stuck on the MTA. 

“Well, did he ever return? No, he never returned and his fate is still unlearned.”


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