Mr Smith meets his Mistess

by submale

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© Copyright 2001 - submale - Used by permission

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Mr. Smith Arrives

I knocked on the door and it was promptly answered by a blonde wearing a skin tight leather outfit. "Mr Smith?" she asked and I replied that it was. "We can't leave you standing on the step why don't you come in and play?" 
We passed through the living quarters and up the stairs. When we reached the top of the stairs she took a key from a ledge and unlocked what looked like a cupboard door and entered, beckoning me to follow. 

The cupboard was not a cupboard at all, but a small room that was filled with an array of different equipment. She looked at me and said "I'm going to use all of this delicious equipment on you. I will have you begging for mercy". "Take off all of your clothes and I will give you something more suitable to wear". I stripped as she stood over me; she walked over to the set of drawers and pulled out what looked like a pile of rags. It turned out to be a slave costume. She threw it at me and instructed me to put it on. 

This slaves outfit did not cover any part of my body sufficiently and there were only Velcro straps to hold it on. 

She then explained what she was going to do. "I am going to handcuff you to the ceiling, and you will have to stand there until I decide to release you. While you are cuffed I am going to humiliate and whip you. This will cause you great pain and suffering". She walked over to the set of drawers and then pulled out a riding crop, "put your hands in those cuffs immediately ". I could do nothing but comply. I was then standing there and she pulled off my slave's clothing and then thrashed me with the crop six times. She then took out a gag and a set of nipple clamps. The gag was placed in my mouth and the nipple clamps where fitted. 

I could not believe what was happening to me. There I was being tortured by a young blonde in a skin tight leather suit. She walked over to me and pulled something out of her pocket. I immediately recognised it as a butt stud. She walked behind me and then inserted the butt stud into my rectum. "I am just going to adjust it so that it gives you a perfectly tight fit." I thought that I was going to die as she increased the size of this butt stud. It felt as if it was filling my complete body. She walked round to examine her handy work. 

She walked over to the drawers and pulled out a mask. I realised that this mask was for me. The rubber mask was placed on my head and then the gag was blown up, this was most uncomfortable as I was unable to breathe through my mouth and my saliva dribbled down the inside of the mask. I was in complete darkness and was unable to tell what my mistress was going to de next. 

She left me trussed up like this for quite some time and I was starting to feel very anxious, and was unsure what she was going to do next. It was not long until I found out. I felt a severe stinging at the top of my thighs and my buttocks. She started to laugh and said "You are completely helpless and you can't stop me from doing anything". 

"I think that it is time for a little relief, don't you". I was unaware what she was then going to do. I was totally naked except for the apparatus she made me wear. She placed her gloved hands around my balls and started to squeeze, it was only a slight pressure at first be she then started squeezing harder and harder. I was starting to whimper with pain and she suddenly stopped. 

I was fully aroused and she knew it, she placed her gloved hands around my pole and then started to stroke. "You must promise me that you will not come until I tell you too, if you come too early I will be very cross and you know what happens when I get cross don't you" she ordered. She started rubbing and pulling harder and harder. It was getting harder and harder to control myself and I let out a stifled moan through my gag. I could not hold back any more and let my load fly from my pole, I heard her laugh and she shouted "I haven't told you, that you could come yet have I? I think I am going to have to teach you a lesson young man". 

My nipple clamps were removed and then I heard her open the drawer. I then felt different nipple clamps being attached and she put some clamps onto my testicles." These two sets of clamps are going to be strung up to the ceiling, You will have to stand on your tip toes to stop the clamps pulling and causing you pain. I will also whip you. As you move you will be torturing your self, you won't be able to scream and I won't stop until you have been taught a lesson. 

I was whipped and tortured for a number of hours and then it finally ended. 

"So you think all of your tormenting is over do you? Well, think again!". She pulled out of one of the drawers what looked like a pair of metal underpants. I am gonna make you wear these until your next visit and I definitely know that you will remain chaste". 

The device was locked onto me and I realised that I had not contact with any of my genitalia. I got dressed and then went downstairs; she was waiting for me and then handed me a note as I left. I was told not to open the note till I got home. 

When I got home I read the note and it said, "I am going on a months tour of Australia and I won't be back for six weeks I hope you have lots of fun Your Mistress". 

I will have to wait at least six weeks now for another erection and then I doubt I will get to orgasm.