Move Again Research Endowment

by Beast5

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© Copyright 2012 - Beast5 - Used by permission

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Hey readers – I’ve gotten some good feedback from you on the various stories I’ve posted to this site, so I wanted to let you know that I just published my first book. The style is similar to my other stories, but the plot is more filled out and the writing is more polished. It is also filled, of course, with plenty of hot bondage scenes. I think you’ll like it!

If you’re interested, you can find it on the Erotic Book Network in paperback or as an eBook. It’s called Nextwave, and is published under the penname Jay Beach. You can follow this link to both: .

In the meantime, I hope you enjoy my newest short story, Move Again Research Endowment.

Move Again Research Endowment

Sheila loved her job. As a post-doc in the Move Again Research Endowment, or MARE, she knew she was putting her smarts to work for a very good cause. She and her fellow researchers were developing a breakthrough technology that had the potential to give paraplegics, or even quadriplegics, the ability to walk again. Tiny wireless devices implanted directly on an individual muscle fiber allowed that muscle to be manipulated remotely. A whole array of the electrodes, controlled in harmony by a computer, would be able to recreate complex motions that involved numerous muscles, such as walking.

Sheila loved the mental stimulation she got from this job, her first after grad school. She also loved the physical aspect that the job was currently providing. The researchers had shown promising results with mice and dogs, but they needed to move on to their first human test subject. The head scientist had told his staff that they needed someone who was physically unimpaired and in excellent shape, and that it would certainly help if that person had a thorough understanding of the technology involved so that she or he could give informed feedback as the tests progressed. Sheila had been happy to volunteer.

Growing up in rural Arkansas, Sheila had participated in beauty pageants along with most every other girl in her town. She had even done quite well during high school, qualifying for the state competition both her junior and senior years. She thought, however, that her days of strutting her sexy body while wearing a bikini had ended when her brains and hard-work landed her a full scholarship to college. When she went off to school, she had dedicated her life to science. That science, however, had apparently brought her full circle.

The researchers needed their test subject to wear a bikini so that they could visually monitor her muscles as they were stimulated by the computer. At first, they had thought that a skin-tight catsuit would do the trick, but it turned out to be necessary to be able to see even the small muscle twitches that wouldn’t be visible through a suit. They were glad that Sheila didn’t mind conducting the experiments in the rather skimpy bikini. Sheila was just glad that she had kept herself in such good shape throughout her long student career.

Perfecting a human walking sequence turned out to be far trickier than anyone on the team had imagined. Nearly every muscle in the body is involved - from the arms for balance, to the core for support, and of course to all the different leg and foot muscles that needed to be fired in just the right order. The lead researcher had thought that they could focus just on the legs and let the able-bodied test subject take care of the rest. The adult brain, however, has ingrained responses for balancing that involve using muscles throughout the body. Having the brain control the top half and the computer control the bottom half just wasn’t going to work.

The research team also found that only having the ability to fire a muscle was not going to be adequate. Sheila’s brain would automatically tense certain muscles when she thought she was off-balance, which would throw the whole sequence out of whack. Try as she might, she simply could not force her body to fully relax. Fortunately, the team was able to modify the wireless implants to add the ability to prevent a muscle from firing. They could then force some muscles to stay relaxed while firing others, and slowly made progress.

Sheila didn’t mind the long hours and slow progress; that’s what scientific research was all about. She arrived at the lab early every day to run through a diagnostic test that confirmed that each of the tiny electrodes throughout her body were working properly. When the rest of the team arrived, she stripped down to her bikini and started in on the practice runs. In a long, well-padded, room, she was walked back and forth in front of the researchers and their cameras. Every few minutes, they would discuss the results, make small adjustments to the code, then repeat the trial. At the end of a long day, Sheila would often stay late to analyze data and make suggested revisions to the program. It was a ton of work, but exercising her mind and body for a good cause left her feeling satisfied each night.

Slowly but surely, Sheila’s test walks began working better. She fell onto the pads less and her computer-controlled gait started to look more natural. When the lead researcher decided it was time to start working on turns, however, they hit a stumbling block. It became clear that the myriad of glutial muscles in the buttocks were instrumental in pushing the body to the left or right, and the researchers were having difficulty seeing all of the action through Sheila’s bikini bottoms.

“Oh, good heavens,” she said when she realized the problem. “We’re all adults here, I’m sure I don’t have anything you all haven’t seen before.”

With that, she pulled the fabric of her bottoms up into her butt crack, turning them into a thong and exposing the muscles that needed to be studied. “I’ll wear a thong tomorrow,” she added.

The young post-doc really didn’t mind showing off her ass to the rest of the team. Sure they were mostly men, and sure she was mostly naked, but they were all professional and the requirements of the science had to come before modesty. Anyway, the lead researcher always did everything he could to make her feel comfortable, providing her a robe in between test sessions and never saying anything close to lewd or rude. The same went for all the rest of the researchers, who knew how valuable it was to have scientist who was willing to be a test subject herself.

This professional attitude did not, however, extend to one-hundred-percent of the staff. Most of them were quite nice, but there were two electricians in particular who always gave Sheila the creeps. Unfortunately, their jobs as the builder of the implanted electrodes and the installer of those devices were critical to the team. They hadn’t done or said anything specifically rude, but the way John put his hands on her body when he was implanting the devices and the way Steve’s eyes wandered as she marched back and forth always made her uncomfortable.

After three months of testing, Sheila could be walked and turned without stumbling. Her knees still had to be lifted higher than was natural, to keep her from stumbling or tripping on her feet, but all-in-all the program had become quite effective. The lead researcher announced it was time to move on to a new test subject, someone who was actually paraplegic so they could prove the concept.

Sheila expected to feel some amount of let-down after all that time in the limelight, but the severity of her emptiness took her by surprise. It was as if her body, her very muscles, craved the control of the tests. She let the lead researcher know that she would be happy to perform more tests if needed, but she didn’t think it would be good for him to know how much she really wanted it, so she didn’t push the matter too hard.

A week after her personal involvement in the tests ended, Sheila found herself alone in the lab late at night crunching the day’s data. Her body had been yearning for another taste of the computer-controlled movements, so after confirming that she was indeed alone, she decided to go for it.

Sheila wasn’t actually sure what part of the experience her body craved. Was it simply a chemical endorphin produced by the firing of the wireless devices? Did it involve being nearly naked and showing off her long, toned legs and ass? Was it the feel of a complex computer program controlling every part of her body in elegant harmony?

The scientist in Sheila told her to start small and tease out what aspect she was craving. The pleasure-seeker, however, wanted to just hurry up and run a full experiment. The pleasure-seeker won. In very little time, the girl had stripped down, pulled on the thong bikini, and had programmed the computer to automatically walk her back and forth for ten minutes. As a safety precaution, she programmed an override command into a smartphone that she would be able to hold onto. The computer would control her arms and wrists, but she knew she would still have control of her fingers, so could hold the phone and abort if anything went wrong.

Ten minutes went by in bliss for the young scientist. She loved the feel of relaxation that the computer gave the muscles that were not being used. She loved the sight of her long bare legs and arms lifting and swinging with perfect tempo. She loved the thought of her body being controlled so precisely and completely by the computer.

At the end of the test, Sheila realized that she hadn’t really thought specifically enough about what it was that gave her so much pleasure. It also seemed like there was still something missing, so she quickly decided that she’d give herself a longer test. Thirty minutes, she figured, should be enough time for her to figure out just what it was. She also wanted to give herself a better view of her body as she marched back and forth, so she brought in two big mirrors and set one up on either side of the long testing room.

Upon hitting the start button on her phone, the nearly naked girl quickly slipped back into a dreamy state of bliss. That bliss was interrupted, however, by the opening of a door and the appearance of one of the last people she wanted to see: Steve the electrician.

“What… what are you doing here?” Sheila stammered as she quickly hit the pause button on her phone.

“You’re asking me?” Steve said with a smirk. “I need to make a whole new batch of implants before tomorrow’s test. But tell me, what exactly are you doing here?”

Sheila felt quite uncomfortable standing there alone with the sleazy electrician, wearing only her skimpy thong bikini. Sure, he had seen her like that every day for months, but it was different at night, and it was different when there wasn’t anyone else around. She definitely didn’t want to admit to him that she had some secret infatuation with the computer controlled marching, so she made up a quick lie.

“I… I’m just running a test on the code,” she said. “There are a couple glitches I want to work out before tomorrow’s test.”

“Oh,” said Steve with that same smirk. “Okay. Well, it seems a little dangerous for you to be doing that alone, so why don’t I stay here and watch and make sure nothing goes wrong.”

Sheila really didn’t want to give this creep a private show of her mostly nude body, but she also didn’t want to be caught in her lie. As embarrassing as it was to let Steve ogle her for the rest of her test, it would be far worse if the whole research team found out she was doing this for pleasure. She hit the button on her phone to resume the test.

It was hard to decide which direction was worse – walking toward Steve when she could see that he was checking out her bare legs and the rest of her mostly bare body, or walking away from him when she couldn’t turn to see him but she knew full well that he was staring directly at her entirely bare ass. She soon realized that the worst part was not knowing how much more time was left in her test. She had been totally blissed out before Steve arrived, and had no idea how much time had passed or what time it had been when she started. Ending the test early could expose her lie, so she had to just tough it out and keep walking back and forth in front of her one-man audience until the timer stopped the test for her.

Despite her irritation, Sheila continued to feel a physical pleasure from her controlled marching. If anything, that pleasure was greater now that Steve was in the room, and she had to wonder if there was an exhibitionist element involved. She sure hoped that the man watching her so closely didn’t figure out how much she was enjoying herself, but reasoned that she had performed this very trial hundreds of times in front of multiple people who were watching her just as closely. If they hadn’t figured it out, then surely this electrician wouldn’t either.

When thirty minutes was finally up, Sheila made a show of emailing herself the test data from the main computer. She was relieved to finally be able remove herself from the room and Steve’s probing eyes. When she got up to go, however, the electrician had something to say.

“It’s a good thing I came in, you know,” he told her. “You could have really gotten yourself in trouble if something had gone wrong.”

In no mood to be lectured, Sheila replied testily, “Whatever, I could have stopped the test from the phone in my hand at any time if I needed to.”

“And what if you had dropped your phone?” Steve pressed.

“Well I didn’t,” she snapped. “And anyway, the test would have just stopped after thirty minutes anyway.”

Steve, who sat down at the computer terminal during this exchange, wouldn’t let it go. “But surely you know how easy it is to end up with a bug in your code. Like, if you had accidentally put a loop statement right here, then your test would just keep on going after the timer ran down.”

“Well, again, I didn’t,” Sheila said with even more irritation in her voice. “And again, if I had, I could have stopped the test with my phone. Now, we both have work to do and it’s late. Goodnight.”

“Can’t you just admit,” Steve said as if talking to an unruly child, “that if you had screwed up the code and dropped your phone, then your little solo stunt could have been quite dangerous?”

The irritated girl started to call the electrician a serious pain in the ass, gesticulating at him with her phone while she did. From where he was sitting, Steve reached out and batted the phone right out of her hand. With his other hand, he hit the Enter button on the keyboard in front of him, activating the modified marching program.

Sheila’s muscles instantly responded to the wireless signals they received from the computer. Unwillingly, she resumed her high-stepping walk, heading away from Steve towards the other end of the long room. She tried to resist even though she knew full well it was futile. All of the major skeletal muscles in her body were being controlled by the computer. The muscles that weren’t being actively used for a step or to maintain balance were prevented from firing by the modified electrodes that she herself had helped develop.

The marching girl couldn’t stop; couldn’t steer herself back in the other direction; couldn’t even turn her head to address the asshole behind her. Not all of Sheila’s muscles were being controlled by the computer, however. Her mouth, for example, was quite free, and she made good use of that fact.

“Stop the program this instant!” she shouted. “What the fuck do you think you’re doing?!”

“Well, I guess I’m teaching you a lesson,” Steve said from behind her. “Do you agree that what you were doing could have been dangerous?”

The marching girl reached the end of the room, was put through her standard tight turn, then started marching back in Steve’s direction. She could see the huge grin he had on his face, and it pissed her off even more.

“No, I don’t agree,” she yelled at him. “This doesn’t prove anything, except that you’re an asshole. Now stop the program!”

“I just want you to admit,” Steve said, “that if you had made one small typo in the code, then let that phone of yours slip from your hand, then you would have been in big trouble.”

The bikini-clad girl probably should have recognized the need for more tact, but in her agitated state she just kept shouting. “I don’t need to admit anything to you! I am the scientist and you are just a techie! I knew exactly what I was doing and don’t need any help from you, now press cancel!”

While she yelled, Sheila had to march right passed the object of her irritation and off towards the other end of the room. From behind her, she heard the man laugh and say, “Oh, you don’t need any help from me? Well, we’ll see if you still feel that way in half an hour, or if you’re ready to admit your mistake by then.”

Sheila was about to really rip Steve a new one when she felt a stinging slap land on her right butt cheek. Her step was thrown off a bit, though the imbalance was quickly corrected by the computer program. Her diatribe took longer to get back on track. She couldn’t believe he had the audacity to spank her like that! As she struggled to come up with the words to berate him with, however, she heard the door to the padded test room open and close. A moment later she was turned around at the other end of the room and was able to confirm that he had indeed left her there alone.

It took the stunned girl a lap or two to process what had just been done to her. She had marched her current path thousands of times, but always before she was only a word away from regaining control of her own muscles. Even with the solo test she had set up for the night, she was a simple button press away from ending the program. Now, however, there was absolutely nothing she could do to stop from being marched back and forth across the room. Her phone lay on the floor just two feet away from her path, but it might as well have been a mile away since she had no way to change the course of her march by even an inch. She was nearly naked, alone in the lab in the middle of the night, and under the complete control of a computer that had been programmed to keep her marching indefinitely.

Once Sheila’s initial anger at Steve’s indiscretion died down, she was forced to notice that she was still getting the rather inexplicable pleasure from the computer-controlled marching routine. In fact, she would have to admit that the pleasure had become definitively more intense and had taken on a disturbingly sexual nature. She’d been viewed in her thong bikini plenty of times by plenty of people, but never before by someone who ogled her as openly as Steve had. That spank also had a distinctly sexy semblance to it. There was also the fact that she was truly out of control for the first time. Yes, these things were unquestionably turning her on.

Sheila was given plenty of time to get aroused by her situation, and plenty of time to be embarrassed by that fact and get mad at the person responsible. She probably should have been thinking about conciliatory statements to make when that person returned, but instead just planned new ways to berate him. When Steve finally returned, with his fellow electrician John in tow, Sheila’s exasperation only doubled.

“One of you nimrods had better hit the cancel button in the next five seconds or I’ll have you both fired,” she threatened.

Smirking, John said to Steve, “You’re right, she is even hotter when she’s mad.”

“Would I lie?” Steve smirked back. “And you’re about to see that I was also right about her not learning her lessons.” He turned to the still marching girl. “Sheila dear, are you ready to admit that you were acting like a foolish, irresponsible, little girl when you set this test up by yourself?”

A small voice in Sheila’s head tried to tell her to calm down, but Steve’s insults on top of the agitation she was already feeling got in the way of rational decision making. “I already told you that I don’t have to admit anything to a pea-brained idiot like you!” she screamed.

The girl’s tirade continued, but it was rather ineffectual given that she was walking away from the people she was yelling at. The fact that they were dressed and she was wearing nothing but a skimpy thong didn’t help either, nor did the fact that she was completely powerless to stop her stupid march back and forth across the room.

“Yeah, you were certainly right,” John said to Steve. “She really could have hurt herself doing what she did, and she can’t even be thankful that you showed up when you did to help. Do you think we’ll even be able to drill this safety lesson into her?”

“Well,” Steve responded, “we can try. I think we’d better start with her mouth.”

The marching girl had continued her tirade while the impudent men talked about her, forcing them to talk loudly just to be heard. She continued to yell when they walked over to the computer and stopped her marching. Instead of ending the computer control altogether, they had only switched the marching program for a program to stand still.

The lab had developed this simple program early on, to hone their ability to control balance. It left her just as helpless, planted in place and facing away from the men who she could hear typing unknown new code into the master computer. The feeling of powerlessness, and the arousal that accompanied it, continued to grow. Sheila tried desperately to tamp it down, and prayed that the men behind her would never notice it.

After a few more minutes of typing, Sheila’s feet started marching again. This time, instead of the well worn path, she found herself marching over to the implant table. She fought furiously to resist, but had no more ability to do so than she had earlier. She came to a stop next to the table, at which point all of her muscles went completely limp. The two men caught her and easily lifted her onto the table. She continued to yell obscenities until a belt was wrapped around her head, preventing her from opening her mouth. The obscenities continued after that, though in a less intelligible manner.

To Sheila’s horror, John set about quickly implanting a pair of the new electrodes into either side of her jaw. Once in place, the devices were quickly programmed in to the computer, then the men were able to program her mouth to open or close. They removed the strap, since it was no longer necessary to keep her jaws firmly closed. The otherwise limp girl on the table continued to scream incomprehensibly through her clenched teeth, which inspired her captors to go one step further.

Reversing her jaw muscles so that her mouth was held wide open, John implanted more of the tiny devices along her tongue, into her throat, and even into her larynx. When he was finished, the men could completely silence the irate girl with the simple press of a button.

With the forced end to her screaming, Sheila finally took more time to think and decided that it was time for her to admit defeat and end this charade. Unfortunately, she had no way to communicate this, and the men who were firmly in control of her body had clearly not decided that their lesson was over.

“Sheila dear,” Steve said in a patronizing voice. “We’d like to test some modifications to your walking program, but we’ll need to see your chest. Tell us if you mind if we remove your bikini top.”

Of course Sheila could not object, and she could do nothing but lay there as her top was removed, exposing her C-cup breasts to the two creeps. She felt like a rag doll - a naked, anatomically correct rag doll - when the two men lifted her back onto her feet and reactivated the stand-still program. The feel of their hands on her almost entirely naked body sent shivers up and down her spine that she hoped the men did not notice. She could do nothing but stand there, topless, as they whispered quietly and worked away at the computer.

Sheila didn’t think that either of them had much in the way of programming skills, but she was forced to reevaluate as their code began to take control of her body. While standing still, she felt her left boob jiggle. She couldn’t lower her head to get a clear view of her own chest, but she could move her eyeballs to look down her nose towards her tits. First one boob then the other would bounce as if of its own volition. The creeps were flexing her pectoral muscles in isolation, and laughing hysterically at the tittie show they were forcing her to give.

If the red-faced girl thought her trials would end there, she was very wrong. The electricians started up the walking routine yet again. It was already far worse than before, given that her breasts were now in full view, and the two people she disliked most on the whole team were soaking up that view. To make matters worse yet, those two started tweaking the walk routine to suit their fancies.

Sheila’s breasts began to jiggle as she walked. Steve walked along side her, eyes glued on her tits and called back to John to increase or decrease the speed of the pectoral flexing. They quickly found just the right frequency to get her boobs bouncing high up and down with every step. The owner of those boobs tried to flex what few muscles she still had under her control, but could do nothing to disrupt the pattern.

Next, Sheila felt that her knees were lifting themselves higher with every step. What had already been a mix between a walking step and a marching step became a full-on high-kneed march. In the mirrors at either end of the room, had a clear view of just how ridiculous she looked. Her long legs were lifted nearly to her chest with every step, emphasizing their length, their tone, and their nakedness. The absurd motion definitely messed with her balance, but the carefully designed program of the full research team automatically employed other muscles to compensate, keeping her on her feet and marching back and forth in front of her chuckling audience.

Her balance became even more strained when her arms suddenly stopped swinging freely at her sides and began pulling themselves behind her back. The men at the computer kept tweaking the various muscles in her shoulders, back, and upper arms until her elbows were held pressed together behind her. She was fairly flexible, but this position soon created an ache that only continued to build.

In the mirrors, Sheila did not miss the effect her new arm position had on her chest. Her now thrust-outwards boobs were actually thrown off their carefully-tuned bouncing rhythm, but her controllers were all too happy to tweak that rhythm until they got it just right again.

Once they considered the marching program to be perfected, Steve and John kicked back and just watched for a while. The new program was uncomfortable and tiring, not to mention mortifying, but Sheila could do nothing to prevent the electrodes in her body from controlling her exactly as her captors saw fit.

Without the ability to scream, the helpless girl spent more time examining her own feelings, and was frustrated to find that her own arousal had continued to escalate. Something about being controlled, especially in this sexual way, was really turning her on, and she continued to pray that that her captors wouldn’t notice. She also wished they would stop doing things to make the arousal worse, like slapping her ass as she walked by, or tweaking her nipples to see how long it would take her boob bounce to resume.

After an indeterminate amount of time, Sheila saw Steve whisper something to John, then saw them both laugh and return to the master computer. She had no way of knowing what they were up to, until the new commands they were typing were transmitted to her muscles.

First, she was stopped and put back in the stand-still command. Then, without warning, both her knees gave out. She ended up kneeling on the padded floor, but was otherwise kept upright by the balance protocol of the stand-still program. That balance was again tested, but maintained, as her arms were brought behind her back and her chest was thrust out. She did not at all like the final steps – her head angling upwards and her mouth opening wide – but she was just as powerless to prevent the movements as she was to voice a complaint about them.

The two men walked over to the kneeling girl. Steve brushed a stray hair out of her face and said, “Now Sheila, I think we have adequately demonstrated the dangers of leaving yourself vulnerable the way you did. I hope you’re now ready to admit your stupidity and to thank me and John for the valuable lesson we taught you. If you are, I want you to blink twice in agreement that you’re a dumb bitch who got herself into a mess, and that we are extremely nice guys who helped you out and set you straight.”

On her knees, topless, and staring up at the two men who had thoroughly taken advantage of her helpless body, Sheila knew that she should admit defeat, but she just couldn’t bring herself to do it. Against her better judgment, she just glared back and defiantly blinked once.

“Right again!” laughed John. “But are you sure it’s a good idea to go ahead with this?”

“You saw her,” Steve replied. “She still doesn’t get it. She needs to be taught. Now go back there and start the program.”

Sheila knew she had made a mistake when she felt the muscles in her tongue start to flex in a rolling pattern that started at the tip of her tongue and proceeded down her throat. In concert, the muscles lining her throat began contracting in that same downward, rolling pattern. The implication was obvious, though the kneeling girl didn’t want to believe that the electricians would actually cross this line. Just in case, she began to furiously blink twice.

“Oh, it’s too late for that sweety,” Steve crowed as he unzipped his fly. “But if you really do agree that I’m a nice guy who’s helped you out, think of this as your way of saying thank-you.”

The topless girl could do nothing but glare as Steve pulled his already hard cock out of his pants and slowly slid himself through the mouth that she unwittingly held wide open. She had given a handful of blow jobs in her time, but none would compare with the one she was about to give. The rolling contractions of her tongue and throat all but dragged Steve’s dick past the back of her mouth and as deep down her throat as the balls pressed into her chin would allow.

Once there, there was no need for Steve to slide his dick back and forth, as the muscle contractions all around his shaft provided more stimulation than he could possibly hope to achieve on his own. This left the cock-swallower unable to breath and in a state of rapidly escalating desperation. Fortunately for her, Steve’s pre-hardened dick could not resist the extreme pleasure delivered by the throat of the beautiful, naked girl kneeling beneath him. He blasted wave after wave down into Sheila’s stomach before finally pulling out and allowing her to gasp for breath.

Sheila had noticed a sense of hesitation in John about moving forward with the blow jobs. Apparently, though, watching his friend get the dick massage of his life had vanquished that hesitation. Before she had even fully recovered, he was standing over her advising her to take a deep breath. She tried blinking twice at him, but if he noticed it didn’t even slow him down.

John’s dick was even longer than his friend’s, and he pulled the back of her head firmly towards his belly, as if she had any way of avoiding the full shaft anyway. He came sooner but blasted for longer, forcing the recipient to wonder just how much cum was being pumped into her stomach. The thought was disgusting, but somehow her body had continued to get more and more aroused as she was used like a simple sex doll by the two men.

When John finally extracted his dick, Sheila watched as the look of supreme contentment on his face shifted to one of horror. “Oh my god,” he said. “What have we done? We’re going to lose our jobs over this!”

You’re going to lose a lot more than that! Sheila wanted to scream, though she could do nothing but kneel there, breasts thrust out, as Steve programmed an end to her throat contractions and came over to join them.

“No, no,” Steve said calmly. “We’re going to be just fine. I’ve got a plan.”


Sheila lay motionless on the padded floor of the testing room. To the video camera trained on her, it looked like she was sound asleep. The reality was quite the opposite. While the array of tiny electrodes in her body prevented her from moving a muscle, her brain was abuzz with memory and anticipation.

Her memories swirled around the trap that Steve had set for her. He had erased all the data from the computer about the night’s activities. Then he had set up the cameras to record the testing room and automatically send the video to a location that she would be unable to delete. Then he’d left a new program running. That program would delete itself by morning, but the video evidence left behind would be all too damning.

Steve had apparently guessed at Sheila’s motivation for the self-test from the very beginning. He probably knew that she was getting sexual pleasure from the computer-controlled walk even before she did, and that set the stage for his plan.

Those bastards had installed yet more electrodes in her body. The new ones in her fingers weren’t any worse than any of the others throughout her body. The electrodes they implanted in her clit and pussy, however, were pure sexual torture. When they were tested for just a moment, Sheila had exploded in the craziest orgasm of her life.

The video, should anyone watch it, would show Sheila marching back and forth, alone in the room and completely naked. After twenty minutes of marching, potential viewers would see her fall to the floor on her back, spread her legs wide, and go after her pussy with both hands like a sex-starved nymph. Sheila’s memories of that first forced masturbation session were like bits of fire in her brain. It had been short, but so intense she was sure she would never forget it. The electrodes in her clit and pussy had fired continuously while her fingers were forced to stroke her lips, ensuring that the cameras caught a look of pure ecstasy on her face that would leave no doubt as to how much she was enjoying herself.

That first masturbation scene, Steve had promised, would be the shortest. As the exhausted girl lay on the pads, she wondered how on earth she was going to survive the sessions yet to come – one every half hour, and each one longer and crazier than the last. She could almost hear that jerk’s voice as he gloated to her before leaving

You can try to tell people what happened if you want, but they’re not going to be able to find any evidence of me or John being here. And if they look, I’ll make sure they do find the video of you enjoying your little forced walk, then masturbating over it all night long. I think they’ll especially enjoy the session where you’re going to get off from spanking yourself and pushing your fingers into your own tight little asshole. Good luck convincing anyone of your story after that!

Sheila wanted to believe that if she had the power to do so, she would eliminate the ass-fingering scene from the program sequence. She wondered if Steve and John had actually programmed the computer accurately enough to force her fingers through her virgin sphincter. Then she found herself wondering just how many fingers she would be pushing through, and whether her pussy and clit would be triggered to go off before the insertion or while her fingers were inside, or both. And would they have her dip her fingers into her pussy for lubrication first?

At that point, Sheila realized that she was, in fact, hotly anticipating her coming sessions. She wouldn’t stop the program even if she could. She wanted to feel her pussy erupt again and she was looking forward to fisting herself, twisting her own nipples, slapping her own ass and cunt, and yes, even plunging her fingers into her own rear and doing anything else that those perverts had programmed her to do. The very idea of the control she was under was getting her going in a major way. She was easily as perverted as both of them combined, and she knew it.

The only real question left was: if she arranged for them to find her in the lab again, alone and at night, would they take control again and drive her to even crazier heights?