Mountain Mistress

by ZTVFemdomtales

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Storycodes: Solo-M; outdoors; M+/m; bullies; rescued; F/m; bond; gag; susp; enslave; femdom; captive; cons/nc; X

I would have to thank my family for this one day.

My parents had become convinced I was becoming weak, spoiled. Too much time in front of the TV or on the computer. I had it too good in their opinion. I needed to learn how to be a man, how to rough it like they had growing up. So they sent me to spend the summer with my aunt & uncle Theo & Gladys Rooney out in the sticks somewhere in West Virginia. God this was going to suck.

There was nothing to do Boothsborough. There were no movies, no clubs, no anything really. There were only a handful of kids his age in town. Most of them were his five cousins. The only things he found to do were his chores, which took most the day and walking in the woods behind the family home.

"Now be careful," his aunt had warned him on his first day, "and make sure you stay on our side of the property line."


"The land beyond that belongs to the Fords. They're mountain people, very protective of their property. It's better not to cross them if you can help it."

I tried to obey that rule I really did. I never went close to that line. Until one day. I was just walking through the woods one day, bored, when I realized I had company. The Hancock brothers. Three of the biggest, stupidest, meanest boys I had ever seen. They loved beating up the weak little city boy. It looked like they were ready to do so again. As they chased me through the woods I quickly became lost sliding down a hill. The Hancocks were now on me beating the hell out of me.

"Hey!" someone shouted, "Leave him alone!"

Suddenly my attackers were pulled off me one by one. I heard them scream, there was a thud then nothing. I tried to sit up and a powerful hand helped me.

"Thank you."

Suddenly I was thrown back onto the ground. Rope encircled my body pulling tight trapping me. A cloth gag was roughly shoved into my mouth and tied behind my head. Before I could get a look at my 'rescuer' they grabbed the excess rope hanging off the bag and began to drag me away. All I could see was that the Hancocks were suffering a similar fate.

We were pulled into an old cabin where the leads were fed through a pulley and we were all yanked skyward. As we settled I caught a look at myself in the mirror. We looked like sausages being hung in a smoker. It was then our captor showed themselves. If my mouth hadn't been gagged my jaw probably would have dropped. The voice had been muffled by all the blows I'd been receiving so I just assumed it had been a man. This was no man.

She was a gorgeous blond in her late twenties. Just a few inches short of six foot tall her imposing stature was added by the thickest arms and legs I'd ever seen on a woman. Her wide powerful hips were hugged by the tightest tinniest cut off jean shorts imaginable. A tight stomach and powerful abs linked to a tiny neckerchief top tied around full and heavy D cups breasts. I was instantly hard.

"Now I've told you boys about being on property, didn't I?" she asked the Hancocks, "looks like I need to make sure my point gets across this time."

Walking to the wall she grabbed a heavy wooden paddle. The Hancocks started screaming as she advanced. I watched as she spun the three of them around so they weren't facing her. She yanked down their pants and ripped off their underwear. By now the boys were whimpering. She raised the paddle and gave it a swing. WHACK! One of the boys started to cry as the paddle left a red mark on his ass. She gave him several more for good measure before turning to his brothers.

When she was done she placed the paddle back on the wall. Thank god, I was sure I was next. She yanked two of the boys' leads from the pulleys and let them fall to the floor before dragging them to the door and tossed them out.

"Now get. I've taken three of you Hancock boys now. I'm starting to think ya'll like being my kinfolk's slaves."

She slammed the door. Turning back to the other Hancock she grabbed a loop of rope his pulley was attached to. From what I could see it ran out the back door and up the hill and back again. She started pulling the rope. The captive Hancock boy soon found himself being sent up the hill to an unknown fate. Eventually the pulley returned - empty. That just left me.

She came over and yanked me free from her pulley. Instead of falling to the floor I landed in her strong arms. She carried me into the bathroom and propped me on the toilet. She dampened a washcloth and began to gently wipe the blood off my face.

"Oh you've really done it City Boy," she told me, "you've gone and cost those Hancocks another one of their brothers. They're gonna kill you for that. There's no way for you to get back home to the city without them getting their hands on you. The only way you're gonna be safe is if you stay here with me. As you can see those boys fear me. As long as you belong to me they won't touch you. I would give ya the choice but I can't in good conscience risk those boys hurting such a cute little thing so I'm afraid I've already made your decision for you".

"Don't worry none though. I take real good care of my property. I'll treat you right, like you're the most important man in the world. Which to me you are: after all you're mine. Oh and don't think you'll be bored up here. You see we mountain girls have a real wild libido. You'll be enjoying this mighty body of mine for hours on end. You'll never want to leave. Any questions?"

She pulled the gag out of my mouth. I raked my brain looking for something profound or even defiant to say. All I could come up with was ...

"Do I have to stay tied up?"

She kissed me long and hard.


I would have to thank my family for this one day. If I were ever going to see them again that was.

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