Mothers Helper

by Toyboy

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© Copyright 2001 - Toyboy - Used by permission

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Her name was Jenny; she was the mother of my girlfriend (Paula) at the time.  Paula had just left on a business trip for the week when I got a phone call, it was Jenny, she wanted to know if I could come over and give her a hand with some jobs around the home, she lived alone, so I agreed.

As I was driving up to Jenny’s place I was thinking to myself that she was very hot for someone in her 40’s.  She had long blonde hair, blue eyes, breasts to kill for and a body of a model.  As I drove into the driveway I clear my mind of these throughts, and tried to get my cock to settle down.  I knocked on the door and she answered it, she was wearing a light cotton summer dress.  She leaned over and gave me a kiss on the cheek, which returned to her.

After sitting down for a cup of coffee and chatting for about an hour I finely got up and started the jobs.  I was cleaning the back yard up, after about two hours I had finished, it was about 3 pm; I went inside to ask her if she had anything else for me to do.  She replied you could do my washing for me, as I have to go and do some shopping.  At the time she didn’t know I liked to dress in women’s clothes so I said, "yes."  She said she was only joking but I told her that it was all right.  She got up and showed me the dirty clothes and said you don’t have to do this.  It was ok I replied.

I watched her drive out of the yard and down the street and then raced back inside.  I locked the door and went straight to the dirty clothes, my cock was rock hard.  I grabbed a pair of her panties and placed them under my nose, her smell was all over them, and it was driving me crazy.  I took my clothes off and put the panties on, next I grabbed a bra and put that on as well, then finally a pair of panty hose.  The bra was stuffed with other dirty panties.  I walked into the bedroom and looked in the mirror, I looked great.  I rolled down the panty hose and panties and started to stroke my cock, it didn’t take long for me to shoot my load over the mirror.  Next I got on my knees and started to lick to come off the mirror before it hit the carpet.  Once I had finished cleaning the mirror with my tongue, I was thinking the whole time that Jenny was making me clean it, I finished cleaning it with a cloth and got dressed again and did the washing.

When Jenny got home I helped her carry the shopping in and put it away.  She asked if I wanted to stay for dinner, since Paula did all the cooking I agreed.  After putting the shopping away she poured me a drink of wine and we sat down and talked.  Not long after I started to feel a bit sleepy and asked if I could use her bed for a nap before dinner, she agreed.

I must have fallen asleep straight away.  As I opened my eyes I could see the clock it said 8.12pm, I had been asleep for about 3 hours.  Then as I woke up a bit more I noticed that something seemed wrong, I went to move my arms but they wouldn’t, nor would my legs.  They seemed to be tied up.  I was lying on my side I rolled over and Jenny was sitting on the side of the bed.
"You're awake then John, did you sleep well?" Jenny asked. 
"What have you done to me?" I said.
"Well this afternoon I had to come back to get my bag and I saw you dressed in my clothes, at first I was mad but then as I watched a bit more, you were off in your little world so you didn’t even notice me, I got a bit excited and so I grabbed the camera and took some pics, here have a look."

Sure enough there I was standing in front of the mirror playing with myself. 
"After you had finished cleaning up, here have a look!" But I couldn’t look at them. Jenny continued, "I left and did the shopping."
"How did I get tied up?" I asked.
"Well the glass of wine I gave you had something to help you sleep and you did sleep.While you were asleep I tied you up, but I did add some things first and here is the last thing."  Jenny bent down beside the bed and grabbed a wig and put it on my head.  "Now you are complete."  As she said that she pulled back the covers.  She was right she had added a few things.  I was laying on her bed dressed like a woman.  I had a black bra, black panties and stockings on.  Also boots that come up to my knees. 

Jenny helped me to my feet and led me to the mirror and that’s when I got a good look at myself.  Jenny had done my face with makeup and standing there dressed like I was I looked like a women (a very hot blonde truth be told).  After a minute of looking at myself I could feel my cock starting to get hard but there was something wrapped around it.  Jenny also noticed my cock and said “So you would have noticed the little surprise I have for you down there.” With that she pushed something in her hand and I got the electrical shock through my cock.  “Just something I added to keep you in line tonight, as you are going to be my slut” she said
Well what could I do, she had the pics plus I couldn’t get way so I agreed.

“Good but there is one more thing I have to add” and with that she reached into her robe pocket and pullout a ring gag.  She had it in place in a flash. “Don’t want next door to hear you scream” she grinned

Next she pushed me down on the ground and told me to get on my knees. After a bit of struggling I was on my knees, next she came over to me and stood in front of me with her back to me.  Her ass was right in my face.  She took off her robe, underneath she had nothing on.
“First thing I want slut is for you to kiss my ass” 
I shook my head but she just pushed the control in her hand and with that I started to kiss her ass, just the cheeks at first, but after a minute or 2 of that she reached around and pulled her cheeks apart and with out saying a word I started licking her ass, my tongue was right in her hole.  She was laughing and saying “good little slut”.

Then I heard the doorbell and froze.  She picked up her robe, put it on and started to walk out of the room saying, 
“That will be our guest slut, wait here."

To be continued...