Mother-in-laws revenge

by Pete

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Storycodes: F/m; bondage; nc; fem; X

Mother-in-laws Revenge
by Pete
I had dropped my wife off at the airport, with the intention of picking up her mother, Marlene, who had been out at the time share my wife and her friends were now on there way to. However her flight was going to be delayed till the next day. So I set off back the short drive home.

On the way home I decided I now had the chance once again to do something I had not been able to do for some time. I had the keys for her mothers house a short distance from our own. I parked outside, unlocked the door and went straight upstairs to Marlene's bedroom. Once there I knew exactly which drawer to open in her bedside chest.

I rummaged through her underwear, fascinated by her under garments, most of them quite mundane as you would expect a women in her late fifties to wear. I checked the size on a couple of her bras. She was still a size 40, d-cup. I took a couple of items a bra and a pair of her stockings with me into the bathroom. Laid them out on the floor and jerked myself off as I imagined having sex with her. I would never dream of wanting her for real and felt a little ashamed afterwards for thinking these thoughts.

I put her underwear back in the drawer, turned off the lights and left.

Next day I picked Marlene up from the airport and brought her home, still feeling ashamed from doing what I had done the night before. I dropped her off and went home. I was about to fix myself a meal at home when the phone rang. It was Marlene she said as I had done her such a favour picking me up she would make me my dinner and I could try some of the whiskey she had brought home with her.

I must admit she cooks a great meal, and after eating my fill she poured me a large whiskey. I soon finished it and she poured me another and that's about the last thing I remember until waking up.

As I started to wake my head was thumping I made to groan but my mouth felt full and dry. My fist reflex was to move my hand to my mouth but I couldn't. as I opened my eyes I could see I was still in Marlene's front room, but on the floor. For a moment I could not quite take in what was wrong. Some things though sink in real quick. I WAS TIED UP.

I was wide awake now, my mind reeling, I could not understand why. That was not the only shock. I was dressed in women's clothes, white blouse, short black skirt. I could see I was also wearing stockings with suspenders, as the skirt had ridden up at my initial struggle. My wrists were crossed and tied to a rope around my waist. My arms had also been tied above the elbows. My legs were roped just above the knee and my ankles tied to. A rope from the ankle tie was up behind me to my elbows. I was in a hog-tie position, not to uncomfortable but very tight. There was some cloth of sorts in my mouth and the gag had been finished off with duct tape. 

I tried to make some noise, but all I could manage was a mmphh. The door opened and Marlene walked in. She knelt down next to me and I thought she was going to untie, but she just checked the bonds to make sure they were tight. She stood up walked over to the arm chair and sat down. She was still in her night gown so I guessed it must nearly be morning.

'I didn't tell you I had a CCTV burglar alarm installed before I went away" she said." After watching you look through my smalls I assumed you might like to wear them" she added. I tried to plead with her but the gag would not allow me. Marlene then explained what was to happen over the next fortnight my wife was away. I would be kept in women's clothes for the whole time, cook for her, wash, iron, dust anything she wanted. I would refer to her as Mistress at all times. If I complained in anyway my wife would see the tape from the CCTV. I nodded in agreement to all her demands.

Finally she stood up and walked over to me, kneeling down beside me she removed my gag. 'are you going to untie me now Mistress" I pleaded. 'Hell no" she said with a wicked grin. Untying the rope keeping me hog-tied, she rolled me flat onto my back. 'Got another little chore for you first" she said. Stripping off her gown she kneeled astride me, easing herself up over my face. 'That tongue of yours better find it's place in life" she laughed, as she slowly buried my face in between her legs.

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