Moth to the Flame


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Continues from

Part 5

Working in the porn shop proved to be rather interesting. K-Mart had been badly run, and anybody could see that they were clearly in trouble. So I gave my notice, and off I was to work in an adult shop!

Bill proved to be a nice man, and during my tenure there, he never laid a hand on me, nor did he ask about my relationship with Lois.

To him, I was just one more employee that he had to train!

In K-Mart, all I did was to work in the ladies department as a stock clerk. I would restock the racks with women’s bras and panties; and keep it in order all day long. Which wasn’t easy!

At the adult shop my job was to rent tapes and place them back in the correct section when returned, sell books and magazines, and keep an eye on the sex toys!

Dildos, vibrators, handcuffs, all were no strangers to me. I had no problem with the merchandise.

Nor were the customers any problem either. Since I worked during the day, there were few customers compared to the evenings. Those that did come in were quite nice middle class men, and a handful of women!

As in any retail business, I learned to keep an eye out for troublemakers, and I knew where the panic button was to the alarm company. But I had no problems working there, and it was rather nice.

I wondered if Lois had any connections with any S&M shops, and if that was going to be my destination once I got used to the adult shop.

After all, I could probably be a good saleswoman in an S&M shop – given my familiarity with the merchandise!

If you had asked me what a woman was prior to my slavery to Mistress Lois, I would have said that she was in control of her own destiny.

Not today!

Now I would tell you that a woman (more so than a man) was a prisoner to her own body, easily influenced and controlled.


Simply because she has more things that can control her, that’s why.

By things, I’m referring to the fact that a woman has three orifices, a man only two. A man may have a cock, and are frequently accused of thinking only with it. In contrast, a woman also has two breasts, and of course her sex.

I bring up this idea because if there ever was an agony of pleasure, I’m experiencing it right now! Since women don’t have cocks, we have to wear artificial ones that we obtain in sex shops. Until now, I had only used a strap-on to pleasure another woman, first my girlfriend Vera, and later Mistress Lois.

It had simply never occurred to me that a dildo that could point OUTWARD could also be used to point INWARD; and that a woman was uniquely vulnerable to this form of torment.

Lois had ordered me to wear a pair of modest heels, explaining that she didn’t want me to fall during training. I had therefore worn a pair of low three-inch heels that I might have worn to work.

Then Lois had locked a belt around my middle, and I thought that it might be for something else. She next attached something at my rear, and until I looked down, I had no idea what was to come!

Between my legs, I saw a leather strap hanging, and a rubber dildo was attached in the center.

“Ooooooh!” I gasped in surprise.

“Something wrong, Annette?” Lois asked.

“No, Mistress.”

“Surely the harness is nothing new for you,” Lois pointed out, “we use one every time we make love together.”

“No, Mistress. It’s just that I’ve never worn one with the dildo facing inwards, in my cunt all the time.”

“Well, that’s where it's going,” Lois told me in a matter of fact tone of voice, “so open wide!”

I stood in silence as the strap was drawn up between my legs, and the rubber cock (which Lois first covered with a lubed condom) was then slowly inserted into my sex. Finally Lois pulled the roller buckle tight, and the invader was nestled in my pussy, and held there firmly by the leather harness.

I let out a gasp of pure astonishment!

It was one thing to be fucked by a woman wearing a dildo harness, or even with one in your hand or someone else’s.

But this! This was like nothing else – having an erect cock inside me, one that didn’t thrust back and forth in lovemaking. No, this was something else entirely!

“Take a few steps, darling,” Lois instructed.

Hesitantly, I did as instructed – and I immediately felt the phallus friction itself again my sex. Try as I might, I couldn’t expel that invader within me! The phallus was held by an implacable harness of steel and leather! Every movement I made placed me closer to an orgasm!

“Mistress, I...”

“It’s OK Annette, you don’t have to thank me,” said Lois.

Thanking Lois wasn’t quite what I had in mind at that moment! Walking a few more steps increased my heartbeats, and glancing at myself in the playroom mirror I could see that my face was flushed and red!

“You’ve never worn a harness this way?” Lois asked.

“, Mistress,” I replied.

The tight belt around my waist forced my flesh to billow out both above and below the leather.

“I was forced to wear one sometimes by my Mistress,” Lois confided, “and while dressed as a maid in rubber serving a meal.”

I took a few more hesitant steps, and I could feel the sweat running down between my breasts and underarms.

“You may continue to walk and have an orgasm if you must,” Lois told me, and I watched as she picked up a riding crop and flexed it with her hands.

A woman, I now realized was easily controlled! A few pieces of leather and steel, reinforced by the crop, paddle, or even a hand; and she could be made to do anything that another might desire!

I was no longer a Great Neck socialite who vacationed in the Hamptons, nor was I a powerful corporate manager either. I had traded in both of those labels to be something else: a woman’s slave!

“Walk,” said Lois as she tapped the crop lightly against my calves.

“Yes,” I said, taking a few more steps!

If there was such a thing as an agony of pleasure, then this was surely it! The phallus was firmly lodged in my sex, and every step that I made frictioned itself against my vaginal walls. My female body betrayed itself as well, since the muscles were firmly clamped against the invader.

Realizing that there would be no escape, no respite from the erotic agony that I was to undergo, I took one step, placing one foot in front of the other, and then another. There were no sounds in the playroom other than my sharp intakes of breath as my body reacted to the phallic invader within, and the click of my heels upon the wooden floor!


I walked slowly and I gradually realized that I could with intense concentration manage to hold back an orgasm for a while. But the thing inside me was an unyielding Mistress!

Snick! Lois had flicked the end of the crop against my calves once more.

I continued to walk, my breaths becoming ragged as one climax after another washed through me like a tidal wave!

“How do you feel?” Lois asked.

“I’m fine, Mistress.”

In truth, I was anything but! However, I continued to obey Lois and walk around the playroom.

“Stop,” Lois ordered, “can you walk without using your hands?”

“I think so, Mistress,” I answered.

For my honesty, Lois then locked my braceleted hands to the belt that imprisoned my waist. I was forced to walk again, this time with my hands bound behind my back!

“Let me attach a leash to your collar, and walk you around,” Lois suggested.

I stood in silence as she did just that! Once I was leashed, I was walked around the playroom, my heart thundering in my chest, sweat pouring off me as I experienced one orgasm after another!

“Aaaaaaah!” I cried.

If Lois was sympathetic to my plight, she certainly didn’t show it! I stood there in the playroom, naked, with the cock inside my sex, having an orgasm every few steps, which she stood there wearing nothing but a kimono robe, instead of her normal uniform of leather or PVC.

I was her slave, and every torment that she devised and performed upon me merely accentuated that fact.

How little it took to make me a slave! Just some steel and leather, and the proper use of bondage and punishments! I was totally in thrall, and in love, with Mistress Lois!

There was no violation of my body or my person that I would not submit to in order to please her!

“You’re a very good girl today,” Lois complimented me.

“Thank...thank, you Mistress,” I stuttered.

“I know just how you feel, darling. When I wore the dildo harness it felt as if the universe revolved around my cunt.”

“Yes, Mistress.”

I wondered just what my former country club friends, or even the nice people I used to work with in K-Mart, might think of nice pretty and pleasant Annette Harmon if they could see her now! Naked, collared, a phallus implanted in her sex, being led around by a leash by another woman!

Could they even conceive of such a thing?

There was nothing comparable to the feeling of being imprisoned in leather. It’s utter implacability against the flesh of a naked girl, its heady aroma, all combined to make it intensely sexual. No wonder women craved wearing leather jackets and skirts!

“Stop, and spread your legs,” Lois ordered.

“Yes, Mistress.”

I stood silently as Lois unbuckled the belt at the front, and moaned slightly as the belt holding the phallus was tightened before it was released. Then Lois gradually removed the invader from my sex!

“Oh, thank you, Mistress!” I cried, tears of joy running down my cheeks.

“You’re welcome, darling,” Lois answered me.

Soon the phallic belt was removed from my back, and Lois held the thing in her hands. She made no move to free my hands, or to remove the belt from around my waist. I was still to remain in bondage!

“Quite an impressive little tool, don’t you agree?”

“Yes, Mistress.”

“I make Catherine wear one frequently, it reminds her what slavery means.”

“Yes, Mistress.”

If wearing the harness once could produce an effect like this, I wondered what it could do in prolonged use?

“Wearing it while being cropped is an intense experience – just like when I used you on the footstool with a dildo in your cunt,” Lois pointed out.

“Yes, Mistress.”

“We’ll do that someday soon. Now I’m going to release you, and I want you to take a bath, and then to bed. My friend Colleen is coming over tomorrow, and I want you to be fresh and ready for her.”

“Why Mistress?” I asked.

“I’m going to show off my newest slave to my closest girlfriend. And if you don’t perform for her, then you shall be one sorry girl indeed.”

That night, I slept uneasily in my bed. Lois did not want us sharing her bed together, fearing that she couldn’t resist the temptation of making love to me, or else spanking my bottom.

So I stayed alone in the guest room, not even chained to the bed so I could go to the bathroom if I needed it without disturbing Lois to unchain and take me there. Dungeons were all well and good for novels, but in real life, women needed to use the bathroom. A lot!

My one order was that I was not allowed to touch either my breasts or sex, nor was I to give myself an orgasm. If I did, I was certain that Lois could probably smell it on me the next day!

Besides, my cunt still ached from the dildo harness. I never knew how long it was actually inside me, but it felt like an orgasm after another running through me like a tidal wave of pleasure.

I knew that my body belonged to Mistress Lois, for that was why I was here. There was nothing more sensual in the world than to be naked and collared before her, and shivering with anticipation before the application of the crop or the lash.

Now she was going to display me before another woman. I hoped that I would be able to maintain my pose and dignity, not just for the visitor, but for myself as well!

I awoke to the sun’s rays and the sound of Lois in the shower. Once she was finished, she walked into my bedroom and gently touched my naked shoulder.

“Morning, slave.” Lois greeted me.

“Good morning, Mistress.”

“Time to get up and take a shower. I want you nice and clean today, so pay special attention to your shower. Spray yourself with perfume in your special places,” Lois instructed.

“Yes, Mistress.”

Catherine had taught me that there were special ways that I had to prepare myself for Mistress Lois. My armpits and legs had to be shaved extra close, lest Lois become displeased and my pussy shaved in punishment. Perfume had to be applied between my legs, and my nipples rouged to make them even redder.

Slavegirls don’t need clothing, at least in Lois’s house. All I was permitted to wear was my collar, wrist and ankle bracelets, and a pair of three-inch heels. Lois was kind that she didn’t place in anything higher that I would have trouble walking in!

Being naked most of the time had taken some getting used to, but after a while I found it perfectly normal as being disciplined as part of my normal existence.

Most of Saturday proved uneventful, though I did earn a few strokes with the crop across my bottom. I knew that Lois was holding back from using me, to save my skin for her guest, Colleen!

Finally, later that evening, Colleen arrived. I had not been ordered to dress up as a maid like Catherine. Instead, I knelt, naked and collared, as Lois answered the door for her friend.

Though my eyes were staring at the carpet, I got a good look at her when she entered the living room. Colleen was about 35, slim, and very attractive. Her voice sounded like she was educated and highly intelligent.

“Why Lois, she’s lovely!” Colleen exclaimed, “where did you find her?”

“At my job.”

“Really, maybe I’ll get a job in a dealership,” Colleen suggested.

“Two Dommes in one dealership I think that might be too much. Annette?”

“Yes, Mistress Lois,” I quickly answered.

“Please stand up and show yourself off to Mistress Colleen.”

“Yes, Mistress.”

I proudly got to my feet, and displayed my naked body to Colleen, who circled me, noting the fading marks on my flesh.

“I see that you use her often,” Colleen observed.

“That’s the way she wants it.”

“Is she a brat?”

“No, not really. It’s just that Annette likes the feel of the lash. Isn’t that correct, darling?”

“Yes, Mistress.”

“When did I last whip you?”

“Two weeks ago, Mistress.”

“What else have I done since?” Lois asked.

“Mistress Lois has used the paddle, riding crop, and flogger on me in the last two weeks,” I proudly told Colleen.

“May I?” Colleen asked.

“Of course,” Lois answered.

I stood in silence as Colleen pinched my nipples, and cradled my breasts in her hands. Then she reached to the apex of my thighs, and thrust her fingers into my sex.

“Is she always wet?” Colleen asked.

“Usually. I keep her either punished or sexually stimulated most of the time.”

“Does she obey orders?”


“May I?”

“Annette, you will obey Colleen tonight as you do me, in all things,” Lois ordered.

“Yes, Mistress.”

“Annette, lick my shoes.”

“Yes, Mistress.”

I got back down onto the floor and began to lick at Colleen’s expensive leather shoes with my tongue.

“Quick to obey, isn’t she?” Colleen observed.

“Yes, she’s been extensively trained for months now. There’s nothing that Annette won’t do, given the right encouragement.”

“Well I’m certainly going to discover that in the playroom, now won’t I?” Colleen asked.

“I’m sure that you will be very satisfied,” Lois commented.

“That’s enough for now Annette,” said Colleen.

“Yes, Mistress.”

“Annette, is there a way to chain yourself in the playroom to wait for us?” Colleen asked.

“Yes, Mistress. Lois has a set of cuffs open just for that purpose.”

“That’s fine. Annette, I want you to go chain yourself in the playroom and we’ll be there after we discuss some business.”

“Yes, Mistress.”

Leaving the two Dommes in the Living Room, I walked down to the playroom. Hanging from one of the walls Lois had attached a staple from which hung a set of handcuffs. I seated myself on the floor, reached up, and clicked one of the cuffs on my right wrist, followed by my left. Pulling at the firmly locked cuffs, I was chained to the wall and wasn’t going anywhere until I was released.

I waited to be joined by the two Dommes, and wondered what fate awaited my naked body!

Until now, the only other person who had been present at our bondage sessions had been Catherine, who was also a slave to Mistress Lois. Now I was going to be shown off to another Dominatrix, and the idea excited me!

I was naked and sitting on my bottom on the floor, with my back to the wall and my hands cuffed above my head. Just for fun, I tested my strength against the handcuffs, and the steel was implacable to a naked girl such as myself.

Girl? Perhaps I should have said slavegirl! That would have been more accurate.

How could I describe what had happened to me over the last few months? I had been appalled when I saw Lois on stage at that club in NYC; yet here I was a few months later as her newest slavegirl, naked and striped.

Suddenly, I heard the unmistakable click of womens’ heels approaching! It was time to demonstrate my submission to Mistress Colleen!

The two Dommes entered the Playroom, and they both looked wonderful. Lois had chosen to wear her PVC sleeveless catsuit and matching boots, and a belt accentuated her trim waist. Colleen was wearing a leather bodysuit, and underneath was sheer to waist pantyhose, and matching boots as well. Both Dommes looked as if they had stepped out of a catalog, yet I knew what it meant now that they were wearing their fetish outfits: that my respite was over, and my discipline was going to begin.

“Where did you find her?” Colleen asked.

“Actually, she sought me out,” Lois answered.

As a slave, I would stay quiet – that is, unless I wanted a gag in my mouth!

“Very interesting. Had she ever been with a woman before, or was she just straight?”

“Bi-sexual, actually. Until recently, she was married.”

“Did her husband discover her sexual activities with you?”

“Yes, but her husband was playing around as well, so they parted with few problems.”

“Really Lois, you’re so damn lucky sometimes!” Colleen exclaimed.

“I wish you could say that whenever I go to Atlantic City – the only time I’m ahead is when I get out of the car!”

“Well, you know what they say, unlucky at cards, lucky at love,” said Colleen.

“True,” said Lois, “shall we begin?”

“Yes, lets!”

Lois clicked her heels as she walked over to me, and produced a key, with which she proceeded to unlock my handcuffs. I let my arms down from their steel imprisonment.

“You may kneel, Annette.”

“Yes, Mistress.”

I then knelt before Mistress Lois, with my hands on my knees and my legs open to display my sex.

“Very good,” complimented Lois.

“Thank you, Mistress.”

“As you can see, she’s well trained.”

“Do you keep her naked in a collar and bracelets all the time?” Colleen questioned.

“Yes, it makes it easier for me to control her while she’s with me. A slave should always be naked in the presence of her Mistress.”

“What about her mouth, sex, and bottom?” Colleen asked.

“She has indicated that I may use her mouth and sex, but her bottom is off limits.”

“Pity, I find a butt plug to be an effective training tool. But that is what we must abide by. What about discipline?”

“No hot wax, knife play, breath control or mummification. But she does like to be spanked, cropped, paddled, and whipped.”

“More than adequate to prove her submission, yes?” Colleen agreed.

“Yes, more than adequate.”

“Annette, please kiss my boots,” Lois ordered.

“Yes, Mistress.

Lois walked over, clicking her heels on the floor, and offered me her shining black boot. I then began to kiss it, just as she had commanded me to do so.

“Very nice, Annette,” commented Lois.

“Thank you, Mistress.”

“Is she always this submissive, or do you have to discipline her first?”

“Annette has always been a willing student of my tuition.” Lois answered.

“May I?” Colleen asked.

“Of course, I’ll take a seat or assist you,” Lois answered.

“Up, Annette!”

I quickly got to my feet and awaited instructions.

“Up against the X-frame, Annette. Lois, could you secure her, please?”

I walked over to the X-frame, and held my arms up for Lois to secure my wrists, and then my ankles. In moments I was bound to the wooden frame, and helpless.

Colleen removed a crop from the table, and flexed it between her hands, feeling the strength of the bamboo under the leather.

“Kiss the crop, Annette,” Colleen ordered.

My lips kissed the instrument that was about to strike my naked body.

“I thank Mistress Colleen for the discipline that I am about to receive,” I offered.

“You’re quite welcome, darling! But if you think that will reduce your punishment, you’re very wrong!” Colleen replied.

The crop was then brought down on my breasts, and I almost screamed from the force of the blow! It was apparent that Colleen was a different kind of Mistress than was Lois – she didn’t wait to warm up a slave to discipline.

“Are you afraid, Annette?” Colleen asked as she held my right breast in her hand.

“Yes...yes, Mistress,” I hesitantly answered.

Another blow was landed on my breasts, nowhere near as strong as the first, but still painful indeed. I clenched my teeth.

“Oh I nearly forgot, Annette. What is your safeword?”

“Sinful, Mistress,” I answered.

“Do you consider what we are doing is a sin?”

“, Mistress,” I answered.

Another line of fire traced itself across my breasts. Colleen was determined to use me to my fullest!

“Have you ever called your safeword, Annette?” Colleen asked.

“No, Mistress.”

“Then perhaps this night will be your first!”

My breasts again were the object of her attentions as she began to deliver small glancing blows that marked and stung at the same time!

“I always begin my sessions using their breasts or their cunts – it shows a slave her proper place,” Colleen observed.

I stood silently, gritting my teeth in pain as the blows rained down upon my lovely breasts, the very symbol of womanhood!

“You’re going to be tested soon, Annette, and if you fail there will be a severe penalty,” Colleen told me in a matter of fact voice, as if she were discussing going shopping, not about the discipline that a slave girl was receiving!

More blows rained down, some hard, some soft, and all on my breasts. Was Colleen a sadist?

Just when I thought that I couldn’t stand any more, Colleen abruptly stopped and offered the crop again to my lips. I kissed the crop with enthusiasm to impress Colleen.

“Thank you, Mistress,” I told Colleen.

“You’re quite welcome, darling,” Colleen answered.

Her hand soon found it’s way to the apex of my thighs, and cupped my sex.

“Are you always a wet and eager slut?” Colleen asked.

“Yes, Mistress,” I quickly answered.

Colleen clicked her heels as she strode over to a chair, and then stretched her booted feet out on the floor.

“Lois, you may take her down and place Annette over my lap and give me then paddle. I’m going to smack her bottom.”

“Yes, Mistress Colleen,” Lois replied.

I stood impassively as Lois released me, and then walked me to the chair where Colleen waited. I placed myself over her lap, and then felt her hands fondle my bottom, and reach between my legs.

“Are you a brat?” Colleen asked.

“No, Mistress,” I quickly answered.

Lois then handed Colleen the familiar leather paddle, and she flexed it between her fingers, and slapped it against her palm a few times.

“Such a lovely device,” Colleen observed, “so useful in making girls very submissive.”

She presented the paddle to my lips, and I kissed it. Soon, blows were raining down onto my well-punished bottom!

Crack! Crack! Crack!

Colleen didn’t even bother to secure my wrists together! For I was bound by something stronger than leather or steel! I had managed to stay silent while Colleen had used the crop on my breasts, but I didn’t know how I might have reacted if she had used it between my legs.

She set up a regular pattern of three impacts to my bottom, moving the paddle a bit each time so that she didn’t strike the same place twice. I stayed on her lap, arched my back to present her with a better view of my bottom, and received my paddling in silence.

Mistress Colleen didn’t speak or taunt me. Instead, she rained a relentless series of blows upon my rear, and I knew that I would be reminded for days about this evening!

“Comfortable, Annette?” Colleen asked.

“Yes, Mistress.”

With her free hand, Colleen reached under me to squeeze my breasts, already made tender by the crop.

“Ouch!” I exclaimed.

“Just wanted to see if you were still with us, darling.”

“Yes, Mistress.”

Next I felt a dildo pressed between my thighs and into my sex. Knowing what was to come, I opened myself and Colleen had no problem in inserting the rubber cock between my legs.

“You’re right,” Colleen observed to Lois, “she’s very well trained.”

“I’m not sure if Annette takes the dildo to avoid punishment, or for her own pleasure.”

“Annette, I’m going to continue paddling you with the dildo inside – if it falls out, you’ll be horribly punished!”

“Yes, Mistress,” I answered.

Having been punished this way before, I was quite confident that I would be able to keep the phallus in my sex. My vaginal muscles were tightly clamped around the cock, keeping it firmly within my sex.

Crack! Another round of paddling ensued, and my world was reduced my concentration in keeping the phallus in my sex, and the pain of the paddling on my bottom. I wondered how many other girls Colleen had tested in this way.

“Perhaps we should make this more...interesting,” suggested Colleen.


“Up a bit,” Colleen ordered!

I winced as I watched her place clamps on my nipples! The tiny rubber coated steel things were adjustable, and Colleen made certain they were firmly seated on my already erect and excited nipples. Once they were on, I had no doubt that only Colleen could release them.


Crack! Crack! Crack!

With the nipple clamps, suddenly a new factor had been introduced into my erotic test. It had been enough before that I had to concentrate on keeping my vaginal muscles clamped around the dildo. But now that I had another source of pain to contend with, suddenly I was unsure whether or not I could keep the dildo in my pussy!

Crack! Crack! Crack!

The impacts of the paddle on my poor bottom seemed relentless. Lois had originally seemed to be a hard Domme, but that had not proven to be the case. Colleen, in contrast, seemed to be a much tougher Mistress than Lois.

“Have you ever tried two at the same time?” Colleen asked.

“No, but I’m sure that Annette is up to the task,” Lois answered.

“Has she ever been whipped?”

“A couple of times,” Lois stated.

It seemed strange to have two women calmly talk about the use (and abuse) of my body. But then again, I was a slave!

“Ahhhh!” I cried.

While my mind had been lost in thought, Colleen had taken advantage of me and pulled on the chain attached to my nipple clamps.

“You must concentrate, Annette,” Colleen said to me.

“Yes...yes, Mistress,” I answered.

Crack! Crack! Crack!

The paddling of my bottom continued, with only a short break. I was sweating from all of the punishments that I was receiving, and from the effort to keep the dildo in my wet sex. Colleen had cropped my breasts, and now had clamped my nipples. What else would happen to me now?

“There is one final test of your erotic control,” Colleen said, bringing me to sudden attention.

I could feel her hand reach between my legs, grab onto the dildo, which began to buzz!

“You see, Annette, it’s not merely a dildo, but a vibrator instead. Do you think that you can keep it in your pussy now?”

“I’m trying, Mistress!” was my pained reply.

Crack! Crack! Crack!

Could any female slave possibly maintain the necessary control to keep a vibrator in her pussy when so much else was happening to her? It was true that I had been well trained as a slave, but this test was beginning to seem unfair, for Colleen was using me far beyond what Lois had already subjected me to!

The only thing that had not been done to me was to place a gag in my mouth, and I wondered if that was next!

Colleen then locked my hands behind my back, as if to show her dominance over me in one more way!

Crack! Crack! Crack!

How many more blows would I have to endure to pass her test? Ten, or a hundred? What was my true limit – or Colleen’s?

“Very good, slave. Now don’t come, and you’ll be alright!”

Try as I might, I knew that I was going to fail. The final straw had been when she turned on the vibrator – had it just been an inactive dildo, I might have succeeded in keeping it inside me. However, I was now so stimulated I was unable to keep the phallus inside.

Crack! Crack! Crack!

When Colleen gave yet another pull to the chain attached to my nipple clamps that was the final indignity that pushed me over the edge! I soon began moaning and bucking on Colleen’s lap as the orgasms overtook me, one after another.

“Aaaaaaah! Aaaaaah!” Aaaaaaah!” I cried as the sexual climaxes rolled through me like a tidal wave!

Soon I felt my vaginal muscles relax, and I could feel as the vibrator slipped out of me, between Colleen’s hose clad legs, no doubt to drop on the floor!

“Bad slave! You came without permission and let the vibrator slip out!”

“Yes, Mistress!” I cried in response.

“On your knees on the floor,” Colleen ordered.

I quickly complied, and there was the vibrator, by Colleen’s booted foot. She picked it up, and held it in her hands.

“For failing the test, you are going to be whipped, do you understand?” Colleen told me.

“Yes, Mistress,” I cried.

Colleen then reached out with her hand and abruptly removed the nipple clamp from my right breast, and I gasped in pain! Suddenly the other one was removed, and I almost fainted from the surging pains that flooded through me!

“You see, Lois you just have to train your slaves much more intensely. Remember when I gave the same test to my slave Betty?”

“Yes,” Lois answered.

“By giving her harsh punishments she was able to control herself,” Colleen told Lois.

I wondered just what sort of harsh punishments that Betty had to endure from Colleen, was she whipped every day for disobedience?

“Lois, I’d like you to give Annette a wash in the bathroom to prepare her for her next ordeal – I want her rested before the whip!”

“Yes, Mistress,” Lois replied to her friend’s order.

“Come, Annette,” Lois said to me.

I followed in silence behind my Mistress Lois, knowing that I had disgraced her in front of her friend – however it was going to be my flesh that was going to bear the punishment of the whip!

to my nakedness! Had I been sensible I would have given my safeword a long time ago, but instead I had resolved to stand my ground and suffer, lest I embarrass Mistress Lois!

I wished that I had a gag in my mouth, but instead I see them hanging from the wall, mocking me with their promise of silence and dignity.

Instead I worry that I am going to cry out in shame that I cannot endure Colleen’s punishment and make Lois look foolish for the second time in one night!

The price of a Dominatrix’s reputation is the ability of her slaves to endure punishment, their cost reflected in the stripes that adorn their flesh.

I cringe as another stroke of the whip lands on my sex, on the inside of my thighs, the most sensitive part of a woman’s body!

“Aaaaaaaah!” I moan in agony.

I am sure that I must look a real mess right now, my hair in complete disarray. Funny how such trivial thoughts cross my mind as I am being whipped!

“Kiss the whip,” Colleen orders.


“Kiss the whip, or I’ll start again,” said Colleen.

“Yes, Mistress,” I say gratefully.

“She’s very well trained after all, Lois. You’ve done a superb job with her, and my compliments.”

“Thank you, Mistress Colleen.”

“You’re welcome, Mistress Lois,” Colleen answered.

“May I take her down?” Lois asked.

“Of course.”

Actually, it took the efforts of both Dommes to take me down. Whipped and strained, my naked body was composed of agony and little else.

Eventually, I was bathed and soothed, and in Colleen’s bed. On the night-table was a paddle, crop and dildo as usual.

Colleen soon joined me naked in bed.

“How do you feel?” Colleen asked.

“Fine, Mistress,” I answered.

“Well enough to make love?”

“Yes, Mistress,” I replied.

“For the moment, let me do all the work.”

“But I’m supposed to service you, Mistress,” I pointed out.

“Hush, darling. You have endured so much today, let me give you pleasure instead of pain for a change, lest you think that I am a sadistic Domme, out only to inflict pain on others.”

“Yes, Mistress,” I replied.

Laying back in bed, my head buried in the pillows, I watched as Colleen’s head buried itself between my thighs to the sex that she had just whipped so recently. My pain soon turned to pleasure as Colleen’s tongue found my lips and clit, and she was an experienced lover of women.

I enjoyed the feelings of lust in my body as I was soon in the throes of orgasm, and later Morpheus claimed my consciousness as I drifted off into blessed dreamless sleep.


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