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“Well ladies, this is what you’ve been waiting for,” said Mistress Lois.

My Domme’s expert fingers undid the roller buckle at the back of my leather blindfold, and I blinked in response when the light hit my eyes. Focusing, I could see a woman dressed as a Maid (in a black rubber outfit) standing holding a teapot; and my Mistress’s three guests, seated in the living room. They were all wearing brightly colored designer dresses.

I was wearing nothing except for a collar around my neck, a ball-gag in my mouth, leather bracelets on my wrists and ankles, and high heeled shoes that were locked upon my feet. Did I also mention that my wrists were locked between my back, and that Mistress Lois was holding a leash that was attached to my collar?

I was sure that I must have blushed with embarrassment as four pairs of female eyes roved at will over my naked figure. Mistress Lois had warned me in advance how I should behave in the presence of her guests. So I stood proudly, throwing my chest out, so the women could see my rouged nipples. I kept my legs open, so my cunt was on display. I hid nothing, not shrinking from their gaze.

“She’s simply lovely, Lois,” commented one woman.

“Who is she?” asked another.

“This is Annette,” Lois began, “she was born to one of Long Island’s most prominent families on the Gold coast. Big house, vacation home in the Hamptons, educated at prep and private schools, and a brilliant marriage to a rich guy. Now she’s my little sex slave, and I’m training her intensely. Annette, show the girls your bottom, please.”

I turned around and bent over, showing off my scarred bottom with stripes from the riding crop.

“Annette used to have a nice high paying job in Manhattan, but now she works at Victoria’s Secret in the Roosevelt Field Mall. So if any of you ladies decide to go shopping for undies, be sure and go there. If Annette isn’t the most helpful girl in the store, please tell the manager who will tell me – and I’ll correct the situation with the riding crop.”

“Has her husband asked you to train her?” asked one of the women.

“No, her husband threw her out of their house when he discovered that his little bored wife was enjoying sex games with me when he was away. While she has quite a sizable bankroll, more than I’ll ever see in a lifetime, instead I’ve sent Annette off to work. First in an Adult bookstore, then in K-Mart, and finally Victoria’s Secret. I don’t want her money – the price of her slavery is her body and pleasing me.”

“Really, Lois, you’re just so lucky!” said one of the others.

“Thank you, turn around, Annette,” Lois ordered.

I complied, and was glad when the gag was removed from my lips.

“Thank you Mistress,” I quickly said, catching my breath.

Lois led me over to the couch, where she sat down, and pulled me over her knees. I arranged my bottom for the spanking that I knew was coming.

On the coffee table, in addition to the usual tea service was a collection of dildoes, crops, paddles, and floggers. Not the standard items in a tea party – unless you’re a sex slave, of course.

“Kiss my hand, Annette,” ordered Lois.

I complied, and within seconds, felt her hand smacking my unprotected bottom. Lois’s other hand kept a grip on my chained wrists, keeping me helpless on her lap.

Smack! Smack! Smack!

I knew that it was going to be a long afternoon, and all of my Domme’s guests were going to have a go at my body. I resolved not to embarrass myself in front of them, but I knew that sooner or later my sex would betray me, and I would be moaning in orgasm.

How does a nightmare begin, you ask? By being bored silly...

(One year earlier)

“Okay, what do we do tonight?” I asked.

“How about going to another bar?” Vera, my best friend, answered.

“Not like last night again,” I replied, “since when do you have to sign up for a waiting list to sit at the bar?”

“This is Manhattan, Annette, not Long Island. The city is so crowded now you just have to wait everywhere. For a seat at the bar, and even with reservations it’s impossible to get a seat at a restaurant. Even in a chain restaurant like Friday’s you can wait over an hour!”

“If I knew it was like this, I’d have stayed on Long Island. Or maybe you should have stayed with me – at least going out isn’t quite so impossible,” I concluded.

“Well, there is one thing we can do tonight – and it won’t even be crowded,” Vera suggested.

“I’m listening.”

“There’s a club called Sphere a few doors down from here – and every Thursday night the perverts show up.”


Vera handed me a card, and on it was printed a schedule, and a picture of a woman dressed in black leather holding a riding crop.

“It’s a live S&M show. The perverts come every Thursday night with their slaves, they do a little show on the stage, no penetration, and there’s dancing afterwards when the DJ comes in.”

“You’ve got to be kidding,” I answered.

“Whenever things get dull, I go down and see the show. Besides, you’re here since both our husbands are off traveling together – so why not?”

“But S&M,” I answered, “Yuck!”

“Oh, don’t be such a prude, Annette. I have to find something in black for you to wear, and it’ll be just fine.”

“Can’t we just go dancing?” I answered.

“Well, we can try that new dance club, and wait an hour on line outside, in the hope we’ll get in,” Vera replied.

“All right, you’ve made your point. Spanking it is. Damn, if I wanted to stay at home with a quart of ice cream I could have stayed in Nassau.”

“True, but there would have been no spanking,” Vera laughed.

Later that evening, Vera and I went to the S&M club. Vera was wearing a black leather dress, and she had loaned me a black dress made out of PVC. I didn’t ask why she had bought it, nor did she venture a reason.

I tried my best not to look too shocked as we entered the club. At the door was a woman in black taking the cover charge, and unlike the other packed bars and clubs, this one was still pretty empty. We got seats at the bar, and drinks in a reasonable period of time, and the music wasn’t that bad or that loud either.

But it was the other patrons that were the surprise! Men and women in various states of undress, being led around by chains attached to their collars! Others that I learned later were called Doms and Dommes, dressed in black leather, latex, and PVC. This was evidently not your average dance club – and there was nothing like it on sedate Long Island!

Then the show got started. A woman dressed in black leather, as a Dominatrix would introduce the people involved. They would get up on the stage and perform a short act – just a few minutes long. I watched as a man got paddled; a woman was spanked; a woman was hung from a ceiling chain and whipped. After each act the audience would applaud.

“And now,” said the hostess, “Mistress Lois and Catherine!”

At first, I glanced at the stage, then did a double take. Rising from the barstool, I made my way over to the stage. Next to me was my friend Vera.

“I thought you weren’t interested in this sort of thing?” she questioned.

“I know that woman,” I answered.

“Who? Catherine?”

“No, Mistress Lois – she was the greeter at the luxury car dealership where we bought the Jaguar last month.”

Mistress Lois was in the middle of using a riding crop on Catherine’s naked body. The girl was wearing only a pair of panties, and was chained to an X frame that left her totally exposed and helpless. She would issue a short moan whenever the crop’s tip would strike her flesh. Then Mistress Lois would play with her hardened nipples, squeezing them between her fingers.

“I’ve seen Lois here a few times – she’s regarded as being very talented,” said Vera.

“Really,” I answered, “now isn’t that very interesting.”

After returning from the S&M club (once the demonstrations were over we had stayed to dance for a little while) Vera took a short shower and brushed her teeth. While she dried her hair, I followed into the bathroom and did the same. Her bathroom was so small it could only fit one person at a time.

By the time I finished drying my hair, Vera was already in bed, waiting for me. A rubber dildo harness sat at the night table, the rubber cock poised vertically.

Nude, I joined my friend in bed. We both smelled of soap and shampoo and body wash, and I just couldn’t wait to eat Vera’s pussy.

“I thought you didn’t like S&M,” said Vera, “seemed like you were pretty aroused at one point.”

“Just a diversion,” I answered, as I joined her in bed.

I kissed her on the lips, and we rolled together under the single sheet. I pressed against her breasts, and soon began to suck on her erect nipples. Meanwhile, her hand pressed between my legs, and I opened myself to Vera’s attentions.

“Fuck me!” I whispered into her ear.

“Soon,” Vera answered.

It had been a long time since I had made love to my friend, and with the ever-present noises from the city outside, we made tender, passionate love together. We held each other tightly under the sheet, our scents mingling together.

Vera then fitted the strap-on harness between her legs, and the rubber cock jutted out. She then unrolled a condom over it (sex toys are easier to keep clean that way), and then kneeled over me in bed.

“Ready darling?”

“Yes, dear,” I answered.

Vera slowly thrust the dildo between my legs, my sex already being wet and engorged with desire. I opened my legs as she thrust the shaft inside, our breasts pressed together as Vera then began to ram inside me like a piston. I moaned with desire, waves of pleasure coursing through me as the cock made me hot and horny. I matched Vera with every one of her thrusts, beads of sweat running between my breasts and under my arms.

Waves of orgasms washed over me and I moaned as Vera pounded me into the mattress, the springs squeaking as I was pushed deeper into the bed. I folded my legs around Vera holding her closer to me.

“Fuck me!” I cried, “fuck me!”

Vera obliged me by thrusting the dildo deep into my wet cunt as I screamed one orgasm after another. There is something better about being fucked with a dildo instead of a real man’s cock – staying power. And when one of your favorite girlfriends is doing the fucking, what more could you want in life?

“Ooooooh!” I cried, “yes, yes, YES!”

I vibrated like a tuning fork with one climax after another, and Vera held me tightly, the cock still in my female sheath. Finally, we lay together, me still moaning with pleasure.

“That was great,” I said to Vera.

Vera withdrew from my pussy, and pulled back the sheets. The condom covering the dildo gleamed with my feminine juices, and Vera slowly rolled it up backwards and threw it in the small trashcan on the floor.

“What a great invention – no wet spot!” Vera observed.

“Even better – it's still erect!” I exclaimed, as I licked the rubber cock, “can’t wait to fuck you with it.”

“Me too!” laughed Vera.

Later that evening, after I had fucked Vera with the strap-on we lay together asleep under the sheet. I dreamt that I was naked, and hanging by the wrists from a ceiling chain, and something was locked to my ankles, keeping my legs from closing. I then heard the click of a woman’s heels on the stone floor, and Mistress Lois came into view, wearing a black leather bodysuit.

“Hello slave,” she said.

“Why am I here?” I asked, “I’m not into this bondage thing.”

“Really,” Lois answered, then she thrust two of her fingers into my exposed sex. When she removed them, they were coated in my girlish secretions.

“I’m just scared, that’s all,” I protested.

“What your mouth denies your body understands, now lick my fingers clean!”

“Mmmmph!” I said as Lois placed her fingers inside my mouth. I cleaned them as she ordered.

“Now kiss the flogger, darling, and we can get started,” ordered Lois.

I complied, and kissed the woven leather of the instrument, and tensed myself for the first impact of the thing....

I awoke with a start, from hearing the siren of a police car below on the street. Vera was one of those women who could sleep through anything, and I had always been a light sleeper. But I had never had an S&M dream before, and certainly not one about me being flogged. Still, my nipples were hard again with desire, and when I fingered myself, I found that I was wet between my legs.

“Darling, could we talk for a minute?” I asked my husband, Charles, who was engrossed in the Journal as usual.

“Sure dear,” he answered.

“I’d like to get a job – I’m bored!”

“But dear, you already have a job – supervising the maid and the gardener and the house.”

“Honey, I was much happier when I was working, it gave me something to do. Just staying home is dull. Why when I went to the mall and saw a woman folding clothes at The Limited, I envied her – at least she was doing something productive with her time.”

“With your inheritance and my job, there’s no need for you to work. So why not just stay home and enjoy yourself?”

“What time are you coming home, dear. I’ll make dinner,” I offered.

“No, I’ve got a business dinner in Manhattan this evening so don’t make anything for me – I’ll be home very late.”

“Will you be home this weekend, darling? Perhaps we could spend the whole weekend in bed?”

“Sorry, sweetie – I’m off to Chicago.”

About a month later, I had to bring the Jaguar to the dealership for an oil change. When I dropped it off, the service manager offered me a ride home, but instead I told him that I would wait for the car, which was going to take about an hour.

I then walked from the service department into the sales area, and there I waited in a little room with a coffee machine, TV, and some magazines. Pouring myself a cup of coffee, I moved a chair so that I could get a good view of the sales department.

I nearly spilled my coffee when I watched as Lois appeared. She carried some files to one of the salesmen, then sat down at her desk. I carried my coffee over to the window, and pretended to look outside at Northern Boulevard. What I was really looking at was Lois – was this very same woman who had worn a leather outfit and had been cropping a nearly naked girl in an S&M club?

Yes, it was her – same face and cheekbones, same hair. She was wearing a woman’s business suit instead of her leather outfit, but it was definitely her. Rather than stare, I waited for my car to be finished.

Later that afternoon, I parked my car outside the dealership and waited. Lois got off at 6:30 PM, and I watched as she drove her Toyota off the lot. Following her in rush hour traffic was a problem, but she went to a nearby bar for happy hour. After a few minutes, I went in myself, and sat down where I could see her, but she couldn’t see me. Ordering a drink, I watched as another woman soon met Lois. They had a drink together and some conversation, and then left.

Over the next few weeks I regularly followed Lois after she finished work. She usually went to a bar instead of going home, then would meet another woman and then leave. I never saw her meet a man – just women.

Finally, one day I tried to follow Lois, but got lost in traffic. In desperation, I went to one of her regular hangouts, went inside, and waited. After a few minutes, Lois sat quietly on the barstool next to me.

“Good evening, Mrs. Harmon; nice to see you here,” said Lois.

“Uhhh, yes,” I answered dumbly.

When the bartender came over, Lois ordered drinks for both of us, but didn’t engage in conversation until we were alone again.

“Have you enjoyed following me around for the last few weeks?” asked Lois.

“I haven’t been following you,” I lied.

“Really, ever since that day you brought your Jaguar in for service, you’ve been following me around almost every night. Stalking is a crime, you know,” she said, taking a swallow.

“I was in Sphere, a NYC club when they had S&M night. I saw that little lesbian S&M demonstration you put on – very interesting. Perhaps I should tell your employer about it?” I tried to sound brave.

“Blackmail too is a crime, Mrs. Harmon. What’s wrong – don’t you have anything else to do with your life besides following others around and threatening to blackmail them? Off the premises, it’s my business what I do with my sexuality – not for interfering busybodies like you.”

“What if I tell your boss?” I threatened.

“If I am into S&M – how do you know that my boss isn’t also involved?”

I didn’t have an answer for that one.

“Mrs. Harmon, I’m sure that ordinarily you’re a very nice person. Don’t try to involve yourself in my personal affairs – you might get burned. So please go back to your normal existence of being a bored wealthy woman who has nothing better to do than shop all day – and leave real living – to others,” said Lois.

At that moment, I began to cry. Lois took out a few tissues from her purse, and sat next to me as I cried myself out.

“What’s wrong, Mrs. Harmon?” asked Lois.

“I thought I hated the very idea of bondage – until I saw you up on the stage with that girl. For the first time I saw something like that in person – and my nipples got hard and my pussy wet,” I cried, “I’m so bored. My husband doesn’t want me to work. I used to have a high paying job at Ralph Lauren, but after we married, he made me quit. Said I had a house to take care of. All I do is supervise the maid and the gardener – big deal. Whenever I protest to my husband, all he tells me to do is buy a new dress - which I never wear! I was doing better alone in my apartment in the city. And even worse – he never touches me sexually – I can’t even remember the last time we had sex!”

“What do you want, Mrs. Harmon?” Lois asked, “you either need a marriage counselor or a divorce attorney, and I’m not either one.”

“I want to be your sex slave,” I answered.

“That’s quite an interesting request, Mrs. Harmon. Are you quite sure you know what’s involved?”

“No, not really.”

“Good, at least you’re honest. I’m considered to be a harsh Mistress – my slaves are kept naked, collared, and flogged constantly. It’s a harsh regimen – but I’m in demand. You can leave at any time, but never return. Do you understand?”


“Are you busy this Saturday?” Lois asked.


“Good. Reserve a room at the Marriott in Uniondale for Saturday afternoon, and don’t eat lunch. That’s an order.”

“Yes, Mistress Lois,”

“See you Saturday, Mrs. Harmon – and don’t be late.”

End Part One 


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