Morning Chores

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Storycodes: F/m; D/s; basement; cell; naked; monoglove; chastity; cockcage; shackles; chain; femdom; bdsm; spank; tease; foot-worship; denial; oral; climax; cons; X

Jim's room had no windows. It was a small room with naked walls, and a cold, hard floor. Jim had been awake for a while now, though he could never be certain how long it had really been. The only light emanated from the small gap under the only door and to Jim's eyes, it was bright, almost blinding. It made him very nearly certain that it was daytime already.

He shifted his weight a little, trying to alleviate the stiffness in his muscles, and his chain rattled. It was heavy and made of steel, and it was attached to Jim's ankle as well as the room's far wall. As he moved, one of Jim's feet slid off the little bed of straw, and a chill ran through his body when he touched the cool stone. Quickly, he retracted his bare foot.

As usual, Jim was almost entirely nude in his little quarters. His cock, of course, was in its cage. He'd worn it for at least a week now, and there were times when Jim almost forgot that it was there. It was tiny and metallic, and in Jim's view, a little too snug. Gaps in the small prison which held his manhood allowed it to breathe and made some rudimentary cleaning possible. At the moment, however, Jim was wholly unable to do so himself, as both of his arms were encased in a single leather glove. Claudia called it a mono-glove or armbinder, and it held Jim's arms securely in place behind his back. As nimble as Jim was, even he was only capable of lifting them up a few centimeters. As for his fingers, he couldn't waggle a single one. He had to admire Claudia for how good she'd gotten at finding that sweet spot where circulation wasn't being cut off but his arms were rendered more or less perfectly immobile.

Jim had been staring at the glowing door gap for so long that even when he closed his eyes he could still see its silhouette and impatience was beginning to mount within him. So it was with some excitement that he began to laboriously sit up as soon as he could hear steps unmistakeably approaching his cell.

A key was turned, and the door opened. Jim blinked, trying to adapt to the sudden brightness. The very moment his eyes had managed to focus on the sight of his wife, Jim could feel a sharp pain from within his penis cage and he flinched. It didn't matter that she just appeared to have woken up herself. She wore no make-up and her ginger mane was all over the place. She was in panties and one of Jim's shirts, which was several sizes too large for her and her feet were protected from the cold by a fluffy pair of pink bunny slippers.

'Aww morning, honey,' she said amiably, stifling a yawn. 'Slept well?'

Jim grimaced.

'I guess,' he said.

Claudia leaned down and planted a big, wet kiss on Jim's lips.

'See?' she said. 'I told you, you don't need the mattress.'

Jim was still whimpering from the physical contact, which had forced his eager member into a hopeless struggle against its unyielding restraints.

'Oops,' Claudia smiled apologetically. 'Getting excited?'

She tapped the metal cage and giggled, seeing Jim double over from pain.

'Hey,' Jim said when he had gotten ahold of himself.

Claudia was trying to cover her mouth with her hand, a weak effort to hide her amusement.

'Sorry,' she said, looking slightly more serious. 'Ready to go up?'

'Sure,' said Jim, and watched Claudia freeing his ankle from the heavy chain.

'There we go,' she said, and helped him to his feet.

Both the penis cage and the mono-glove remained in place, and Jim stretched himself as well as he was able to.

'Go on,' Claudia said impatiently, and heartily slapped Jim's buttocks, causing him to jump with surprise.

He trotted ahead through a little corridor, then up a long winding staircase, which led from the cellar up into the living area. The prominent smell of fresh coffee wafted in the couple's direction and was soon joined by the pleasant eggy aroma of either waffles or pancakes. Jim picked up his step eagerly.

He was greeted at the dining room by a table, which seemed to have been lovingly set for two with a great deal of care. Jim half-turned, and was in no way surprised to see a look of mischief on his wife's countenance. She overtook him, smiling crookedly, then gestured meaningfully towards one of the chairs.

Jim stepped closer and began to use his foot to pull the chair back for Claudia. When she was satisfied with the chair's position, Claudia slowly sat down and sighed contently. Two cups stood on the laden table, but only one was steaming. Claudia picked it up and took a careful sip.

'You're gonna have me do something terribly demeaning before I can join you at the table, aren't you,' he said with a resigned grin.

Claudia put a hand on her heart as though hurt by the mere suggestion.

'Whatever would make you say such a thing?' she asked dramatically but had to laugh halfway through.

'Hmm,' she said, apparently deep in thought. 'How about first you get on your knees again.'

Jim did, though it wasn't an endeavour that was entirely devoid of challenge, not with his arms strapped into the binder. Jim could feel the muscles in his thighs protesting, and he almost expected a cramp.

'Well done,' Claudia said when he'd completed his task. 'You should call me mistress more, you know.'

Jim blushed.

'Yes, mistress. Thank you, mistress.'

Claudia smiled brightly. She placed a hand on her stomach, and as though in a trance Jim watched as it wandered down.

'This is your goal,' she said. 'But it's not where you are going to start.' Deliberately, agonisingly slowly Claudia crossed her legs, then wriggled her toes.

'Go on, honey,' she said in a chipper, bemused tone of voice.

On his knees, Jim shuffled closer. Claudia's own smell quickly overpowered that of the enticing breakfast. Jim could tell that she hadn't showered, but mercifully she hadn't been exercising either. Though they could be brutal on the unprepared senses Jim had come enjoy Claudia's various odours more and more over the course of their relationship and he was now breathing in the aroma of her unwashed foot willingly and eagerly before pressing his lips onto it. Gratifyingly, he felt Claudia squirm under his touch, as his gentle kisses tickled the sensitive sole. He ran the tip of his tongue along the salty toes, and Claudia could no longer suppress a giggle.

'Nice,' she said approvingly. 'There we go, suck on one, that's it.'

She stuck her big toe in between Jim's lips, and he began to caress it obediently.

'How many can you fit in, honey?'

Jim opened wide, feeling himself being pushed back as Claudia inserted as much of her foot into Jim's mouth as was possible. Jim had to use his neck muscles to push back and allow Claudia to reach all the way into his throat. Only when he gagged audibly when Jim felt short but hard nails against the roof of his mouth did Claudia relent, leaving Jim spitting and gasping for air.

'Great job,' Claudia gently prodded Jim's cheek with her foot. 'I think you can go up a bit now.'

Jim caught his breath and shuffled closer still. Claudia kept her long legs shaven for the most part, but hadn't done so today, and Jim felt the faintest hint of ginger stubble against his puckered lips. He'd always admired Claudia's legs, strong and white, and impossibly smooth and he snuggled up to them excitedly kissing and licking every inch, slowly working his way up towards the knees. The blood rushed mercilessly into the throbbing manhood, where it had to come to the disappointing conclusion that there was nowhere to go at all. The pulsating little member fought with all its might, but the cage was rigid and unbending, and a burning sensation began to overshadow all other stimuli.

Claudia's hand was on his head now, ruffling his hair tenderly but in prime position to reprimand him for any indecent behaviour. Being entirely conscious of it, Jim knew that his eyes continued to dart towards Claudia's beautiful sex, which remained obscured by a lovely pair of pale thighs.

Jim had now made his way to the knees, lost for a moment in what awaited him, he rested his chin on top of them.

'Hey!' Claudia pulled at his hair. 'Being lazy, are we?'

'Sorry, mistress.'

It was quite difficult to reach further back now, and Jim shuffled alongside her legs, trying to get closer. He saw the amusement in Claudia's eyes as she watched him, in pain and craning his neck to try and approach the coveted cunt with no arms to support him and still on his knees. Jim played along, he tried to jump and to lean onto his wife's luscious legs, but of course, he knew that eventually, Claudia herself would have to put an end to his doomed efforts. He was already beginning to breathe heavily when she ran her fingers through his hair again.

'There's a good boy,' she said and rubbed his earlobe between forefinger and thumb, causing a pleasant tingling sensation. She grabbed the back of his head and as she uncrossed her legs she forcefully pulled him closer, stopping just short of Jim's final destination. He could now somewhat comfortably rest his head on Claudia's seat and was held in place right in between her thighs. Jim was utterly hypnotised by the view now, and his body was trembling uncontrollably.

Pain and arousal fought bitterly, and Jim squirmed and wound under the whirl of sensations that threatened to overload his feeble spirit. Claudia's juice had begun to seep through her light blue panties.

'Aww, sweetie,' Claudia laughed looking down at her conflicted husband. 'Go on, you can reach it.'

Mustering all of his willpower Jim stuck out his tongue and pushed it with all his might. A new scent began to envelop him, and Jim moaned with frustration, feeling his impotent manhood throb and twitch and he strained every muscle in his arms against the bindings. The tip of his tongue landed on the cloth for only a second and the sour taste sent shivers down his spine. It only took Claudia a second to grab Jim's head again and slide forwards on her seat pressing his nose up against the wet panties.

'If you wanna get anywhere, you're gonna need to take those off,' she said, her hand still gripping Jim firmly.

Jim nodded against the thin fabric, which separated him from the juicy pussy. He grabbed hold of the panties with his teeth and began to pull in no direction in particular.

Generously, Claudia raised her pert behind just enough for Jim's effort not to be entirely in vain, and little by little, he could see the fruits of his labours. After some time effort and after being helped along by his sadistic spouse, Jim grunted triumphantly as the garment fell.

Claudia flung it away with her feet but Jim only had eyes for the treasure he'd just unearthed. The admiring, longing stare he granted Claudia's bush revealed labia that were already dripping, a few glistening drops caught in the orange curls.

Jim's whimpering intensified, and akin to a tear, a tiny pearl of pre-cum leaked down onto the floor.


Pleadingly Jim looked up into his wife's eyes and his hopes were demolished by the subtlest of headshakes.

'Poor baby,' Claudia said happily. 'I've told you not to ask me for these things before you've finished your duties, silly. Now you better go ahead or I'll have to think of another punishment.'

Shaking, Jim leaned forward again and nudged the bed of pubes with his nose. Claudia's scent was more voluminous than ever now, and Jim sank into it, seeking the warmth and comfort. He ran his tongue across the sex, tasted the precious fluids and was pleased to hear a soft, gracious moan from up above. He parted her lips effortlessly, Claudia's flow growing stronger as he lapped up her offerings, as he explored every crevice with skills that had been well-honed, a muscle that had been well-trained.

The pain spread from his center now, and Jim's legs all but spasmed, only held back by the brief, sweet moments of relief that Claudia's pleasure brought him. Every twitch, gasp and shriek was ointment for Jim's battered and bound body. It was the only thing that mattered, the only thing that could matter. He would keep going, he could keep going because of her because everything he did brought happiness into the glorious existence of the angelic beauty he was sworn to serve.

'Don't stop,' came the soothing tones of Jim's goddess.


Her fingers, Jim could feel them to either side of the divine clitoris now, and he jabbed his tongue in between. Claudia was panting now, her pelvis rhythmically going up and down, her moans getting louder and louder, and the prospect of success, the utter focus on his task blocked any and all of Jim's pain.

'Yes there, there! Do it! Do it now! Make me come!'

He sped up, his face buried in perfect pussy, his tongue nearly cramping.

'I said now!'



Joy and exhaustion overloaded Jim's senses, pushing everything else into the background, his wife's ecstatic moans, the clear liquid squirting violently from the quivering pussy, even the pain flooding back in.

Claudia had trouble catching her breath now. She patted Jim's head approvingly.

'Very good, sweetheart,' she said, and pinched his cheek.

For a second she seemed to think, then as though committing an act of boundless generosity, she waved Jim up.

'Go on,' she said. 'Sit at the table.'

Jim's legs were trembling and he rose to his feet carefully and slowly.

Claudia raised a finger.

'What do we say?' she asked.

'Thank you, mistress.'

'There we go.'

Jim sat down opposite his wife, who poured him a cup of coffee, then put it down right in front of him.

'I think you did really well,' Claudia said. 'I might actually be a bit lenient with you this week. Unlock you for an hour on Friday or something.'

She winked.

'You're just being mean now,' Jim said as he struggled to take a sip of coffee.

Claudia placed a hand on Jim's leather-covered shoulder.

'Maybe,' she said, smiling warmly. 'You like it though.'

'Maybe,' he replied.

The couple held each other's gaze for a few seconds, then they kissed, and it was long and good, and Jim knew he was safe, he was loved and he was home.

'Want pancakes?' and with that Claudia skipped off to the kitchen.

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