Morning TV

by Dungeonmouse

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© Copyright 2012 - Dungeonmouse - Used by permission

Storycodes: FF/f; D/s; cuffs; collar; harness; bond; sling; nipple; bdsm; crop; toys; display; cons; XX

Entry from the S(A)X Leather Bondage Story competition 2005

The camera pans across the studio audience then swings to the stage and tightens in on a confident woman in casual business attire. She walks to center stage as the audience applauds enthusiastically.

"Hello and welcome to Marta Live. I'm Marta Seward and we've got a very special show for you today. As you may know, we were recently outed as bondage fans on the Gromet's Self-Bondage Plaza website."

The audience reacts with gasps, giggles and scattered applause.

"Yes, yes, I can see you're all properly shocked. Well, we have an excellent marketing research staff here at Marta Live. We discovered that 87% of you find bondage either 'interesting' or 'arousing' and that 72% of you practice bondage in some form."

Nervous laughter comes from the audience. The laughter quickly changes to scattered applause then an ovation. Marta holds up a hand for silence.

"I'm glad the research staff got that one right! I told them if they blew it, we'd do a show on crucifixion, starring the research staff.”

Several audience members cheer.

“Ok, we’ll keep that idea in the pot. As today's guests, we have Tamara and Jennifer from Sax Leather in Australia. Sax is a premier supplier of bondage equipment across the globe with quality merchandise for the most discriminating buyer. Tamara is Sax's Director of Global Sales and an experienced dominatrix. Jennifer is a Product Test and Quality Assurance Engineer, which means she spends her business day naked, bound and horny. Please welcome Tamara and Jennifer from Sax Leather."

The audience applauds as an aggressive woman in a tight leather skirt and flowing silk blouse walks on-stage. A willowy blond wearing a flowered sun dress and opera pumps follows. The blonde also wears leather bondage cuffs on her ankles and wrists and a leather collar around her neck. Marta shakes hands with Tamara and nods to Jennifer who curtsies.

"Welcome to Marta Live, Tamara. What have you got for us today?"

"Thank you for inviting us, Marta. We brought several exciting items from our on-line catalogue which Jennifer will model for the audience. I should warn your TV audience that Jennifer is a very enthusiastic bondage slut, so ladies, run check the batteries in your vibrators now. You stay-at-home guys might want to grab the hand lotion."

The audience laughs.

"Our audience is always ready, Tamara. Tell us about Jennifer's outfit."

"Jennifer is wearing a Model 4509 Three-Ring Leather Bondage Collar with matching Leather Wrist and Ankle Restraints, Models 4500 and 4502, respectively. These items are made from the finest 3.5mm bridle leather and will provide years of service under even the most severe circumstances."

As Tamara describes each cuff, the camera tightens in on the item. Jennifer gracefully turns her wrists and ankles for each close-up so viewers can see the cuffs from all sides. She tugs on the D-rings to demonstrate the sturdy fittings. When the camera closes on the collar, she purses her lips seductively, begging the viewers to use the collar for it's intended purpose.

"You'll also note Jennifer is wearing a totally unnecessary dress. Jennifer!"

Jennifer pulls the sun dress off over her head and tosses it off-stage. The audience gasps then applauds. Under the dress, Jennifer wears only a leather chest harness that shows off her amble breasts to good effect. While Tamara describes Jennifer’s harness, Jennifer runs her slender fingers along the straps and manages several tantalizing breast strokes on the sly. Meanwhile, an assistant rolls a medium-sized table containing numerous bondage items on-stage.

"The Ladies Model 3002 Four-Ring Harness is made from 25mm wide nappa leather and is fully adjustable. We will ensure Jennifer doesn't interrupt our discussion with a Model 2307 Head Harness Ball Gag. Marta, would you like to help me?"

"I'd love to!"

Tamara picks up a leather head harness and steps to the other side of Jennifer. She and Marta fit the harness around Jennifer's head. Jennifer makes a show of avoiding the ball gag with her mouth until Tamara slaps her across the buttocks. Chastised, Jennifer sucks in the ball eagerly. As Tamara and Marta pull the straps tight, Jennifer closes her eyes and shudders with arousal. When the girl reaches for her breasts, Tamara grabs a crop from the table and slaps her arms back to her sides. Jennifer mmmmphs and moans into the gag.

"I told she was a slut. I used the Model 2100 Leather Tip Crop on her first offence. This model is fairly forgiving and is a good choice for beginners. When we get deeper into the show, we’ll switch to the Model 4216 Straight Cane."

"I actually prefer your Model 3400 Full Slave Hood for my assistants, Tamara. In fact, my secretary got cheeky with me the day before yesterday and is still in hers! She needed to lose a few pounds anyway. However, Jennifer looks fetching in the head harness and the gag seems very effective."

"The Model 3400 is a wonderful item indeed. Both are effective gags. I chose the Model 2307 for today so the audience can see Jennifer’s expressions.“

Jennifer gives a sparkle-eyed smile behind the harness and sways her hips innocently.

“Now, to hold Jennifer in place, we'll use the Model 5100 Cargo Sling."

A sling of criss-crossed leather straps appears above the stage. Four chains, one from each corner, attach the sling to a mechanism high off-camera. The audience oohs and aahs as the sling is lowered so it almost touches the stage. Jennifer stares at the sling in mock horror and edges away. Her hands move towards her crotch in a protective gesture until Tamara slaps them down again with the crop.

"The Model 5100 is made from 500mm by 3.5mm bridle leather and is secured at each junction by five rivets. No slave is getting out of this sling. Jennifer, sit!"

Jennifer looks at Tamara with an obvious stage grimace then plops down in the sling and slides down so her ass rests on the front edge. Moving like a dancer, she stretches her arms up the rear chains. Keeping her thighs together, she folds her legs up under her butt then stretches them languidly up one of the forward chains. She rolls her hands back and forth around the chains, caressing them.

"Marta, if you would please hand me a pair of those Model 2906 Double-ended Snaps and get a pair for yourself, we'll attach Jennifer's lovely pink ass into the Model 5100."

"I use padlocks on my people, Tamara. But then, I'm not doing things for their pleasure like we are for Jennifer."

Marta and Tamara pull Jennifer's arms out straight and attach her wrist cuffs to the sling's rear chains. Jennifer whimpers unconvincingly in her gag and moves her arms in mock struggle but offers no real resistance. Tamara slaps Jennifer’s feet with the crop and Jennifer frowns in fake annoyance. After another slap from the crop, Jennifer spreads her legs, one up each forward chain. The audience hoots and claps as Tamara and Marta attach Jennifer’s ankles to the chains. When they are done, Tamara signals off-camera and the sling rises so Jennifer's ass is about chest high on Marta. Jennifer twists in the sling and tugs on the chains, moaning. Tamara picks up another object from the table.

"I know this is one of your personal favorites, Marta. In fact, if I’m not mistaken, this is yours."

“It is indeed, Tamara. The Model 8602 Pearl Butt Plug is one of my favorite items although most of my staff now take the even larger Model 8615 Falcon Extra-Large Plug. In preparation for this show, I ordered this one from your on-line store at Just a few mouse clicks and this Model 8602 was on it’s way to our studio.“

“Yes, Marta, our on-line store is quick and easy to use. I think Jennifer is about ready for the Model 8602. Would you like to do the honors?“

“You read my mind, Tamara. I see you have some Wet Stuff lubricant. Does Jennifer need any?"

"Yes, Marta. We always recommend using lubricant with any of our anal devices."

"I keep Wet Stuff around the house but never at the office. I don't pay those silly girls all that money just so I can buy them lubricant."

Marta lubricates the plug and slides it forcefully into Jennifer. Until the plug hits her ass, Jennifer is lolling her head around awhile twisting her wrists in the cuffs. As the plug enters her, Jennifer jerks and looks at Marta with wide eyes. She is no longer acting badly; she’s not acting at all. As the plug trusts into her ass, Jennifer throws her head back and screams into the gag while pulling herself up on the chains. Marta puts a hand on the girl's belly, expertly shoves her back into the sling and rams the plug home. Jennifer howls into the gag then twitches as she settles back into the sling. Her ass cheeks clinch visibly as she tries to accommodate the violent intrusion.

"We are normally a bit gentler in Oz, Marta but I must say I admire your technique."

"Gentle makes you popular; nasty makes you rich.. What's next, Tamara?"

"We're going to add to Jennifer's stimulation with the Model 4130 Tri-Clamp. This clamp features Japanese-style clover clamps for the each nipple and the clitoris. Clover clamps, of course, tighten when tension is placed on them. So, the more Jennifer struggles, the tighter the clamps get. The clamps are connected by a chain so we can apply as much tension as we think Jennifer can stand. We also carry a tri-clamp for men, the Model 4129, which has the clitoris clamp replaced by a cock ring."

Tamara places the clamps on Jennifer. Jennifer is still squirming from the brutal plug insertion and she jumps when Tamara grabs her right breast. Jennifer visibly relaxes when she sees it is Tamara and not Marta grabbing her breast but the blonde still watches Tamara carefully as she applies the nipple clamps, wincing as each one digs into her flesh. Jennifer closes her eyes and inhales deeply as Tamara secures the clitoris clamp. Tamara tugs on the connecting chain and Jennifer squirms in the sling, shaking her head back and forth.

"Oh, you do love that, don't you? Finally, Marta we're going to send our little slut into orbit with the Model 8128 Pearls G Grip Vibrator. This vibrator is curved to apply maximum stimulation to the G-spot and comes with this handy remote control device so we can have unimpeded access to Jennifer while stimulating her as we wish."

Jennifer is recovering from the anal plug and twists in the sling as Tamara nuzzles the vibrator against Jennifer's exposed labia. She thrusts her hips eagerly out and up against the probe, pulling herself up on the chains to move her hips harder against the blunt tip. As she slips the vibrator in, Tamara twists it back and forth, massaging the inside of Jennifer's vagina with the curved head. Jennifer rolls her hips to increase the movement. A muted squeal of pleasure comes from behind Jennifer's gag. As Jennifer writhes, Tamara and Marta continue their discussion.

"I have a G Grip, Tamara, but I much prefer my Pearls Model 8127 Diver Squirmy vibrator. I think this setup, minus the vibrator of course, is something I'll add to my staff break room.”

“That’s nice that you provide recreational opportunities for your staff.”

“Actually, I don’t. This just seems like a good collection of gear for breaking staff."

"Well, I suppose it could be used that way, though we at Sax prefer to think our products give pleasure."

"Well, rest assured I get plenty of pleasure from using your products on my staff and I'm sure our audience is getting lots of pleasure from little Jenny's predicament..."


" let's see if we can add to their pleasure with the Model 4216 cane you mentioned earlier."

"Excellent idea, Marta. I think our Jennifer is ready for some real stimulation!"

The audience begins stamping their feet and clapping as Marta picks up the cane. Marta lands the first stroke on the inside of Jennifer's right thigh, raising a long, red welt on the smooth flesh. Jennifer jerks up and back on the first blow. She looks at Marta with the same wild-eyed face of fear she showed earlier. As Marta begins the second stroke, Tamara keys the vibrator remote and tugs on the tri-clamp chain. Jennifer writhes and jerks in the chains as she tries to dodge Marta's next blow and hump the vibrator at the same time. Marta and Tamara alternate pain and stimulation.

The audience roars as Jennifer thrashes harder and harder against the chains. Squeals and squeaks, grunts and groans, roars and moans struggle past the gag as Jennifer attempts to voice her pain and passion. Marta works the poor girl's body methodically, raising thin, bright lines across silky thighs, creamy breasts, tight belly and firm buttocks. She even lashes Jennifer's crotch, surgically landing blows around the vibrator and along the edge of Jennifer's quivering lips. Jennifer screeches in agony and arousal as the blows fall on her outer skin and the vibrator assaults her inner skin. The audience cheers and applauds each well-struck blow. They deliver a standing ovation when Jennifer arches her back and quivers violently in a very obvious orgasm. Marta gives Jennifer one more stroke on each thigh then turns back to the camera, wiping an errant strand of hair from her face.

"That was fun! Our thanks to Sax Leather and to Tamara and Jennifer for making this a very special show.”

Thunderous applause. Jennifer sags into the sling, twitching and rolling her hips. Tamara smiles professionally as Marta wraps up.

"Thank you all for coming today. You did all come, didn't you?"

Audience laughs and applauds.

"I thought so. Tomorrow my guest will be author dungeonmouse discussing his new book, ‘Public Self-bondage: The Road to World Peace.’ Don't miss it!"



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