More Than He Bargained For...

by Philber

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Storycodes: F/m; escort; bond; rope; gag; hogtie; hood; tease; torment; breathplay; oral; climax; cons/reluct; X

Part One

In 1991, the Soviet Union had collapsed, and soon it was clear that all former Soviet countries were dirt poor, some worse off than others. And soon the all-too-frequent companion of misery materialized: prostitution. Beautiful girls from the former Soviet Union showed up on early European websites of fledgling escort agencies.

That suited Hans to a T. He was divorced, well off, and did not fancy himself going to bars to hit on girls. Booking Russian or Ukrainian girls who combined beautiful bodies and educated minds, and had few inhibitions in using either, became a favorite hobby. Soon, one thing led to another, and, because of his frequent bookings, Hans became a favorite customer of an agency in St Petersburg.

Another reason why Hans found ex-Soviet escorts very convenient was his taste for bondage. He had never found a way to tell a girl he fancied that he wanted her to tie him up tightly. Now that he was divorced, he could enjoy his kink freely. And, because he paid for their services, the girls did what he wanted. They were actually quite happy to do so, because a well tied Hans meant less sex than a regular customer. He would usually request full overnight bondage, so the girl would tie him up and make him cum multiple times, which was easy because of his predicament, and he couldn't slow her down. Or she would tease him, tickle him, spank him for a couple of hours, and, when he desperately wanted to cum, often just kiss the hapless Hans good night, turn her back on the immobilized figure, leave him horny and unfulfilled, and go to sleep. Similarly, because he was tied up, his partner could sleep in late the next day, before giving him morning sex, and that was it. And, for this, she would get as much money as for 6 one-hour meetings, meaning 6 sex sessions. So it was easy to understand why Hans was a favorite customer of both girls and agencies.

Hans was a true bondage fan, not a submissive, a more frequent BDSM stereotype. So offers to whip him, or for golden showers were not his "thing". He wanted to get tied up tightly, and to feel that he was completely powerless.

One day, or rather one night, he was in the hands of a tall beauty called Tatiana, or Tanya, for short, who, uncharacteristically, spoke good English. She was busy with straps and ropes, and taking her time to make everything tight enough to reduce Hans to his desired total immobility. Once he was trussed up, legs and feet tied together, and arms alongside the body, she asked him why he didn't use a straightjacket.

She explained that a quality straightjacket is truly inescapable, but, at the same time, comfortable enough that it could be worn even over very long periods of time. And it was quick and easy to apply. Hans admitted that he had long been fascinated by the possibility of being strapped into a straightjacket, but hadn't come across real ones, and he was not attracted to the cheap ones sold in sex-shops.

"No problem", said Tanya, "in my country everything is for sale. You can even buy Soviet weapons if you have money, so I can easily buy you a real professional straitjacket and bring it to you next time we see each other." Hans asked her how she knew all this. "Simple", said Tanya, "I am a doctor in psychiatry. Which is why I am now an escort on tour to your country, because in Russia a doctor today has a salary of less than $100, and it is paid with more than 6 months' delay. The only way doctors survive is by asking patients for money on the side, which is not legal, but which everybody does. Except that this is good for GPs, very good for surgeons and other specialists, but who wants to pay for psychiatry in an country where our reputation is that we just keep patients locked up without treatment, including a good number of political prisoners sent to us by the KGB?"

"I would have never imagined that my two 'professions' had something or someone in common, but obviously they do. Though, as a doctor, I wasn't the one to commonly apply restraints on patients, but I have still done it quite a few times, and I can do it again, if you want to be really helpless for really long periods of time."

It blew Hans' mind. Just imagining beautiful Tanya in a white lab coat checking on a strapped down patient increased the size of his already sizable erection. He thought that being tied up all night was very long, but she was suggesting that maybe that wasn't the case. He needed to have a discussion on this exciting new possibility. But, as he opened his mouth to voice his first question, Tanya grabbed a gag, swiftly inserted it and buckled it in place.

"Shh, the patient needs to rest and sleep, so, much as the doctor would like to continue this conversation, she will wait while the patient has his long night's sleep!"

And, with that, she took a blindfold and promptly applied it. Hans struggled. That is not what he wanted! He tried to speak through the gag. He was in no mood to sleep right now, excited as he was, and did not fancy laying awake and powerless while she slept. He groaned, twisted his bound body and squirmed until he nudged and pushed Tanya. He knew, if he made enough nuisance, she would give in to his obvious wants. That is what separates hookers from wives and girlfriends, right?

But Tanya was having none of it. She wanted to sleep, and Hans wanted to be tied up and powerless. Fortunately, she saw no problem in achieving both. All she had to do was let him know exactly how helpless he was. So she grabbed some rope, and pushed Hans back to his side of the king-sized bed. She then rolled him on his front, connected the rope in her hand to the one tieing his ankles together, and to the one tied around his waist, and tightened. That resulted in a hogtie, something Hans had seen many times on the Net, but never experienced for himself. His groans intensified in response to this unwanted development, since he could no longer physically annoy her. But she wasn't done.

"Hmmm, the patient is unruly, so Doctor Tanya will have to do something about it. Now that he can't move, we must quieten him down. So this tight leather hood will do just fine. And Doctor has a toy in her bag that the patient doesn't know about, but is about to experience. It is called an ass hook. I am sure that, once inserted and tied in position, the patient will try very hard not to annoy and disturb the doctor!"

Hans was both terrified and furious. How could she do that to him? She had to do what he wanted, he was the client! But there was nothing he could to stop her from slipping the leather hood on his head, and then lacing it down very tight. Now his breathing became labored, and he had lost his sense of hearing. Scared that, the more he protested, the more restraining and unpleasant she would make his bondage, Hans stopped protesting. That is, until he felt her hand spread cold gel on his anus, and something penetrated his back passage, which he was powerless to stop despite his clenching his ass muscles, until he was thoroughly violated. He protested as loudly as the gag and hood would let him, and shook his head violently to signify his extreme displeasure. Which only increased as he felt her connecting a rope to the D-ring on top of the hood that gripped his head, and pulling his head back.

Then to his sheer terror, he sensed the unthinkable: she was connecting his hood to the ass hook, and pulling it in another form of tight hogtie, pulling the ass hook even deeper inside him! His neck and back were now arched painfully tightly. He was torn between the will to fight the strain and the pain, and the fear that, up to now, the more he'd resisted her, the tighter and more painful she'd made his situation. She had said she wanted to sleep, could it be that she would leave him like this all night? He had hardly been hogtied more than a couple of minutes, and already the strain was getting to him. He felt Tanya rolling him on his side, and gripping his hard, swollen cock.

She proceeded to give him a delightful massage, with hand and mouth, until he was ready to explode. That put his mind at ease. Obviously, she was still going to give him pleasure, and the super-intense bondage had only been clever foreplay. Boy, she had scared him! And he was now engulfed in a combination of pain and sweet, sweet pleasure, until he groaned from an approaching orgasm.

Then her stimulation stopped, and he felt a lace tied tightly around his sensitive balls and engorged cock. He groaned anew, as much from the pain as from the frustration. What had come over her that this normally pliant girl would turn into a torturer of the first magnitude?

"So, Hans, my disorderly patient, are you now fully under my control? Do you wish me to just leave you like this and sleep all night while you suffer? Or even to just take my fee and leave you alone, for somebody to find you later, like your maid, maybe? If you are willing to accept being under my full authority as your physician, make a fist 3 times with your right hand. If not, I will just let you be, for as long as I please. Or rather, as long as it takes you to come to your senses and acknowledge how helpless you are!"

Hans was so desperate, he lost no time in obeying the words Tanya had spoken close to his leather covered ear, and he made the requested fist.

"Good, reasonable, at last. Now, dear patient, please acknowledge that you will do what I tell you when I tell you, without any protest or resistance. Otherwise, I just tie you back up as you are now, except I will tighten every knot and bond to account for the fact that you are depriving me of my beauty sleep. So, are you ready to sleep in tight restraints, not because you want it, or like it, but because I say so, and you know that I know best what is good for you?"

Again, Hans, seeing no other issue, made a fist.

"Good! Now I am a doctor; not a heartless sadist, and I shall keep you tightly immobilized and silent, but not more uncomfortable than I have to. Do you trust me? Beware, if you signal "yes" now, that you don't resist me afterward. That would show that you need very severe measures to keep you under control, measures that I am sure you wouldn't like at all. So, do you trust me?"

How could Hans not trust a person who held him in her absolute power? He made fist one more time. Instantly, he felt her release the lace tied around his cock and balls, and relief swept over him; Tanya was really sending him on a roller-coaster, but it was going to work out. It had to, if she wanted to get paid, right? And that was why she was spending time with him, after all. Just as that part of his anatomy relaxed, he felt her taking the strap that kept his arms tightly bound around his torso, and tightening it by two notches!!! Then the ones around his knees and ankles.

By then he was whimpering, his spirit broken by the combination of pain and restraint. He had no idea where she was headed, and only knew that he had lost control more completely than he had ever imagined, which is why, despite his intense predicament, his penis still sported a massive hard-on. She wasn't finished with him yet, as she grabbed the rope that kept his feet in a hogtie, and she made it as tight as her not inconsiderable strength let her. Hans couldn't help groaning and signaling distress into his gag. Even more so when she applied the same treatment to the rope connecting his hood and ass hook. The tension of both hogtie ropes was now back-breaking, and Hans was desperate, but couldn't do anything about it. Simply put, he couldn't move at all, except maybe his fingers and toes.

Exactly how totally helpless and immobilized he was became clear as Tanya's hands began to tickle the soles of his feet, which he couldn't move at all to avoid the stimulation without pulling very painfully on his already arched back. But soon her hands moved to his crotch, and, in conjunction with her very able mouth, gave him very pleasant feelings indeed. After so much tie-and tease, he was soon ready to explode.

That is when she told him to take a very, very deep breath, which of course he did, and she slapped sticky tape on his breathing holes before resuming her ministrations. Hans panicked, helpless, and now airless. But she continued stimulating him, and he exploded in the biggest orgasm he had ever experienced. As soon as he was spent, she removed the tape, and he frantically inhaled much needed air. After cleaning up the sperm, she undid the two hogtie ropes, much to Hans' relief. Wow, it had been incredible! Tanya had been fantastic! He was now ready to be released and to sleep, his desire to be tied up flagging along with his penis.

But that was not to be. Tanya quickly used both hogtie ropes to tie Hans' feet and hood to both ends of the bed, and he was now held fast.

"Well, my patient, you are now ready for bed, finally. You have taken a lot of my time and energy, so do not be surprised if I do not get up early tomorrow. And do not make the mistake of waking me up, either through the night or then, for whatever reason, because I can easily put you back to your previous condition, and not for an evening orgasm, this time. So you have been warned, stay still until I am good and ready to release you, or else! Good night!"

With that, she planted two kisses on the hood where Hans' eyes were, and, leaving him bound and tethered, turned to her side of the bed. Both were soon sound asleep....


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