More Than He Bargained For

by Tim H

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© Copyright 2021 - Tim H - Used by permission

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Be careful what you wish for...

After 3 years together, Steve and Lauren were happy, although both had stress filled jobs. Lauren was a project manager for a telecom firm and Steve worked in the IT department of a bank.

The real problems came when Lauren had the chance of a major promotion, but it meant a lot of studying and their previously active sex life had taken a major nosedive. It didn’t help that Steve had hit on the idea of a threesome with another woman to liven things up and it was starting to get on Lauren’s nerves. She felt bad enough about the lack of sex, but there were only so many hours in the day and her energy levels had fallen through the floor.

Salvation of a sort came when Lauren’s boss called her in and told her the promotion was hers. Her full-on approach hadn’t gone unnoticed or unappreciated, but he was worried about the workload she’d taken on, so he’d assigned her a temporary assistant and gave her 10 days leave to catch up with her studies.

That weekend Lauren had spent ages on the sofa trying to reconnect with Steve, but after initially getting over their mutual abstinence, (even though she knew he’d been wanking himself silly during that time from looking at his iPad browser history) he still seemed fixated on the whole threesome fantasy and try as she might, the idea of him just holding her, being romantic or even aware of her needs seemed to completely elude him. They’d had several quick fucks but when he left for work on Monday, she was left feeling unfulfilled and frustrated.

Just after lunch Lauren had meant to go back to her studies, but her mind kept coming back to Steve and his obsession. How did she feel about having sex with another woman, albeit with Steve as part of the scenario?

The internet was Steve’s go to place for porn and Lauren was sure that had fuelled his fantasies as well as keeping him quiet during their enforced celibacy. She got his iPad from the lounge and looked at several video clips, some she really liked and others were several steps too far.

She had to admit to herself that the idea of a full-on sexual encounter with another woman was both exciting and frightening. Like many women, there had been the odd drunken kiss with other girls during adolescence, but nothing had ever come out of it.

But as the afternoon wore on, she found herself looking at more and more videos as a plan formed in her mind. A plan that would involve her own fantasies, Steve’s and just a bit of poetic justice for all his badgering and poor handling of her wants & needs.

That evening over dinner, Lauren told Steve that he’d finally get his wish but she made it very clear that it would be on her terms. That was enough to get him both interested and curious, so during the meal Steve kept asking her terms were, who the other woman was and about a dozen other questions, punctuated by some clumsy attempts at foreplay, because clearly the idea had got him very hard, very quickly.

They’d gone to bed early and fucked several times, with Steve at least paying attention to something she craved and going down on her, although she was reminded that her pussy needed either a serious trim or total shave.

Thankfully Lauren’s previous efforts had given her enough space to take an extra day as a breather, so organising the fantasy into reality scenario wasn’t a risk. She’d even thought about giving the whole thing a project name, but that made it seem too clinical and above it all, this was meant to be fun. Lots of fun.

As she started on the research it was a real eye opener for Lauren. She had an initial idea of what would happen and the sort of person she needed to be the third person. But looking over some video clips of what could happen, she found herself uncontrollably horny. Sat on the balcony of their apartment in East London, Lauren knew she couldn’t be seen because there was only a small garden beneath them and a view of the river, which was a relief because she imagined her flushed expression and hard nipples would give her away if anyone saw her.

After another 10 minutes of explicit, hard core clips, Lauren had to go inside to the bedroom. With trembling hands, she rummaged through her underwear drawer for the vibrator she’d bought several years before when Steve had to go on a long business trip. Back then, a few days without an orgasm was too much for her to stand. Now that feeling was flooding back like the juices from her cunt that threatened to soak her knickers.

Pausing for only a few seconds, she pulled off her moist panties and dropped them on the floor by the side of the bed.

Lauren checked briefly that the vibrator was still working, (and thankfully it was, she thought) spread her legs and put 2 fingers into her wet cunt. As the fingers of 1 hand probed inside her, she rubbed the vibrator which was on the highest setting, roughly on her clit. Her mind replayed some of the scenes she’d seen online, but with some of the players substituted: sometimes it was her, other times Steve or perhaps both...and of course, that third person was always there.

After what could have been the fourth orgasm, (she didn’t care how many there’d been, but they were awesome!) her arms flopped on the bed with the vibrator buzzing softly on the duvet next to her. The bedroom had that musky odour that only comes from prolonged fucking and the sheet beneath her ass was wet through with her juices as she’d gushed with the last orgasm. Something that never happened with Steve, but she wished it had when he’d been licking her the other night.

Nearly an hour passed as Lauren dozed on the bed, with the vibrator barely buzzing as the batteries ran out. Looking at the clock, she realised it was only around 40 minutes until Steve got home and the bedroom smelt like there’d been a gangbang or at least that’s how it seemed. Opening the windows and stripping off the bedding, Lauren stuffed the now silent vibrator back in her drawer before heading for a rapid shower.

Stepping out with a towel wrapped around her, there was just enough time to close her laptop which was still open at the site that had got her so horny in the first place before the door opened and a thoroughly distracted Steve slouched in.

He grunted something on his way to the kitchen and then returned with a beer planted firmly to his mouth, before slumping on the couch.

After he’d downed almost all the beer, Steve had said that work had been the usual grind, but because the air conditioning had packed up mid-morning, everyone was sweaty and miserable by the end of the day. Then he noticed that she’d come out of the shower and asked how her day had been. Obviously, the truth would have opened several cans of worms and right at that moment, Lauren was more interested in following the thread of her earlier research, so she told him that she’d tried some exercise and wanted to freshen up afterwards. The idea of a sweaty, moist woman didn’t seem to appeal to Steve after spending most of the day without air conditioning, so after he’d showered and dinner was finished, he spent most of the evening watching a football match on TV. Lauren used the opportunity to secretly read a few profiles of prospective candidates for their upcoming threesome.

The next day saw her up early and having coffee on the balcony, which surprised Steve because it was still chilly, but she told him that she wanted to get back into her projects and it was nice and quiet at that time of the morning. He kissed her and went off to work, no doubt hoping that the air conditioning had been fixed.

Looking over the 3 profiles she’d shortlisted, Lauren tried to picture herself and Steve with that person, she thought, the possibilities weren’t endless, but they were very appealing.

Before her pussy betrayed her and she had to go back to the bedroom, Lauren wrote down what she needed for the “event” as well as the names of the prospective players.

Steve had suggested some light BDSM about a year ago and they’d both enjoyed it. Neither of them were particularly dominant or submissive, so they were each happy to adopt either role depending on their mood. It was this brief excursion into kinkier fucking that had led Lauren to start off with a dungeon for their threesome, rather than just a romantic hotel.

Looking over the dungeon online, it ticked all the boxes she’d set out for herself. It was nearby as well as discreet (why a BDSM dungeon wouldn’t have been discreet escaped her, but it was important nonetheless) and well equipped. Added to that, it was stylish and decadently decorated and furnished, rather than tacky or creepy, so it was much more than a hotel could offer.

Lauren spent another few moments and quite a bit of money online, on some lingerie. She picked out a gorgeous basque/bustier that left her breasts exposed as well as her pussy, along with several pairs of stockings.

Being naturally slim with long legs, Lauren was very happy to wear heels because of how they made her look. Steve was always amenable when she wore the 5-inch stiletto court shoes that were an expensive impulse buy, but worth the investment in the long run. A pair of silk elbow length opera gloves and a cute leather collar or choker that accentuated her long, slender neck completed the outfit.

It was now time to call the third person.

The first two were unavailable and frankly, from how their voicemail sounded, Lauren was quite glad. She’d decided to go with a professional dominant, initially because they knew what they were doing, but also for that sense of theatre that they would bring to it. Candidate number 3 was a much better fit for what Lauren had in mind and the more she explained what was on her mind, the more the dominant expressed not only interest, but genuine enthusiasm, which was a huge help to Lauren, because this wasn’t just outside her comfort zone, but totally unknown territory. In fact, they got on well, albeit on the phone and Lauren felt they’d made a real connection. Lauren even got a recommendation for a very good dungeon that was nearby.

Based on that information, Lauren called the dungeon and after mentioning the name of the dominant, the man taking the booking was very courteous and helpful. She made a booking, then mailed the dominant she’d spoken with earlier to confirm times & dates.

Sitting back in her padded deckchair on the balcony, Lauren poured herself another coffee. As she picked up the cup, she noticed her hands were shaking a little and that familiar moistness was back between her legs.

Trying to focus, Lauren thought about her own preparations. Thinking back to yesterday’s orgasms, she knew that some serious pubic hairdressing was in order, but Steve would also need to shave his cock & balls. This meant that she had to gauge when to tell him.

As it was now Tuesday and everything was planned for Saturday evening, she would tell him on Friday when he got home from work. That way he could take a bath, she could help him out with the trickier parts of shaving and she would tell him the plan...or at least as much as she wanted him to know. So much of what made this such fun and so stimulating was the element of surprise.

Everything was set, bookings made and deliveries were being tracked. The time to get back to her studies was overdue, so she closed her eyes for a moment and focused, then started again with her work.

When Friday arrived, Steve left for work and the timing couldn’t have been better because the delivery came 20 minutes afterwards. Lauren’s hands were trembling again as she opened the package and laid the Basque out on the bed, imagining herself in it. Looking at herself in the mirror, she took off her sweat pants and t-shirt and then the sight of her hairy pussy reminded her that she needed to shave straight away, so that there was plenty of hot water for Steve tonight.

It took all her self-control to focus on shaving her cunt lips and between her ass cheeks, without making herself cum, but there were things to do and she knew how distracted this fantasy to reality project had already got her.

When Steve got home, Lauren had cooked a meal of steak, topped with scallops & prawns, big chunky fries and several bottles of Peroni chilling in the fridge. All of which she knew were his favourite things, apart from fucking perhaps.

As he sat down to eat, he looked at the delicious meal and then quizzically at Lauren, wondering what this was all about. After a moment, she summoned up the courage to tell him the plan. How he needed to shave his cock & balls and specifically, not to even think of wanking or fucking before Saturday night...because his fantasy was coming true. Of course, she didn’t mention that the fantasy had become hers as well, because she’d reinterpreted it her way.

As he put the plates in the dishwasher, Lauren ran the bath for him and as he enjoyed it, she brought in a pack of new feminine safety razors, explaining that this was something that called for some delicacy, not the brute force of a man’s shaver.

After nearly an hour, Steve came out of the bathroom with a towel tied around his waist. He was a little over 6-foot-tall and at that point, Lauren had to admit he was in pretty good shape. One of his friends had talked him into a gym membership at lunchtimes instead of pasta and BBQ sessions and after 3 months he’d lowered his body fat and trimmed down to the point where she really wanted to throw him on the bed at most given times and straddle his cock. Speaking of his cock, she told Steve in a firm voice to take off the towel so she could inspect his shaving efforts.

Lauren didn’t have the in-depth and long-term experience of porn that Steve had, but her recent online searching had shown her more than enough to know what a fit guy with a shaved cock and balls should look like, and he was it.

She walked over to him and stroked his smooth skin, feeling the veins in his cock as he got hard in her hand. “Remember what I told you” she said, carrying on with the tone that left him in no doubt who was in charge, at least at that moment. “There will be NO wanking and NO fucking before tomorrow you understand?” Though she was smiling, it was clear to Steve that she meant it. Besides, this was already way better than the times they’d done some role playing and tepid bondage a long time ago.

Struggling a little to keep a smirk off his face, Steve replied sheepishly, “Yes Mistress, as you command”, which got a laugh from Lauren and she told him to put his bathrobe on.

Surprisingly, Steve didn’t attempt any more questioning as to what was going to happen, but instead watched a couple of movies from Netflix that Lauren had wanted to catch up on. They cuddled together under a big fleece blanket the way they had when they first met. She felt very connected to him and wondered if she was doing the right thing taking what was essentially a fantasy and not only enacting it, but getting other people involved, booking dungeons and all that went with it. Would it hurt their relationship, in fact was she risking too much or would it open a new area that they could explore and enjoy together?

The next morning, they sat on the balcony together and enjoyed breakfast. Again, there was that connection that Lauren felt the previous evening and some of her concerns reappeared. But as she gave Steve as much information as he needed, she felt it was going to be OK.

Lauren packed a bag for them both as they were staying overnight at the dungeon. Her new lingerie went in a smaller separate bag, along with her shoes as well as makeup, perfume and a few items for her hair. Lauren had short blond hair, which was easy to work with and keep tidy, which saved her a lot of time in the mornings.

Steve didn’t need much actually. The dungeon had sent Lauren a list of what they provided, items like towels and basic toiletries, but she packed a change of clothes, along with fresh socks & underpants for him anyway. Being a typical man, she thought, he would have worn the same ones for a week!

In the taxi over to the dungeon, she held his hand and thanked him for not wanting to know every little detail like a total control freak, but curiously he said it was a real turn-on to have her in charge, making it a bit like Christmas and she squeezed his hand and smiled.

When they got there, they were shown in by a petite and very attractive Asian girl in her mid-20’s, wearing a crisp white blouse and narrow leather skirt. Her long dark hair cascaded down her back in sharp contrast to the white of her blouse. The outfit was set off by elegant black stockings (well, Steve mentally speculated and assumed anyway, as well as looking at her appreciatively) and high heels.

After being shown through to a stylish lounge and being offered a glass of champagne, they were left alone for a few moments. They were both almost silent and absorbed in their own thoughts. It was difficult for either of them to know what to say.

After all, what passes for acceptable conversation in a BDSM dungeon anyway?

Just as they finished their drinks the door opened and a man dressed in black shirt and trousers came in. He was tall and athletically built and his grey hair put him in his mid-50’s. He introduced himself as Simon and if there was anything they needed; it would be him that made sure they got it.

Smiling at Lauren, he told her that her guest had arrived earlier and would be ready in about 5 minutes and then held the door open for them and showed them to a small bedroom. Simon explained to Steve that Lauren had put together the plan and that he should follow her lead. Adopting a somewhat submissive stance, Steve lowered his eyes slightly and said that he would.

Lauren was quite proud of him at that moment and they both undressed, although before she did, she got out the bag containing her new lingerie and shoes and placed it on the bed.

They both put on matching bathrobes and, turning to Steve, she held him tight and told him what would be happening as soon as they got into the dungeon room itself. Lauren said she wanted him to watch at first, but he’d be bound, unable to do anything and gagged, so not able to speak either.

This information really seemed to be what he wanted to hear, because Lauren saw his cock harden almost immediately under the bathrobe and she gave his balls a gentle squeeze to reinforce just who was in charge here. In a quiet voice, Steve said to Lauren “you know, I always enjoyed you being in charge in our roleplay sessions, far more than the other way around” and then looked down again.

Lauren smiled broadly and told him to follow her into the main dungeon room.

Inside, the room wasn’t a typical dungeon constructed of brick or stone walls, but white walls illuminated with coloured light LED’s giving an atmospheric effect of tranquillity. Tasteful but erotic prints were hung on the walls, so it could have been a very kinky bachelor’s pad.

On the other hand, the “furniture” left no doubt as to the purpose of the room.

Against one wall was the classic St Andrews cross, as well as several different benches, which Steve and Lauren recognised from the various films they’d watched online.

Other racks had floggers, canes and clamps hanging from them.

On a hook near the torture implements was an ornate leather coat hanger, which had a male slave harness on it.

Lauren told him to take off his robe and she placed it in a wicker basket near to the hanger. She helped him to put on the harness, which included a cock ring that almost instantly constricted the flow of blood and caused the veins on his hard on to stand out. After the harness had been tightened so that it was comfortable, Lauren fastened leather cuffs on his wrists and instructed him in a firm, sultry voice to kneel on a black foam square in the middle of the room, facing the door.

Next, she put matching ankle cuffs on him and then attached a strong strap assembly in an X shape to all the cuffs, effectively immobilising him in that kneeling position. As he adjusted himself to this new form of bondage, Steve couldn’t help moaning a little as his cock became more strained and Lauren wondered how much he was enjoying this. Then, to make sure he could say nothing, or that was her explanation for it, she put a ring gag on his mouth that forced it wide open.

Standing back to admire her handiwork, she was very aroused by the sight of her boyfriend’s bound body and straining cock as well as the thought of what was going to happen. Lauren patted him on the head, in a very patronising way and told him she would be back with their “playmate” in a few minutes and he should take the time to think about what was about to happen, and with a wicked smile, she took off the bathrobe and threw it in the basket along with his and walked out of the dungeon.

Steve tried to watch Lauren’s lovely butt cheeks disappearing out of the door as she left the dungeon, it was one of his favourite views, but the heavy dressing gown spoiled that, so he tried to get himself some way towards being comfortable as he waited.

Although Lauren was only gone for nearly 10 minutes, Steve’s hard on didn’t subside despite the pain caused by the cock ring.

In the bedroom where they’d both undressed, Simon was there with their guest; although they’d only spoken on the phone, it did help to dispel Lauren’s nervousness. They chatted for a moment to confirm various aspects while Lauren put on her lingerie and then they both walked into the dungeon.

Lauren was several steps behind, so it was the dominant that Steve saw first.

It may be a cliché, but a gorgeous woman in thigh high PVC boots, with a stiletto heel gets attention...lots of attention. It was safe to say that however much he loved Lauren and how she looked, Steve was fixated on the Goddess striding slowly towards him.

In a husky, slightly deep voice she commanded Lauren to put on the music, then she stopped about 6 feet away from Steve and with her long legs slightly apart and hands on her hips. She looked him over as he took in all her magnificence. Of course, the boots made her taller, but still, she had long athletic legs that those boots showed off so well, topped with stockings. Her outfit was amazing too, a tight PVC low cut corset over which a pair of (enhanced?) beautifully full, firm breasts stood out proudly. Her nipples were long, almost button like and pierced with gleaming chrome rings.

As Steve struggled to shift his focus from those glorious breasts, he saw her face, strong but feminine with long black hair cascading down over her shoulders. She had slightly Mediterranean skin and deep, mysterious brown eyes.

Turning so that she was side on to Steve, she took Lauren in her arms and kissed her deeply and passionately. The music was soulful jazz, the sort you would hear in clubs and want to dance close together to. They both moved to its rhythmic sound in a way that had Steve staring and drooling.

His erection was now straining at the cock ring so much that a long moan escaped his mouth, despite the gag. Both turned their heads slightly to look at him and smile, their mouths open and moist before kissing again. Steve could see their hands moving up and down each other’s bodies, especially the incredible ass cheeks both possessed.

After a few minutes, they seemed a little breathless and stopped kissing, then crossed the short distance to where Steve was kneeling. By now, his eyes were wide open taking in the scene that summed all his fantasies at once. They both looked down at him, then the dominant introduced herself: “Hello Steven, I’m Mistress Jasmine...although you’ll just address me as Mistress, understood?” at which Steve nodded, his gaze locked with her in an almost hypnotised way.

“Lauren is such a lovely little pet, I’m going to have fun with her later,” Mistress said, which got more than a hint of a blush from Lauren. “But for now, I’m going to give you some advice Steven...your browser history can be very can show what you secretly wish for. And you should always be careful what you wish for!”

Steve was confused and more than a bit concerned. What part of his porn watching past was coming back to haunt him?

Mistress took Steve’s chin in her gloved hand and said to him “Just relax and let this happen, you’re going to enjoy it”, her voice was slightly deeper now and quieter, much more intimate. “I know I will,” followed by a wicked smile.

With her free hand, Mistress pushed her panties down a little and out popped a long, hard cock that was totally shaved.

The sudden movement caught Steve’s eyes and he looked down at the cock that had appeared from nowhere. He’d been surprised when Mistress walked through the door, but that was eclipsed by this revelation.

Mistress tapped him on the cheek and said to him in a commanding voice, “Steven, Lauren has shown me some of the video’s you’ve watched online. Where beautiful shemale’s force unsuspecting males to suck them...well now this is going to happen to you. Embrace the new experience and who knows, you may even enjoy it!” and with that, Mistress slowly slid her cock into Steve’s stretched gaping mouth.

Steve was torn between so many emotions at that time. Feeling he was a completely straight, macho male who wouldn’t even look at another guy’s prick at the gym on one hand and on the other, totally turned on by this Goddess towering over him, commanding him.

Besides which, the ring gag made it impossible for him not to allow the flesh of Mistress’s cock into his mouth. Even though at that moment, he wasn’t sure if he would have sucked it anyway. His curiosity and arousal having eroded his previous conceptions of who he was.

In an instant, Steve had a flashback to a conversation he’d had about a year before. One of his friends from university, Geoff, had gone to Amsterdam on a stag weekend. Geoff was a rugby player, good looking and what you’d call a typical Alpha male, as hetero as you could imagine.

One Saturday night, Steve and Geoff were having a very drunken conversation about weird experiences and Geoff told of the time he’d been kissing a lovely little Thai girl in a bar near the main station. He’d gone to the toilet and when he came back, everyone else had moved onto the next stop on their pub-crawl. But never wanting to pass the chance for a fuck, Geoff had stayed with the Thai girl he’d been chatting with for about 20 minutes. After a few more drinks and some interesting cake, they went back to her apartment and Geoff was laid on the bed getting the best blowjob he’d ever had. Looking up at him, Mia (he’d asked her name just before she popped his cock in her mouth!) asked if he liked anal and Geoff’s eyes lit up like he’d won the lottery.

Geoff said that Mia had undressed and he’d found out that well, they had more in common than he thought at first. But the booze, the hash cookies and his hard on got the better of him and...he’d looked at Steve and said it was the best ass fuck he’d ever had, but ever since it’d happened, he was confused and wondering what it meant.

Now Steve found himself on similar ground. From a submissive point of view, it was amazing, being led past so many of his boundaries. But he was totally innocent as to what it meant for him to suck another cock and his efforts were lacking to say the least.

Lauren was standing next to Mistress, watching her fuck Steve’s mouth. Her expression was one of lust and excitement as her boyfriend was subjected to this humiliation. Almost absentmindedly Lauren had been stroking Mistress’s firm buttocks as she thrust slowly in and out of Steve’s mouth.

Smiling down at her, (Mistress was about 5 inches taller, partly due to the boots) Mistress told Lauren to go and fetch her other playmate from the bedroom. Lauren smiled broadly and nodded, “yes Mistress, right away” and Steve could just make her out as her pert little buttocks walked into the bedroom.

A moment later she reappeared with a blond-haired man of similar height and build to Steve, also wearing a slave harness. Unlike Steve, this man was wearing a collar and a chain leash was attached to it and Lauren led him up to Mistress’s side.

Taking her cock out of Steve’s mouth, Mistress stepped away from Steve and turned to the other submissive. She patted her collared slave on the head and obediently he knelt beside her, much like a well-trained dog would do.

Stroking his head, Mistress said to him “Be a good boy and lie on the floor, on your stomach and show Steven how to suck cock properly” and pausing only to say thank You Mistress, the slave lay down on his stomach and took Steve’s cock in his mouth.

This only served to deepen Steve’s already conflicted state of mind. He’d never had his cock sucked in such a way. In one second, there was a light flickering of the slave’s tongue just below the head of Steve’s cock and then suddenly a deep sucking that threatened to drain the cum out of his balls, only to stop and make his head spin again with a sensitive approach.

Mistress and Lauren watched him with interest, absentmindedly stroking each other as the expressions on his face changed. Most of the time his eyes were shut tightly, but occasionally they would open wide almost in shock. Gauging the right moment, Mistress stood over her slave and then took hold of Steve’s chin again and slid her cock back into his mouth. “Now Steven, I want you to copy exactly what my slave is doing to you...understood?” and she withdrew briefly to allow Steve to nod his assent and compliance, then Mistress slid back into his mouth.

This time, Steve made a real effort to be delicate and explore Mistress’s cock with his tongue. He tried to visualise what he was enjoying and copy it. His efforts were rewarded as Mistress was now stroking the back of his head and making her own appreciative sounds.

Gesturing to Lauren with her hand, Mistress took hold of Lauren’s head and lowered her mouth to her pierced nipples.

After another 5 minutes where Mistress, Steve and the slave on the floor all came close to cumming, several times over, Mistress pulled her cock out of Steve’s mouth and stepped away, holding Lauren’s hand for balance as she stepped over her slave.

Mistress told Lauren to release Steve from his bound position and her slave stopped sucking him and helped by taking the gag off Steve’s mouth. Once Steve had stood and was massaging his jaw to get the feeling back, Mistress told Lauren to follow her to another door at the opposite end of the dungeon. This led into another bedroom, larger than the other, which had a huge round bed that was lower than a usual mattress. Clearly, this was for fucking rather than sleeping and once she was settled in the middle, with Lauren on her right side, Mistress called for Steve and the other slave (whose name hadn’t even been mentioned to Lauren or Steve) to come over and join them.

It was partly a test to see what Steve would do, as he was clearly a submissive in this scene and fortunately, he had the foresight to follow the other slave’s lead by standing near to Mistress’s feet at first, hands clasped behind his back and looking down at the floor.

Kissing Lauren on the forehead, she told her to open the champagne that Simon had left chilling in an ice bucket and pour them both a drink. With a slightly girlish giggle, Lauren smiled and bounced off the bed to pour the champagne, while Mistress reclined comfortably and surveyed her pets.

After Lauren had handed Mistress her drink and took up her own position next to her again, Mistress asked what Lauren would like to see the boys do next. Thinking for a moment, Lauren stroked Mistress’s breast and looked up at her “Well Mistress, it seems that with all that sucking, they haven’t really been introduced” and Mistress raised a beautifully shaped eyebrow, telling Lauren to go on. “Shouldn’t they at least kiss and get to know each other?” she said mischievously to which Mistress laughed and kissed her again, “what an excellent idea my dear...Steven, this is my pet, Harry. I know you boys are going to play nicely together, so hug each other and kiss. Remember, I want to see lots of tongue action or you’ll see the nastier side of my nature. Harry, that isn’t nice, is it?” and Harry was very quick to shake his head and quietly said “No Mistress”. A nervous look on his face.

Steve’s also had a similar expression. The “event” had started with him sucking the cock of a beautiful transsexual, then having his own cock sucked by another man. His head was swimming with all the new experiences and emotions, and now he had to kiss this man...not just kiss, but to do it in a way that he usually kissed Lauren. It didn’t help his emotional confusion that Lauren was the one that suggested it to Mistress.

Steve’s reluctance was obvious, but Mistress knew how to get a submissive to go past their own limits. Even if those limits had been established through most of their lives. Handing her champagne to Lauren, Mistress swung her long legs off the bed and went around to Steve, taking his shoulders in her hands. He was still looking at the floor, but it was clear Mistress’s presence was having a definite effect on him. She took his chin in her hand, as she did before and with controlled force, brought his eyes up to meet hers. “Steven dearest” she said, but this time her voice was lower and the conversation was clearly very personal. “I know this is all very different for you, difficult too. But go with it, treat this as an adventure and enjoy it, OK?”

Meekly, Steve nodded and said, “yes Mistress” and looked down at the floor again. Smiling, Mistress took up her position on the bed again and retrieved her champagne from Lauren.

“Now Steven, it’s time you boys got to know each other better. So, turn and face Harry and I want to see you kissing and hugging. But most of all, I want to see some passion...” then her voice got quiet again, but very forceful. “Don’t make me tell you twice, do you understand?” And Steve gulped a little and nodded.

Turning to Harry, closing his eyes for a brief moment, Steve took a step towards him and summoning his courage, he took Harry in his arms and kissed him. It was so different and, in a way, easier when he was restrained and bound. The cock in his mouth was going to fuck his throat whether he wanted to, or not. He had no choice about the man lying on the floor sucking his cock either. But now, he had to move to a different place in his mind and kiss another man. A man that was almost naked as he was, bare skin to bare skin. Their cocks touching each other. Tongues exploring each other’s mouth.

Fortunately for Steve, convention says that kissing is usually done with eyes closed and at first, that helped.

What didn’t help was feeling Harry’s cock hardening against his stomach, and then...he felt his own erection stirring again. Steve felt Harry’s hands caressing him, squeezing his arse cheeks and it was the sort of stimulation that if Lauren was doing it, he’d have been hard instantly.

So why now?

How much of his enjoyment was reluctant and what was his cock trying to tell him?

Harry for his part was certainly having fun. He’d been Mistress’s submissive for nearly 6 months and felt he may have been bisexual before going to her. She’d taught him so much about himself and to come to terms with who he was. Steve was the first novice that she’d brought Harry along to play with and he felt honoured to possibly be part of any awakening feelings Steve may have.

On the other hand, if this wasn’t for him, Harry had to give Steve an A for effort on pushing past his boundaries.

Giving himself to the moment and enjoying himself, Harry could also tell that Steve was becoming a little more open and giving in his own fondling. Both men were around the same height and build, Lauren had been thorough in giving Mistress a description of Steve so that she could bring another male that was a close match.

Steve’s hands were cupping Harry’s cheeks and kneading them like twin loaves. This was something Harry enjoyed and he made sure to let Steve know by way of appreciative sounds and reciprocal squeezing.

Lauren couldn’t believe her eyes. For many girls, the notion of seeing two men together was a staple part of their fantasies. To see their own man with another man is a definite winner, certainly for Lauren anyway.

Mistress had been glancing at her, in between watching her slave passionately locked in an embrace and Lauren’s reaction, this was her favourite kind of group play. Orchestrating and directing others, not only to please her, but each other as well.

After putting her own glass on the bedside table, Mistress took Lauren’s from her as it was in danger of being spilled.

Stroking Lauren’s thigh softly, Mistress asked if Lauren was OK, but it was a few seconds before she answered. “Yes Mistress, I’ve thought about this for a while, but this is so much better than watching porn online” said Lauren, but her voice was far away as if she was talking in her sleep. Her whole attention was fixed on the scene in front of her. Shaking her head, a little to regain focus, Lauren turned to Mistress with her eyes wide open. “I can’t believe how horny this has got me, I could fuck a football team right now!” which made Mistress laugh and she clapped her hands and called to Steve and Harry to take a breather.

The men stood there, with hands behind their backs displaying matching hard-ons, although Harry looked much more secure about his.

Mistress stroked Lauren’s hair and looked deep into her eyes. “Tell me little one, what’s the most cocks you’ve sucked at one time?” she asked. Lauren felt like a total novice, but she knew that honesty was important right then. “Just one at a time Mistress...this evening has been the kinkiest, craziest thing I’ve ever done” she replied, in a quiet, shy whisper.

This show of sincerity wasn’t lost on Mistress. It was clear that Lauren was in unchartered territory, not as deeply as Steve, but they were both very much being guided by Mistress’s more experienced hand.

As keen as Lauren was, Mistress Jasmine needed to know she wasn’t out of her depth before this next step.

“Lauren, I know seeing Steven like this is one of your fantasies and I’m glad you’re enjoying it. But are you ready to go a step further?” Lauren wondered where that could possibly be, but based on the question of how many cocks she’d had at any one time, she thought she knew. Trying her best not to lose control of her emotions, she confirmed to Mistress what her thoughts were: “you mean, all of you fucking me together Mistress?” the words came out slowly, seeming to be said by someone else even as Lauren spoke them.

Nodding, Mistress took Lauren’s hand in hers and said “Would this be another of your fantasies come true or would you rather not? I’ve pushed Steven because we both agreed he could take it, emotionally. But are you ready for this?” and Lauren took a few seconds to carefully consider what was being offered to her. She briefly glanced at Steve and the flicker of a smile came over his face told her that he wanted this as well.

Right at that moment, she loved him and was proud of him for what he’d attempted so far. She also knew that whatever happened, they were together in this adventure.

“Yes, please Mistress, I’m ready...please, I want to be an absolute slut. Please use me as you wish” Lauren asked in her most committed submissive tone, which got a broad smile from Mistress. “All your holes are mine, little one, and they’re all going to get used. But for now, go and kneel between my 2 pets and put your hands behind your back.”

Lauren knew what that meant and with a smile and a nod to assure Mistress this was what she wanted as well, she got off the bed and dutifully knelt between the 2 submissive males. Their cocks were twitching in front of her face like branches in the wind, but she was careful to keep her hands behind her back, like a good girl.

Reclining on the bed, Mistress told her slaves to enjoy the slut’s mouth and with that instruction, Harry stuffed his hard cock into Lauren’s mouth so that she choked a little and then started licking and sucking him. Harry’s cock was longer than Steve’s but not as thick, so she could take the thickness in her mouth comfortably. But Harry went further down her throat than she’d ever had before, making her feel like a total slut, a cock sucking whore and right at that moment, she loved the feeling.

Harry’s cock was replaced in her mouth by Steve’s and she enjoyed the familiarity of his flesh for a moment. As she got used to the feeling, Lauren stretched her mouth to take Harry’s longer cock deeper and Mistress noted the change in her approach. “Feel free to use your hands now pet, those cocks are there for you to enjoy!” and Lauren was quick to oblige by taking hold of Harry’s balls as he slid in and out of her mouth. By now, Steve was on a rollercoaster ride of emotions and experiences. He wasn’t in control, but the ride was so exciting that he couldn’t have dreamt of getting off.

Mistress got off the bed and came around to put her arms around her slaves and looked down at Lauren, switching between the 2 cocks. “Well done my pet, you seem to be enjoying see if you can take both in your mouth together!” and Lauren looked up at the twitching cocks in front of her face and smiled. Reaching out to grasp Steve’s cock in her right hand and Harry’s in her left, Lauren put the tips of both in her mouth together and licked at them.

Mistress stroked the back of Lauren’s head as she alternated between all the cocks, sometimes 2 at a time. “Time for you to get those hungry holes filled babe,” Mistress said to Lauren as she stopped to get her breath for a moment.

Smiling at all her toys playing so well together, Mistress moved over to a vintage style telephone at the side of the bed. After a few seconds, she spoke quietly into it and after finishing, she moved back to the scene at the foot of the bed.

“Are we all having fun?” Mistress asked and the men smiled at her, nodding although clearly their attention was on the beautiful woman at their feet. Lauren signalled by some moans that she was also enjoying what was happening.

A moment later, a door at the back of the bedroom opened and Simon walked in, naked, followed by the girl who had welcomed them when they arrived. Simon introduced her to Mistress as Sara and both of them hugged.

As Steve had speculated, Sara was wearing stockings, and also a lovely lace suspender belt. Whilst Sara wasn’t tall, her slender legs were accentuated by her heels. When she’d been dressed, her hair was tied back neatly, but now her long black hair cascaded down to her shoulders and framed her face.

Mistress turned to Steve and Harry and instructed them to help Lauren to her feet, which they did.

“Lauren, I’d like you to meet Sara. She works with Simon here. I asked her to join us because when you told me about all the things you wanted from this, one of them was what’s been happening with Steven,” and she looked at Steve and smiled, which Lauren found very cute because he actually blushed and looked down, “and sucking these lovely cocks I thought I’d bring in the other lady that you mentioned. Why don’t you and Sara get comfortable on the bed and introduce yourselves? The way that Steven and Harry did.”

Lauren smiled again. Maybe it was because she’d been sucking a pair of cocks for nearly 10 minutes or because she was taking in how Sara looked and what they were going to do, but Lauren licked her lips and nodded to Mistress before moving to the bed. Sara looked at Simon with a similar smile, then squeezed his hand and said thank you.

Both girls met in the middle of the bed, kneeling and facing each other. They looked at each other and it was clear there was mutual attraction between them. Lauren had never had a full sexual experience with another woman, but Sara would have been just the sort she’d have gone for.

Sara knew that Lauren was a novice too, so she didn’t mind taking the lead. She explored Lauren’s mouth with her tongue, tracing the contours of her breasts with her fingers. It was like Lauren had turned to jelly as she slowly lay back on the bed and Sara followed her, moving down her body from her mouth to Lauren’s nipples. She gently bit and tugged on them with her teeth and Lauren responded with moans and panting.

Everyone else took up positions around the bed to get a good view of what was going on. Mistress was at the foot of the bed, with Harry next to her. Steve was at Lauren’s right side and Simon on the left.

As Sara was switching from one nipple to the other, she looked up at Simon and smiled again. This time though she held her hand up and wiggled her fingers, which also made Simon smile too and nod.

Leaving the girls on the bed, Simon went out of the bedroom for a moment and when he returned, he had a box of black latex gloves and a large tube of lube. Kissing Sara on the forehead, he left the gloves and lube next to Lauren’s ankles at the end of the bed.

Mistress looked at Simon and arched her eyebrow and smiled “Nothing better for getting to know someone than shaking hands sometimes!” she said and all the men laughed a little, except Steve who stood there with his mouth as open as it was when Mistress put her cock in it.

By now Lauren’s pussy was completely wet, and when Sara moved between her legs, everyone could hear how moist she was as 2 of Sara’s fingers went in up to the knuckles.

Lauren’s hips were rhythmically moving up and down as Sara explored her, then slowly she took her fingers out and looked down at Lauren’s sopping wet shaved pussy. This time it was her turn to lick her lips and as she did so, pulled a glove from the box of gloves and pulled it on. The soft snap of the latex made Lauren open her eyes and she looked at the gloved hand being lubed up.

Nervously she said to Sara “are you going to...?” and her voice trailed off as she thought about what was about to happen. With a wicked grin, Sara nodded and told her to relax. “Don’t worry babe, I’ve got lovely small’re going to enjoy this!” and she started by putting 3 fingers in Lauren’s cunt this time.

Because of the lube and the gloves, Sara’s fingers slid in easily, but the unexpected feeling was enough to make Lauren gasp and moan almost immediately.

Mistress and the men were already mesmerised by the sight of these gorgeous girls kissing each other, but as Sara’s gloved fingers probed Lauren, they all started stroking their cocks.

Looking at all of them, Mistress told them not to cum, soon enough they’d be fucking Lauren in all her holes and then specifically to Steve, “Are you ok with that Steven? You know it’s something she really wants.” And Steve could only nod as he kept watching.

In a low, sexy voice, Sara told Lauren to expect her 4th finger and because it was only the little finger, there was barely any noticeable difference. But after another minute or so, she tucked her thumb into the palm of her hand and now, Sara was sliding her hand slowly but steadily inside Lauren.

Even though Lauren had a dildo that was slightly larger than Steve’s cock, she had never felt anything like a hand inside her cunt. To make it even more amazing, Sara flexed her fingers as if she was playing the piano or typing. Every time she did, Lauren moaned a bit more and grasped at the sheet on the bed.

Part of the idea for moving her fingers was also to open Lauren up, so that Sara could go deeper into her. As she pulled out slightly, Sara poured more lube on the glove and then went back to pushing into Lauren. This time she applied a bit more pressure and easily went in up to her wrist.

After another 30 seconds of fast, pounding fist fucking, Lauren had a squirting orgasm that coated Sara’s arm with musky juices and she lay back on the bed panting and softly moaning.

Sara kept the stimulation going by rubbing Lauren’s clit. Mistress whispered something in Sara’s ear and she nodded and told Lauren to turn over and get on her knees. With a little bit of stiffness in her hips, slowly she did as she was told, her head down on the bed as she got her breath back.

Turning to Steve, Mistress said “Have you and Lauren done much anal together Steven?” Nodding he said “Yes Mistress, she didn’t like the idea at first. Had a nasty experience with someone before we met and he hurt her a bit. But we’ve tried again and now she likes it now and then.” To which Mistress smiled and placed a hand on Steve’s shoulder. “I want you to fuck Lauren’s ass, while Sara fists her. Understand?” Nodding, but with that same wide-eyed expression that showed he didn’t fully believe all this was happening, Steve got on his knees behind Lauren.

Simon took a small basket out of the cupboard that the telephone sat on. In it were a stack of condoms and he took one out and gave it to Steve. This brought his focus back and he one on his erection, looking at Lauren’s cunt, still stretched from Sara’s hand and her tight little anus.

Steve coated his cock with lube, then put the head of his cock into Lauren’s ass. It was much easier than when it was just the two of them because now Sara was holding Lauren’s cheeks apart and after a few seconds to let her get used to the feeling, Steve pushed slowly into her, all the way up to his balls.

He could see her hands clutching the bedsheet again as he went in and out, then Sara said to him quietly to pull his cock almost all the way out of Lauren, which he did.

Being petite and athletic, Sara could move her arm below Steve’s legs easily and work her hand, freshly lubricated, back into Lauren’s cunt.

Lauren moaned deeply again and kept murmuring “fuck, yes...oh yes” over and over as Sara’s hand went deep into her cunt again. Looking up at Steve, Sara winked at him and softly said “now, all the way in slowly” and he nodded and pushed his cock deep into Lauren’s anus again.

Clearly, she’d never had both her holes filled like that before, but Lauren was managing well without signs of pain or distress. In fact, she was loving it as her hips were pushing against Steve and Sara to get them both deeper inside her, panting and moaning at the same time.

Simon and Harry were at either side of the bed watching as things developed, still stroking their cocks. Mistress softly clapped her hands to get their attention and said “Boys, get in front of her and fuck her throat...but remember, don’t cum yet!” and they both nodded and took up position by Lauren’s mouth.

As before, Harry was the first to fill Lauren’s mouth, but he was more brutal this time. Grasping her short hair, he brought her head up to his crotch level and pushed deep into open, panting lips. Gagging a little with the pressure on her throat, Lauren did her best to suck and lick him without choking. Just as she was getting used to the feeling, Harry pulled out and Simon took his place.

His cock was much longer, but thinner than Harry’s and went even further down her throat. She had to try and switch focus from Steve’s cock in her ass and Sara’s hand in her cunt, but it was all too much and she spluttered and choked.

Simon pulled out and let her get herself together again, then they both gave her the tips of their cocks to lick from side to side. Or at least as best as she could, with the pounding that she was getting from behind.

By now, Steve was sweating and close to cumming. Seeing this, Mistress told Harry and Simon to get off the bed as Steve’s hips jerked and his buttocks clenched, spurting and filling the condom inside Lauren’s ass.

For her part, she’d lost count of how many times she’d cum and as Steve pulled out of her, along with Sara’s hand, Lauren collapsed in a heap on the bed.

Taking her hand, the one without a glove, in hers, Mistress helped Sara off the bed and kissed her, thanking her for a wonderful show with Lauren.

Proudly, Sara smiled and said it was her pleasure and gave Mistress the same cheeky wink she’d signalled to Steve with before.

“Tell me Sara” Mistress said, “Would you like all your holes filled as well?” and stroked Sara’s long jet-black hair. “Yes, please Mistress, I’d love that...fisting her was so horny!”

By now, Lauren was sitting up on the bed, feeling sore but satisfied. Steve lay next to her, his hair streaked with sweat but smiling at her and stroking her back, something she loved him doing after they’d fucked.

Looking over at them, Mistress said “Would you two lovebirds mind giving us the bed, so we can give Sara the attention she deserves?” and they both nodded, Steve getting up first and helping Lauren off the bed as she was clearly still stiff from her prolonged fucking.

Mistress lay on the bed, her cock standing up again, stiffer than before and Sara slipped a condom on her cock.

With a bounce, she swung her leg over Mistress and positioned her cock, before sliding down on it with a moist squelch and a moan.

Leaning forward, Sara licked at Mistress’s nipples and then kissed her deeply, while Mistress gripped Sara’s buttocks and thrust upwards into her.

Harry and Simon spoke a few words between themselves and Harry took a condom and slipped it on, then he knelt astride Mistress’s legs.

Taking the lube and smearing some on Sara’s anus and his cock, Harry put the head of his cock into her wonderfully tight little hole.

With Mistress’s cock in her cunt, Sara felt Harry’s penetration of her ass even more. The motion of both hard cock’s either in sync or independently of each other was stretching her in the best conceivable way.

Mistress and Harry soon figured out that they got the best reaction from her as they almost pulled out of Sara’s cunt and ass, then thrust at pretty much the same time, as hard and deep as they could.

Sara’s long dark hair was flailing around and in danger of landing in Harry’s mouth, so it was the right time for Simon to stand at the head of the bed, take her hair in his hands and slide his cock into her mouth.

Steve was standing behind Lauren, looking over her shoulder, but tightly squeezing her nipples (something she always enjoyed him doing, rather doing it herself) as they both enjoyed the show that Mistress, Harry and Sara were putting on. Lauren was rubbing her clit, legs shoulder width apart and Steve’s arms around her chest were also helping to keep her upright as she trembled and shook with an orgasm every minute or so.

Mistress, Harry and Simon were all much more experienced than Steve in group fucking and holding off on cumming. So, when Sara had gone limp from the pounding of the 2 cocks in her cunt and ass, they let her slip to one side and get her breath back.

Pulling off the condom, Mistress got off the bed and moved over to Lauren and Steve, kissing first Lauren then Steve.

Stroking his head, Mistress said “Steven dear, you’ve been a very good boy with all these new experiences. I’m very pleased with you,” and like a school boy being praised, Steve looked both embarrassed and proud as he quietly thanked her.

“To finish off, I want you to willingly kneel on the bed. I’m going to fuck your ass, Harry’s going to fuck your mouth, then we’re all going to cum in your mouth...but I know this is going very far for you, so you must tell me you want it. Do you understand?” and she took his chin in her hand and looked at him with that same almost hypnotically deep gaze.

Thinking over all that happened, how there had been so many wild and new feelings going through him, Steve still had reservations, but he wanted to do this. He knew it was one of Lauren’s biggest fantasies to see 2 men together, just as it had been to see her with another woman. Those were images that seemed to be burned into his mind and glancing over at her, she smiled as if to say, this for me.

Summoning up his courage, Steve answered Mistress. “Yes Mistress,” then he echoed Lauren’s words from earlier. “Please use me as you wish” and lowered his eyes again, mainly because he wasn’t confident in himself enough to do anything more than surrender to Mistress and just let things happen.

She kissed him on the forehead, then led him back to the bed and positioned him so that Steve was on his knees, with his head at the foot of the bed.

Mistress knelt behind Steve and picked up the lube, applying some to her cock and the wickedly decadent black PVC gloves she wore.

Sara moved over to Lauren and kissed her fully on the lips, then she turned with her back towards Lauren and rubbed her gorgeously firm butt cheeks against Lauren’s crotch. Being taller than Sara, she could reach her hands over her shoulders and play with her nipples, although her focus was totally on watching as Mistress worked the lube into Steve’s asshole.

Steve’s anus wasn’t entirely virgin, Lauren had used a butt plug on him a few times. After the first time, although it had hurt quite a bit, he’d had to admit it was an amazing experience, very different to anything he’d felt before. Getting a strapon had been on Lauren’s mental shopping list a while before the madness of her promotion had put such a strain on their sex life.

Sliding on a condom, Mistress used the rest of the lube on her glove to coat her cock, then put the head at the entrance to Steve’s ass. “Are you still sure honey?” she asked Steve. After a brief moments’ hesitation, he answered with a slightly muffled “yes Mistress” as his head was pressed onto the mattress in anticipation of what was to happen.

The sensation of Mistress’s cock entering his ass was nothing like taking a butt plug. The feel of Mistress’s gloved hands gripping his hips, knowing it wasn’t plastic or silicon entering his body, but another person made his head spin with unknown emotions. It was intense, slightly painful but overwhelmingly erotic.

Taking her time, Mistress slowly pushed her cock until her balls were touching his ass cheeks. Steve moaned and clutched at the sheets, much as Lauren had done earlier. The feeling of being filled was totally new to him, but above all, it was making him gasp and moan as his prostate was stimulated.

Fortunately, Mistress had been very liberal with the lube and after the fourth or fifth thrust, Steve started to get used to the feeling and began pushing back against Mistress, almost instinctively as she pumped into him. Mistress smiled as Steve responded to her thrusts, his grunts in time as Mistress plunged inside him and a sigh as she almost pulled out.

Looking over at Harry, Mistress nodded and he eagerly moved over to where Steve’s face was pressed into the bed and when Mistress pulled on Steve’s hair from behind, Harry slid his cock into Steve’s mouth so he was spit roasted on those 2 cocks filling his holes.

Lauren’s pussy was dripping as she watched Steve having his ass and mouth fucked at the same time. Sara was also squirming as her nipples were being pinched and twisted harder and harder by Lauren, but she was enjoying the experience as well.

Feeling she was going to cum very soon, Mistress pulled out of Steve’s ass slowly and moved off the bed to stand at the end and Harry joined her. Both the cocks inside him seemed to have been holding him up, because Steve collapsed into a sweat streaked heap on the bed as soon as they left his body and he lay there panting and moaning softly.

Giving him a moment to collect himself, Mistress gestured to Simon to join her and Harry and together they stood in a loose semicircle, stroking their cocks.

Then Mistress said to Lauren and Sara “Girls, sorry to interrupt your fun, but be darlings and help Steve get to where he belongs,” and she winked at them both, which triggered a pair of giggles that wouldn’t have been out of place at a teenage slumber party.

Steve was literally sore in places he never knew he had. Mistress had been fucking his ass for more nearly 10 minutes, going from deep and slow, shallow and fast and everything in between. Stiffly, Steve knelt on the floor facing the semicircle of cocks, supported by Lauren and Sara either side of him.

Mistress stroked Lauren and Sara’s heads and thanked them, then she told Steve to put his hands behind his back and open his mouth.

To his credit, Steve barely hesitated in obeying and Mistress was quick to praise him, then went back to stroking her cock, along with Harry and Simon.

First to cum was Simon and he held the head of his cock just outside Steve’s mouth as he spurted and coated his tongue. Unsure of exactly what to do, but having watched more than enough porn to have a fair idea, Steve let Simon’s cum rest on his tongue and angled his head back slightly to avoid it dripping out of his mouth.

Harry was having a more intense experience as he started thrusting his hips forward and back and his legs were trembling. Wanking his cock furiously and losing control of himself, Harry spurted all over Steve’s face causing him to swallow some of Simon’s cum.

Harry steadied himself briefly, leaning a little on Steve’s head. Panting and closing his eyes, Harry got himself back together and turned to Mistress and smiled. She grasped his cock and balls, squeezing gently which caused a few more dribbles of cum on the floor. “Now now my pet, clean up your mess” said Mistress, tugging on him a bit more and Harry dropped to the floor on his hands & knees, licking up what had fallen.

Moving over Steve, Mistress stroked her cock with one hand and lifted Steve’s chin with the other so he was forced to look at her directly. Stroking his face gently, she watched his face relax and told him what a good boy he’d been, taking on so many new challenges & experiences and being such a brave boy for his Mistress.

A faint smile played on his lips and in his eyes and at that instant Mistress slapped him in the face, not hard but hard enough to startle Steve, the shock causing a jolted expression to replace the half smile that had been forming.

“Listen well my pet, I want you focused on my cum when you get it, not grinning like an idiot. Next time we meet, and we will,” and half turning her face towards Lauren, she nodded and smiled, an evil smile that told of mischief, pain and debauchery; “When that time comes, I will teach you discipline, obedience and submission. And I will reinforce those lessons with pain. Do you understand?” Steve was still struggling with the emotions of having been struck so surprisingly, but he nodded very quickly and with a fervency that he hoped told Mistress he understood her very clearly.

“Perhaps you have potential, little one, now open your mouth wide like a good little cock whore for your Mistress,” and she stepped up the pace on her cock, wanking it furiously. Although no command had been given, Simon started licking and squeezing Mistress’s nipples, while Harry parted her ass cheeks and licked her anus as best he could, then slid 2 lubed fingers into her ass. As with all things, when Mistress came, it was with passion and vigour and she spurted cum all over Steve’s face and partly into his mouth.

Putting her arms around Simon and Harry, Mistress watched her cock twitch as the last of the cum dribbled into Steve’s open mouth and collected on his tongue.

“Thank you, boys, now be a pair of dearie’s and clean his face up. We can’t send him home looking like that!”

Both men knelt either side of Steve and licked at his face, collecting up Mistress’s cum. Simon went first and kissed Steve fully and they exchanged the fluids in each other’s mouths. After a moment of tongue probing, Simon broke away and swallowed whatever was in his mouth, then Harry took his place and passionately licked at Steve’s neck and shoulders as if searching for any last droplets of cum. Finally, he too kissed Steve and although there wasn’t much left, they still swapped some cum between themselves before Harry moved away and swallowed. Looking up at Mistress, Steve got a nod from her and obediently he swallowed whatever spit and cum that was left.

Reaching down to Steve like some sort of Empress bestowing favours, Mistress helped him to his feet and then clapped her hands together. “Thank you everybody” effectively bringing the scene to a conclusion. “I hope you all enjoyed that as much as I did and both of you did really, really well for novices” and she smiled with genuine affection at Steve and Lauren who had by now moved together and were hugging each other.


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