More Fantasies come to Life 3

by subphil3

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© Copyright 2006 - subphil3 - Used by permission

Storycodes: FF/mmm; D/s; bdsm; cbt; susp; cons; XX

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Part 3

"What should we try next? A race and a tug of war are fun but maybe we should try something that involves a little more skill."

I had no idea what Mistress K might mean but I was ready to try anything to get out of the center of attention.

"You said your slave was pretty good at sucking cock last week so let's have a blow job contest!"

"Not fair," I muttered to myself. I had never touched a cock before last weekend and One was a bi-sexual and probably had as many cocks as cunts in his life.

"Let's see what they can do with the big one, since their cocks are so puny." Mistress K waved TT over to my position and had One spread-eagle him in my chains. "We don't want him to give any help to either of them. OK, now you only get to use your mouth, no hands." She was locking One's hands to his collar. "You each get two minutes to make him cum. We'll just keep taking turns until one of you gets a load squirted down his throat."

That might take all night. TT seemed to be as well trained as Mistress K said he was since he stayed hard and didn't cum when he fucked Mistress. Unless she told him to cum. For the first time I started hoping a man would cum in my mouth.

"You first," she said pushing me down to my knees in front of TT. His cock looked even more enormous from up close and personal. She pushed my head and I started licking the monster. I slurped all over the head and down the sides trying to get it as wet as possible before sucking it into my mouth. Then I took the head into my mouth. It was like trying to put a whole apple in my mouth. I slid my mouth on and off the end of the monster and looked up at TT's eyes. He was smiling but didn't seem to be very excited.

"Next," Mistress K yelled. I backed away to give One a chance at the monster. One slurped enthusiastically. It looked like he enjoyed sucking that cock as much as eating Mistress K. TT still looked unmoved. Then it was my turn again. I tried to get as much of his cock in my mouth as I could but it wasn't really very much. Then One, then me, then One again.

"Well it doesn't look like either of you cock-suckers is having any affect on our stud here. We need to make this a little more interactive."

Our Mistresses unchained TT's arms but left his legs spread. "See if you can't help them out a little. Let's go wimp." I crawled on my knees back to TT. This time when I wrapped my mouth around the head of the monster TT grabbed my head and shoved the monster into the back of my throat. I gagged but it still wasn't very much of his cock in my mouth. He held onto my head and started to pump. I tried hard to control my gag reflex as he sunk it deeper and deeper into my throat. It seemed like a lot more than two minutes before he pulled my mouth off of his cock.

One looked eager as he crawled up for his turn. On the first stroke TT shoved deep into One's throat. After several strokes he was definitely getting a deep throat. You couldn't say One had swallowed TT's cock but he had a good chunk of it down. TT was enjoying this action and pumping like he had in Mistress A. Unfortunately the two minutes went by without a cum and it was my turn again. TT picked up where he had left off with One. I concentrated on controlling my gagging and let TT control fucking my face. Not that I had much choice. It occurred to me that I really would prefer to not die with this monster in my throat.

Before I died though he pulled out and One latched onto the cock. Since Mistress K would not give him permission to cum it seemed like he could keep this up all night. I didn't know if my throat could handle it. My turn again and he started testing my throat. Then One again. When it was my turn again Mistress K pushed me away and stroked the monster admiringly. "You are really a good slave. If you keep this up and take care of Mistress A and me a couple more times I might even let you cum tonight." TT smiled. I guess he didn't get that treat very often.

"Since you two wimps can't even excite a good slave we'll see what you can do with each other. Get down and 69." One and I lay on the floor and scooted till we had our heads on each other's thigh. "First one that cums loses."

One dove on my cock like he had on TT. I did not want to lose again so I sucked his cock into my mouth. Last week I thought One had a huge cock. Now I thought it was not that bad. I went after him with everything I had learned. I don't know if it was the pain in my balls or just that more experience had taught me to delay more but I soon had One spasming and shooting his load in my mouth. He didn't exactly give up easily though. As he started to cum he wrapped his leg behind my head and shoved it all the way onto his cock. At the same time he bit down on my cock, hard. You couldn't hear my scream around the cock in my throat and I was choking. He made me stop working on his cock and I was afraid he would stop his orgasm. I shouldn't have worried though cause biting and choking seemed to get him more excited than the sucking. His jism filled my throat and backed up into my nasal passages. I snorted cum out of my nose.

Our Mistresses thought this was hilarious. Mistress A pushed One's leg out of the way and pulled my head off his cock by my hair. I gasped for breath glad I hadn't drowned in cum. One unclenched his teeth from my poor cock. When she stopped laughing Mistress K released my hands from my collar. "Now you get to help with this slave. It's too bad we didn't get that on video. Maybe we should make you do it again."

Under Mistress K's direction I helped One to his feet and led him back to the torture post. Mistress K unlocked One's wrists and attached them to overhead chains. I brought over a stool, which One stood on. Then I pulled the chains up tight and secured them. When I moved the stool One was left hanging by his wrists. Mistress K handed me a pole, which I attached to One's ankle restraints, then expanded to about four feet. An expandable leg spreader Mistress K called it. I was glad it was not me hanging by my wrists. One looked even more exposed than I had.

"Do you want to do the honors on this one?" Mistress K invited Mistress A.

"Oh yes, this will be fun." She picked up the crop and walked around One. One stroke on his ass, then one on his thighs. She continued walking around One peppering him with the crop strokes. Mistress K sat on a stool and motioned for TT and me to attend her. We knelt on each side of her and each took a nipple in our mouths. She sighed and reached down to her crotch while watching Mistress warm One up. Or warm up on One. From the corner of my eye I saw her raise the bar by raising her strokes to One's chest and back. By now he was bouncing around with each stroke. When she landed a blow on his underarm he screamed. Mistress paused and rubbed her crotch. "I think I really like this. It sure is turning me on."

She moved behind him and started concentrating on his inner thighs. Mistress K took hold of my hair and pulled me around between her thighs. "You're pretty good with boys, let's see how good you are with a woman."

I dove into her cunt with my tongue. One was out of my view but I could hear the blows landing on him. TT continued servicing Mistress K's tits. "Oh that's nice. Mistress A why don't you try a different whip."

The beating stopped and Mistress A walked over to the play bags. I heard a swishing sound as she walked back to One. "Oh you'll like that one. It's called the Viper cause it has those two little tongues. It stings pretty good." I heard the first bite of the Viper land and One yell then Mistress K pulled my head harder into her crotch as she came on my tongue. I thought she might break my nose she ground it so hard. She pushed me back and grinned at herself. I looked at Mistress and her Viper. It looked nasty, about two feet long, of a heavy leather that tapered down to two tips. Where Mistress had hit One there were deep red welts raising. It looked like it hurt.

"He's watching you and anticipating every blow. You slave put a blindfold on him." She meant me so I went over to begin digging in a play bag. There were things in there that I didn't recognize but I found the blindfold quickly. I went over to One and dragged the stool over so I could reach high enough for my task. As I placed the blindfold over One's eyes I found out what the Viper feels like. Mistress took the opportunity to lay into my ass, her way of hurrying me along I suppose. I snapped the leather blindfold in place and jumped down out of the way.

Mistress walked around One hitting him high and low, varying her timing and location so he didn't know what was coming. It was effective in keeping him bouncing and yelling. And excited. His dick was standing straight out and hard as could be. He had shot his load in my throat not long ago and he was hard again. Youth has some advantages. Mistress noticed as well and started adding blows to his dick to the mix. That really got him bouncing and yelling. Mistress K went over to the toy bag and brought out a length of cord with a noose fixed on the end. Mistress paused in her whipping while Mistress K tightened the noose on the head of One's dick.

"He looks to be enjoying this a little too much. Let's see what he thinks about this."

She pulled the cord and stretched One's dick toward the wall. There was a small winch attached to the wall, another of Mistress' additions to our playroom that I hadn't noticed yet. Mistress K wrapped the cord around the winch and cranked it tight. The cord pulled One's body forward putting his weight on his own dick. One arched his back as he hung there trying to relieve the strain. It really didn't look very comfortable and I was glad once again that it wasn't me hanging.

Mistress walked around him admiring Mistress K's creativity. Then the Viper lashed out and landed on his ass. One yelled and jerked forward, then yelled again as his back swing jerked his dick. Then yelled again when the Viper bit his ass again. One yelled a little louder but jerked a lot less this time. It looked like Mistress had landed this blow almost in the exact same spot as the last blow, which doubles the pain. Mistress was learning fast. Mistress K was flushed with excitement seeing One hanging from his wrists and dick. She went over to the winch and gave it another crank putting even more weight on One's dick.

Mistress had TT kneel in front of her and lean back. She straddled his face, pulled him into her crotch by his hair and landed another Viper strike on One. Mistress K went over to the couch and motioned me back between her legs. I knelt before her and plunged my tongue into her sex once again. I could see her lean back and her eyes roll up in pleasure. I heard the Viper land again and again as Mistress moaned from the pleasure of TT's tongue. This was one very hot scene and definitely better than when I was the center of attention. Both of the Ladies seemed to cum at once with lots of moans and shouting. Mistress K lay back and pushed me away. I saw Mistress push TT away and walk unsteadily to the wall. She gave the winch a couple of additional cranks and walked over to plop on the couch next to Mistress K.

"Wine," was all she said and TT and I jumped up to serve her. We brought each of the Ladies a glass and dropped to our knees beside them to await the next command. I hoped they were exhausted and would let us fuck or at least cum and all go to bed. I looked over at One who was hanging motionless from his three pivot points and groaning softly. I thought about the physics of his predicament. Hanging straight down had to be painful for his arms and shoulders. Pulling him forward by his dick would only put a little stress on it at first. But as it was stretched further and further, more and more of his weight would be supported by his dick. It looked like it was carrying quite a load from the angle he was hanging.

Mistress and Mistress K were having a quiet conversation discussing how much they enjoyed the evening's entertainment. They idly played with each others tits and stroked each others thighs. I wished it were me doing the stroking. Finally Mistress K got up and walked to the winch.

"Well let's see if these two wimps have some more entertainment left in them." She reached for the winch but instead of releasing it she gave it a couple more cranks and watched One's face. He did look to be in some serious pain. Then she released it and One swung from his wrists. She pointed and I brought the stool over for One to stand on again, then loosened his chains. He stepped off the stool and this time it was his turn to sink to the floor. What could Mistress K possibly have in mind next.



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