A Model for the Night

by Jenny Bonici

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© Copyright 2007 - Jenny Bonici - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/f; latex; toys; insert; party; display; stage; bond; corset; hood; collar; armbinder; toys; vibe; climax; stuck; cons; X

Like most students I was always just about stony broke while I was at college. So to earn a bit of spare cash I worked part-time at a fetish boutique in town. This worked out well as I worked in the evenings and at the weekends so the hours didn’t clash with the times that I had to go to lectures or tutorials. However I told Mel who owned the shop that Friday evenings were out as that was when UniTie the college Bondage Club met. Then one Saturday she asked me if I would like to earn some extra cash the following Friday night - $100 cash in the hand for a couple of hours work. As I was particularly hard up at the time the chance to earn a bit of extra money was too good an offer to turn down.

“OK, but what’s on next Friday?” I asked.

“I’m doing a demonstration of some of our new lines of gear at this month’s bondage party at Felicia’s Dungeon and I need a model. Be here by nine, that will give us time to get you organised, load the car and drive over there in time for our little show that is on at about a quarter to eleven.”

So the following Friday evening saw me all rugged up to keep out the chill winter wind and hurrying down to the shop. But what did she mean when she said, “get me organised”? It did not take long for me to find out.

“Come on, we’re running a bit late.” She said as I entered to shop. Well it was a quarter passed nine when I arrived.

She was wearing a bright red latex catsuit, knee-high black boots and a black waspie that accentuated her small waist and curvy figure.

“Come into the back room and get your gear off.”

“No, all of it.” She added when she saw that I had only stripped down to my bra and panties.

“First get these on.” She passed me a pair of black latex briefs.

“But, but ...” I stammered when I saw the big fat black rubber penis attached to the inside of the briefs.

“Here, rub some KY Jelly on it, and lubricate your hole as well – it will just slide in.”

I couldn’t imagine something that diameter just sliding in! But its full length was soon filling me. It was only when Mel was buffing up the black latex that I realised that as well and the enormous plug there was also a bunch of little rubber fingers on the inside of the briefs that focussed their attention on my clit – or should I say, were focussing my attention on my clit.

Next Mel got me to don a pair of black latex stockings and a pair of long black latex gloves. Again she buffed them until they had a smooth black sheen.

“Now to fix your hair and make up.”

She got me to sit down while she set about my hair – she had been a hairdresser in a previous life. With my hair done to her satisfaction she stood back. “I think that with your dark hair we’ll go for the Goth look.” That meant green eye shadow, black mascara and a dark blue almost black lipstick. Then for a final dramatic effect she applied a dark red make-up to my nipples and put a black velvet choker round my neck.

“Stand up and turn round, let’s have a look at you.” I walked over to the other side of the room and hardly recognised the girl I saw in the mirror. I’m a ‘girl-next-door’ type not a Goth.

“Oh, we’ve forgotten the shoes. Sit down again I’ll get a pair from the shop. What size do you take?”

I told her size 7 and she scurried off returning a few minutes later holding a pair of black pumps with 4-inch heels and ankle straps. She secured the ankle straps with small brass padlocks, so there was no way that I could remove the shoes without the key.

“I’ve already put all the stuff I want to take in the boot of the car, so let’s get moving it’s nearly ten o’clock already. You’ll need your coat, you can’t walk down the street looking like that, you’ll get arrested. Oh, you can leave the rest of your stuff here we’ll come back and collect them after the show.”

Mel locked up the shop and we set off through the mall to the parking station where she had left her car. As I walked along I became more and more aware of the fat plug inside me and of those little rubber fingers that were caressing my clit.

It was about twenty past ten when we got to the party. Mel hung all the gear that she was going to use during the demonstration on a small rack that she had brought from the shop. She definitely had the gift of the gab when it came to sales – she was a very smooth operator. But all too soon she called me on to the stage.

“This is the lovely Jenny and tonight she’s going to help me demonstrate some of the new lines of bondage gear that we’ve carrying at the store.”

She got the first item off the rack. “This is one of a new line of corsets, good quality, heavy duty latex with good stiff boning any slave will appreciate.”

All the time she was speaking she was wrapping the garment round my waist and pulling the buckles tight at the front. By the time she had finished I could hardly breathe.

“Now to make sure that you slave cannot remove it you can lock it on with little padlocks on each buckle.” While she was pointing out this feature I could hear the little padlocks clicking shut.

“Now we’ve also got a new line in latex hoods.” She got one of the hoods from the rack. “This is the simplest, an open face hood.” She carried on describing the other hoods in the range while she pulled the hood over my head and smoothed out all the wrinkles. She went on, “The big advantage of this hood is that it keeps your slave’s hair out of the way and you can see if she starts to go blue if she starts gagging!”

After the hood she buckled a posture collar round my neck and again secured it with brass padlocks through the two buckles. All the time she was describing what she was doing and talking about the other types of collar that the store carried.

Next she pushed a fat penis gag into my mouth. This was attached to a head harness with a 3-inch wide thick latex strip that covered the lower part of my face and chin (there was a small cut-out that fitted round the bottom of my nose). Straps over the top of my head and buckles at the back made sure that there was no way that I was going to be able to push the gag out from between my teeth. Again little brass padlocks clicked shut through the hasps of the buckles.

I stood there a little embarrassed at my predicament and very conscious that many pairs of eyes were focused upon me. I felt round the buckles securing the collar and gag and quickly realised that there was no way that I was going to remove either of them without the keys and if the keys were all different then it was going to take some while to find the right one to fit each lock.

“Now you can see why I locked the collar and gag on, can’t you. Jenny would have had them undone by now if I hadn’t. But just to make sure that she’s not tempted to try again I think that she should wear this new armbinder.”

She showed the audience the new black latex armbinder, explaining all its many features. Soon she was pulling up the heavy-duty zipper to trap my arms. She took a strap from the top of the armbinder, passed it through the D-ring on the back of the posture collar and then pulled it back down towards the top of the zip. When it reached the zip it was time for another little brass padlock. This one prevented the zipper being pulled down and at the same time kept the armbinder securely anchored to the collar.

“How time flies when you’re having fun! My time is nearly up. But before I go there is one more thing I want to show you.” She took a 3-inch wide strap from the rack.

“Come over to the side of the stage Jenny and kneel down.”

I did what I was told then Mel passed the strap under my ankles and round over my thighs before pulling it tight. She then walked round behind me. I guessed what was coming next as I had seen an evil looking hook hanging from the ceiling. I was right - soon the hook was lodged in the D-ring at the end of the armbinder and the winch on the wall was being turned pulling my arms up until my body was forced forward and my tits were resting on my thighs.

“Oh, I forgot to tell you.” Mel said turning to the audience. “Before we left the shop I got Jenny to put on those latex briefs. What I haven’t told you is that they have one enormous dick inside them and that is now deep inside Jenny. What I haven’t told Jenny is that the enormous dick will come to life when I operate this remote.”

With that she flicked the switch and the thing came to life with a vengeance. It started whirring, vibrating and pulsating away inside me. The little rubber fingers around my clit also seemed to be moving. I knew that if this carried on for very long I would be driven to one or more climaxes in front of all these people.

“With that we’ll leave Jenny to enjoy herself until the batteries run out, then we’ll free her.”

Mel pushed the rack containing the unused gear off the stage. This done she came back on and turning again to the audience said, “I think that we should thank Jenny for being such a great and unsuspecting model [cheers from the gathered crowd]. She went on to add, “I also think that now is the time that I should tell Jenny that I’ve left all the keys to the padlocks back at the store and unfortunately I cannot get back into the mall to get them until security unlock the place at about 7am in the morning.”

“Oh Gawd,” I thought, “I’m going to be stuck like this for hours.”

My arms and shoulders were already beginning to ache, my pussy was on fire and any minute now I was going to cum. I was gasping into my gag when the first wave hit me. The inside of the latex briefs were wet with my juices. That was not too bad now when I was still hot but it would get rather unpleasant when I cooled down. No time to worry about that now, I was about to cum again.

Eventually the batteries ran down. Where was Mel?

At last she turned up, a glass of champagne in her hand and looking rather pleased with herself. Evidently she had sold over $2000 worth of gear after her demonstration. She operated the winch and the hook slowly descended. I could now sit up. Met undid the strap round my thighs - it was fortunate that Mel had run out of padlocks when she got to buckling up the strap. I could now stand up and stretch my legs.

Undoing the armbinder, gag, collar and corset would have to wait until after seven o’clock in the morning and the unlocking of the mall by the security man. Mel was not wearing a watch so I looked round for a clock to find out what time it was. Eventually a girl wearing a large (and grotesque) wristwatch passed by and I saw that it was half past one. I still had five and a half hours to go – plus the ordeal of getting from the parking station to the shop. But that’s another story.