Mistress's New Toys

by Imurstwouse

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© Copyright 2012 - Imurstwouse - Used by permission

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It had been a long week. Work had been mentally draining and I was glad to be heading home. After a three-day jury trial, three depositions and four new cases to absorb, I was ready for a cold beer and sole possession of the remote control. But as I sped through the dark, rain-slicked streets, Mistress Mary was hatching other plans.

Stepping onto the cool marble tile of the foyer, I found my wife waiting for me wearing a tiny black cocktail dress, black seamed stockings and high-heeled fuck-me pumps. In her right hand she held a glass of red wine, and in her left a studded leather dog collar dangled from a length of chain. I froze in my tracks when I saw her there, especially since I'd just noticed the glint in her eyes.

"Welcome home, slave," she purred menacingly, swinging the collar on its leash. She sat her wineglass on the hunt board, stepped forward and buckled the collar around my neck. I didn't resist. Then she pulled my face to hers and kissed me.

Mistress Mary led me into the library and perched her lovely ass on the edge of the desk, her legs slightly parted. The room glowed in the warm light of a dozen candles. Oh yes, she had other plans, all right.

"Get down on your knees like a good little slave," she ordered, a stern look in her deep brown eyes. I did as she commanded, having been well trained. "I've been dominating you for a while now," Mistress Mary continued as she paced the length of the room, "and you've always been very obedient. Still, I feel like you've been neglecting some of my needs, so I've decided that it's time we take it up a notch. Do you agree?"

"Yes, Mistress," I whispered hoarsely, as there was really no other answer to that question.

"Good. Now let me tell you what I have in mind. I've gotten lots of wonderful ideas from the Web and from magazines. When you go upstairs tonight you will shower and shave everywhere that needs to be shaved. Other details will be worked out as we go along. Understood?" She poked my bulging erection with the tip of her shoe.

"Yes, Mistress," I stammered nervously.

"Okay, this is how it's going to be," she said. "For this entire weekend, you are going to be a cock for me to ride and a mouth for sucking my pussy. You need to be punished for neglecting me," she added, her tone decidedly more harsh and demanding than it had been in the past. "Now stand up and take off your clothes."

As I took off my suit and tossed it into a corner, I noticed the new toys Mistress Mary had arranged on the shelves behind her, and the whip she tapped impatiently against her thigh. She had obviously been shopping. My cock throbbed as I wondered what she would use on me that night.

Once I was completely naked, save for the dog collar and leash. Mistress Mary barked her next command. "Spread your legs, put your hands behind your back and lower your eyes," she ordered as she sidled up to me and ran her palms over my chest. She pinched my nipples and twisted them hard, seeming to enjoy the low moan that escaped my lips. Incredibly aroused now, my cock jutted out lewdly.

Mistress Mary's caresses traveled across my thighs and buttocks and then over my erection. A drop of pre-come beaded at its tip. She wiped it with a finger, wet my lips and kissed me hotly. I kissed her back and reached to draw her closer, but she pulled away and slapped me across the face. Even knowing the rules, I'd managed to step out of line, so I bowed my head demurely and crossed my hands behind my back.

Without a word, she stepped to the shelf and returned with a pair of restraints that she strapped to my thighs. Then she buckled my wrists into the attached leather cuffs. She next buckled leather cuffs to my ankles and locked everything in place with tiny locks. She dangled a key ring on a dainty finger for a moment before putting it on the shelf. Finally, she buckled a leather band tightly around my cock and balls, making them jut forward obscenely.

She pointed me toward the couch. "Now get back on your knees where you belong, slave." When I did she clipped the ankle cuffs together, and I had never felt more aroused in my life. Then Mistress Mary sat down on the leather sofa and kicked off her pumps. She dangled a stockinged foot in my face and ordered me to worship it. Excited to be offered this opportunity to please her, I lavished her feet with kisses.

"Let's get that tongue to work," she said. Standing, Mistress Mary shimmied out of the sheer, next-to-nothing dress, leaving her in just a garter belt, silk stockings and a push-up bra. No panties. Her pussy was shaved but for a neatly trimmed strip, her slit glistening with arousal. I hungered for her and wanted nothing more than to lick and suck the soft, wet folds of her sex. But she had other plans. She turned and knelt on the couch, her arms resting on the back and crossed under her chin. She eased her legs apart, presented her ass to me and told me that I would have to earn the privilege of tasting her pussy. Then she pulled my leash between her legs and pulled my face to her ass. "Now you may kiss me," she cooed.

I perfunctorily kissed her creamy cheeks several times, but she laughed. "You'll have to do a lot better than that if you want to taste my pussy," she said. I kissed her ass lovingly. I kissed it lingeringly. I kissed it hard. But she clearly expected more. I alternately applied gentle licks and wet kisses to her cheeks. I could tell this is what she had in mind by her moans, and by the way she began to press her ass back toward me.

"Mmm, that's it," she purred. "Lick my asshole, slave boy." I licked her timidly at first, but soon I was so swept up in desire that I began licking the sweet crevice between her cheeks up and down with the flat of my tongue. In response, Mistress Mary gyrated her hips, pressed back and pulled harder on the leash.

After an eternity, she let the leash go slack, turned around and sat on the couch before me, her glistening pussy just inches from my hungry mouth. As she ran her hands through my hair I made the mistake of gazing up in wonder at my mistress. I realized my mistake when she slapped me hard across the face with her open palm. "You don't listen very well, do you?" she said. "Do you think you can ignore my rules? Did I tell you to look up?"

"I'm sorry, Mistress, I . . . " But I didn't get another word out before she slapped me hard across the other cheek. The blows stung and startled me. Without thinking, I tried to pull away, but I stopped almost immediately when she jerked on the leash and drew my face to hers.

"That's Mistress Mary to you, slave. It looks like you're in need of some discipline." She hauled me up by the leash and pulled my face to her pussy, which was hot and wet. She pulled her heels up to the sofa and scooted her bottom forward. I licked her up and down and I sucked her velvety lips into my mouth. Then I teased her clitoris with the pointy tip of my tongue. She moaned with pleasure and was so horny that she was soon ready to come. Lacing her fingers together behind my head, Mistress Mary pulled me hard to her and ordered me to suck her clit, her orgasm coming hard and fast.

When it was all over Mistress Mary lay back for a while, basking in the afterglow. Finally she stood, took something from the shelf and sat back down on the edge of the sofa. She dangled a gag between her spread legs, which to my surprise didn't feature the regular rubber ball but what looked like a two-inch dildo. Then she rubbed its smooth latex head in tantalizing circles over her pussy. When the black cock disappeared inside her she sighed and tossed her head, sliding it in and out several more times until it was good and wet. "Open up, my little pet," she commanded. I quickly obeyed and she shoved the glistening phallus into my mouth and buckled it in place behind my head. At her command, I rose stiffly.

She led me to the overstuffed ottoman and told me to get down on my knees and lie facedown across it. Then she unlocked the wrist cuffs and fastened my arms to the legs at the other end of the ottoman. Finally she placed a blindfold over my eyes. I squirmed around, trying to test my bonds, which, of course, wouldn't give an inch. I stopped when I heard a whip whistling through the air. Mistress Mary was taking practice swings. "Well, I bought so many new toys, what should I try first?" she asked herself aloud. "The leather paddle? This lovely crop? The cat-o'-nine tails?"

I crouched there bound, gagged and blindfolded and waited for her decision, more turned on than I'd ever been. Then crack! Mistress Mary smacked my ass with what I could tell were the soft thin leather flails of the cat. "Oh, I like the sound of that!" she said. "What a lovely little whip this is." Ten times she lashed the whip across my buttocks. "How do you like that, slave?" she asked.

I moaned around the gag and nodded, the only response I could manage. She laughed and the whip fell ten more times as my overstimulated balls pumped a stream of pre-come onto the ottoman. I didn't realize I was rubbing myself on the slick leather until she knelt down and grabbed me.

"It looks like someone is having a little too much fun," she said as she pulled my cock backward so that it jutted down the end of the ottoman, preventing me from pleasuring myself. "Now let's see how this paddle works."

The leather reported loudly as she smacked my ass. It stung my tender flesh smartly, and each blow resounded much more loudly than the soft crack of the cat. Whap! Whap! Whap! Again and again she slapped the supple leather against my ass and thighs. "Mmm, that's nice," she cooed. "The leather does a nice job of reddening your bottom." She continued spanking me until I was breathing heavily and groaning from the warmth that spread across my cheeks.

"And last but not least," she crowed, "the crop." It whistled sharply as she cut the air with a few practice swings. Then she snapped it across my buttocks. It set my ass afire, and as I later would learn, it left hot red lines with every blow. Ten more times she slashed at my ass and thighs until I was begging for her to stop. Though my words were garbled by the gag, my desperate tone left no doubt of their meaning.

At last Mistress Mary relented and I thought for a moment that my punishment was over. Then she swung astride my back and sat down, her feet on either side of the ottoman. Her warm sex pressed against me and I desperately longed to fuck her pussy, but Mistress Mary had other ideas.

Gently, she cracked the cat across my bound and tethered balls, flogging them softly but steadily. No single blow struck hard, but the cumulative effect of the many lashes added up to a crescendo of subtle and delicious pain that drove me mad with lust. With every caress of the whip I thought I would explode. Though I wanted her to stop, I urged her on with my moans. I wanted to come, but at the same time I wanted this to last forever. Never before had I been so long on the edge of orgasm. And when I thought she could push me no further, she pushed me further still. My moans came involuntarily now, until finally she stopped.

She sank to her knees behind me and unharnessed my balls. After massaging them in her palm, she sucked them into her mouth like she was sucking the flesh of ripe plums, and bathed them with her tongue. Then suddenly I felt the hard plastic tip of a vibrator against my asshole. As she rubbed and twirled it around, I could tell that she had slicked the shaft with lubricant.

Mistress Mary turned the vibrator on and teased me by rubbing it over my anus as she changed and adjusted the speed. She did everything except put it inside me. Then she turned it off. "You want me to fuck your ass, don't you?" she taunted. "Oh, I know you do, you horny little slut. Beg for it, slave boy. Beg me for what you want." I don't know what she made of my mumbled words as I begged her again and again to fuck my ass.

"Show me that you want it," Mistress Mary cooed. "Come and get it." I hesitated a moment too long. She grabbed my balls, squeezed them and firmly tugged me back until the slick tip of the plastic phallus pressed against my anus and slid slowly into me. It was wet and cold and hard, and I couldn't believe how good it felt as it glided into my ass. I arched back in tight circles, easing more and more of the vibrator inside me until only the base jutted from my stuffed hole.

She turned it on and then I drifted on a river of sensations as she twisted it around and worked it in and out. I swiveled my hips and pumped back and forth, fucking the toy in a steady rhythm. "That's it, slave boy, fuck my cock! Fuck it with your ass!" she encouraged.

My bottom was still aflame from the recent flogging and the wet smoothness of the slender vibrator felt good as it slid coolly in and out of my asshole. She gripped my balls in one hand and pulled me further backward. I could feel the pre-come oozing from my cockhead and, to my delight, she licked up the pearly drops of liquid. Then her wet lips encircled the crown of my long-tormented and much-neglected cock.

Mistress Mary drew me into her mouth and sucked me as hard and fast as she could, milking my balls and fucking my ass all the while. I begged her to let me come, and then my muffled pleas became a long, loud moan as she squeezed and pumped and sucked me for all she was worth. Soon I was lost in a maelstrom of sensation. I was bound, gagged, blindfolded and being both fucked and sucked at once. Time and place slipped away, and as the roaring waves of orgasm washed over me, I felt like I was sailing over a waterfall in a barrel.

When my orgasm subsided I lay across the ottoman, completely spent. Only when my mistress was satisfied that she had sucked every last drop of come from my trembling organ did she sit beside me and unbuckle the penis gag. Then she grabbed a handful of hair, pulled my face up to meet her kiss and filled my mouth with an astonishing quantity of hot cream. "Now swallow it for me, slave," she whispered. I did as she commanded. "That's a good little slave." She patted me on the head.

Mistress Mary removed the blindfold and unfastened my wrists only to clasp them together behind my back. She pulled me up by the leash and pushed me down onto the loveseat in a sitting position. She adjusted my ankle cuffs, fastening them to the feet of the couch, my legs spread wide. "Now that you can speak, what do you say, slave?" she demanded.

I thanked my mistress for the best sex I'd ever had and she curled up beside me and kissed me, slowly and lingeringly at first, her lips brushing mine like butterfly wings. Then her kisses turned wet and hot as she sucked on my tongue while she twisted my nipples and pinched them sharply with her nails. I was once again as hard as stone.

Then Mistress Mary straddled my lap, and her pussy felt so good as she ground it against me. I still longed to fuck her, but she was in control, and she would decide if and when that would happen. Pressing her wet cunt hard against the length of my shaft, she teased me with tight gyrations. I thrust up at her but wasn't able to slip inside.

Cupping her pert breasts in her hands, Mistress Mary presented them in turn. Her nipples grew hard as I sucked them, and as I did, she reached over to the shelf, grabbed a pair of clamps and snapped them onto my own tender nipples. It hurt like hell, but she gave me no time to contemplate the pain because at last she guided my cock to her hot pussy.

Sensing my desire to thrust into her, she ordered me to be completely still. Then slowly, she eased just the head of my cock into her. I thought at last I would get a good fucking, but once again my mistress had other designs. For long minutes she took nothing more inside of her than my bulbous crown. She pressed against my cockhead and then let it pop inside before sliding back out again. She repeated this motion over and over as my frustration grew.

"Please fuck me, Mistress," I begged. "I can't take it anymore. Please!" Finally, she relented.

"Oh, yes," she moaned as she slammed down onto my cock, taking my full length inside her. As she posted up and down on my thrusting rod, she gripped the chain that bridled my nipples and urged me on as if they were reins and I her steed. Her body rose and fell faster and faster, and I did my best to keep up until neither of us could hold off any longer and we convulsed in the blinding heat of simultaneous orgasm.

Mistress Mary collapsed onto me, breathing heavily, her heart pounding against my chest, her pussy clenching and unclenching my shaft as her orgasm subsided. "Damn, that was good," she whispered as she planted kisses on my face. When her ragged breaths came more regularly she stood up on the couch, pivoted around and planted her feet on the cushions on either side of my bound frame. Now I was staring directly at her beautiful behind. She slid her hands down her legs and glanced at me between her thighs. Her ass was drenched with my come and the juices of her passion. "You've made quite a mess here, slave boy. Don't you think you should clean it up?" She pulled on my leash and drew me steadily to her.

There was no fight left in me. I swirled my tongue over the glazed cheeks of her ass. I licked the strings of translucent nectar that dripped from her sex. Then she slowly moved backward as I pressed my mouth to her creamy pussy and sucked my mistress dry.

At last she unbuckled my wrists and ankles and pulled me up from the couch. I rose to my feet, a little unsteady, and followed Mistress Mary upstairs where she drew me a hot bath. Though her needs are always taken care of first, I know that sooner or later she will always see to mine. And that is just one of the reasons why I love my mistress so much.


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