Mistress Sends Me on a Trip

by slavek999

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© Copyright 2013 - slavek999 - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; D/s; bond; gag; bfold; bdsm; crop; punish; electro; torment; smoking; dungeon; ora; sex; climax; denial; cons/reluct; XX

As you have seen from my recent adventures my Mistress, Mistress Stephanie has taken immense pleasure in messing with my state of mind in our recent sessions including setting me up and accusing me of playing around with another lady. Well I knew this next trip was going to be another one because I was told I was to book a trip out on Thursday evening with a 5 pm flight home on Sunday afternoon. I was told to pack an extra change a clothes in my carry on, wear a pair of jeans and shirt I didn't care about and to to bring nothing else except for my ID, cellphone, 20 dollars and my house keys for when I get home.


Thursday afternoon comes around and Mistress arrives at my place about 3 hours before my flight and tells me that she will take me to the airport. I'm confused because I thought I was going on a trip with her. Of course it is not a simple drive to the airport because as I am getting in the passenger seat of her car she hands me a pair of blackened out sunglasses for me to wear and tells me I must be restrained for this part of my trip. She proceeds to handcuff my hands behind my back and shackles my ankles together. I start to ask her questions on what is going on and I receive a quick slap to the face and a warning to not speak unless I am asked a question. I heard a click, felt the exhale of her first cigarette of the drive and felt the car move.

Mistress was very excited but didn't tell me what was happening, all I knew I was flying out tonight, flying home Sunday and I didn't have any money our resources to change whatever happened once I got on the outbound flight. The ride to the airport was only about a half hour and pretty soon we were at the airport, it felt like Mistress was making a ton of turns and winding all around the place to find a place to drop me off at. Well when the car stopped she came around the car, opened the passenger door, unlocked the shackles at my ankles and helped me out of the car. She then proceeded to search my pockets and my carry on bag to make sure I followed her instructions exactly. A few minutes later she takes off the sun glasses, lights a new cigarette and gives me a large kiss, I guess I was able to follow those directions on what to bring. She tells me I am not to call or text anyone until I receive directions to do so when I arrive, removes the handcuffs from my wrists, hops back in her car and takes off.

I have been left in a relatively empty section of the airport's main parking garage and I stood there contemplating do I want to go through with whatever Mistress has planned for me. In the end, since I am a sucker for Mistress Stephanie and how she torments and arouses me along with the expectations of this unknown adventure in front of me, I follow through and head into the airport. It was torture because I only had 20 dollars on me and had no idea what was going to happen that I didn't want to blow the money I had on a meal right now so it was a very long hour wait in the airport and a very long 2 hour flight since I had nothing with me to keep myself entertained.

About 5 minutes after I land I receive a text from an unknown number. The text states: "slave - you are to immediately proceed to D7 to exit the terminal. Cross to the second loading median and walk to your right. I will be wearing a black knee length leather coat and red leather boots. When you reach me I will say slave light my cigarette, Mistress KIT". I reply, Ok I will be there soon.

Shit I think that I don't have a lighter and with the restrictions on flying with a lighter I hope a can find a shop outside security that sells lighters. It doesn't take long to find a lighter and the correct door. I head outside and cross to the second drop off median, I turn to the right and there I see her, Mistress Kit, about 5-8 or so, shoulder length brown hair with a redish tint wearing a black leather coat and red boots as her text said. I head towards her and as I reach her she takes a gold cigarette case out of her pocket, place a cigarette in her lips and commands "Slave Light my Cigarette". I stop and reply "Yes Mistress" and fumble getting the lighter out of my pocket and require a couple of attempts to get her cigarette lit. Mistress takes the initial drag, exhales in my face and says, "Thank you, please take my arm and come with me". I take her arm and ask her where are we heading, she calmly takes another drag exhales at me and tells me to stop asking questions and just come with her.

Surprisingly we head back into the terminal but head up to the ticketing level and take the pedestrian bridge across to the main parking garage. We get on an elevator at take it all the way to the upper level where we were the only people present at the time. We start walking a little ways towards the far end when she stops me, hands me a pair of blackened sun glasses and tells me to put them on. Mistress then immediately grabs my wrists and cuffs them behind my back. I foolishly ask why do you need to restrain me and Mistress calmly tells me again to stop speaking and asking questions and takes one of my arms and leads me along.

When we reach her vehicle I hear the electronic locks click and a door slide open. I am turned around and told to sit down, I feel my shoes and socks being taken off and a very wide and heavy set of shackles with a short chain between them are locked onto my ankles and a blindfold replaces the blackened sunglasses. My ankles are picked up and I am fully pushed into the van Mistress is driving. She tells me not to make any noise when she stops to pay for parking and throws some sort of blanket over me. I then hear the sliding door close and feel the van shake as Mistress climbs into the van and drives away.

It was a short drive of maybe 15 minutes when I the van stops and Mistress commands me to get out and stand up. She tells me that I need to be properly restrained and secured for the drive to her dungeon. She then proceeds to cut my clothes off and I start to protest. I am greeted with her simultaneously slapping my face, grabbing my balls and telling me to be quiet. A wide belt is strapped around my waist and the handcuffs are secured to the back of the belt. At this point I am frustrated with both myself and the situation because I voluntarily agreed to all of this and now quite simply I am stuck following it through. I then hear a click and Mistress exhales her smoke into my face, she then tells me that she has to fix the restraints on my wrists and that I am not to do anything or try and run off.

Clearly my frustration has boiled over and I yell at her, "Where the hell would I go and what would I do, my ankles are locked together, I have no clothes, my arms are cuffed behind my back and I am blindfolded".

Mistress quickly slaps my face and doesn't say anything while she forcefully unlocks one wrist at a time and I believe puts on heavy metal wrist shackles like my ankles which are locked to the sides of the belt. She then pushes me back into the van and orders me to lie on my back. I am ordered to move around some and she then starts to strap my torso, legs and arm to some large board in the back that I am laying on. Mistress is straddling my chest when she removes the blindfold, I finally realize I better keep my mouth shut and don't say a word.

She tells me that I have a problem that I cannot keep my mouth shut and she has a fix for that problem. From a toy chest she has brought along, she pull out a harness gag with a large ball and roughly shoves it into my mouth and secures it extremely tight. She then reaches around into the toy chest and pulls out a pair of Eros 312 boxes and a bunch of attachments. She then turns around and attaches all of those toys to my cock and balls and even adds a number of electrical pads to my legs. After getting everything hooked up she places the control boxes next to my head and switches the boxes on and sets it up so there are a lot of mild sensations below my waist, some sharp some bordering on pleasurable.

She then takes another cigarette out of her case and lights it and blows her smoke into my face. She then starts with, "Now that you are secured and hooked up we can start with your initial punishment for all of your infractions for the first hour. First you had too many problems lighting my cigarette at the airport", - she adjusts the Eros boxes and I receive a series of medium level jolts that cause a little pain. Next, she tells me that the rules are that I am to always light her cigarettes for her and tells me that I have missed doing that two times since the airport. I again receive a set of shocks that are not overly painful.

Next she tells me that she will overlook my first words of "Yes Mistress" at the airport and tells me that I am only to speak if spoken to and a response is required, for this I receive a series of about 5 sets of very sharp and painful shocks to my cock and balls. She then concludes with the biggest infraction which was that I could not even obey the commands of my Mistress when I replied to her text when I landed. For this she reaches to the control boxes and dials everything up. The pain in unbearable, there is a breathing hole in the massive gag and it seems like I cannot get enough air while I am straining against the straps holding me down. After what seems to be an eternity of this pain she dials down the electricity and warns me that I had better follow all the rules presented to me because I haven't gotten off easy because we just met. She then grabs a hood and tightly puts a thick and restrictive hood on me. She puts a breathing tube into the gag and tightly straps up the hood, straps down my head and exhales her smoke directly into my breathing tube.

I can feel Mistress moving things around and climbing out of the van. I then hear and feel the sliding door close and then subsequent motion of the van I assume was Mistress climbing into the drivers seat. After a minute or two the sensation from the electricity starts up again, with random mixes of mildly pleasant vibration with sharp shocks of pain the kill any of the pleasure the vibrations cause. Simply put the electricity is a big mind fuck torment because any enjoyment is destroyed by the random shocks. Mistress Kit however is not happy with that status quo, because whenever she stops for traffic she takes a drag from her cigarette, exhales into my breathing tube and does something with the eros boxes that sends a big painful shock wave to my cock and balls. It is real hard to scream when I don't have a lot of air, coughing from her smoke and have a big ball gag jammed in my mouth. I have no idea how long the ride is but the additional smoke and electrical torture are interspersed randomly throughout the trip.

I believe I know that the trip is over because I feel the van stop and then hear the sound of an electric garage door closing. Mistress then tells me that including the cigarette she just lit that the remainder of the drive home comes to 4 cigarettes that I did not light for her. I am given another blast of her smoke and 4 series of long shocks with the last one leaving me screaming in agony. Mistress Kit then leaves me in peace for a little while, turns out she was making her final preparations for my first night in her dungeon. I have no idea how long she has been gone but I am starting to get worried.

After dozing a little, I am awoken by Mistress starting to remove all the electrical attachments from my body. She then starts to unstrap me and tells me move around and stand up. After getting me standing, she shows that same bad habits as my Mistress Stephanie and add additional restraint at my knees and elbows. She leads me into her dungeon, first into a bathroom and helps me sit on a toilet. I am told to take care of my business for the night. Mistress cleans me up after going and leads me into her dungeon. I am first led to some type of padded table and forced to bend over it, I am strapped down so I cannot stand upright and the chain between my ankles is secured to a ring in the floor. All of a sudden my ass is assaulted with a very fast series of about 25 strokes of a paddle. I try and move around in the hope that this relieves the pain and sting but Mistress says to me that I am glad you are awake, just wanted to make sure. This is followed by another 25 strokes. I am given a slight breather and Mistress says it is time to change things up and starts to flog my ass and the backs of my legs. I would guess I received around 50 strokes with the flogger. Last I feel her messing with my behind and I feel a large plug shoved up my backside. She then releases me from the table and says it is time to get me ready for bed.

I am led around the dungeon, I am expecting that at worst I will be shoved in a small cage and be restrained in some manor. That was not to be because I am led to some type of reclined bondage chair and am told to sit down on it. Mistress immediately pushes me back into the chair and tightly straps in my waist and torso. This is then followed by my legs being released from the shackles, spread apart and secured with many straps to the chair. She then reminds me not to struggle when she releases my arms, I wisely just let her do what she wants to me. Thus my arms are secured stretched out from my sides to the extended arms of the chair. I am still hooded, gagged and have no idea what else is coming.

Mistress takes her time but I feel her lightly clamping things to my nipples, sticking pads to my legs and torso and making attachments to cock and balls. It turns out it was a number of electrical devices, vibrators and sensors because I hear her heels when she is moving all around me hooking up all the wires. When she has finished I feel the hood being loosened and then pulled off. I am still gagged but Mistress gives me the opportunity to see what is going on. There are lights shining on me from all directions so I cannot see what else is in the room but I can see the chair I am strapped to and see a bunch of attachments to me with wires that lead back to a computer located to the side of me. She lights another cigarette, sits on my legs and calmly smokes while continually exhaling in my face. She tells me that I will be spending the night in this chair while she is able to sleep upstairs in slightly more luxurious setting. She says that my gag will be replaced with a more appropriate and comfortable gag for the night and that I am free to scream all I want but not to try and talk. Hearing screaming from the dungeon at night is a lullaby to her.

Mistress gives me a small drink of water and then tells me to open my mouth wide. She slides in this complicated looking device between my teeth with an end that is similar to a ring gag into my mouth and tightens the harness straps around my head. I am able to breath fine through my mouth but I am unable to move my jaw. She then puts a light weight, partially see through blindfold over my eyes and then puts a one piece set of goggles over the blindfold. Mistress then leans to the side of my head and whispers into my ears to have a relaxing evening and to sleep tight. She takes a big final drag on her cigarette, gives me a massive kiss though the gag and forces me to inhale her smoke. I feel her get off of me and then I am alone, unable to move, blind and deaf.

I am sitting there wondering how I am going to relax and sleep while being so tightly bound to this chair when all the devices attached to me come alive. I feel vibrations, shocks, hear loud explosion type noises through the headphones and see bright multicolored flashing lights through the blindfold. I lightly scream in agony from the shocks and am rewarded with more shocks. Everything stops for a while and then the vibrators on my nipples start up, I moan a little bit from the sensations and get get shocked. The vibrators near my cock and the one in my ass start and I moan some in pleasure and get shocked. I am teased by these vibrators for a while and at one point make a noise in frustration of the teasing and get shocked. At one point after 5 minutes of nothing my lightly blindfolded eyes get hit with a bunch of bright flashing lights, I scream again in frustration and get shocked.

During a quiet period without any of this external electronic stimulation I figure out that Mistress probably has some type of microphone sensor on this setup. Foolishly I test my theory by making some sort of noise when nothing is happening and sure enough I get shocked. Now I have to try and remember not to make any noise because I don't want any extra shocks coming my way. I have no idea I how long I have been here but I feel like I am drifting off to sleep and am woken up by a random set of shocks, vibrations, noise or flashing lights. That was the routine for the entire night, Mistress had some type of sensor hooked up to me that allowed a computer to figure out I was falling asleep and it then reacted by applying stimulation in the form of vibrations, electotorture, loud noises or bright flashing lights to me. Needless to say the night in the chair was neither relaxing or restful.


After a long time of torment and during a period of time the machine was actually letting me doze a little instead of waking me with bursts of torture I hear Mistress Kit greating me through the headphone speakers "Good morning slave, I hope you slept well and had a relaxing night". I then felt her removing all the electrical toys and pads from my body. Then she takes off the headphones, light goggles and blindfold, leaves the gag on and replaces them with a gas mask. After this she straps some type of tube with hoses attached to it onto my cock. She finishes up, turns around and sits down right near my head where I can easily see her. She lights a cigarette, exhales into the gas mask and tells me that she is about to prepare me for the day to make sure I am focused on her needs and not myself.

With that she takes another drag on her cigarette and exhales into the gas mask again and starts up the vibrator that she left in my ass. Then I feel suction and vibrations in my dick. While this is going on, Mistress is sitting there smoking and telling me that she wants to ensure that I am not distracted and this treatment this morning will ensure that I am emptied and not distracted. I am getting all hot and bothered but no where near close to an orgasm and am extremely frustrated. I would guess that Mistress keeps this up for a half an hour before she says it is time I am emptied out. The first orgasm comes quickly and is mind blowing, however the sensations and vibrations don't stop and a second orgasm came pretty soon after the first. This one wasn't as good as the first but was still enjoyable. However the sensations still continued but became painful, pain from the sensation and pain from the subsequent orgasms. I lost count but I think Mistress kept the machines going for another three orgasms. After the small final contract, Mistress finishes her last cigarette, exhales into the gas mask, shuts off the machines and tells me I can have a small rest before continuing.

Once the machines are turned off, I barely hear what Mistress says and drift off to sleep. I am awoken to Mistress removing the gas mask and gag and hear her saying that I have to get out of this chair because the day is a wasting away. She then proceeds to free one arm at a time before shackling it to the waist belt at my sides. Next my torso and legs are freed and she helps me up and walks me over to a spanking bench. She says that it is time for my punishment due to my late night and morning infractions. I stiffen up as she orders me to kneel on a spanking bench, however I comply, get my knees on the bench and lay my check down on the upper part of the spanking horse.

As she is securing me to the horse, Mistress says this is for failure to light her cigarettes, she then goes on the say that she had one or two before bed, probably two before waking you up, three while you were being milked and I always smoke during a punishment so we will say this is for failing to light my cigarette 10 times. This will give you 10 stroke per infraction for a total of 100. I don't speak but make some sort of grunting protest type noise and Mistress adds an then 5 strokes with the cane will be added for arguing with me. Mistress spared no effort with the first hundred that she applied with a paddle, crop and flogger and seemed to enjoying my moaning and screaming in pain. However she said she was tired of my screaming and inserted a massive ball gag with a breathing hole in it. The cane strokes were unbearable and I must have passed out after the last one and must have woken up when Mistress applied some sort of antiseptic cream to help to my behind. Again she let me rest a little bit before continuing.

After about an hours nap Mistress woke me up by removing the gag and putting some sort of shake in a large glass with a straw on a small table in front of my head. I was famished since I hadn't eaten since before the flight yesterday evening, the shake tasted very bitter and acidic but I was famished so I drank it all very quickly. Turns out Mistress made the shakes from protein shake mix using her golden waste. Mistress then told me to rest a little more. When Mistress awoke me she gagged me with a fancy breathable gag with a cleaning brush sticking out from it, re-secured my wrists at my sides to the belt at my waist.

After this she then locked my cock into some type of opaque tube, later I learned what she did to me. She also showed me the lighter that she tethered to the belt at my waist. My legs were kept free and she was very kind to put knee pads on my knees. She asked me to light her cigarette, luckily she bent down to the level of my hand and told me to get down on my knees and clean the floor of her dungeon. She had also left a bucket with cleaning water on the floor in the middle of the room. I also forget to add that Mistress put a set of binders on me so that I could only look straight ahead. Seeing that I can get punished for any problem, I figured that I had better do a good job cleaning the dungeon floor. I managed to push the bucket near a corner without spilling and got down on my knees and started to methodically clean the floor.

It is very tedious, boring and tiring washing the floor with a brush sticking out of my mouth, on my knees and my hands are useless because they are secured to my waist. Well after an hour or so of washing I learned what the purpose of the tube on my cock was for because I heard Mistress' heels on the floor and the command "slave come light my cigarette". I carefully get to my feet and hurry over to Mistress who is sitting in a chair and I light her cigarette. She tells me to kneel and stay and changes out the brush for an ashtray attachment. Mistress has changed outfits and has chosen to wear a very revealing top and smokes very seductively. This has the desired effect of turning me on, and I receive a pain in my groin as I start to get an erection. Mistress had put a set of Kali's teeth on me earlier and clearly was smoking to get to me.

I think I started the cleaning around lunch time and there were at least two more cigarette breaks for Mistress during my cleaning, with Mistress using each break to turn me on and torture my cock with the Kali's teeth. As I am finishing the last corner of the dungeon I hear Mistress walking all over the dungeon and finally hear her call "Slave come over here and light my cigarette".

Mistress looks amazing, she is wearing a very revealing outfit with long black boots and long leather gloves, already before she even started smoking the pain from the beginning of an erection has started. After I kneel, she again replaces the washing brush with an ashtray and tells me that I have done a good job cleaning and that I deserve a reward. Mistress puts on an erotic smoking show while with her other hand, keeping on the soft leather gloves she take my balls into her hands and proceeds to caress and massage my balls. It is a very frustrating reward because the actions of her hands feel so good while my bursting erection is serious pain because of the Kali's teeth. This torment and pleasure continues while Mistress finishes her first cigarette and smokes another.

She then tells me that it is time for dinner and a bathroom break. She has me stand up and leads me back to the spanking horse which she has me get on and she quickly secures straps around my waist and torso. She remove the gag and places another large shake of some type in front of me which I rapidly consume. I am then released from the bench and led to the bathroom where I am allowed to empty my bladder. After I finish Mistress surprises me by guiding me into an oversized shower stall with a metal frame at waist level and a couple of large bags with hoses at the bottom hanging above the frame.

Mistress pushes me down over the frame and quickly secures me to the frame before I figure out what is going on. She also secures my ankles to rings in the shower stall floor. She then tells me that my insides need to be cleaned out. There was nothing I could do about it but I was getting an enema. It turns out there were two bags hanging and I received two. After the first Mistress removed the plug from my ass and told me I could empty my bowels right there in the shower. I did and then Mistress turned on the shower to cold to rinse all the discharge away, the water came from a number of jets all around the stall and there was no way I could avoid the cold water. This was repeated for the second enema also. Mistress then turned up the heat and said I could use this time to rest a little.

When Mistress Kit returns she says that her plans for the evening are to watch a movie or two and that she wants me at her feet during that time. The first thing she does before releasing me is to put a hood on me that totally blinds me but I am not gagged and my breathing is not restricted. Next she shackles my ankles together after releasing them from the floor rings and then releases the straps holding my waist and torso down. She tells me to stay still while she finishes preparing me. I feel something forced up into my ass and then some type of tube tightened onto my cock, thankfully there are not spikes or pointy things in this tube.

Next I feel her snapping on some type of underwear or something around my waist. My arms are then released from my sides one at a time and secured to the front of the belt at my waist. I feel a collar placed around my neck and feel a leash tug on in with the command to come. I am blindly led out of the dungeon and upstairs somewhere. When we get to her TV room she tells me to lie down on my back on the floor. I hear Mistress sit down on the couch or some piece of furniture and hear sounds like a zipper being undone and something being removed. After a few minutes Mistress places her bare feet on my shacked hands and tells me to give her tired feet a good foot massage. At that same time I hear the sound of a movie starting.

Every once in a while in a while I receive random shocks to my cock or ass and an order to do a better job. On top of that after a few minutes of the starting of the movie I smell a lit cigarette and a sharp series of shocks. Mistress tells me that that is my punishment for not lighting her cigarette, I make some "huh" type sound and am rewarded with more shocks. I probably screw up by making a similar type noise after the second cigarette but then I learn to just shut up no matter what. When Mistresses is done watching TV or movies I hear the sound from the TV silenced, I hear noises of her moving around on the couch and then the command with a tug on the leash to get on my knees. She then tells me I am to worship her body.

To my surprise my mouth is brought to the nearest of her bared breasts and I am told to worship her. It is so frustrating because here she is topless and I am blind as a bat because of the hood and cannot see anything of her. It is touch and go for me to figure out how she wants her breasts worship, everything she doesn't like I receive some type of random shock. After a bit I go quite a while without any shocks and she abruptly sits up stopping me. The leash is roughly pulled down while her other hand forces my head down. She had forced my head between her legs and then commanded me to worship her pussy.

Like the breasts, if I wasn't doing something right I was shocked. Very quickly she is moaning in enjoyment and I start to feel an enjoyable vibration in my ass and in my cock, Mistress had changed the electrical devices to a pleasurable setting for me. I was enjoying the vibrations so I was working very hard to give Mistress pleasure. After a while I felt her legs tense up and then hear a very loud scream of exctasy. I continue trying to please her but my head is pushed away and I receive a very large shock. After she catches her breath she tells me I did a good job, I then smell a cigarette and Mistress kisses me while exhaling her smoke. After I finishing coughing from the surprise of the kiss and smoke I receive a very large shock and am told again it is punishment for not lighting her cigarette. When she finishes smoking she pulls on my leash and tells me to come, it is time to get ready for bed.

I am blindly led back to the dungeon, I was hoping that Mistress would show some kindness on me and chain me to the wall or put me in a cage for the night but that was not to happen. Back in the dungeon Mistress brings me back to the bondage chair and again I am securely spread out and secured to the chair. I feel Mistress messing around with my cock and balls and I assume she is attaching more electrical toys to me. I smell smoke again and feel a big series of shocks, I guess that is my punishment for not lighting her cigarette again. For a change I manage to keep my big mouth shut and therefore I don't receive any follow up shocks.

Mistress then grabs my hooded head, gives me a large open mouth kiss and forces her smoke exhale into me. She tells me that I did very well today and hopes I have a good day tomorrow. She says that all these attachments will help me rest and says as a reward the she will not be gagging me tonight. When Mistress starts up the devices I am greeted again with a series of shocks through everything attached to my cock, balls and stuff shoved up my backside. After a minute or two the shocks end, Mistress says sleep well and a bunch of pleasurable vibrations start up. The frustrating this is that these sensation are only teasing me and they are not strong enough to bring me to a climax. There still are some random shock to keep me off balance but is seems that the programing of the devices for tonight is to tease and frustrate me. After some point I fall asleep and luckily the programming also lets me get a couple hours of sleep at a time but I was awoken at least a couple of time with shocks which change to the vibration teasing that allowed me to fall back asleep.


I am sound a sleep when I am awoken by very large shocks through every device, after this I receive a blast of smoke in my face and Mistress tells me that these shocks are my punishment for not lighting her cigarettes late last night or early this morning. Mistress then takes off the hood and gives me a large smokey kiss and tells me it is time for my morning tortures. A gas mask is put on me and Mistress pulls a chair in front of me and sits down. Mistress looks fabulous, she is wearing only a leather bra and a very skimpy pair of leather panties. Mistress sits down in front of me, light a cigarette, exhales into the gas mask hose and grabs the control boxes for the electrical devices and turns them on. I think I am fortunate that I am not being shocked. Mistress had set up the toys to vibrate and stimulate me to be pleasurable.

While she is adjusting the devices she seductively smokes and her talking is provacative to turn me on even more. I think I remember Mistress continuing this torment while smoking a couple more cigarettes. All I know is that I am extremely horny, frustrated and turned on. I want to be able to come now, I am dripping sweat and straining against the bonds holding me to the chair. Mistress then removes her panties, lights another cigarette, grabs a vibrator and starts to fuck herself with the vibrator. I just want to come, cannot move and cannot do anything to increase stimulation to my cock. I just scream and moan in frustration. It seems that her toy and my frustration quickly brings Mistress to a massive orgasm. I am still near the brink but cannot come, and I thought that the electric shocks were bad. Mistress slumps a little in exhaustion and takes a breather while the electric devices continue my torment. After a few minutes of this she says that this was fun but it is time to get to work. The frustration instantanously changes to pain as Mistress shocks me out of my horny erection state.

The gas mask is taken off and Mistress allows me to rest for a little bit. When she comes back, I get another protein shake and while I am drinking that she removes all the electrical toys from me. She then proceeds to the routine of freeing one arm at a time and locking that arm to the belt around my waist. After I am freed from the chair again she takes me to the dungeon bathroom to take care of my business. Unfortunately after I finish on the toilet she leads me back in to the over sized shower and I am strapped down to the bondage frame in the shower. I am then given two enemas and each one is followed by a cold shower to clean me up. I have come to dread taking care of business in the bathroom each morning with Mistress Kit.

After the second enema and shower Mistress comes in and tells me that it is time to get ready for my chores this morning. First I feel her push a plug up my ass and then I feel her hooking something up and securing it the the belt behind my back. Next she is messing with my cock and balls and puts something on them also. Then she puts the harness gag with the cleaning tool attachment on me and finishes up with a set of blinders so I can only see straight ahead.

I was led upstairs out of the dungeon and straight to the kitchen, there was a cleaning bucket there for me to use to clean the kitchen floor. Mistress helped me get down on my knees and I start cleaning the floor. Washing a floor is generally an easy job when you have two free hands and feet but it is a bit more difficult with the mop sticking out of your gag and your arms locked to your sides. It isn't hard but it is tiring and very boring cleaning a little bit at a time and shuffling around on your knees. Well after washing a while I learned a little of what Mistress had done to get me ready.

When Mistress came into the kitchen for her first cigarette break, she sat on the floor, had me light her cigarette and proceeded to fondle my balls while teasing me with her smoking. Yep, the Kalis teeth were back on my cock and Mistress was doing all that she could to get me aroused so I could torture myself. I think I worked on the kitchen floor till lunch time when I had finished the kitchen floor. Mistress had me stay on the floor, removed the gag and set another protein shake on the floor in front of me. After I finished the shake she said that we both needed a break. She took the blinders off of me and put on a very tight half hood on my head. I was totally blind but wasn't gagged and I could also easily breath. She then led me to another room where she had me kneel down again.

I heard Mistress moving around and then I heard her sit down in front of me. After she sits, I can clearly smell her arousal, I think I know what I need to do, I lean a little more forward and take another sniff. My first thought is not wrong, Mistress is very aroused and I lean all the way forward and start to worship her pussy. This also has the predictable effect on me, I start to get aroused and of course the Kali's teeth start to torture me. Suddenly I feel vibrations at the base of my cock, in addition to the Kali's teeth Mistress put a vibrating cock ring on me. This just enhances my erection and the pain from the teeth. This causes me to pause and very quickly I receive a shock in my ass, it turns out the butt plug is an electric plug.

After I get back to my worshiping in addition to the cock ring, vibrations also start up in my ass. I am having a hard time concentrating on Mistress and receive shocks to my ass when I am not paying enough attention to Mistress. Eventually I am able to ignore the pain in my cock enough to bring Mistress to a massive orgasm after which she takes her legs and pushes me back to the floor on my backside. I hear Mistresses heavy breathing for a little and then I feel her straddling me and her moving so she is kneeling right over my face. As she gives me a shock, I smell a freshly lit cigarette and she tells me to bring her to another orgasm. Mistress turns off the cock ring but uses the shocking function of the plug to encourage me in getting her to a second orgasm. After she climaxes a second time she gives me another smokey kiss and tells me that this has been a very enjoyable break and that it is time to get back to work.

She helps me back up on my feet, removes the hood, replaces the gag and blinders and leads me into the dining room and tells me I have to clean this room also. I settle down on my knees and start the long boring and laborously process of cleaning yet another room. This last room is even more frustrating because in addition to the teasing and torment of Mistress' smoking breaks she is continually playing with the remote controls for both the cock ring and butt plug. Needless to say it is hard to do a good job and Mistress also using the shocking function a lot. It must be dinner time when I finish because Mistress removes my gag and places another shake on the floor in front of me.

After I finish the shake, I am told it is time to go back to the dungeon and receive my punishment for doing such a poor job in the dining room. I am tired, frustrated and still very horny and don't have time to think and yell out loud "WHAT" for which I promptly receive a large set of shocks to my ass and have a gag shoved back into my mouth. My nipples which so far have been ignored, receive a nasty clamps with a chain connecting them together. I am then blindfolded and Mistress grabs the chain on the nipple clamps and tells me to come.

I hurry to keep up with Mistress to minimize the pain to my nipples and I am led back down to the dungeon. Down in the dungeon she pulls me to a wall and pushes me back against it. I feel straps applied around my torso and legs holding me against the wall and I feel Mistress remove the Kali's teeth from my cock. Then she removes both the blindfold and gag. Wisely I keep silent. She tells me that I am never to question her rules or decisions. For that infraction I am to receive 20 strokes to my cock and that I am to count each stroke, if I miscount or forget to count, the punishment will start over. I am also warned that I am to thank her for each stroke.

Mistress grabs a crop, lights a cigarette and tells me it is time to begin, at that point I feel vibrations in both my ass and at the base of my cock, Mistress has decided to make it easier for her to keep me hard in order to inflict the most torment. She starts and I am coping after 6 strokes when instead of hitting my cock, she purposely hits my balls, I instinctively say "7, thank you Mistress". She stops, takes a drag on her cigarette, exhales directly into my face and tells me that we are starting over because that stroke was not to my cock and that I had miscounted.

She starts again and on the seventh stroke she immediately shocks my ass and I miscount again, in the same manor with my face in a cloud of her smoke she tells me that I miscounted and that she will start over. On the third start she lets me get to 11 strokes before she hits my balls again, I respond thank you for punishing my balls Mistress, 11. I think I am doing ok when she quickly hits my balls again and shocks me. I am distracted enough to count 12, thank you Mistress. Again I am told that she is starting over. I start to beg to let it be over and quickly shut up when I am told if I do not stop complaining, she will double the punishment. For this fourth time Mistress takes mercy on me and allows me to reach 20 without addition additional stimulation to make me mess up the count.

Mistress puts the blindfold back on me and leaves me slumped against the wall to deal with pain in my cock, she however leaves the vibrators on to keep my frustration level up. I hear her doing something else in the dungeon and after a little bit I feel the straps holding me to the wall loosen and she again pulls me along by the nipple clamps. This time she positions me and locks each of my ankles to a ring in the floor. She then individually locks my wrists to overhead chains and stretches my arms out. She then replaces the plug in my ass and removes the vibrating ring from my cock. I then feel her putting electrical pads on my legs and then she encases my balls in some type of sack and puts some type of sleeve around my cock. I then feel a slight tug on my nipples as she attaches the clamp chain to something. She then secures something around my neck and tells me to stretch my hand and lightly grab the handles above my hands. To do this I have to stand up on my toes. After I do this she tells me that I must maintain this position for 1 hour without hanging on the handles but also not releasing them or resting my heals down as my punishment for poorly cleaning the dining room. She adds that I am not to make too much noise and promptly leaves.

This is a very stressfull and tiring position and after 5 or 10 minutes I think, I try to rest my toes, and immediately get my cock shocked. I am able to hold on for a few more minutes but this time pull on one of the handles. I receive another shock and a tug and pain to my nipples. This time I make some noise in protest of the torment and I am shocked again. I am able to regain a quiet equilibrium and then I feel something causing the muscles in my to start to quiver. This quickly cause me to drop off my tolls and this time I get sprayed with ice cold water, this also causes me to yell and I get my a sharp pull and pain in my nipples.

After about another 5 minutes of maintaining equilibrium I feel the start of an enema flowing into me. I have no idea how long since this torture has started but with the enema, and the electrical muscle stimulation it is next to impossible for me to keep in the safe equilibrium position on my toes. Needless to say at this point it becomes a constant stream of tortures because I cannot stay still and I am almost continually screaming from the torments. I guess I made it through the hour because all of a the torment stops and I hear Mistress ask wasn't that fun. I don't answer and receive another set of shocks and Mistress asks again wasn't that fun.

This time I say, "Mistress thank you for my punishment, it was very enjoyable". I am then told I can lower my feet off of my toes while Mistress slightly lowers my hands and locks the cuffs together. She then removes electrical attachments, nipple clamps and the enema plug from my ass. She leaves the shower stall and tells me that I can let it all out. After I empty out she starts a warm shower up and after it finishes she lowers the chains holding my hand and I gently collapse to the ground. Mistress turns up the heat in the bathroom and lets me rest on the floor of the shower.

After probably two hours Mistress comes back and wakes me. She helps me up on my feet again and let me know that it is now time to get me ready for bed again. I immediately start fidgeting a little because I really don't want to be strapped back into that chair and have to deal with those damn frustrating electrical toys all night. She calmly grabs my cock and balls and starts gently playing with them and tells me not to worry, tonight I will not have to sleep in the chair. I quickly calm down and Mistress puts a tight partial hood on me which completely blinds me. This is followed by a collar which is also locked on. My hands are then lowered and for a change they are locked to the collar instead of the belt at my waist.

Mistress then has me bend over and installs another infernal plug into my ass. She then releases my legs and attaches them together with a short chain. She then guides me out of the dungeon, up to the main floor and then up to the second level of her house. She guides me to the final and has me sit down on what seems to me to be a bed. She has me lay down and first secures my feet to the foot. Then she secures my hands to the head of the bead. I am laying here totally blind secured down in a comfortable, slightly spread eagle position. Mistress then tells me she has to get ready.

A little while later I feel Mistress on the bed and then I feel her climbing over me. I then smell her arousal and know what I need to do, I immediately start to worship Mistress' pussy. I bring her to an orgasm before she climbs off of me and collapses next to me. I feel her snuggle up to me and even more amazing is that she has thrown an arm across me and I feel a naked breast pressing on my torso. Mistress seems content laying there playing with me. I am definitely becoming aroused and really wished she would take this hood off me so I could see her, and that my arms are free so I could touch her.

Mistress continues this light teasing of me for a bit and as a result has gotten me extremely aroused. I then feel her move around, put something on my cock, feel her climb over me and I feel her stradling/sitting on my stomach. I then feel her doing something with the hood. The hood is pulled off my head and a see Mistress take a large drag off of her fresh cigarette and she immediately kisses me, forcing her smoke into me. As I cough a little due to the smoke, Mistress puts a gas mask on me and says that she hopes I enjoy this. I feel her moving my cock around and I then feel my cock at the entrance to her pussy. She takes a large double drag on her cigarette and as she exhales into the gas mask she forcefully mounts me. I am coughing and in heaven from the stimulation to my cock. Mistress is extremely aroused and violently rides me while frantically smoking. The feeling to my cock is wonderful but quit simply I am straining against my bonds because plain and simple I just want to come inside Mistress.

Unfortunately for me she had put a cock ring on me which is not letting me come, it is so maddening. Mistress rides me to a pair of orgasms before she gets off of me and snuggles up to me for a rest. After 20 or 30 minutes Mistress starts teasing my body again and I feel her remove something from my cock. After a little more teasing she straddle me again, lights another cigarette and asks if I am ready. She exhales into the gas mask again and mounts me again. After all the orgasms she has had this eventing I would have thought she was satisfied but Mistress is still frantic.

Since she had removed the cock ring, it doesn't take long and I explode in a massive orgasm, it seems like I don't stop coming inside Mistress for a couple of minutes. Mistress then removes the gas mask and lays down on top of me, give me a kiss and rests. After I go flacid in her, she gets off of me and climbs over my face in a 69 position. She tells me that the last rule of service is that I am required to clean her out. I balk at this and suddenly remember the plug in my ass because I receive a large shock.

She says again that I need to clean her up. I tenatively start licking and gently sucking and am rewarded with a gentle vibration in my ass. As I get into it more the vibrations get stronger and then I feel Mistress take me into her mouth. I continue to clean Mistress and she is getting more and more aroused again and continues to reward me. Quickly we both come to a final small orgasms. Mistress then gets off of me, pulls a blanket over us, snuggles up to me and falls asleep. I essentially pass out from all the torture, punishment, work and activity of the day and quick pass out into a deep sleep.


I sleep very soundly because I am awoken to a cloud of smoke in my face and then Mistress presenting a breast in my face. I quickly deduce what Mistress wants and immediately start kissing, nibbling and sucking on the offered breast. I quickly get Mistress aroused and she maneuvers herself over me while gently fondling my cock. Mistress quickly mounts my cock, leans over and gives me her other breast to suck on while she rides me. Mistress takes it slow and steady but we both are very aroused and we both quickly burst through with an orgasm.

Mistress quickly moves forward so that she is straddling my face looks down and reminds me of the rules. Again I slowly resist until she shocks me with the but plug again. I start to lick and suck to clean her and in short order bring her to another orgasm. Mistress then gets off of and tells me that she will fix breakfast and then it is time to start preparations for my return trip home. Mistress puts a blindfold on me and leaves me.

When Mistress returns, she removes the blindfold, she has dressed and has a shake for my meal. Mistress sits on the bed next to me and holds the shake for me to drink through the straw. When I finish, she tells me to open my mouth and pulls out a large ball gag with a breathing hole. After I am gagged, she also puts some type of plugs into my ears and pulls out a full hood to put on me. As she is tightening the hood I am getting worried what is going to happen now. It is a familiar routine because Mistress frees one hand at a time and secures them to my sides via the belt at my waist. My legs are released, I am helped to my feet and Mistress puts clamps on my nipples and leads me back to the dungeon using the nipple clamps.

Mistress guides me to a low bondage table and guides me to lay down and starts to secure me with straps across my torso and waist, she then continues to individually secure my legs spread apart. My arms are then secured to extension to the table where they are fully extended away from my body. I feel an opening in the table at my ass and feel Mistress replace the butt plug. Mistress immediately starts the vibrator in the plug which quickly arouses me. I then feel Mistress attaching something to my erect cock. Quickly the attachment on my cock comes to life, it is the infernal Venus 2000 and I am quickly ramping up to an orgasm. As I explode with my first orgasm, the machine continues its stimulation of me, it is mostly pleasurable but it is starting to bother me. That doesn't stop my body and I have a second orgasm.

Now there is no pleasure left. It is becoming painful and I struggle to escape. I try and stream but cannot, and my struggles get me no where. I reach a third orgasm and thankfully Mistress turns the machine off. A few minutes later after Mistress takes the venus off of my cock I am not so thankful because she has started to tickle my feet and lightly run her nails on my body. I try to scream and escape and am unable to stop her. The tickling goes after my feet, my sides, my legs and my underarms as I am struggling to breath while trying to scream to stop and escape. I really want this to stop but I cannot see, cannot communicate and cannot move. I cannot just sit here in take it but that is really all that I can do. I guess Mistress finally stops the tickling when my breathing truly becomes distressed.

In the slight interlude I feel Mistress doing something with my cock and then it was back to tickling until I had a hard time breathing. The torment continued in these cycles of Mistress doing thing to my legs and cock and then going back to the tickle torture. After the final tickle torture I feel nothing in the interlude. After what I guess is a five minute break, I found out what Mistress was doing, I am subjected to a massive shock treatment. This has me trying to scream and trying to escape the unmovable bonds holding me down. There were no pleasant vibrations or feelings this time, it was just a variation in the pain from the shocks. The electroshock torture also followed the on/off nature of the tickling torment.

At some point, the ear plugs came to life and on top of the shocks I was subjected to harsh noises through the head phones. These noises continued through the periods when the electricity was turned off so even when I wasn't being shocked it was hard to settle down a little. Eventually the shocks and noise stopped and I think I passed out. It wasn't long and I feel Mistress taking things off of my cock and legs and then my arms are released and locked to my waist. The straps holding my legs down are removed and I am helped to my feet. I am quickly led over to a frame and my legs are spread apart and strapped to the frame. I am pushed forward and Mistress finishes securing me to the angled X frame. I am still blind, mute and deaf and have no idea what is coming next.

I quickly found out what was coming, I felt the heavy sting of a flogger on my ass, that was quickly followed with strokes to my legs and my back also. The first stokes were not easy, I guess there was a reason I didn't receive any other corporal between Thursday night and now, because Mistress was saving up for this part of the session. Again like the electrical and tickle torture I tried to struggle but I was strapped down to an immovable piece and it was pointless. It seemed every moan and attempt to scream just energized Mistress. I don't know how long the flogging and beating went because Mistress even though she was getting into the corporal punishment of my rear was attuned to my breathing, every time I started to struggle to breath she took a short break to allow me to get enough air. It was a relief when it ended, and Mistress rubbed some type of lotion on my abused ass, legs and back.

I was allowed a short rest when the plugs in my ears powered up and told me it was time to get cleaned up for the trip home. I was kept blind and gagged while Mistress removed me from the cross and secured my hands again to my waist before leading me to the bathroom and the large shower stall. I was hoping but it was not to be as Mistress immediately puts her hand on my back and bend me over and straps me to the frame. Mistress removes the butt plug she used earlier and insert the enema nozzle and start the enema. After about 10 minutes I hear through the earphones that she will remove the enema nozzle and that I am to wait for 30 s before I allow the enema to be released. Prior to remove the enema nozzle Mistress releases me from the rack, secure my feet to the floor and secures my hands over my head.

After I release the enema, I feel the shower start up with nice warm water. The shower feels wonderful but I wished I was free and could enjoy it more. After I few minutes of the shower I feel a hug from behind, Mistress has joined me in the shower and she carefully and gently washes me. I am even more frustrated because I cannot see Mistress naked in the shower and cannot touch her. After the shower I am dried and Mistress leads me back into the dungeon where she lays me face down on a bondage table, secures my legs and arms and rubs more lotion onto my ass, legs and back. She removes the hood, gag, and earphones and tells me to rest before the ride to the airport.

When I was awoken Mistress was dressed in a mind blowing outfit, she was wearing long high heeled leather boots that went above her knees, black fishnet stocking up her thighs and a short red leather skirt. Her top was a tight and low cut black leather top that accentuated all the curves that the skirt didn't show off. Mistress was going to receive a lot of attention on this trip. She helped me up and said it was time for the final preparations. My hands were again secured to my waist and Mistress gagged me with a ring gag and she put a gas mask with the glass portion blacked out on me. I was then led up and out of the dungeon and into the garage. I was again helped in to a van and was encouraged to scootch around on the van floor until my back rested against some type of small frame.

At this point several straps were secured around my torso and then my arms were secured to the frame stretched away from my body. Last my ankles were individually tied down to with my legs spread apart. I feel the van shaking/moving, hear the sliding door close and the van shake again as Mistress climbs into the drivers seat. I then hear a large door open and the van start to move. I am not tightly anchored down in my bondage so I have a tendency to shift around a little bit. Mistress was very devious in the bondage for me in the van, I am sitting on something like astro turf and all the shifting around is tormenting my ass and the back of my legs with all my shifting around.

During all this Mistress is smoking and she is exhaling her smoke into the gas mask hose. I am moaning with the torment the floor is transmitting to my whipped ass when all of a sudden in the middle of a turn of the van I feel hands attaching something to my cock and then I feel the shocks of the electrical toy which was hooked up to me. The blackening to the gas mask window is removed and I see Mistress sitting in front of me in the back of the van. To stop me from looking around she quickly lights another cigarette and starts playing with herself using a vibrator. She has studied me well because I am essentially entranced watching Mistress. She smokes two cigarettes and brings herself to an orgasm. Soon after the van stops and I think I see a woman exit the drivers seat. After a few minutes to compose herself Mistress starts freeing me. She tells me that we are going out to dinner before heading to the airport. She hands me my bag with my clothes and tells me to get dressed. She also adds that for the time I am to leave the electrical toys attached to my cock.

I am thankful that when I packed clothes to come home in that I didn't pick a ratty pair of jeans and some t-shirt, at least I had a casual outfit that looked OK but was no match for how Mistress looked. After I finished dressing Mistress got back into the van and hooked the wires from the electrical device to a battery box that resembled a cell phone. It was a beautiful afternoon and Mistress took my arm, handed me a lighter and informed me that we are sitting on the terrace because smoking is allowed. I have to say that Mistress received a lot of looks as we walked into the restaurant and while we were lead to the terrace and seated. Immediately after we are seated Mistress takes out a gold cigarette case, takes out a cigarette and leans over and I light her cigarette.

Mistress is still receiving some lustful stares from a couple of men out on the terrace but she starts talking to me and asking about my thoughts about the weekend. Luckily I was saved by the waitress who came to get our drink orders. I could see that even the waitress was intrigued by Mistress Kit, her outfit and her smoking. After our drink order and receiving our drinks Mistress continued to quiz me about the weekend. Overall eating out in my eyes was going smooth. However that changed as the waitress started to come over and take our food order. Mistress pulled out her cell phone and started messing with it, immediately I felt the device attached to my cock come to life (isn't technology fun, Mistress has an app to torture her slave). The sensations are not painful but they are distracting.

So the waitress who is now showing lots of interest in Mistress comes over and takes Mistress' order first and then turns to me. Mistress, coughs or makes a noise to stop me from ordering but I do not realize what she is trying to do and try to order anyways. All off a sudden I receive a quick shock and hear Mistress say to the waitress that she will order dinner for her slave. I think I turn beet red and I want to leave but the waitress turns from me and looks at Mistress and takes the order for me also. The waitress is clearly curious because after taking our order and getting it to the kitchen she is quickly back with a second glass of wine for Mistress and questions.

Unfortunately for me Mistress indulges her questions and shows her the controls to the shocking device on me and the two proceed to lightly torment me. After a few minutes Mistress tells the waitress that I have been embarased enough and that if she wants to learn more she should call Mistress. She then gave the waitress her card and got back to quizzing me about this weekend and teasing me with her smoking and that infernal electrical device. I have to say it was an interesting meal for a number of reasons, I was still embarassed by what Mistress revealed to the waitress, I was being driven nuts by the electrical device Mistress was controlling and then there was Mistress herself in that amazing outfit combined with her sultry attitude and look while smoking.

I was so glad when the check came that Mistress took care of it and did not continue the humiliation that she created when she ordered my meal. When we left the waitress wished me a safe trip home and said that she would definately be contacting Mistress Kit. When we got outside I didn't see a van and was confused when Mistress led me up to a SUV with dark tinted windows and opened the door for me and told me to get in. She closed the door behind me and walked around the vehicle and got into the drivers seat. I was told to buckle up and then to secure my ankles and hands with the shackles on the floor. These shackles were bolted to the floor of the SUV and as soon as I locked the final cuff on my second wrist, Mistress shocked me to make sure that the shackles were properly locked on.

She then moved right next to me, took a cigarette out of her case, lit it, took a large double drag, grabbed my head and started french kissing me, while exhaling her smoke into my lungs. When Mistress broke off that kiss I was so turned on that I tried to escape and continue with Mistress, she enjoyed watching my struggles. She then turned on the electricity again, started the car and drove away from the restaurant. It was a very frustrating 20 minute drive to the airport because of the electrical device and Mistress' smoking. Mistress first pulled into a cell phone lot, dialed up the vibrations from the device, lit another cigarette and kissed me like she did when leaving the restaurant. I was a raving lunatic because all I wanted to do was attack this incredibly sexy woman and spend the rest of the day screwing around.

It wasn't to be but I cannot say I didn't enjoy the kiss and the sensations from the electrical device attached to my cock. After many minutes and a few additional drags on her cigarette, Mistress decided she was finished and very quickly grabbed her cell phone and shocked me. She then proceeded to open my pants, turned off the device and took it off of me. She then fixed my pants, started the car back up and navigated the airport to drop me off at the departure level. Immediately after she pulls over I receive another kiss, she quickly unlocks the cuffs holding me hands me my ticket and carry on bag and tells me to hurry so I don't miss my flight. She closes with she had lots of fun and I am welcome to come back and play again sometime.

It is an uneventfull trip through the airport and I sleep the entire flight home. Mistress Stephanie is there to pick me up and I don't even catch a break for the car ride back to my house. Her mania for having me restrained continues, before she will even pulls out I have the shackle my ankles and handcuff my hands behind my back. I am then quizzed about all the events of this weekend. When she drops me off at home, she tells me that she will make sure I provide her all the details of this weekend at our next session.

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