Mistress SC

by Polemanme

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© Copyright 2010 - Polemanme - Used by permission

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This is a true story.

I am Polemanme; I should explain I am very much into bondage and to small extent domination. I would describe myself as submissive and love to be tied up and played with in a sexual way. The bondage has to be very effective and I love to push the envelope of bondage. I have tried and still do indulge in self-bondage but never seem to have the courage to try one of the tried and tested self-release mechanisms. Like ice in a stocking. I will however try this in the near future.

I love to subject myself to CBT bondage whenever I can and love the feeling when my cock and balls are very tightly roped up. Normally I tie myself much tighter than anyone else dares and sometimes even have frightened them with the severity of the bindings.

I met online a Mistress who lived not far from me and we developed a really good online relationship with her giving me instruction within an instant messenger window. This then developed to my tying myself as instructed and taking digital photos for her to review and criticise. If the bindings were not strict enough or accurate enough she would give me instructions for punishment.

Now at this point I could lie and say that I carried out every instruction to the letter. But that would be foolish and no one would believe me. Some things I did baulk at and simply said I had done them to keep her happy.

However the inevitable happened and we agreed to meet to see if this relationship could become real time as opposed to cyber. A neutral place was decided upon as a gardening centre that was at a mid point between our homes.

Her instructions were clear. I was to insert a butt plug and tie my cock and balls tightly enough to tolerate at least a 2-hour session. As this had to account for the journey to the garden centre as well as the journey home this was difficult to gauge. The rope securing the cbt was to be long enough to allow her to take control of me while we were meeting.

I took a moderate sized soft cotton cord of about 8 feet in length and tied a loop around both cock and balls securing with a really tight double knot, this left equal length tails of rope dangling from my by now erect and engorged cock, my scrotum was nice and shiny as well. Of course had shaved all my pubic hair carefully for her as well. I then tied the rope around my cock only omitting my balls and tied this as tightly as I could. My cock by this point was beginning to go purple and the veins were really standing out. The next wrap took in my balls only and was again pulled as tight as I could manage. So now I had cock and balls tied, cock tied and balls tied. I then did the same thing again making everything double and made sure all was nice and tight. I had about 12 inches left on each end of the rope, which as nowhere near enough for her leash. So I wrapped the round the whole affair once more and tied it off really well under my scrotum with as many knots as I could manage with the remaining cord.

Then I took another cord of the same length and simply tied this at one end into a slipknot making a type of noose that I fitted over the CBT tie and pulled it tight. The noose was tied tightly enough that it would not loosen without careful tugging on the rope with fingers and not by simple teasing. If pulled hard it would only tighten. I then was ready for the butt plug. Of course a lot of you will have used butt plugs and can understand that although it is easy to have them inserted for a considerable length of time they do eventually become very uncomfortable and there is a certain build up of gases if it is large enough to plug the butt effectively. This is one of those types of plugs. I carefully lubed the plug with as small an amount of lube as I could manage and rubbed the remainder onto my butt. Then I slowly nudged it into my arse relaxing my ring piece as I did so. There came that tight almost painful point where the plug is at its widest and then it plunged home filling me nicely. I love the feeling but knew that in a couple of hours that pleasure would start to become a torment. Making sure the end was the right orientation I then pulled on my underpants, which were one of the tightest I have as this adds to the CBT, and helps keep the butt plug in place. My Cock and Balls were still deep purple as I was still so stimulated but the process.

Then came a loose pair of elasticated waist trousers so that should Mistress desire she could inspect the bindings without trouble in a public place by simply pulling and looking.

I finished dressing and luxuriated in the feeling of tight self bondage and the excitement of knowing that in a short while a complete stranger would be checking me out and deciding if I came up to her standards.

Driving to the meeting place was interesting, every time I changed gear the CBT would be crushed between my legs increasing the pleasure pain feeling I was enjoying. I arrived of course far too early and as agreed went to the café there and ordered a coffee. I sat outside as it was a nice day and awaited her arrival. After 10 minutes she arrived at my side and I stood and introduced myself. We chatted about generalities and just checked each other out. I liked her and I believe the feeling was mutual. I had relaxed and no matter what anyone says it is almost impossible to cock tie yourself hard enough that your cock does not go soft after a while and indeed mine had. Not much I admit, but some and this was reassuring as it confirmed there is still some flow of blood to it, no flow would be very dangerous for any period over about 20 minutes.

After about 15 minutes chatting during which we drank coffee she said that she now was going to check me out to see how obedient I had been with her instructions and I was to follow her.

Instantly my slightly soft cock went as rigid as steel, or seemed to and as I stood I felt sure everyone was aware of the bulge in my trousers.

As she walked into the outdoor area of shrubs and larger plants she ordered me to walk really close behind her and hand her the rope securing my CBT. I did this and she took it gently in her hand and slowly wrapped the loose end round and round her hand effectively tying me to her. Then she began to pull me closer to her by my CBT and continued pulling till I was firmly attached to her hip and having to stand on tiptoe to ease some of the building pressure. She is a tall statuesque lady and it would be fair to say she had all the strength she needed to do whatever she liked to me. I was instructed to keep my hands firmly behind my back and not to allow them to come forward or it was all off. This in itself is a surprising test of self control as she was striding about the garden centre at a brisk pace and with me pulled so close it was difficult to keep up, maintain balance and try and ease some of the pressure on my CBT. I was in heaven.

When we got to the most secluded area of the garden centre in a fairly private corner she looked me in the eye and then with the rope as a tool she pulled the front of my trousers forward and slowly slid her other hand into them under the underpants and cupped my raging erection and balls in her hand. She was gentle to begin with exploring the contours of the ropes and my shaft and balls making sure all was nice and tight, she traced the ropes in all their details and nodded her approval. Then she detected that one of the multitude of wrappings was ever so slightly loose, her eyes hardened and she closed her hand over the whole CBT and gripped harder than I believed anyone could starting slowly and just building the pressure till my knees were beginning to buckle and I had to struggle to stifle a cry of agony. When she had got to as tight as she could grip she held it and pulling one the whole affair said to me that this would not do at all and that she believed that although I had done fair job with the CBT I should have retightened this loose rope before presenting myself to her. For that I would be punished. I must admit at that time I thought I was being punished quite effectively.

She slowly relaxed her grip, sliding her hand under to make sure the butt plug was there and then reached up and gripped my nipple and pinched it between thumb and finger through my shirt really tightly twisting and she whispered that the next time these would be clipped up as well.

My heart felt full of joy at the mention of next time!

She maintained her grip on the cord and we continued our detailed travel around the garden centre with her still dragging on the rope whenever she felt like it. However she was on a tight timescale and although she expressed her own frustration about not being able to take this meeting further. (I would have done anything for her at this point right there and then) she called it all to a halt.

We made out way to the car park and she gave me a kiss on the cheek and said that she was impressed by me and she would be in contact online to make arrangements for a proper session in the near future. As she was about to get into her car she leaned out and said, “I want you now to go the men’s room and remove that binding, although I will be tying you tighter and doing much more to you than that, you have had it on for well over two hours now and we must respect nature and allow some blood back in there. After all I want to be able to torture it soon and I want it in the best of health.”

I must admit the thought of driving home still bound was a daunting one but I was prepared to do it. I realised when I went to the men’s room and started undoing the bindings that she was quite right. As each know was loosened the pain was excruciating and it took nearly 10 minutes simply to untie myself. I removed the butt plug as well and I can tell you the relief was as good as the session itself. I was left thinking that if this was a public place meeting what would a private meeting be like.

I was soon to find out.

Oh by the way I had to wait about 3 hours for things to settle down before I could touch my cock and balls and then it was sore but I can assure you when masturbated it was one of the shortest wanks I have ever had and when I came it was big spurts that was hard to contain on the towel I had placed for the purpose. Mistress had met me approved me and I was now champing at the bit for the next meeting and hoping it would be soon.

So we made contact that evening online and chatted about the meeting and it was agreed that as soon as things were possible that we would meet for a proper session. It was at this stage we discussed the various things that would and would not take place. It was agreed that as we both had partners who were not into the BDSM scene that there would be absolute discretion and no marking left after the session, other than that there really were no limits. I had however discovered that not being bound and restrained and having to hold my hands behind my back took away the final frison of excitement and allowed me to retain a small element of self control over the situation. It was therefore agreed on discussion that I am submissive but not slave material. Therefore any session in the future would have to involve bondage that was strict enough to make me helpless. Anything less and it would not do it for me.

I know some people love to be dominated and will fall on their knees before their Mistress at the blink of her eye. I am not in that category. The best you will get from me is obedience till I am tied up. But the obedience is conditional on the bondage coming along as a result. You know what I mean those of you into bondage. So we agreed on another session, which would be at a date to be decided but in the near future.

Not more than a week later Mistress SC announced that she would be visiting me the following day and I was to prepare myself accordingly. My partner was away with a relative on her annual holiday for the girls and I had the house to myself. My heart was beating really hard as I acknowledged her message and asked what she wanted me to do in preparation. Clearly she had though this out as she then proceeded to tell me in detail exactly what I was to do and how I was to present myself for her.

I had only two things to do that night. The first was to freeze the key to my handcuffs into a block of ice. There is a spare but that was placed by me on the deck at the back of the garden and reaching it in the predicament she had told me I needed to be in would be not only a long and painful journey it also exposed me to discovery from the neighbours on both sides. Although one side they would be out the other side is a retired couple that spend a long time in the garden. So if I had to resort to the deck key I would have to wait until dark which being high summer would not be till about 10.30pm.

The other task was to tidy the house from front to back making sure everything was in its place. During this tidy up I was to insert the butt plug and wear the leather chastity device I have.  I had to contact her after cleaning up to advise her I had done so and she would give me permission to release the chastity and butt plug.

It took 3 hours to complete the task and I sat at the keyboard looking forward to the release that was to come. But she was not online and it was very clear that I was not to release myself unless she allowed it. I knew full well that she could check in at any time as I was instructed to leave the sound turned up loud so that if she wanted me she could send a knock and I would have 30 seconds to respond. At that time I had to present myself to the computer with the web cam enabled so she could check my state of dress. Even from miles away she had control.

I don’t know if you are aware of this but after 5 hours leather chastity for men really begins to cut in in places you didn’t realise would be venerable. Mostly at the root of your cock where it emerges from the broad front of the device and the straps secure the cock to the front.

After six hours she came online and I heard her electronic knock and rushed back to the computer enabling the web cam and responding as I stood in front of the camera.

The scene indicated she was typing a message. It said simply.

“I will arrive at 10.oo am tomorrow be ready. You may now remove the chastity and butt plug.” You are to remain naked until the morning and only at that time will you don anything and that will only be what you have already been told to wear. The key in the ice is your rescue device in case I break down or am called to something more important. I could arrive at any time from 09.00 – 11.00am so you must be ready if you are not you will pay the price.

As it was only 6.oopm I spent the whole evening naked doing all the things you would normally do but aware of my nakedness. I did pray that my neighbours didn’t decide to visit. During the evening my father in law called and said he would come tomorrow to help finish off some chores in the garden he had started and I had to think quickly to ward him off till the following day. It was a close call but he needed my help and I convinced him that I had to go out and would not be back in time to help.

I went to bed early and read but couldn’t concentrate and the desire to masturbate was so strong, but I knew that if I did my performance tomorrow would not be up to Mistresses expectations and I would suffer.

The day dawned bright and sunny and I got up at about 07.00am and my erection was still hard and hopeful. I had coffee and cereal but not too much as I didn’t know how long I would have to go before I was allowed to relieve myself.

I gave myself an enema making sure I was clean and ready for any and all her ministrations and then carefully shaved both my chin and crotch area. Having done this with great care it was only 08.00am and I still had a minimum of an hour to go before she might possibly arrive.

I took out the plastic chest, which contained all my bondage gear and got out the lot laying them out careful according to type on the bed in the spare room leaving aside those items she required of me.

I then careful to look first went to the shed where I kept the St Andrews Cross and brought it into the bedroom, two bolts and it was assembled and resting against the closet. I then screwed in the heavy-duty ring to the hole in the ceiling that I had made the night before which went directly into a joist and when secured could hold my weight easily.

15 minutes to go I went into the garage and retrieved the ice block with the key to the handcuffs I tied this to the St Andrews Cross by the cord that was attached to the key inside the ice and then took all the remaining keys as I locked them in a small cashbox the previous night and placed them on the top of the closet well out of my reach when I was attired as Mistress ordered. The key to this cashbox was on the top of the front wheel of my car on the driveway, this was her little trick to make sure I didn’t chicken out as I could only get it after the handcuffs were off as I couldn’t possibly reach the door lock on the front door with my hands cuffed as ordered.

I then took all the items needed to the hallway and laid them out, checking the clock I had 7 minutes before 09.00am. It was just right really I knew it would take me about that long to secure myself and I was sure she would not arrive at 09.00am anyway.

First of all I secured the ankle cuffs, these have clips for suspension or other attachments. I locked each cuff on with a small padlock, (Keys in the cashbox) and then clipped the ankle cuffs to the 3-foot spreader bar.

I then took the seven gates of hell chastity device and strapped it very carefully onto my cock and balls there was a padlock for the lowest strap so although I could release my cock the balls strap was on till she wanted it off. I then tied a soft cotton cord to my balls with three loops tying it at the front but not too tightly, the free ends of the cord were passed over my scrotum and under the cords at the rear making it divide my balls quite effectively, the cord was then allowed to dangle loosely as I continued my instructions. I strapped on the head harness ensuring that the leather mouth gag was secure and all the straps were nice and tight, having done that I looped a lather strap around my waist and locked it on place with another small padlock. I slipped the handcuffs under this strap at the rear and my bondage was almost complete. The final items to be attacked were a cord laid along the hall to the front door, which was tied to the seven gates of hell and the clover nipple clamps, in the centre of the chain, hung a 4 oz weight. Not much I know but after an hour it seems like a tonne.

Bending down I took the cord to my balls and tied it to the centre of the spreader bar at the d ring welded there. There was to be no slack in this cord and I think perhaps I was a little too enthusiastic with this as the cord pulled tight on my balls really separating them much more than I had intended, but in for a penny in for a pound, the clock ticked over to 09.00am so carefully checking that the keyhole was the right way around I locked my left wrist into the cuff, last chance to back out now, I hesitated and then taking a deep breath clicked down on the right cuff securing myself till Mistress released me or the ice melted. I estimated that would be a minimum of 4 hours.

I then stood and waited from Mistress to arrive. Already the nipple clips were beginning to do their work and the pain in them was getting more intense every minute. I had never worn them with a weight on for more than an hour before but felt sure this would be the first time. Everything was as secure as I imagined it would be and there would be no escaping unless I chose to take a long painful and risky trip across the garden to my spare key. I chose not to take this option just yet.

True to her word Mistress did not arrive early and after an hour I began to get really expectant hoping she would arrive soon. Then at about 15 minutes past ten the telephone rang. There was no way I could answer it and I heard the answer phone click in. It was Mistress, and I heard her say “I can’t find your house have you forgotten to tell me something?” She then said, “I think I might be able to get to you but you will have to hope the next person you see will be me!”

It was then I realised that I had forgotten to tell her I had changed my car and that was what had thrown her. There was no way to tell her that so I just prayed she would still have the text with my house number on it.

At 10.30am I saw a shape that looked a lot like Mistress SC at the door and she opened it a little uncertainly and peered through. Seeing me by this time kneeling in the hallway she frowned at me and disappeared for a few moment returning with her bag and a single key from the front wheel of my car.

She stood above me dropped her bag and then stooped to collect up the cord attached to the seven gates of hell, my erection had returned at this time but my heart was hammering away. This was the first time I had ever been at the mercy of a true Mistress and it was a little frightening. She the pulled the cord tight making me rise up off the floor and lean forwards on my knees and she said, “You didn’t, tell, me, you, had, changed, your, car!” The punctuation marks here indicate where she pulled fiercely on the cord wrenching my cock and balls forward and me with it. I nearly fell face first but just managed to maintain my balance but at a price. My seven gates of hell was truly hell at this point.

She walked past me and dragged at the cord forcing me to get up as quickly as I could, not an easy task with no hands and a spreader bar attached. I then had to sideways shuffle along the hallway following her into the bedroom where she examined all my bondage gear slowly and carefully. She looked me over and said, “I think a lot of this will be used today.”

Then she dragged me out shuffling into the master bedroom and said, “Now where can I put you while I decide what punishment you should get for your failing to inform me about your change of car.” He eyes alighted on the ring in the ceiling and she said, “Perfect.”

Taking the cord from the spreader bar that was attached to my balls she tied it off at the end and then looped another cord into the loop and stepping up onto the bed passed this cord through the ring. As she jumped back down she pulled the cord through the ring tighter and tighter making me edge closer to the bed, eventually my knees met the edge and the cord was then purely pulling on my balls and she passed the cord back through the loop and tied it off to itself cinching up a few more inches making me tip toe to ease the pain. This was the most effective CBT I have ever experienced to this point. She then slapped my backside as hard as she could six times with her open hand and I can assure you she was very good at it. The nipple clamps jumped with each slap my eyes watered at the pain and pleasure of it and I momentarily lost my footing pulling with all my weight on the cord through my balls as I swayed backwards to regain my balance. It was an agony and ecstasy of unimagined proportions. I knew she would not let me suffer permanent pain or damage but boy did she know how to turn it on.

She walked to my side and coming right close to me she breathed in my ear in a most sexual manner “Now do you think you deserve to be punished for your oversight?” I nodded to her not being able to speak due to the gag.

She smiled and sat on the bed looking up at me and said, “Well 15 minutes like that while I make myself ready and have a coffee will serve to keep you warm for me. I shall be back rest assured.” Slapping my backside again twice she walked out of the bedroom and to the front of the house. I have no idea what she was doing as she closed the door effectively silencing any sounds she would make. I knew I had been in bondage for an hour and a half already but by that simple expedient of tying my balls to the ceiling ring she had changed the whole aspect of it. I was just in my comfort zone when I had secured myself for her arrival, but this was pushing beyond my previous experience and limits. I pondered my feelings at this time between struggling to keep up on tiptoe. I wondered if I could nudge the bed over a little giving me a little slack but decided against that as it would no doubt be obvious and would incur more or her wrath. My feelings were, frightened a little, excited a lot, expectant certainly, sexually aroused you bet. In all I was in heaven, even though it was a painful place at this time. It was exactly what I wanted. No control but someone who wanted to do what I was after and was enjoying it too.

I waited struggling against the bonds and eventually Mistress SC came back into the room this time she had removed her outer clothing to reveal a figure hugging corset stockings and high heeled boots, wow she looked good and I smiled inwardly hoping until I saw the heavy leather multi tailed whip she was carrying.

“I think one stroke for every minute I was made late by you will suffice for the punishment, then we can get down to the session proper!” she smiled as she said that.

Mistress drew the whip back and began, the strokes were not hard but there was a bite to them that made my whole body tremble. She was 30 minutes late she announced as she counted them off. One to my bum and then one to my back another to my belly area, not easy as the cord to my balls was there and this pulled at that as well. Then she began again that would mean ten to each area. I counted with her deeply drawing breath with each stroke I was really warming up now. When she reached twenty-five she stopped and repositioned herself. I wondered what was happening. I was soon to learn though as she came close and said “The last five will be to your cock and balls so take a deep breath and hang on this might hurt a little.”

She was right using the same strength of stroke the first last fell on my tight exposed balls and cock, the pain was immense and so so good at the same time. I could feel my cock engorging more and more I didn’t think it was possible but I was wrong. The second landed and the third and fourth and I was thinking I would collapse from the pleasure pain, then she looked at me and said “Last one for now!” and really let fly landing it perfectly on my balls with the top parts of the lash curling round the head of my cock making me jump and twitch around like a puppet on a string, which of course at that time I was.

Then she laid the whip down and came to examine her work, her gentle now fingers tracing all the red lines across my back, bum and belly. She saved her most attention though for my cock and balls. As she traced the weal’s so the pain faded away to be replaced by the pleasure that only an expert hand can bring. All the pain melted away as she stroked the length of my shaft and cupped my balls in her other hand. They were of course quite cold by this time as they were severely tied and the blood flow was quite restricted.

“Hmmmm” she said “This needs to be undone for a while or we will not be having much more fun today will we.” I nodded agreement as she released the cord to the ceiling and allowed me to stand for a while oh what blessed relief that was.

She then proceeded to untie and undo all the cords and straps around my sorely tortured cock and balls rubbing each revealed mark left by the strictures. I was in heaven. However this now allowed me to focus again on my nipples and the unrelenting clamps biting down on them. She noticed as only a good Mistress would that they were now too distracting to provide me with any of the pain pleasure sensations that they were designed to do. Torture is after all only torture if no pleasure is obtained from it. At this time they were simply torture. She smiled at me and said, “If you think they hurt now just a moment and they will be even more painful but then the feeling will pass.” With that she quickly reached up and in a quick experienced flourish removed both clamps together in seconds. The suddenness of the action left me gasping breathlessly as the blood flowed back into the flesh of the nipples. It was pure agony. My erection subsided in seconds and my knees buckled as I hyperventilated. I know now why women in labour are told to pant. It does help just a little. Of course I was still handcuffed and the spreader bar still held me in this spread stance that allowed Mistress access to everything.

“No not yet my slave. I think I need you to perform a lot more and suffer a great deal more before satisfaction is achieved today”. With that she undid the handcuffs and allowed my hands freedom. I hadn’t realised how much my shoulders would cramp on release. It was a pleasure simply to move them about. She then undid the clips securing me to the spreader bar and told me I had ten minutes to remove the butt plug and make myself ready for what was to come next. As I left to go the bathroom she called out that I could remove the head harness as well. So All I had left now were the ankle cuffs. I was under no illusions that this was an oversight on her part either.

I quickly removed the plug cleaned it and put it to dry. I used the toilet and washed myself carefully well within the ten minutes and then for a few minutes luxuriated in the fleeting moments of freedom I was allowed.

I returned to the bedroom and stood in front of Mistress and awaited her pleasure. She produced a pair of leather wrist cuffs and motioned for me to present my arms for her. She attached them accordingly to my wrists and then using a locking clip secured them again behind my back. “Legs apart as wide as you can.” She ordered. I did so and she produced a five gates of hell made from a single leather strap and five metal rings as opposed to the seven gates, which was all leather. It took quite a bit of pushing and shoving to get my balls and cock into the first ring but when that was done the remaining rings went on with a little ease once the method was ascertained. I was her first subject to have it fitted. She then attached a leash to this and rose from the bed and blindfolded me and then lead me to what I knew was going to be the back door to the house. We exited into the garden; this point is sheltered from view from all side and into the garage. This was chosen as it had more room than the bedroom and there are multiple points on the ceiling for attachment.

First she took a rope and looped it through the wrist cuffs and passed it through a pulley in the ceiling. Then she pulled forcing my arms up behind my back and making me bend forwards. This I must admit is a position I have often imagined being placed in but had never achieved due to the possibility of getting stuck too easily. She kept pulling until my shuffling about trying for a more easy footing resulted in my feet remaining in the same place indicating I was at the ultimate place under the pulley. She then took up a few inches more and took a slow walk around me to see how I was getting on. I was amazed at how restrictive it was and at the same time left me completely exposed to her ministrations. She produced a multi tailed whip made from rubber strands which individually were quite light but when in a bunch of about an inch thick were heavy and I can assure you packed quite a blow over a moderate area. As she began whipping me I suddenly realised that this strappado was a step too far for as it places enormous strain on the lower back, my one area of weakness having suffered from a disc problem some years ago, I tried to suffer through it thinking the stimulus would help to block the pain but it was not to be and Mistress realised this and quickly released me allowing me a few seconds to regain my composure. But not long did it last as she soon discovered that the best position for me to recover from this was with my arms above my head stretching. So without much delay I was tied tight to the ceiling with my arms spread wide and tight the finishing touch to the was that my legs were then pulled to the sides just allowing my toes to maintain contact with the ground. The wrist cuffs were hers and of a superb design allowing me to hang solely from my wrists with little or none of the bite I would get from my inferior pair.

She then knelt down behind me and proceeded to attach a line of clothes pegs to my scrotum, she had the knack as I have tried before and never managed to get more than 3 on when in CBT but Mistress managed a full line of 7 and wow did they bite! Heaven was coming back. She finished off the torture by attaching two more pegs to each nipple. They bit into slightly different places to the clover clips so the pain was in a new place and just as testing. My erection was back full force this time and she spent a minute or two encouraging it to grow a little more ensuring that the pain pleasure barrier was becoming blurred again.

She allowed me to ponder my fate for a while as she went indoors to get herself a drink. I hung there and was forced to contemplate the clips on my balls and nipples the pain growing more and more with each passing minute. After about 10 minutes she returned with a selection of whips and paddles. She held one up to my face and told me to take it in my mouth. If the treatment I was getting got too much I was to drop the whip. This was of course on the understanding that this whip would then be used to deliver as many strokes as she deemed necessary to complete this part of the session. It was the heavy rubber whip that she knew I could tolerate.

She began with what felt like a solid lump of wood and although I didn’t drop the whip it was obvious from my reaction that it was not at all working for me, also she was surprised at the mark it left. So was dismissed after only the one stroke to my profound relief. There then followed a leather tawse which was good but could only be used on my butt as it was too hard edged to use anywhere else, She changed to a leather stranded whip and began in earnest to use this but soon found that even with the extra room in the garage there was not enough room to get a good enough swing to make the fairly light strands do their work. But she persisted and the result was about 40 strokes of moderate strength that left my back bum and legs glowing a rich pink. She was tiring of this as she wanted more of a reaction from me to accepting this she removed the whip from my mouth and began again with this the most effective of them all. She started on my shoulders and the pain and pleasure was back in full force. Each blow made me jerk my body from the shocks but she realised that I was seeing them come and tensing up and slightly jerking away from them. The blindfold was replaced and she continued onto my shoulder blades and down my back covering every inch of flesh. To my surprise the most sensitive area of the lot was on the sides of my waist where I flinched in no uncertain way each time the whip fell on that area and it was not in any pleasure at all. There seemed to be a telepathy though as she didn’t work this area as much as the rest but continued on down to my butt and then onto each thigh as far as the knees, the area behind the knee getting special treatment as this is also sensitive but was an area that really turned me on. Having covered every inch of my back she then stopped and took quite some time repositioning as I could hear her taking practice strokes behind me without actually making contact. I was puzzled why she should do this but only for a few moments when I discovered her plan.

She said quietly “Now not a peep or I will double the amount of strokes you are a about to get, understand.” I nodded and said, “Yes Mistress.”

She said “I estimate this should take about a dozen strokes so it will be two dozen if you utter a sound. Of course if it takes more and you cry out after the 12th stroke the doubling will increase too.”

I waited and then the first stroke hit!

Up and forward it came between my legs striking me squarely on the cock as the whip made initial contact with my balls and the ends curled round hitting my cock and the soft skin surrounding it. I nearly cried out at the first one and clamped my mouth shut breathing hard through my nose again to cover the agony intestacy she had stirred up.

She stooped and said “Oh dear too far they are all still in place.” I was her intention to remove the pegs on my balls with the whip! Now that did set my heart pounding.

She moved slightly and again I felt the whip pound into my balls this time though her aim was perfect and as the pain of the whip bit so did the pain of returning blood as one of the clips was knocked off. That was two strokes, I struggled to keep silent. Strokes three failed to dislodge any clips as did stroke 4. I was beginning to wonder of this would ever end. My balls were one fire as was the skin between my legs. But at the same time I was getting into the zone. Stroke 5 removed I think about 3 clips as the pain was so intense I couldn’t help a little whimper of pain leak past my lips. She stopped and said, “Was that a sound?” I wasn’t fooled and keep my mouth shut. She laughed and said “still got your wits about you then.”

Strokes 6, 7, and 8 all took pegs with them and my entire being was focussed on the burning area of my balls that seemed to have expanded to be my entire being. There was one left I could feel it. That meant that stroke 5 had taken 2 clips. Ah well one more and it was done.

Stroke 9 missed completely and stroke 10 was too close making my cock sting from the contact made. I was sporting the most ferocious erection I have ever known and then stroke 11 took the clip seemingly without touching me at all. Apart from the rush of blood as it came off not a strand touched me. I was impressed. I relaxed a little and was hoping this was the time for a change of positions as my arms were cramping at the shoulders. I let my head loll forward and breathed slower allowing my body to relax as much as the position allowed when another stroke landed on my right nipple knocking both clips off in an explosion of pain and rushing blood, I let out a loud loud moan as it took me completely by surprise. I had totally forgotten about the nipple pegs.

“Oh dear oh dear, I make that the 11th lash and there are still two more clips to go.”

She moved round to the other side of me and down came the whip again taking one peg with it and a large lump of my chest was hit as well. I groaned inwardly, the whip descended and finally the last clip came off and the pain was so intense. But she laughed and said “Oh dear it has moved but not enough can you feel it biting into the tip of your nipple?” I nodded as the clip did it’s worst to dig a hole into the tip of my nipple. That pain is enough to make you want to give up as it is so focussed and sharp. She swung for another time and hit the tip of the nipple perfectly knocking the clip hard away from me allowing the swing to continue on down and hitting my cock right on the head, a double whammy that left me gasping for breath and unsure how to react. I had my safety word I could use but knew that that would call a halt to the whole session. If I had a few moments to recover I thought I could just get through this.

No chance though, Mistress took up position behind me and proceed to deliver 7 hard hard blows to my butt making sure each one was plum on one cheek or the other, then six were delivered upwards to my cock and balls hitting with lots of force and without the pegs getting in the way were surprisingly not as bad as I feared. The final blow when it did come was delivered to the front and full on my cock, the strands wrapping round my shaft and clipping my ball sac a stinging blow as I sagged fully spent on the wrist cuffs.

“All done now slave, you may relax for a while.”

Mistress released the ropes to my ankles and I was able to stand and take the weight off my wrists which were in pretty good shape considering.

I stood for a while just gathering my wits and allowing the pain to subside to a warm to hot glow all over my back and balls, As this feeling began to blend into an all over feeling of well-being I felt something I had not expected this session if at all ever. It was the warm breath of Mistress on my cock and balls!

“Slave even I have my desires and seeing you take that beating so well has turned me on so much that I need to do a few things for myself. I love to suck and lick so you will have to endure this as well. However if you come you will be really really sorry. I will leave you tied up here for the rest of the day and call back tomorrow to release you only if I feel like it.”

I stood rigid thinking that after the beating I had just taken I wouldn’t last 5 seconds and dreaded the thought of being tied here overnight.

Her tongue started on my cock licking along the length of it and lingering over the head for a long exquisite moment before drawing back down towards the root, she did this several times as my head began to swim with the pure pleasure of the sensations. I could already tell I was nearing orgasm. This she knew as she moved then onto my balls sucking on the sac drawing one into her mouth which was surprisingly painful in an erotic way. She repeated the process with my other ball and then buried her mouth without warning over my cock taking almost my entire length inside her mouth in one swift movement. The warmth of her mouth after the cool of the garage was amazing and I had to pull back as much as possible to prevent an explosion of come at that point. She stopped this by grabbing my balls in her hands and enfolding them at the base of the sac in a grip of steel that stopped any though of orgasm dead in its tracks.

She then proceeded to bite down on my cock as well changing what was pure pleasure into a torture so focussed that it was an education in itself.

She was playing me like a well-worn instrument. The grip on my balls abated and the bite became a slow drawing motion up and down my cock making my juices rise again. This time though she withdrew completely and as my rising orgasm subsided she took my balls entirely into her mouth, and wow what a sensation that was. I never would have thought they would fit, but they did and was it tight and painful. She kept them there for about a minute as her had slowly stroked my cock daring me to come. It was the perfect pleasure pain sensation, pleasure to my cock and pain to my balls!

She then pulled back making my balls stretch hard outwards and eventually they popped out of her mouth as they were squeezed through the tight gap they were subjected to intense but thankfully momentary pain before I jerked hanging limply again on the ropes. My head was dizzy and I was so close to orgasm I prayed she would not touch anywhere for at least a minute or two.

She did exactly that and I heard her getting up and the blindfold lifted and she was before me smiling and reaching to release my arms from the ceiling.

I slumped down putting my hands on my knees and gathering my wits about me.

After a few moments she said, “This way now slave for the final session which I think you might just enjoy.”

She left the garage walking without looking back into the house and the bedroom.

After a few moments I realised that I had better hurry up or I would be getting more punishments for tardiness.

She looked up as I came into the bedroom and said, “Now you can relax a little and lie down on the bed face up arms and legs spread wide.”

I did as instructed and I was duly tied really securely to all four corners of the bed. I feared for a moment that the perennial problem of a cramp in the muscles in the hip as she pulled tight on the final rope on my right leg, but a little judicious wriggling allowed it to settle down before taking hold.

Mistress stood back admiring her handiwork and approached with the leather hood which she expertly secured leaving me with no sight but a warm cocoon over my head ensuring that I was not able to see anything even underneath which due to my prone position often allows quite a bit to be seen.

There then followed a period of time where there were sundry rustlings but I had no idea what was going on. I lay back and my erection slowly subsided, I had been sorely tested and without any ropes on it I think it took advantage to take a little rest.

Mistress obviously noticed as she said,

“Well that won’t do at all. I need that nice and hard I will attend to that right now.” The words were almost enough in themselves. I felt Mistress climbing onto the bed and manoeuvre between my legs. She then took what was obviously a smooth soft cord and began to cock and ball tie me. Starting with the whole lot cock and balls she tied off nice and tight making sure no skin was pinched up. Then she took a wrap around my balls only tying a knot underneath and ensuring that there was nowhere for them to disappear to. She repeated this step layering about 5 wraps round progressively getting tighter and tighter. My cock by now was very hard and I think must have been quite purple.

Then she started on my cock itself, taking extreme care she wrapped the first loop around my shaft as low as she could get it and started to tighten it, when I thought it could not possibly tighten any more she tugged gently but firmly and managed a few more fractions of an inch, my cock felt as if it was about to split apart is the only way to describe it the erection was fierce and so hard, harder than I have ever known it before. It hurt but bloody hell it felt so good. She tied this off and working with her fingers pushed this cord down into my scrotum making my cock stand about an inch further out from my body. She then looped another wrap around did tightened this just a fraction tighter than the last loop.

Wow this was truly amazing. She did it once more and managed a little more. How she did this without trapping any skin and pinching I will never know, as I couldn’t see it. In all the times I have cock tied myself or been cock tied the erection has always managed to subside a little. But I just knew this would not flag once tiny bit till it was undone.

She really did know what she was doing here. My cock felt like it was on fire and about to explode it was fabulous there is no other way to describe it.

She then bent down and I felt her warm breath on it and it twitched in anticipation, as did my whole body. She took my whole length in her mouth and drove up and down on it several times warming the entire length as her hands slowly gripped and crushed my balls. It was such a mixture of pain and pleasure my head began to swim again.

Then she stopped and climbed off the bed.

For a couple of minutes all was quiet and I was left to contemplate the intense sensations going on in my cock and balls. This was suddenly interrupted by a searing fleeting pain on my right nipple closely followed by a similar pain on my left nipple. Hot wax was dropping on me from not too great a height judging by the heat each drop carried. I squirmed under the relentless onslaught of tiny droplets of wax hitting all over my upper torso. Mainly around the nipples. After having liberally attacked my body she then concentrated on the nipples allowing a build up of wax on each, and I can tell you after the clamps and pegs they were really sensitive.

Having a coating of wax on each was something that for the moment took over as the most intense sensation. She then trailed a line of wax down my chest and belly and allowed numerous drips to fall on the area just up from my groin and below the belly button where the skin is soft and ultra sensitive to hot and cold. Wow that made me jump and twitch about. Then I think mischief crept in as she proceeded to fill my navel up with wax. The first few drips were ok but of course as they built up so did the heat! When she had finished trickles of wax were running down both sides of my body from my navel. She said “Keep still or I will have to use another candle to fill it up.” I did and bit my lip to hold still enough for the wax to set and cool. Finally she started on my cock and balls. This I have done myself before and it is painful when simply erect, but this was super erect and sensitive. Each drip made me almost leap off the bed, the ropes were groaning under the pull I was exerting as they hit. The balls were no better. She paused and I felt her pulling on the wrist and leg ropes tying them even tighter and preventing me from moving any more than a feeble wriggle. The waxing carried on till I’m sure my entire cock and balls were coated in a thin layer of wax.

“Now I shall have to remove that won’t I?” She said.

Taking her favourite whip the rubber one she began beating me slowly and methodically from top to toe, well crotch really, Not hard she didn’t need to, just enough to dislodge the wax. Of course my nipples needed special treatment and my hairy chest held onto the wax so that needed more whipping. After she had cleared most of the wax from my chest she started on my cock and balls but it soon became apparent that there was no way I could take any more beating on them, they were quite raw by this time having been beaten whipped tied and crushed in her hands and were now so tightly tied that the merest whisper of the whip near them was an agony.

“I’m not a cruel Mistress I think we can dispense with the whip removal of the wax this time.” She said and carefully and with what felt like obvious delight peeled off the wax from my cock and balls and navel.

She rubbed off the remaining patches round my crotch and shuffled round on the bed. The leather hood was removed and while I was trying to let my eyes adjust to the light and see what my cock looked like I heard her take a few photo’s. Then she came to the head of the bed and put on a simple blindfold again and she climbed onto the bed. I felt knees either side of my head over my shoulders and she said “Your Mistress demands satisfaction, you may not stop till I tell you to.”

My face was then engulfed by her sopping wet pussy, as my tongue eagerly sought out her inner folds, her juices soaked my face and she dropped heavily down on my face cutting off all my air. I licked and sucked as hard as I could hoping she would give me a chance to breath in a moment, indeed as I started to run out of air she shifted position just enough for me to grab a lungful before she moved again presenting me with a perfect chance to suck and lightly bite on her clitoris. She began to shake at this and I doubled my efforts having discovered her pleasure point. I licked and sucked alternating between that and gentle bites. After only a few minutes of this I heard her cry out in pleasure and her whole body went rigid as she orgasmed flooding my face with her juices.

I gulped hard in order not to be overcome with the sheer volume. Her orgasm seemed to take forever as she shuddered over me and finally she collapsed down onto my face with her hand now wrapping around my cock. As she collapsed I took a deep breath thankfully as she cut off any chance I had to breath as she recovered her senses. Just as I was really beginning to squirm under her she realised my predicament and lifted up slightly allowing a merciful breath of air in. I think my heavy breathing so near her pussy was all she needed to cool down and soon I was working on her labia and clitoris again with her moving rhythmically to her own pace. I settled into the slow lick and gentle bites that took her to the brink of orgasm before she pulled slightly away or dropped hard down on me to delay the inevitable.

At the same time her hands were stroking up and down my cock and caressing my balls in a very gentle manner. At this stage no pain was intended I’m sure. It was heaven. I was getting my reward. Then as she built strongly to another orgasm she dropped her lips over my cock and started driving her head down hard on its tortured length allowing her teeth the bite as she got to her lowest point. Eventually she managed to take my entire length into her mouth and throat no mean feat bearing in mind the extra girth and length as a result of the severe cock tie. She then withdrew right to the tip and licked and sucked hard on the head and my breathing got harder and harder as my own orgasm built to a climax.

She stopped completely and allowed my orgasm to subside. She did then same thing again with my climax building and my head swimming, all the time I am trying to make sure I keep up a steady rhythm on her clit. After she had done this about 5 times I was ready to scream with frustration.

She had almost orgasmed herself three times and only just managed to stop herself. I think she decided that it was time as I heard her take a deep deep breathe and her mouth enveloped my cock and it slid deeper that ever into her mouth and throat only stopping when her teeth crushed against my balls. Then she started winding her head around making my cock writhe inside her mouth as she licked and bit along its length. My orgasm could no longer be contained and I felt the most intense mind-blowing orgasm build and build and build, my cock was as if it was on fire and I hit a peak and orgasmed till I thought I would explode all over, but she kept her head down and my cock deep inside her mouth. Even with all the ropes I felt my seed explode into the back of her throat and my whole being became one large quivering orgasm. Never has this happened before. I lost all sense of time and where I was my head was in the clouds and I completely forgot to lick and suck, but she was fucking my face anyway as she orgasmed so it didn’t really matter. On and on the orgasm carried me to a new depth of sexual pleasure.

As I began to come down off this amazing high plateau of pleasure Mistress also recovered her senses and fell off me falling in a heap beside me. She was as spent as I was. I eventually recovered my breath and began to take stock of my feelings. I knew that it would take something really special to top that!

After 5 minutes Mistress had recovered her composure and reached up and pulled free the rope attaching my left arm to the bed head. My arm dropped limply on the bed and I realised that this was the only help I was going to get in my release. Obviously quick release knots secured the ropes so as long as I could reach the ends I could free myself. First to come off was the blindfold. After a few seconds to get used to the brightness I looked at my cock and was stunned to see that after all this punishment it was still rock hard with all the veins standing out along its length, my balls were purple as well. But the euphoria of the moment was subsiding and the pain was beginning to become simply pain as the sexual afterglow slowly cleared. I knew I had only a few minutes to effect my release before that became a torture all of its own.

I found the end of the rope to my right wrist and pulled, my arm dropped free and after a few seconds of gentle movements I sat up carefully as I was still a little dizzy and breathing hard. I looked down at the bindings on my cock and balls and carefully started to untie them, the cord was perfect soft and strong with enough grip to hold while the knot was being tied but slippery enough to release well when slackened off. I finally released all the bindings on my cock and balls and the remaining come still trapped inside flooded out over my hands. So much as I know I had ejaculated inside her mouth as well. Undoing the ankles was the most difficult but that was finally achieved. Mistress had left and was in the lounge by this time dressing.

I approached her and stood quiet and attentive.

She looked up at me and said with a smile, “Ok session over. I am no longer your Mistress but simply a friend. Relax and tell me was that not the most extreme session you have ever had?”

I agreed wholeheartedly with her and we spent a pleasant 30minutes discussing the session and what was done. What aspects were best and when and where this could be done again?

Mistress SC admitted that she had never come so hard as that time but then she also admitted that she had managed to inflict the most intense CBT she has ever tried and her sexual release in the session was more intense than she had ever had before.

I for my part recognised two things, CBT and Bondage and domination are truly wonderful if you are into it. But the most important thing I realised about this is that you cannot truly derive the most from any session unless both parties participating are genuinely into their part of the scene and not simply playing it. They must love doing what they do and derive pleasure from it. This was exactly the situation during this session and it was the most satisfying and intense session I have ever had. My partner has before played the role of Mistress but it has never had the conviction and authority Mistress SC had and used with such exquisite flair. She is sufficiently secure in her role that after the session ended we were simply two people of like minds from the opposite sides of the sub Domme relationship making sure the next meeting would hopefully surpass the one just gone.

Mistress SC left with a smile on her face and a kiss for me.

I look forward to the next session whenever that might be……

A contented polyamine


This is a true story which after more than three years we have been unable to repeat although we are still in contact and hoping that we can meet again soon for more of this pleasure bondage.