Mistress is Home

by herlittlelezpet

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© Copyright 2020 - herlittlelezpet - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; bond; gag; denial; oral; vag; ball-stretcher; ballgag; clamps; chairtie; cbt; rom; X

Continues from

Part 2

After a while Mistress returns, She smiles as She sees Her slave being tormented so. She walks over to Her slave and looks him in the eyes. “I suppose you would like to be released.” She sees what looks like a bit of relief in his eyes as he tries with all his might to move his head up and down. “Oh, my poor, poor slave, such a wrong answer. You should always remember it is not what you want, but what Mistress wants. You just have so much to learn.” She sees the panic in his eyes as he struggles to try and break free of his bondage, but to no avail.

Mistress just steps back and watches his futile efforts. She once again walks over to the table and picks up a small quirt. She returns and starts to spank the bottom of his balls that are peeking out of the metal parachute. Then She does the inside of his thighs, all the while listening to Her slave’s muffled moans and babbling. Then She once again spanking his stretched penis and finally his tender little buds. By now Her slave is frantically trying with all his might to break free from his bondage.

Once again, She walks up to him and torments his eyes with Her tongue. Then she whispers, “how do like living in my world so far, your fucking slut?” As She turns and walks out, Her slave's mind is reeling as his most private and tender parts of his body are screaming. It feels as if they are on fire and being pricked by a thousand needles at the same time.

A noticeably short time later, although to Her slave it has seemed like eternity, Mistress walks back in. She walks over to him, looks him in the eyes and asks him if he wants out. This time with all his might Her slave desperately tries to shake his head no. Mistress smiles and says “good boy. For that my slave you will get a reward.”

She slowly unzips the zipper at Her crotch. “Watching you suffer for me today has made me so wet and fucking horny!” She takes out Her slave’s ball gag and removes the strap holding his head tight. She puts Her hand behind Her slave’s head and pulls it tightly into Her wet pussy rubbing his mouth and nose with Her moist wet lips. As She does this Her legs are also moving up and down on the nipple clamps.

Slave is in agony and ecstasy at the same time. His tongue starts to lick his Mistress’s labia and clit. Mistress’s scent is filling his nostrils, he is tasting his Mistress’s wonderful love juices. She is pressing his head harder and harder into Her crotch and he is catching his breath in gasps. Finally, She just pulls his head and explodes all over his face and lets go. Slave pulls back, soaked in his Mistress’s love juices. She looks at him and smiles. She takes Her hand and just smears Her cum all over his face, making sure that some goes up his nose. It will dry there, and Her scent will be with him for a while.

Slowly She backs away, smiling at Her wonderful slave. Such a great pussy licker, he belongs to Her for eternity. He will need some intense training; however, his mind and body will be easily conditioned.

Without warning She removes first one nipple clamp than the other. Now ungagged Her slave screams as the blood rushes back to his tender buds. She removes the weight that is pushing down on the metal parachute then the parachute itself. His poor balls are tender, so she gives them a good slap before turning and walking out.

Slave is exhausted. He has no idea how long he has been in the playroom strapped to this bondage chair. He can still smell and taste the dried cum that is all over his face. Inwardly he smiles, he suffers for his Mistress and in return he gets to be near Her enchanting nether region; it is all worth it. He is Her slave for life. After a while he nods out in his bonds.

The door opening to the playroom, bringing slave back to life. He sees his Mistress; she has taken a shower. She has on a pair of stay up hose, a pair of slippers and a short silk robe, and nothing underneath. This of course arouses him. In Her hand She has a metal tube. “Slave I will release you once you are back in chastity.” She walks up to him. “I have a new device for you. It is called an iron maiden.” She shows him the metal tube and opens it. There is a urethral tube to go into him, and up and down the body of the tube is dulled spikes; at the head of the device it has thumbtack like spikes.

He moans, realizing that his torment is not over. Mistress smiles then takes his member in Her mouth and slowly and gently sucks on it. Her slave is getting aroused and is thinking that all he has gone through is worth it just for this, an orgasm, yes finally. Mistress stops and slaps his engorged member till it returns to just a limp dick. Mistress looks in Her slave eyes as She bends down and inserts the tube into his urethra, then lays his penis in the tube, closes it and locks it on. The spikes bite into his tender little head and his penis can feel the pressure of the internal spikes. Mistress lets the device drop and then slaps it around. The movement causes major discomfort on slave’s tender bits.

Mistress undoes all the bonds and slave is finally able to stand but cautiously and helped by Mistress. She leads Her slave out of the playroom, his penis swaying to and fro as he walks, a small grimace on his face with every step.


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