Mistress's Christmas Gift

by Chris Powell

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© Copyright 2006 - Chris Powell - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; D/s; Sbm; bond; cbt; wrap; piercing; tacks; cons; XX

He had requested a session as a Christmas gift from his wife (mistress). He had no idea when she would do it. All he knew was that it would be sometime before Christmas break when the kids would be out of school and now. He waited and wondered when she would do it. 

Over the last week she had been teasing him. Bringing him close to orgasm and then stopping, letting him pleasure her and then just bring him close and stopping. She had told him he could not cum without her permission. That he must wait. She did not say until when. She told him, “If you cum without permission, while I am teasing you, you will be punished beyond anything I have ever done to you.” 

He was sure he did not what to find out what that was. She had been getting tougher and tougher on him with each session. He was not complaining because he had been asking for it, but he did not want to find out just how hard she could be.

On Tuesday night she made him come to the room and she plugged him before she left for work. She put in the glass plug and vet wrapped a vibrator to his shaft. She said, “You are to run the vibrator on medium when you are alone. You may adjust it lower if need to keep you from cumming, but you must turn it right back up. Remember if you cum you will be in big trouble and you are not good at lying to me. You will wear the plug and vibrator until tomorrow morning when you get home from work (he worked nights). At that time you may remove it, before you go to sleep tomorrow morning. If you must you may remove it to use the rest room, however you must replace it the same way I have it.” 

He moaned a little to himself but shook his head ok. He stayed hard most of the afternoon, running the vibrator like he was told. When the kids got home he turned it off and fixed dinner for them. Once they went off to do homework he turned the vibrator on and continued his torture. He skipped his normal shower before work, he had taken one before she left earlier. He got ready for work, kissed the kids good night and left. 

At work the plug drove him crazy. He even run the vibrator some, but had to be really careful. He made it all night without going to the bathroom. Once home he got the kids ready for school and took them to the bus stop. The minute he returned to the house he rushed to the bathroom and removed the plug and vibrator. He took a long pee, finally reliving himself. 

After getting ready, he made his way to bed room and got ready for bed. His wife (mistress) was asleep and he lay down on the bed as quietly as possible. He was now on his days off and so was she. He was not sure what she had in mind for him but he knew he better sleep as much as he could. 

Afternoon came and he felt his wife move onto the bed. He was still sort of asleep. She reached under the covers and found his shaft. With her hand she played with it as he moaned in pleasure. Her mouth found his nipple and she sucked as she did sometimes. He got more and more excited as he neared orgasm. But just as he was close she stopped. She kissed him on the mouth and said, “Not just yet my slave!” She left him horny as she left the room. He dressed and went to get the kids at the bus stop. They had a wonderful dinner and the kids did their homework.

Once the kids were in bed she told him to shower and go to the bedroom and do what the instructions said. She would be along soon. He showered and then entered the bedroom. On the bed he found a note. It read. 

“Slave, I wish you to please me tonight. Remove all your clothes. Place a set of nipple clamps on your nipples, the ones with the chain that get tighter when pulled (clover clamps). Place the second set on your ball sack. Plug yourself and tape a vibrator to your shaft. Do not turn it on. Blindfold yourself and wait for me, do not talk or else. Handcuff your hands behind your back and sit on the bed.” 

He did as he was told. Not long after he heard the door open and close. He sat still not daring to move. He felt her lay on the bed. He then felt a tug on his nipple chain. “This way slave.” 

She pulled him to her and her hand lead his mouth to her waiting nipple. “Suck” she said. 

He sucked for all he was worth. She moaned as he pleased her with his mouth. She moved his head to the other nipple and he sucked it also. Causing more moans from his Mistress. He sucked for a very long time and then she pushed his head down her body. He could smell her, she was very aroused. Her hand lead his mouth to her as she opened her legs and pushed his face into her wet sex. At the same time she turned the vibrator on his shaft to medium. He licked and sucked her for all he was worth. Moaning as he ate her. 

She got more and more excited as did he. She pulled on his nipple and ball chains. He moaned as she pulled them tighter and tighter as she neared orgasm. He licked and sucked for all he was worth. 

“Yes slave, that’s it, oh that feels so good, keep it up,” she was saying. 

She played with his shaft, he was as hard as he had ever been, she flipped the vibrator to full. He worked harder and harder, but without the use of his hands it was hard work. Finally he felt her start shaking, her hand pushed his head and held it as she pushed his face deep into her sex. She shook with a fantastic force as her orgasm came. She released him and he took in gulps of air. She lay on the bed and he waited next to her. 

It took her a while to recover. Finally she reached over and turned off the vibrator. A ball gag is shoved into his mouth and duct tape is placed over it holding it in. 

“I have no more need of your mouth right now slave!” she said. 

She pushes him on his stomach and he feels rope being tied around his ankles and knees. Then she threads a piece of rope from his ankles through his bound wrists and back down to his feet. She pulls and he finds himself in a nice tight hogtie. She applies rope above and below his elbows and pulls it tight , making his elbows almost touch. More rope is applied to his bound knees holding him tight. He moans into the gag. 

She removes the nipple and ball clips causing him to yelp. 

“If you are good and stay nice and quiet and let Mistress sleep, she will not replace the nipple or ball clips tonight, but if you wake Mistress then she will be forced to punish you and she will put the clips back on and tie them pulling tight. Enjoy your night slave.” 

She turns the vibrator to low and turns the light off. He feels her get into bed on the other side and get ready for bed. She plays with his hard shaft and he moans. Her hand teases him as she pinches his nipples and strokes his shaft. Finally she rolls over and goes to sleep.

In the early morning he wakes with a start as she places nipple clips on him. 

“You woke me with your snoring slave, you are going to be punished.”

She places the clips that get tighter (clover clamps) on his nipples and balls. “You can wear these the rest of the night, maybe a little pain will keep you from making so much noise.” She rolls over and goes back to sleep. He lays still afraid that it could get much worse if he makes any noise.

Morning comes and he feels her remove the nipple and ball clips, they hurt like hell when they come off. Next she unties his arms from behind him. 

“Untie yourself the rest of the way slave and get the kids up and ready for school. Once you have dropped them off return and take a shower. When finished follow the directions you will find on the bed.” 

He did as he was told and returned and got his shower. He entered the bedroom and found a note. It read: 

“Slave make sure you are nude and put in a nice big anal plug using icy hot to lube it and tie it in. Collect a roll of duct tape, the rope bag, a ball gag, the penis gag, the ring gag, 2 sets of the clover nipple clips, a bag of clothespins, a bag of hair clips, the glass and plastic penis plugs, Vet rap, 2 sets of handcuffs, two sets of thumb cuffs, ear plugs, blindfold, a roll of plastic rap, thumb tacks, box of needles, the candles, a bag of vibrators, the extra batteries, the shocking paddle and the paddle with tacks, the penis stretcher, the weights and the cloth hood. 

Take them and the white chair down stairs. Place it all in the spare room. Sit in the chair and make sure it pushes the anal plug nice and deep into you. Tie your legs to the legs of the chair. Tie your knees to the chair. Put in the long plastic penis plug and seal it and two vibrators to your shaft with vet wrap. Tie a rope around the seat of the chair and your lap and put it tight so your can’t raise up. Clip the clips that get tighter (clover clamps) to your balls and add the to heavy weights to the chair, let it hang down over the chair. Add 5 clothespins to your ball area. Tie a rope around your waist and seal it to the chair. Tie another around your chest and seal it to the chair. Put 20 clothespins on around your stomach area. Put the clover clips on your nipples and add the other weights to them, let it hang down. Add 5 hair clips to each nipple. Put in the penis gag. Get the handcuffs ready and put in the ear plugs, add the blindfold. Put the hood over your head. Turn the vibrators to medium. Make sure you can breath ok and then lock your arms behind the chair with the handcuffs and drop the key in the floor. Wait for me.”

He did as he was told and waited. Maybe an hour later he felt her touch on his plugged shaft. He could not tell what she was doing. Then he felt plastic wrap on his ankles as she wrapped him to the chair, covering him and the chair. She wraps up his legs, leaving the clips attached to his shaft. She wrapped up and down his legs several times, then on to his lap, then up his stomach over the cloths pins and nipple clips sealing it all inside. She went to his neck and then back down and back up again. 

Next he heard duct tape as she started at his feet and wrapped up to his lap and on up to his neck. He was now sealed to the chair and in pain with the plastic and tape pushing the clips down. She went down to his feet and pushed tacks into the under part of this foot. She then seals it there with duct tape, sealing his feet up and pushing the tacks deep into him. 

“That should give you something to do for a while.” 

She turns the vibrator controls for the penis and anal vibrators to high. She laughs as she goes upstairs. He moans into the gag as he nears orgasm which will not come with the large plastic plug in. He tries to move but he is held tight by the tape, rope and plastic. He has several very strong dry orgasms as he waits for her return. 

She returns a while later and cuts the tape and plastic from him, but leaves the rope. She turns the vibrators down and removes all the clips except for the clover clamps on the nipples and balls. She removes one side of the nipple clamp and puts the chain through the chain coming from the ball clamps, then reattaches the nipple clamp. This pulls both set of clamps and forces him to set slightly forward. 

Next she tapes to vibrators over his nipples. She reaches down and removes the vet wrap on his shaft and pulls out the plug. She gets a little blood from the plug being so deep which she cleans up. She then rewraps the shaft nice and tight with vet wrap making sure to replace the vibrators. She leaves him unplugged. 

“You may cum all you want slave, enjoy yourself, I am going shopping.” 

She removes the hood and the penis gag. Her wet panties are shoved into his mouth and the ball gag is shoved in over them, then strips of duct tape is placed over that to hold it in. She then replaces the hood over it all. 

“One more thing slave,” she pushes several needles into each clipped nipple, which causes a yelp. Another needle each is pushed into his ball sack, this really causes a yelp. “That should do you, have fun.” 

With that she turns the vibrators to high and leaves. He moans as he nears orgasm almost at once. He is not sure how long she will be gone, but it could be a while if she is shopping. He cums one of many times before she returns. He moans as he starts toward another orgasm.