Mistress Candy

by Slave Sparky

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© Copyright 2011 - Slave Sparky - Used by permission

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Hi. This is my first story so I'd be interested to know what you think and constructive criticism would be welcomed rather than just telling me it's crap. Haha!! This story is true at the beginning, but becomes fantasy the further you get into it. I'll let you decide where the change over occurs!


Hi, my name is Sparky, a sub male aged 31.  I’ve never had a Mistress or even been controlled by a woman sexually, but I just know I would love it! I have, from an early age, loved dressing up in womens clothes and having two sisters made this easier to do.  This used to interest me when I was about 10 years old, but at that age I never had the privacy to act upon what fantasies I did have.

I remember, the closest thing to stockings I had were blue football socks with three white stripes at the top.  They were a bit too big for me, so one day decided to pull them up as high as they would go.  Surprisingly they came up further than I thought they would, a bit past mid-thigh height; I would use other pairs of socks to tie round the top of my thighs to keep my “stockings” in place.  Slipping my legs through one leg of my jersey shorts created an effective "mini skirt" and I would admire myself in the mirror.  It felt good, especially the stockings, they were very tight!  I would play like this quite often in the privacy of my own room.

I was about 12 years old when I realised dressing up like this was getting me turned on.  Before, I had just felt good wearing my "stockings", but as I matured sexually it's a bit hard to ignore your penis getting hard and sticking up!  My cock would press against my "mini skirt" and I would lie on my bed, face down gradually rubbing myself against the mattress.  I didn't realise at the time, but I think I was pretty naive about sex for my age so didn't really understand what was happening, all I knew was I liked the sensation and it was getting better the more I rubbed myself against the mattress!  I looked at my cock after I had cum inside my "mini skirt" and it looked a bit swollen and it had gone soft.  The swelling was less after each wanking session until one day it didn’t swell at all; I guess it was used to being rubbed off by then.  I progressed to using my hand to get off and my cock would swell less after a while.  My own “stockings” satisfied me for a while, but I eventually I needed something more exciting.

From the age of about 13 I would quite often have the house to myself on a Friday or Saturday night, when my older siblings and parents would be out at the pub or with friends.  I used this time alone to raid their drawers looking for something to wear.  I especially liked tights, stockings and panties, which would get me very horny when the silky, smooth lingerie touched my skin.  Through my life growing up I continued to sneak into my sisters bedrooms to get something to wear and miraculously I was never caught!!  At least, if my family did suspect, they never approached me about it.  Eventually, thank god for the internet, I began to buy clothes for myself.  I trawled websites looking for different underwear and also fetish wear.  You name it I bought it!  Stockings, tights, corsets, boots, sexy fancy dress outfits, latex wear including a full body gimp suit, toys etc.  I even bought restraints, which was a bit ridiculous because I had no one to use them with!  I guess I hoped I could use them in a self-bondage session, but it rarely worked how I wanted it to and wasn't that enjoyable.

I was single and had had few girlfriends and I was not looking like getting one anytime soon!  I was bored and needed some stimulation, more than just watching a bit of free porn on the chat TV channels, I needed interaction.  I decided to text and listen into conversations from the chat channels.  I was not confident enough to actually speak to the girls, which probably explains why I was single!  It was great and far more rewarding and satisfying.  I loved to send in pictures of myself dressed up and the girls loved them, at least that’s what they said!  I think the worst thing about having a fetish is worrying about what people think of you.  The downside to the chat channels is they are bloody expensive and it was costing me a fortune!  I eventually found a chat website that offered text chat for half the price of the TV channels and the phone chat for even less.  I decided to send a text and got 3 reply’s which was the standard.  One of them was Candy.

It said “Hi I’m Candy, I’m in desperate need of some hot sexy fun, I love dirty sex and I want a nice juicy cock to fill my wet pussy, I will do anything u want.”

From reading this you wouldn’t think Candy was a dominant woman, but I think this is the biggest mistake I could have made.  I replied telling her my likes i.e. dressing in women’s clothes and that I wanted to be dominated.

She replied again “Hello little bitch, this is your new Mistress. You will always refer to me as Mistress, in return, I will dominate and humiliate you.”

This really turned me on and sent my imagination into overdrive. We built up a good relationship exchanging texts for several months; Mistress would make me dress up for her, sending pictures to her as proof and sometimes she would send pictures of herself, if I was good of course.  She suggested items of clothing, toys etc. she'd like me to wear and it was up to me to go out and buy whatever pleased her, if I didn't already have them.  Mistress would make me shave myself, which was extremely erotic!  I thought to myself, I wish she could have tied me up and shaved me herself though!  I enjoyed having this interaction with Mistress because I was finding out more about myself and what I liked and disliked, we would give each other ideas.  I happened to let slip that one of the toys I had bought was a CB-6000, so she told me to put it on.  Not to upset my Mistress I duly obliged and to be honest, I wasn’t that worried because how was she ever going to control the key from wherever she was!!  She wasn’t exactly going to give me her address for me to send it to her!!  These chat girls have obviously got to protect themselves because there's a lot of weirdo's about!

I woke up the next morning to a text from Mistress Candy.  “Wake up little fuck bitch!  You need to do something for me!” it said. I thought, oh what now, it was 6am in the morning!  She directed me to a security website.  A bit odd I thought, but I’ll go with it. She said to look up “safes” and find a dial lock safe with a 4set code combination of 2 digits i.e. 10-20-30-40.  I did as she asked and opted for next day delivery.  I was a little worried because she obviously had something in mind, but I wasn't really sure how the safe was going to be used to her advantage.
The next day the safe arrived and I texted Mistress Candy to let her know. She replied by saying she wanted me to set a new combination, but to do this I wasn't allowed to look.  I was to set each double figure going left to right alternately, taking a photo of each number in the process.  I set up the camera so all I had to do was press the button and I knew the photo of the combination would be taken.  I was then to send each photo to Mistress, in the correct order obviously!!  Once this was done Mistress told me to put the key to my chastity device in the safe, shut the door and turn the dial.  Wearing my chastity device never really bothered me because I knew I could get out of it reasonably easily and Mistress would never know, but this time it was different.  There was absolutely no chance I could go through all the possible combinations.  She had full control over my cock!!

She said "Now leave me in peace I want to go and wank while I think of your caged cock.  I will be in contact soon."

I left Mistress for the rest of that day and the next, but I still hadn't heard anything.  I waited another day, but felt compelled to text her to see what she wanted me to do.  The longest I hadn’t heard from her since I’d “met” her was a day and it had now been 3 days.  I sent her a text to see if she wanted to play, but didn't hear anything.  I waited a couple of hours and texted again.  In all, I texted her probably five times before I got a reply saying "I asked you to leave me in peace and that I would be in contact soon.  You should not speak or contact me unless I contact you first!  You need to learn quicker slave or that cage won't be coming off in a hurry!"  My initial thought to this was “You Bitch!” but didn't actually send her a text; I knew it wouldn't have done me any good! It had only been a few days and I was desperate for a wank, but because of the cage I couldn't.  If I wanted this cage off I needed to try to forget about my Mistress.

I waited another week before I heard from Mistress Candy.  She said "I'm glad you learned to speak when spoken to slave, your silence has been golden.  I am in need of some pleasure! Call me on 077..... extension number 5211"

I had not spoken to Mistress over the phone and I felt extremely nervous.  It was the first time I had been dominated on a one to one, but I couldn't ignore her otherwise I would lose her as my Mistress and I definitely didn't want that so I called her.

A voice said "Hello".  It was a bit short and unexpected and my voice failed me.  She said "Hello!" again.  I said, "Hello, is that Candy?"  I dropped the "Mistress" purely because I thought what if it's the wrong number?  Or a trick?

"That's Mistress Candy, now try again!" and she put the phone down.

I dialled her number again.  "Hello" Mistress said.

"Hello Mistress Candy, it's Slave Sparky,” I said nervously.

"Ahh Slave Sparky, good, I'm glad you called! I had my doubts whether you would, but well done!  Right I haven't had a wank since last week when I caged that pathetic little cock of yours so my pussy is due a little playtime.  It's starting to dribble at the thought of your cock.  How is it by the way?"

"Fine Mistress" I said.

"Really?" she said. “I thought you would be itching to release your load by now.  Well maybe I'll keep it locked up for the time being as it's not bothering you!”

“Yes I'd like...." 

“Yes slave you'd like what?"  Mistress interrupted me.

"I'd like it taken off” I said.

"But you just told me it wasn't bothering you and that your cock was fine??!"  She exclaimed.

"Yes I know I did, but I haven't had a wank for over a week now" I pleaded.

"I know you haven't and I think it's going to be at least another week for not being honest with me from the beginning!  I may re-think this if you make me cum now.  I can tell you've got a filthy mouth from all those texts you've sent me so I want to hear you talk dirty to me while I rub my pussy!  You do a good job you might earn your cock parole!" Mistress said.

I began by asking her how wet her pussy was.  I told her I wanted her to glide her fingers over her pussy lips and and imagine they're my tongue running up and down them.  I continued to "lick" her lips for a while and also gently “rubbed” her clit.

“Mmmm… I’m getting very wet little fuck bitch,” she moaned. “I can feel pussy juice dribbling down to my arsehole.”

I asked if she had a dildo close by and that I wanted her to imagine me fucking her while she pumped her pussy with it.  This session went on for a while until Mistress climaxed.  I could actually hear her squirting onto her bed covers over her moans and groans.

"Mmmmm slave that was good, you did an excellent job." Mistress told me.

"Does that mean you'll release my cock Mistress?" I asked.

"Oh slave you had to ruin it didn't you." She said with disappointment in her voice.

"What do you mean Mistress?" I asked.

"You just need to learn when to shut up.  What have I told you about speaking out of turn! For that your cock can stay locked up for a while longer!" With that she hung up.

I was fuming inside as well as being disappointed.  I was sure I was going to be allowed to wank.  I was just going to have to do better next time.

Mistress would contact me when it suited her and I would pleasure her as best I could, but each time I would always seem to do something wrong for her to have an excuse to keep me locked up. It had now been 6 weeks and I was growing desperate; Mistress could hear it in my voice and she teased me as she continued to control me.  She knew that I was under her spell because I kept coming back for more; I had become her toy, using me to get her pussy wet and juicy, only I was on the end of the phone rather than in her bedroom like a dildo or any other typical sex toy.

Not long after I had counted the sixth week of my cock being caged I received a text from Mistress Candy saying "Call Me".  I always called her rather than her call me.  Mistress told me that she was going to a fetish party in 4 weeks time and she wanted me to go with her.  She explained that I was to book a room for two in the hotel where the party was being held.  I was to pack my latex gimp suit, a change of clothes for the day after the party and the safe which contained the key to my chastity device as well as the essentials i.e. toothbrush etc. I did as she asked and waited for the day to arrive.  For the remaining 4 weeks until the party my cock remained caged, which was very frustrating but predictable.

The day of the party arrived and I made my way to the hotel.  It was a reasonable hotel, but nothing outstanding and it wasn't massive.  I suspect the majority of the rooms would be occupied by most of the people going to the party.  This made me a little more comfortable knowing that everyone there was similar to me.  I checked in and informed reception my partner would be along later.  I headed off to my room, sending a text to Mistress on the way, letting her know of my arrival and giving her the room number.

Once in my room I put my case down, had a quick look around and out the window, we were on the second floor with an ok view to the rear of the hotel.  While unpacking my bag I received a text from Mistress saying "Good bitch, I'll be with you in about an hour.  Get undressed and make sure you're smooth for my arrival".  It was now 2pm so even by the time Mistress arrived we would still have a few hours to kill before the party got started.

I got off the bed and took my clothes off, folding them up neatly and putting them in the wardrobe and drawers.  I got myself into the shower and shaved myself as best I could; I had gotten reasonably quick at this after doing it a few times at Mistress' request in the past, but shaving my balls and shaft with the CB-6000 on wasn't easy.  I did everything from my toes up to my neck except for my arms and back.  I've never done my forearms through fear of someone noticing and my back is too difficult to get to besides it isn't particularly hairy anyway unlike my legs, chest and arms!  I always get turned on doing this and if my cage wasn’t on, my cock would be rock hard and dripping pre-cum.  There are not many things better than the feeling of a smooth body especially when it's quite a hairy body for a lot of the time.

There was a knock at my door.  Time had crept up on me; it must be Mistress Candy!  I felt nervous at meeting Mistress in person for the first time.  I looked through the viewing hole, to see Mistress waiting there; I swear she could see me through the spy hole!  She looked decidedly average, although pretty with clear, smooth skin.  Her hair was up, she had glasses on and she looked like she had a rather plain blouse on from what little I could see.  I did contemplate putting something on, but Mistress had asked me to be naked and putting clothes on would have only kept her waiting longer!  I opened the door and she walked straight in, not saying a word. She put her bag on the bed.  She turned to look at me still standing at the open door.

"Shut the door fuck bitch, I don't want everyone seeing you like that!" She barked.

I shut the door and walked towards her.

"Get on your knees," Mistress commanded as she took her high heels off.  As I knelt down she was muttering to herself about her feet hurting.

"Come here and kiss my feet slave.  I've had these shoes on all day and my feet need some attention."  I did as she commanded.

Mistress had definitely been wearing her shoes for some time, her tights felt damp as I kissed them and they had quite a pungent smell.  Somehow I didn't mind the odour and if anything, it turned me.  I would guess her tights were 15/20denier and they had a nice shine too them.  I followed her wishes to the letter, moving onto sucking her sweaty feet; I was trying to contain my drool they were so delicious!  She seemed to be enjoying it when she told me to stop.

"Good slave, my feet feel better.  I do hope you like the taste; I've worn these tights all this week to make sure they were flavoured well for you"

I replied, "Yes Mistress, I love them."  Although her feet smelt, I was only getting turned on more so I didn't have a problem with it.

She opened her bag and took something out.  It was a blindfold.  She put it over my head while I was kneeling beside her.  Next a strap was clipped round my waist; she put my wrists in loops that were attached to the waistband.  Cuffs were put round my ankles and the waistband was attached to the cuffs.  I wasn't standing up in a hurry!  She asked if I was comfortable and I was really, nothing was too restrictive, but I certainly was under her control.

"Last bit,” she said.  She put a harness over my head and shoved a gag in my mouth, which was attached to the harness.  She tightened the harness and I was now gagged to the extent that I could now only say Mmmmpppfff Mmppffff.

"Excellent! That seems to work a treat,” she said with enthusiasm. "Stay there, I have to get ready for the party.  We'll get you ready later!"

Mistress went into the bathroom while I waited in my predicament.  I could hear the shower start and it seemed ages before she reappeared with a towel wrapped round her head and body. "Good, you're still here! Haha!" she laughed. "As if you could go anywhere my little fuck bitch!"

Mistress loosened the harness and removed the blindfold, but promptly did the harness back up seconds later gagging me once again.  At least I could see now.

Mistress dried her hair and scraped it back tight with it in a very neat bun at the back.  Her whole body looked very smooth so I assume she'd had a shave or maybe a full body wax a day or two before??  She lathered her body in moisturiser, which gave her body a lovely shiny glow.  Mistress had several tattoos, which looked sort of tribal, but they didn't really mean much to me.  My Mistress looked awesome walking around the hotel room wearing nothing.  I felt proud she was my Mistress!  My cock just wanted to stand up for her!  While the moisturiser was soaking in she got some toys and began to untie me from my kneeling position and left my wrists cuffed to the waistband.

"Did you have a good wash inside and out?" Mistress asked.

I wasn't really sure what she meant, but I said yes I had a good wash.  She pulled out some tubing and a bag and said, "Well we'll soon see if you’re clean to my satisfaction won't we."

I realised what she meant now so I owned up and said I had not given myself an enema.  She looked disappointed and angry.

"Well looks like I'll have to make sure your extra clean then won't I."

She got me on my knees and forced the tubing up my arse.  The liquid gradually filled my bowels; it felt good at first, but as it flowed into me longer my stomach began to cramp up.  She took the tubing out once the enema bag was empty and she turned me over and began to massage my tummy.  She spoke to me constantly; telling me to forget about the cramps and to make sure I didn't release what was in me otherwise I’d be in big trouble.  She must have massaged me for at least 10 minutes by which time the cramps were becoming unbearable.  She helped me up and sat me on the toilet.  Mistress instructed me not to unload until she said so.  She made me sit on the toilet for what seemed like a lifetime, but was probably only 30-60 seconds.  She loved to tease me!

"Unload bitch!" she shouted.

The contents of my bowels erupted with force into the toilet.  It was such a relief to get it out, but it also took some time to unload it all.  My stomach kept cramping and more came out.  She seemed pleased, but said I would need several more.  She continued to give me more enemas along with massages until I was basically shitting the water that she had pumped into me.

"Good, completely clean" she said finally.

She looked at my cock and said, "That's going to have to come off."  She put in the code to the safe that I had given her several weeks before and removed the key so she could unlock my cage.  My cock immediately stood to attention.  I had not been able to shave my balls and shaft earlier so Mistress completed the job while my cock stayed hard.

"You'll need to get him soft before I can get your cage back on so I suggest you think of something less stimulating!"  She took me into the bedroom and tied me to the bed.  She sat in the chair and switched the TV on.

"Your arse needs time to recover and relax before we get ready for the party,” she told me.

I was relieved I’d be getting a little time to relax.  I must have nodded off when I was awoken by Mistress sitting on me.  I could feel her touching my cock, which was trying to grow, but it was too late, Mistress had already fitted my chastity device again. 

"Nothing like a relaxing few minutes sleep to get your cock soft, eh?" she said with a smile.  Mistress returned to her chair and continued to watch TV.

About an hour had passed by when Mistress untied me from the bed to take me to the toilet for one final shit, but all that came out was air really.  It gave Mistress great delight to hear me farting!

Once off the toilet she took me back into the bedroom area where I saw a butt plug on the bed.  Mistress bent me over and told me to wait.  She walked over to the bed and picked up the butt plug.

"It's not the biggest one I have, but should fit you nicely."  Mistress lubed up the butt plug as well as my arse.  Before pushing the plug in she stuck her fingers in my arse to try to relax it. It felt so good!  Mistress withdrew her fingers from my arse after a few minutes.

"Hmmm maybe I should have brought my bigger plug? I fear this is going to slip in a bit too easily.  It'll have to do for now."  Mistress commented while forcing the plug in.

She was right it did slip in easily, but still felt big.  She then inflated it until I groaned a little.

“Arrgh, poor little fuck bitch.  Do you want it bigger?"  Mistress gave the bulb a couple more squeezes for good measure.

She proceeded to get me dressed into my gimp suit, which was far easier with her help.  It felt lovely and tight and it was such a turn on to feel her zipping me up, instead of me struggling with the zip on my own.  Before it was zipped completely up, she gave the butt plug one more squeeze to pump it up further, detaching the bulb to ensure it stayed that size.  The zips of my suit were then closed completely and I couldn't be sure, but I think Mistress padlocked them together, so I was now locked into my gimp suit.  My wrists were attached to the waistband that Mistress had used previously. 

Mistress made to kneel on the floor while she got dressed.  She chose to wear a white blouse with a black basque, black leather skirt and black shiny stockings with high heels.  They weren't over high, probably about 3inches, but they made her legs look exceptional, especially with the black stockings.  Mistress looked in the mirror to make sure her hair was still in place from earlier and stood there checking her whole outfit to ensure everything was as it should be.  Mistress seemed satisfied and moved to her bag rummaging through for a minute or two, eventually pulling out some boots. I thought maybe she had changed her mind about her high heels, but they looked quite big.

She looked at me and said, "You can't walk around in your latex feet; you could slip over so I've bought you a little present!"

All I could do was say "thank you", but I was really thinking, these boots are going to kill!  They looked at least 5 inches and they were very long, probably crotch high!  She slipped them on my feet and up my legs and continued to lace them up at the front.  I had to admit they looked fucking brilliant and they were getting me turned on.  Mistress helped me up by which time my horniness started to subside when I felt the pain go through my feet and calves.

"Now you know what it feels like fuck bitch don't you?"  Mistress started to laugh.

"Yes I do Mistress” I replied, “Please don't make me wear these all night".

"Don't worry, you'll get used to them, besides I know you want to wear them really, they look absolutely fantastic on you."  She said proudly.

She picked up the gag harness as well as a posture collar and fitted them round my neck and head.  This was it, about 8:30pm and we were ready for the party, there was no going back.  To be honest I'd gone past the point of no return the moment I stepped in the hotel room!

We left the room and Mistress held onto me, helping me to walk steadily.  Although I'd dressed up before these heels were something new and it felt like I could fall over at any moment.  My heart was racing and my breathing was shallow and quick.  Mistress held onto a leash attached to my collar.  We were walking towards the lift as a couple approached us on their way back to their room.

"Good evening.” Mistress said.

"Evening, I love your outfits!"  The woman replied.

It relaxed me a bit and made me feel more normal even though I was about to walk into the hotel reception dressed as a gimp being pulled along by Mistress.  I tried to ignore everyone and their reactions and focus on how good my Mistress looked!  In reality I thought my hood hid my embarrassment and no one really knew who I was, but Mistress could quite easily have gone out to a restaurant dressed as she was and people wouldn't careless.  She didn't seem embarrassed at all having to be seen with me.  It made me feel so much better!

We got into the party and there was a DJ in the corner playing loudish music.  Mistress bought a drink for herself and found a table to sit at.  I went to sit down too, but was quickly put in place by Mistress.

"Gimps don't sit on seats!  Stand up!” She ordered.

I feared I would be standing up all night in these heels.  As the night went on more people joined our table; Mistress had clearly been to a few parties before because she knew a lot of people.  Everyone commented how good it was to see my Mistress with a slave.  It turns out she'd been looking for one for some time and had dismissed several possibilities due to them not meeting her high standards.  Mistress obviously thought a lot of me to have chosen me as her slave.  One of Mistress' friends at the table, Mistress Jada, had a transvestite slave, named Lucy.  He was dressed in black stockings, high heels, corset, fake tits, wig etc.  He actually made a good-looking woman, in fact he'd been there for some time before I realised it was a man!  It fascinated me, but Lucy was kind of hot!

The party was much like any other apart from everyone being dressed in fetish clothes and there were also a few private rooms where people could go if they just couldn't control themselves any longer!

The four women began to play drinking games with the loser putting their slave forward for a forfeit.  Luckily my Mistress appeared to be pretty good at these games.  The women had played several games and were getting a bit tipsy so agreed to make this the final game before they went off to the dance floor.  Unfortunately the last game was one too many for my Mistress and after not losing all night, fell at the last fence as they say.  Mistress Candy lost the final game and dropped me right in it! 

Mistress Jada had clearly noticed me looking at her slave, Lucy, and suggested her slave have a little fun with me.  I began to groan to object, but the Mistress' seemed to take this as excitement.

"Oh he seems to want a little bum action".  One of the other Mistress' commented.

My Mistress could see desperation in my eyes and commented about my butt plug, which incidentally was beginning to cause me more than a little discomfort.

“Well, knowing you Candy, you've got the keys to that suit on you so it's time to pay up unless you'd rather it was you!"  One of the women said.

Mistress was clearly not going to let herself be fucked by another slave and a game was a game so she unlocked my suit, unzipping it enough to take the butt plug out.  All the Mistress' were impressed by how clean it was.  The four Mistress' and their slaves made their way to one of the private rooms where they sat on the couches round what looked like a hospital bed or a padded table.  I was helped onto the bed by the four slaves and made to lie on my back.  Chains were lowered from the ceiling and attached to my ankles with a bar stopping me from putting my legs together.  Lucy got onto the bed with me and pulled “her” cock out from her panties.  She smiled at me and began to probe my arse with her finger and the tip of her cock.  My arse was already quite relaxed after wearing my butt plug for several hours so Lucy slipped her cock in me quite easily with the help of a little lube.  She gradually fucked me deeper and longer.  As the Mistress' watched one of them called out "Don't either of you cum until we say so!"

As the Mistress’ continued to watch they rubbed their pussy's, enjoying the show.  My Mistress was especially noisy and suggested the other two slaves wank with them.

“Wank near my fuck bitches head and cum when we tell you,” She commanded.

As the slaves approached me they lifted a piece of wood from under the bed and positioned it over my neck.  It had a semi-circle cut into it much like old fashioned stocks.  My ball gag was replaced with a ring gag and chains were attached to the “O” rings on my posture collar and in turn attached another set of rings on the piece of wood.  I could not lift my head or turn my head side ways.  When these slaves came, I could only hope they were a bad shot! I could not move a millimetre.

Mistress stopped wanking momentarily and interrupted my bum fuck to release my cock from its cage.  It immediately went rock hard as Lucy continued to bum fuck me while the other two slaves were wanking inches from my face.  Each Mistress was busily rubbing themselves off and even started to help one another at one stage.  They began to cum, squirting pussy juice over themselves, each other and the couches.  You could smell the cum in the room.  The Mistress' paired up and were in 69 positions rubbing, licking and fingering each other; each one was telling the other not to stop!  It was awesome and seemed like a game between them who could hold out for the longest.  It was turning me and the other slaves on very much.  I only wished I had a better view, being tied down didn’t make for prime position!

Finally each Mistress told their own slaves to cum and within seconds I could feel creamy spunk falling on my face and then my arse was being filled with cum.  This really hit the spot and sent me over the edge, I began to have the strongest orgasm I'd ever had unloading the contents of my balls on to my stomach, chest and even my face.  Lucy wiped her hands in my cum and then smeared it over my gimp covered face, almost feeding me with it through the ring gag.

"Mmmm you like that don't you little bitch?" he said.

She was so right!  I was powerless, but loved every minute of it.  Cum was seeping into my mouth round the gaps of the gag.  We all laid there motionless for a few minutes before the Mistress' got up to retrieve their slaves.  They all seemed on a bit of high surprisingly and moved to the dance floor.  Around the dance floor was a metal rail where Mistress' could chain their slaves.  We were left standing there for what must have been an hour while the four Mistress' danced.  I had no idea what the time was, but sensed it was very late by the time they came to retrieve us.

Mistress approached me saying "We're going now; I hope you're ready for more fun when we get back to the room?" I was extremely tired and my feet were killing me, but I wasn't going to let her down, after all I had a duty as her slave to please her and from before this night started, my Mistress was making my decisions for me!

We left the party leaving the other three Mistress' and slaves in the hall.

On our way to the room Mistress explained how much she had enjoyed the night she had been impressed at my slave quality's, I had had a couple of mistakes she said but on the whole she was very pleased and she was looking forward to ironing out any faults of mine.

We got back to our room and Mistress immediately helped me out of my gimp suit.  I'd been wearing it for a while now and it felt strange being naked, but felt good to dry off, I was dripping with sweat.

"Kneel over there," Mistress said.

I did as asked, and Mistress began to undress.  I sneakily looked at her undressing while her back was turned.  She looked so awesome, very fit body and a good shape too.  Mistress was talking to herself, commenting on how wet her panties were and the tops of her stockings.  My cock was straining at my chastity device, which Mistress had replaced prior to leaving the private room.

“Did you like my outfit tonight fuck bitch?” Mistress asked me.

"Yes Mistress, you looked beautiful and very sexy.”  I replied.

"Hmmm, which part of it did you like best?"  She asked further.

I especially liked your underwear, stockings, suspenders, basque and panties!  I said eagerly.

"Did you now??!!  Get up!” she said abruptly.

Mistress pulled out a pad of paper, a pen and a tape measure from her bag.  She began to measure my body as if I was at a Tailor's.  She went through what seemed hundreds of measurements making a note of each one on her pad.

Once finished Mistress went over to her pile of clothes, picked them up and then gestured towards me. "Here you go; you like them so much, you can wear them for me!"

With the help of Mistress I was dressed in her outfit minus the skirt and blouse.  The panties were very wet and I could smell the cum as I put them on, it only made me hornier though.  Mistress tied the basque up with all her strength, I could barely breathe.

"Good!  You look excellent, very pretty, but with a filthy edge."  She mocked.

She pulled a wig from her bag and put it on my head before lying on the bed with her legs spread.

"Go to the bathroom and walk back in to me,” I did as she asked.

"You walk well in those high heels," She commented. "Come kneel on the bed, you have some work to do".

She pulled my face into her pussy and I began to lick her, it reeked of cum from the orgy at the party, but it tasted yummy.  I couldn't get enough of it and I just kept going until Mistress orgasmed several times and finally told me to stop.  She laid there for several minutes gaining her thoughts.

"Go get the cuffs from my bag,” she told me.

I went to her bag and reached in for the cuffs, there were wrist and ankle ones, which had several attachments.  Mistress was still dazed from her orgasms and I was free at the present time holding cuffs?? I wouldn't be human if it didn't cross my mind would I??  I could have easily placed these cuffs on Mistress, but where would it get me?  I wanted her and if I had done that she would have no hesitation in dropping me as her slave.  I had drifted into my own daydream when Mistress telling me to put the cuffs on again interrupted my thoughts.

"Don't make me tell you again!” she yelled.

I quickly did as she told me and before I knew it I was lying with my hands cuffed behind my back with my ankles cuffed together also.  She got off the bed and attached both sets of cuffs together pulling my hands close to my feet.

"I know what you were thinking you little fuck bitch.  I'm going to have to watch you aren't I!!  That was your one and only chance to cuff me and there won't be another.  It's late so I suggest you have a sleep for a couple of hours before breakfast."

I awoke to see Mistress dressed and waiting for me.  “It's late and we've missed breakfast so I'm going to leave now.  I hope you enjoyed our time together?  I trust you're ok to pay for the room?  Would you like to release those cuffs before I leave?”

"Yes please Mistress," I replied eagerly, my arms were aching like hell.

Mistress uncuffed me and made me lie on the bed.  She took the key for my chastity device out of her pocket and started to tease my caged cock with it.  Hmmm I would really love a little play before I leave.  Would you?"

"Of course I would Mistress,” I said with my mouth drooling.

"Ok then, give me your wrists."

I duly obliged and Mistress cuffed each wrist to the bed followed by each ankle.  Next Mistress removed my chastity device, instantly allowing my cock to grow rock hard again.  Mistress took out the gag head harness she had made me wear the previous night and put it on me.

"We don't want you disturbing the other guests do we,” She whispered.

I gave a small, nervous smile, but was looking forward to my treat.

Next Mistress took out a hood, which I hadn't seen before; it looked like it was latex.  Without hesitation Mistress pulled it over my head.  It didn't have any eyeholes but thankfully it did have nose and mouth holes.

"Ah, now that's a good look, I can see your red ball gag through the mouth hole of your hood, very gimpish!”  She said laughing.  Mistress stroked my cock a little but was interrupted by the room phone ringing.  Mistress spoke briefly and put the phone down.

"It seems we've gone over our check-out time, so no time for playing now, we'll have to pick this up at some point in the future," She said.

I was beyond disappointed and gave a long groan.  Was it 11am already?  I had lost all concept of time what with the late night and not having a watch or clock to look at.

"Wait there," Mistress said.

Mistress returned and began writing something on my chest.  It felt quite wet and the end of the pen was quite soft.  I'm guessing it was a permanent marker; it gave off a really strong smell.  Bet it's water resistant, I thought!

"That should keep you happy.  I'll be off then, you know the rules, wait for me to get in touch,” She said laughing.

I heard the door to the bedroom shut and the room fell silent.  What had Mistress written on me?  Had she really left the room or was she playing?  How was I going to get free?!!

I struggled for a few minutes, but it was pointless.  I could only hope Mistress was playing and would free me soon.  I'm not sure how long I was there, probably about 30minutes maybe, then the door opened.

"Hello? Maid service...” The woman said.

This definitely wasn't my Mistress!  She had left me!  Shit!!  I froze completely.  I heard the woman come in and walk up to me.  It sounded like she was chuckling to herself.

"Well, this does look like fun," She said to herself.

She walked away, out of the room then I heard her come back, pushing her trolley into the room.  The door shut behind her.

What the fuck was she doing? I thought.

She came up to me again and held my face with one hand turning my held slightly side to side as if she was inspecting my hood.

"Give me a little groan if you can hear me," She asked

I groaned at her.

"Oh goody!" She said.

"Your Mistress has left me a little message Slave Sparky.  She's written specific instructions, on your chest, to use you how I see fit.  The good news for you is I have to release your cuffs when I'm finished so you can go and pay for this room and be on your way home.  Don't you worry, the do not disturb sign is on the door and it's locked from the inside so no one's going to walk in us!  I'll be as quick as I can because I’ve got lots of rooms to clean this morning.  Don't you dare cum until I tell you though otherwise I may have to think of a punishment of my own!” She said menacingly.

I heard the maid undressing.

"Here you go, have a good sniff of my tights and panties,” She said as she pulled them over my head.

Fucking hell they stunk, how old was this woman!  I was amazed to find my cock was still hard after that. I really am a deviant to find that stench a turn on, I thought!

She put a condom on my cock and used some lube; it must have been some of the anal lube from last night.

"This should make things slip in a little easier,” She whispered.

She slowly lowered herself onto my cock until it was all the way in.

"Mmmmm that is good, oh it's been so long since.... Oh you have a lovely cock. Mmmm…"  The maid was getting carried away, talking to herself.  She slowly rocked herself on my cock, slowly getting faster.  She lifted herself off of me until my cock was only just in and then dropped herself back on me.  She did this for a few minutes before I could sense she was getting tired and went back to rocking herself on me.  She grabbed my arms and pulled herself on me to help increase the speed of her rocking.  Gradually getting faster and faster she was approaching her climax. I was too.  She slowed again.

"Not yet, not yet fucker!"  She panted.

She went back to pulling off me for a bit then rocking again.  While rocking slowly she took hold of her tights and tied them round my neck, making sure the gusset of her tights still covered my nose and mouth.  She rocked hardy and hardy pulling at her tights as if they were reigns on a horse.  My head and neck were being forced back and forth until she eventually started to approach an orgasm.  As the maid got wetter my cock got harder.

"That's it fucker, nice and hard for me," she growled.  As she rocked further and faster I got closer to climaxing.  Suddenly an explosion of juices erupted from the maid’s pussy, splattering my body and face, sending me into orgasm.  She continued to fuck me until eventually she had to stop to relax; I could feel cum oozing out of her pussy as she lied on top of me.

The maid got slowly got off me without saying anything.  Everything was so wet as she got off me the condom went with her.  She continued to rummage around the room, drying herself off and getting dressed. 

"Lucky I carry a spare pair of tights with me in my trolley," she said.  "You can keep those ones to sniff when you get horny if you like.  It can remind you of our time together!"

I was contemplating that thought when she took hold of my cock.  "Your Mistress was very clear in her message that I should replace your cock cage before I leave you"

I struggled and fought her as best I could, but what was the use.  My cock was locked up within less than a minute and there wasn't a thing I could do to stop her.

"There, there, it's not the end of the world.  I'm sure your Mistress has lots of fun in store for you, but you'll have to be a good boy.  Listen to me carefully and this will be a whole lot less humiliating for you.  If you don't listen I'm sure I can get someone from reception to come have a look at you in your predicament.  I'm going to finish cleaning your room, then I'll untie from the bed and you can lie on the floor while I make it.  I'm then going to move to the next room and continue with my work.  I'll leave the key for your cuffs nearby so you can unlock yourself and get dressed.  Don't use the shower because it'll look like I haven't cleaned!  I'll call down to reception now and say you'll be on your way down in about 15minutes.  Ok??"

I nodded to confirm I understood and within 20minutes I had checked out and was driving home.  I stunk of sweat and cum, but put up with it until I got home.

The whole time from arriving at the hotel to leaving was an incredible experience, but what did my Mistress have planned for me in the future.  I didn't have a clue, but one thing I did know, I wanted to find out! I’m sure it wouldn’t be long before Mistress contacted me!