Mistress Beverly's New Sub 2

by Jan

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Storycodes: F/f; D/s; bondage; suspension; cons; XX

Mistress Beverly's New Sub
by Jan
Jackie's Surprise by Boundfellow
Readers: If you havn't read part one please find it here.
 Mistress Beverly's new Sub-Prt. 2
The week had drug by so slowly. Monica had thought about her meeting with Mistress Beverly. The whipping she had received had been most severe, and Monica kept telling herself that she would never experience anything like that again, but her thoughts kept going to the note Mistress Beverly had given her. 
  "Slave. You will not remove your collar. It is to remind you of tonight. 
You will be standing naked on my step next Friday at 9:00.  
signed--Your Mistress."

All she could think about was what would be in store for her if she went back. She knew that by going she would be surrendering herself to Mistress Beverly's wishes and God only knew what would happen to her.

It was now Thursday night and Monica reached up and felt the slave collar she was wearing under her turtle neck. She had not taken it off, but had kept it hidden for the week. She thought she might as well go out because she would not be able to sleep tonight. She knew she should not even think about making the return trip, but she couldn't get the idea out of her head.

Friday night she found herself standing on Mistress Beverly's step. It was just about dark and the step was partially hidden, but she still felt terribly exposed as she slid out of her panties. She stood there with nothing on but the slave collar that Mistress Beverly had fastened around her neck. Was it the coolness of the evening or the butterflies in her stomach that cased the goose bumps all over her body. Her nipples were rock hard and she could feel the wetness between her legs. 
She took a deep breath and rang the door bell.

The door opened and Monica just about melted into the step. There stood the most beautiful sight she had seen. Mistress Beverly stood there dressed in black bra, panties, garter and nylons. The black material made her white skin even whiter. Her long blond hair was flowing over her shoulders. Monica had not noticed on her previous visit how great a body Mistress Beverly had.  The black bra barely kept those beautiful breast imprisoned, her stomach was flat and hard and those legs seemed to go on for ever. Monica just stood there and stared, completely forgetting her own nakedness.

"You, might not have known you would come," Said Beverly, "but I did. Come in and put on the clothes I have laid out for you."

Beverly's perfume filled Monica's head as she walked past her into the living room. Laying on a chair was a corset, nylons and a pair of 6 inch high heels. She had never felt anything so luxurious as she slipped into the corset. it fit perfectly and came up and cradled her breasts without covering them. She slipped into the nylons and put on the shoes. They had higher heels than she was used to, but she could walk in them with no trouble. She looked up and saw herself in the mirror. She felt embarrassed. Not because of her nakedness, but because of how good she thought she looked to herself. 

Beverly walked up behind her and pulling her arms behind her, locked her wrists together with a pair of hand cuffs. Monica closed her eyes and a slight moan escaped her lips as Beverly ran her hands up Monica's sides, over her breasts, down over her stomach and then between her legs.
Beverly walked over and sat in a chair. "Kneel !" she ordered. Monica knelt on the floor in front of her Mistress. She now knew that she belonged to Mistress Beverly. She knelt there as Beverly sipped on a glass of wine and watched her.

" Did you enjoy the whipping I gave you last time?" questioned Beverly

"No, Mistress" replied Monica " It really hurt"

"You realize that I will whip you again tonight."said Beverly " and it will be even more severe than the whipping I gave you last time."

Monica paused for a moment and then said "Yes Mistress. I know that."

"Then why did you come back?" asked Beverly.

Monica hung her head and mumbled " I don't know Mistress. What you did to me last weekend, and coming here tonight was all I could think about all week. The idea of what you might do to me scares me to death, but it also excites me. I just want to please you. I know that it does not matter what I say, but please do with me what ever you please"

That last statement caused  beverly to chuckle. " Oh, don't worry your pretty little head, I will use you for anything I wish. I plan on enjoying you for the weekend. Not that it matters, but I hope that you have made no other plans, because you won't be keeping them."

Beverly sat back and sipped her wine, never taking her eyes of Monica.

Monica fidgeted a little, feeling a bit uncomfortable with the beautiful blond enjoying her nakedness. She may have felt a little shy, but she was also proud of the way she must look, because obviously Beverly was pleased with what she saw. Monica wished she had spent more time on her make up and had had her hair done. She would remember in the future. Beverly drained the last of her wine from the glass. Monica felt week as she watched Beverly slip her bra and panties off and throw them in the corner. She was like a Goddess standing there in just her garter, nylons and heels.

"I have decided to be a little merciful to you tonight." said Beverly softly " I can be really mean when I am exceptionally horny, like I am right now. I will give you a chance to relieve some of my sexual tension before we begin. Do you have any idea how you might to that"

Monica immediately crawled forward till she was between Beverly's spread legs. " May I lick your pussy Mistress. May I make you cum with my tongue?" The answer to her question was Beverly's hand on the back of Monica's head pulling here softly to Beverly's waiting pussy. Monica slowly started to lick and probe deeply into Beverly with her tongue. Beverly started to squirm and moan softly. Monica was inexperienced in oral sex, but from the reaction of Beverly, she must be doing OK.

Monica stopped and rose up and stared into Beverly's eyes. "If I am not performing to your expectations, please punish me for my inadequacy."

"You can count on it my little slut." moaned Beverly, and grabbing Monica's hair pulled her back to her throbbing pussy.

Monica licked and Beverly twisted and pulled on her hair. Her moans and gyrations spurred Monica on to her best effort. Beverly bucked and moaned and ground her pussy into Monica's face until she finally let out a scream, stiffened and then fell beck limply into the chair.

Monica, laying on the floor listened as Beverly's breathing slowly returned to normal. Reaching down she took Monica by the hair and pulled her up to a standing position . With a hand on each side of her head she pulled Monica to her and kissed her deep and long. She licked her own juices from around Monica's mouth and then kissed her again. Monica was having trouble standing her legs were so weak. God she wished Beverly would lay her down and make love to her. To make her cum. But she knew that would not happen.

Suddenly Beverly's mood changed and she grabbed Monica's hair pulling her head back. "That was the sorriest excuse for pussy eating I have ever experienced, you little bitch. I will not stand for half hearted efforts! When I am finished with you, you will wish you had tried harder. Get your god dammed ass down stairs and put on the wrist cuffs hanging from the ceiling! Before you do though, I will let you pick the whip that you will be punished with!" She took the hand cuffs off, and gave Monica a push that almost made her fall down. " I am going to take a shower and then I will be with you. Be ready!" 

With that she gave Monica another shove and headed for the bath room.

Monica was shaking as she went down the stairs to the room of of her previous suffering. She stood at the bottom of the stairs and stared at the implements of pain. She walked over and stood in front of the wall with all the whips and paddles. She reached up and took down the riding crop that Beverly had threatened to use on her the first time. She remembered how she had almost pee'd herself when Beverly had slapped the chair with it. She hung it back up and took down the whip that had been use on her the first time. 

But no, Mistress would be displeased if she chose that one again. One with about 20 thinner leather straps caught her eye and she took it down. The handle showed signs of smoothness from use. Surely Mistress would like this choice. She turned to the wrist cuffs, but then she turned back. Again she picked up the riding crop. She ran it over her hand and felt the spring of it. No, she dare not and she hung it up again. 

She walked over to the cuffs and after laying the whip at her feet fastened them to her wrists. There was now a small silver lock on each cuff so once she had put them on there was no escape.

She stood there with her eyes closed and listened to the water running in the shower upstairs. Thoughts of panic filled her. Why had she come? What would Mistress Beverly do to her? The only thing she knew for sure was that it would be much worse than the time before. Why oh why had she come. She pulled on her bonds, and her heart sank because she knew there was no escape. All she could do was stand there and wait and try and not let her imagination get the best of her. She let her eyes wander around the room, looking at all the implements of pain. She closed her eyes, rested her head on her shoulder and waited.

After what seemed an eternity she her foot steps on the stairs, and looked up to see her tormenter coming down. Beverly had changed into an outfit that would make any Mistress green with envy. She had on a pair of skin tight black leather pants, and knee high boot with 5 inch heels. A black leather bra covered those lovely breasts, and a  pair of tight black leather cloves that came up to her elbows finished off the out fit. Her heels clicked on the cement floor as she walked up face Monica.

"You stupid bitch!" she yelled "I expected you to be blind folded and gagged!"

"I'm sorry! I didn't know! You didn't tell me!" wined Monica.

Before she could say any more Beverly reached out and grabbed both nipples and twisted unmercifully. " Did I ask you a fucking question?"

Monica let out a shriek "No Mistress! I'm sorry!"

Beverly kept twisting and Monica squirmed under her grasp. " I told you, you would never talk unless I asked you a direct question!"

"I'm sorry Mistress! I won't do it again!" pleaded Monica.

Beverly squeezed so hard that Monica screamed " You stupid bitch! I did not ask you a question! It may take all night, but I promise you, you will learn the rules! Do you understand?"

"Yesssssss" Monica screamed "I understand Mistress!" and then relief came to her poor nipples as Beverly released them.

Beverly immediately picked up a blindfold and placed it over Monica's eyes and then a ball gag was tied in place. Monica stood in darkness listening to the click off her heels as Beverly moved around the room. She bit down hard on the ball gag as a searing pain shot through her already tortured  left nipple. Moments later the pain was repeated on the right one. Monica had never felt a nipple clamp, but she had read about them. 
It was only a few minutes and her blind fold was removed, and in front of her stood Beverly, whip in hand, smiling. 

"Your first lesson will be one of control." said Beverly.

Monica looked down towards her feet and saw a small table that had been positioned there. On the table were two large lead weights. A string ran from each weight up to the nipple clamps. Monica shuttered as she immediately realized the purpose of the set up. If she move more than a few inches the weights would slide off the table and surely tear her nipples off. Here eyes grew wide as she watched Beverly, flicking the whip in the air, walk around behind her.

A searing pain crossed her ass and she involuntarily jumped. She immediately looked down to see that the weights had been pulled to with in three inches of the edge of the table. She bit the gag and braced herself as the next blow landed. The weights did not move. She held still for the next blow, when the next one landed the weights moved an inch closer to the edge. After six the weights were right on the edge. Out of the corner of her eye she could see Beverly's arm swinging, and then lights exploded in her head as the weights took up the slack in the string. Even with the gag her scream filled the air. The pain in her nipples was like a red hot poker had been placed on them. Please she thought, make it end.

Through her tears she saw Beverly moving to the switch on the wall and soon she was hanging with her toes inches off the floor.

Hanging there, her poor nipples burning like fire, Monica closed her eyes and waited. She didn't have to wait long and her torment began. Lash after lash landed on her poor ass. As hard as she tried to hold still, she could not help but jump every time the whip landed. With every jerk of her body the weights would bounce on the strings and add more pain to her nipples. Beverly wasted no time, and again and again the whip fell. Monica screamed the best she could, but the gag stopped most of the sound. Tears streamed down her face. Saliva was building up in her mouth and her nose was running making it hard to breath. She thought she would suffocate. She could take no more, but the terrible whipping didn't stop. Monica was covered with sweat, and her screams and jerking became less as she played out. 

Then the whipping stopped and there was a new sensation. Beverly had reached down between Monica's legs and started to rub her pussy. Monica's head was swimming. Even though her body was wracked with pain, a fire was building between her legs. Her screams changed to moans as Beverly rubbed her. She threw her head back and forth and twisted and squirmed in he bonds. The pain she felt before was gone, replaced by the marvelous sensations now filling her. And then she came. Though she thought she had no strength left,  she bucked and twisted and pulled herself further off the floor. The weights on her nipples bounced as she bucked, but the pain only seemed to heighten spasms. It was like she had never experienced an orgasm before.

The cool feeling on her skin felt like bliss. She lay there trying to figure out where she was. Slowly the recollection of the punishment she had just received came back to her memory. She moved her arms and legs. and realized she was no longer tied. She opened her eyes and looked around the dingy room she was now in. It was a small room with one bare light bulb. It had a dirt floor and shelves on one wall. She forced herself to a sitting position and surveyed her prison. It was sort of a root cellar. The shelves had assorted boxes of junk and some jars of fruit and vegetables. A pail sat in one corner.

Monica slowly got to her feet. She winced when she ran her hand over one of her nipples and her muscles were stiff and sore. The Beautiful corset she wore was now sweat stained and filthy. Her nylons had runs in them and one was down around her ankle. She had to relieve her self and realized why the pail was in the corner. Even before she tried the door she knew it was locked. She sat in the corner, clutching her knees to her chest and cried. She thought about the terrible beating Beverly had given her and tried not to think about what else might be in store for her. Beverly had said that she would enjoy her for the whole weekend. She was scared, but she could still not help but think about that wonderful orgasm.

It was quite cool, and Monica was shivering. She found an old blanket that was full of holes and covered herself as best she could. She had not eaten since breakfast on Friday and she was terribly thirsty. She opened a jar of peaches that was on the shelf and digging out the fruit with her dirty fingers she ate it and drank the juice. The cool fruit revived her and she was surprised how good she felt. She rolled up in her blanket and lay on the dirty floor. She lay there wondering what was in store for her and then she slept.

Monica was surprised that she had slept. She was slightly disorientated, but she felt a presence in the room and opened her eyes. Beverly stood in the open door.
"On your feet!" she commanded " It is Time to start a new day."
Monica rose, and head hung, stood in front of Beverly. She was a little stiff, but felt much better than she could have even hoped, considering what she had been through the previous evening.

"I trust that you are well rested." said Beverly "You were sleeping quite soundly."

Monica started to reply, but Beverly had been right, she was learning the rules. She had not been asked a question, so she just stood there with her head hung.

" You are filthy!" remarked Beverly " That will never do, come with me."

Monica followed her out the door, and Beverly led her to a bathroom in the basement where she was told that she had a hour to make her self presentable. Monica looked at her self in the mirror. She was a mess! Her makeup had run, her hair was stringy, and she was covered with dirt from sleeping on the floor. The bathroom had all the toiletries she would need. She stepped into the shower and discovered that the tap for the hot water had been removed so cold water is all she would have. It took her breath away when the cold water hit her. A nice hot shower would have been heaven, but even the cold water was soothing. She soaped her body , washed her hair and then dried herself. There was a blow dryer and brushes and combs so she did her hair as best she could. Their was a new tooth brush and deodorant, but no make up. She had a natural beauty, so make up was not essential, but she wished she had some .

She was about to leave when she looked at the soiled corset and nylons in the corner. Surly Mistress Beverly would not want her to put them back on, but she had been given no instructions. She cleaned the high heals with a face cloth, put them on and taking a deep breath walked out to find her Mistress. Beverly was waiting for her in the punishment room and Monica walked to her for inspection.  She walked up and stood in front of her. She surprised herself, how straight and tall she stood, her arms at her sides. There was no defiance in her stance, but an air of pride. Mistress Beverly sat back in her chair, her eyes going up and down Monica's body. 

"Very good!" she said "You look much better than you did a few minutes ago. You are very good looking, but in the future you will keep makeup here so you can look your best for me. I will now give you an option. You can collect your clothes and leave, never to see me again, or you can stay. I will only give you this choice once. What is your decision?"

There was no hesitation. Monica stood straight, looked Beverly in the eye and said. " If you are pleased with me mistress, and will have me, I would like to stay. May I please stay Mistress?"

"Good!" smiled Beverly as she stood. " Come with me. I have to go out this morning and we need to keep you suitably entertained while I am gone."

Beverly led her to a corner of the room where there was a wooden stand. It had two wooden uprights, with a leather covered board, about an inch and a half wide between them. Beverly had her stand with one foot on each side of the board so it ran between her legs. There were rings anchored to the floor with ankle straps that were strapped on to Monica. Monica's wrists were handcuffed behind her back and then the board between her legs was adjusted. The board was raised until Monica was forced to stand just up on her toes.

Beverly gave her a kiss on the cheek and said " I'll see you when I get back.", and with that she left.

Monica stood there in the silence of the room, and looked at herself in one of the many mirrors that hung on the walls. She thought that she looked like a cowgirl, riding her steed. She didn't know that she was indeed on a horse, nor its sinister intent.

It wasn't long and Monica became aware of the purpose of the implement she was strapped to. Soon the calves of her legs began to ache and she lowered herself onto the horse. At first she enjoyed the pressure and even rubbed back and forth grinding her pussy into the padded surface. It wasn't long before this position became uncomfortable. The padding did little to protect her and she raised herself up on her toes again. Her legs were already tired and she could not hold that position for long, but when she lowered her self, the pain between her legs grew worse. She must stay on her toes, but she couldn't. The time drug by slowly and she alternated between the cramping in her legs and the pain in her pussy when she had to ride the cursed horse. The time she could stay on her toes got less and less as fatigue took over her legs. Small screams escaped her lips as she tried to get relief. She moaned and tried to adjust her position. She tried leaning forward and then back, bu! t nothing helped. That terrible pain was there, and there was nothing she could do about it. Once in a while she would get enough strength back in her legs to lift herself and give her poor pussy some relief. Finally she could do no more and slumped forward she sobbed and endured her pain.

Finally she heard noises up stairs. Mistress Beverly had finally returned home and would release her from her torment. She listened to Beverly moving around, but why didn't she come down. She stared at the ceiling trying to will Beverly to come down the stairs.

"Mistress Beverly!" she yelled " Please release me! Oh, Please Mistress! Please untie me! Pleeeeeeaaaaasssssse!!!"

Monica begged and begged, yelling louder and louder. Why wouldn't she come down!
Hope filled her as she heard foot steps on the stairs.

"Just what the fuck is your problem!" screamed Beverly "I leave you for a couple of hours to enjoy my little pony and now you are complaining!"

"Please Mistress!" begged Monica "Please let me off! Please! I can't take anymore!"

With that Beverly picked up the whip and struck Monica viciously across the tits. Monica would have screamed but the air was knocked out of her lungs.

"You god dam little slut!" smack- the whip landed on her back "You can't handle a little fun!" smack-across her back "I don't know why I bother with you!" smack-across her belly " If you can't take it I guess I'll have to let you go!"

Beverly started to bend over to release her ankles. Catching her breath Monica realized that she had displeased her Mistress. "I'm sorry Mistress! Don't untie me! I want to please you Mistress! Please leave me and enjoy my suffering! Please may I suffer for you! I am sorry I was so weak!"
Beverly stood up and smiled. This one was coming along nicely. She would get lots of enjoyment from her.

Monica was sobbing and slumped forward. Beverly did not want to use her up before the day was up, so she only gave her five or six good whacks before she released her. As soon as her hands were released, Monica pushed herself up off the horse to give some much needed relief to her pussy. Beverly released one ankle and Monica slid off the horse and collapsed on the floor.
Beverly crouched beside her and stroked her hair whispering softly " Rest my little sweet thing. The day is not over yet."

Monica lay for a while before she untied other ankle herself. She got up and walked around to work out the kinks. She curled up in the big over stuffed chair, and to her surprise, went to sleep. Mistress Beverly left her to her self for quite a while. The pain between her legs had mostly left and Monica actually felt pretty good which surprised her. Beverly came down and was carrying Monica's street cloths. At first Monica panicked a bit, thinking that she had offended Beverly and was being thrown out. Beverly told her to get dressed and to go home and get her make up and return right away. Relieved, Monica was back with in a half hour.she was instructed to shower and make her self up.

After another cold shower, Monica did her hair and put on her make up. Pleased with herself she went to Beverly who had her get dressed again. Beverly took her out and took her shopping. When they were finished Monica was dressed in a short black skirt that was slit up the right side almost to the waist band. She had a new white blouse, that although not see through clung to her body so that there was little to leave to the imagination. Of course she was allowed neither bra nor panties. The six inch heels and her slave collar were the only accessories. Monica was unsure what was happening, but found out soon enough, when they pulled up to the S&M bar where they had first met. Getting out of the car Beverly snapped a leash onto Monica's collar and led her into the bar.

Monica should be embarrassed, she kept telling herself, but she was not. She was proud. She knew that she looked great and that she pleased her Mistress. She walked tall and straight as eyes followed her across the room. She knew that many would desire her, but she was Beverly's.   

Beverly sat at a table and Monica knelt on the floor beside her. The waitress brought Beverly a drink. Monica did not receive a drink, but she did not expect one. Periodically Beverly would feed her a sip of her drink. They sat and watched other slaves being led around the room and and kneeling at their Mistress's or Masters feet. One slave was being held over the back of a chair by two waiters, while her Master whipped her ass with a short strap. Obviously she had something to displease him. Other slaves were standing manacled to posts beside where there Masters sat. They were both male and female in varying states of undress. Monica looked at the post beside there table to see a set of cuffs that if needed were there.She wondered if she would be using them tonight. She knelt taking in all the sights of the club while accepting sips of Beverly's drink. 

They had only been there a short while when the lights on the stage were turned on. One of the slaves from the audience had been volunteered for everyone's entertainment. It was a young man in his early 20's. He was led to the stage, tied between two posts and whipped soundly. Monica watched with fascination as the audience yelled with approval. Monica could feel the wetness between her legs. If the audience liked that, they would love seeing her. The young man twisted and yelled as the lash was applied to his ass, and when a smaller whip was applied to his cock, his gyrations became even more pronounced.The sights and sounds were almost over whelming.

Shortly after that show, Beverly beckoned to one of the waitresses. She didn't even speak, she just calmly motioned at Monica and then at the stage. The waitress disappeared and almost immediately two others returned for her. Monica did not wait to be led, but stood and walked before them to the stage. Stepping up on to the platform she stripped . The women fastened her wrists to a set of cuffs. A spreader bar was fastened between her ankles, and she was lifted off the floor.
Monica, hung there and looked out at the admiring audience. She could hardly believe how she had changed, and so quickly. Only two short weeks ago she had been a scared little girl, sitting in the corner, and now she was naked for the world to see, waiting to be used for there enjoyment. She could see jealousy in the eyes of the other slaves and desire in the eyes of the others. Beverly would surly have to punish her for being conceded, but Monica  knew that she was proud of her. She would not let her down.

Monica's arms were starting to ache when a club Mistress joined her on the stage. She winced when the first lash landed on her ass. She grit her teeth, and was determined that she would not scream. She would show them that she could be strong for her Mistress. Again and again the whip fell. She bucked and twisted as she hung there, and nothing more than slight moans escaped her lips. The audience loved it and yelled encouragement to her tormenter. They wanted to hear her scream. The whipping stopped and Monica hung there breathing heavily. She had done it! No sound that could be heard more than a few feet away, had come out of her mouth. Sweat ran down her forehead stinging her eyes, but she could see the approval in the eyes of her Mistress. She was taken down and delivered back to Beverly, and knelt naked beside her, her clothing piled on the table.

The night was a bee hive of activity. Other slaves were taken to the stage and punished, and none of them had accepted their beating in silence the way Monica had. Their Master / Mistresses would be most displeased and they would probably take their frustrations out on the poor slaves when the got them home.

Back at Mistress Beverly's Monica lay on the foot of Beverly's bed, bound hand and foot. As a reward, she had been allowed to satisfy her Mistress, but of course she had herself not been allowed to cum. This was worse than any of the beatings she had received. She thought she would explode. Her head was swimming as she lay there listening to Beverly's soft breathing. Her pussy was throbbing and thoughts of what would come tomorrow consumed her. 
Beverly had told her to rest, for she would need all her strength in the morning. Tomorrow Beverly would decide if Monica was worthy of being her slave. Could she live up to Beverly's expectations.

Beverly was on the verge of falling asleep when Monica whispered "Mistress. May I speak?"

"Yes." Beverly said "What do you want?"

"Tomorrow," asked Monica " When you test me--------can we,---------will you,--------please,-------use the riding crop?" 

Beverly lay back in the darkness and smiled.......................................

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