by Anne Woolsey

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© Copyright 2009 - Anne Woolsey - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/f; kidnap; bond; zipties; rope; susp; oral; mast; toys; nc/reluct; X

One player always stayed after team practice working on her moves, dribbling the ball up and down the field, shooting on the net.  I didn’t know much about field hockey and really wasn’t that interested in it.  It was the player that had caught my interest.

Sometimes someone stayed and practiced with her, most times she was alone.  She was very fast and coordinated and had a coltish way of running that made her look awkward at times.  In a one-on-one situation during a game on practice, she was tenacious and unshakeable.  It was obvious that she loved the game and wanted to excel.  She always left the field when it became too dark to see and only after she had spent all her energy.  Some nights she could barley lift her equipment bag and drag it to the parking lot.

She was tall, maybe 5 foot 9 or 10 inches tall, well muscled, but slightly built.  She usually wore her blonde hair in a tight ponytail that bounced and swung as she ran and maneuvered on the field.  She had an open, pleasant face with features that were well proportioned, not beautiful, but definitely attractive in a jock-ish way.  She wore safety glasses that were held on with a strap when she played, which she switched for stylish black-rimmed frames off the field.  She had an open easy smile and, although she wasn’t the team captain she helped and encouraged the other women on the team.  It appeared that the coach relied on her as on-field, unofficial coach and she was very good in that role.  The other girls looked up to her and responded to her encouragement and attention. 

She had small breasts and a narrow waist, which flared into an exceedingly attractive butt and hips.  Her legs were killer, too, with well-shaped calves and ankles and muscular thighs.  All in all, she was a very attractive young woman and would be even more so as she matured.  Her name was Caitlin Jensen, CJ to her friends; she was a junior at the university, majoring in communications.

What was my interest in this young athlete, you may ask? 

I wanted to kidnap her!  Tie her up, tease and torture her for a while and let her go, kind of like catch and release fishing.

A few words about me!  I am a lesbian, forty-something, too rich for my own good.  I travel the country and the world indulging in my avocation and passion, which is the kidnapping and seduction of young women.  I had come to this university town because it was not too big and not too small and I just knew there would be someone who would catch my attention.  I usually gravitate to the school quad and athletic fields in my search for quarry.  I prefer women who are proud of their bodies, who are physically fit and athletic.  I found the field hockey practice field several days after arriving and fell for Caitlin almost immediately.

I had become a familiar site around this particular athletic field by taking a daily walk when the team was practicing or playing.  I watched them as an interested bystander and over several weeks became an inconspicuous part of the daily goings at the field.  I always dressed down in sweats or jacket and jeans and glasses and wig to change my appearance.  I hoped I looked like an empty-nest female trying to walk off the inevitable extra weight of middle age. 

I had even had a brief conversation with Caitlin after one practice session.  She was bright and polite and that little encounter just fueled my desire for her even more!

The day I chose for her abduction was a dark cool day in early October.  It was to be a long weekend with no classes scheduled for Monday.  I had overheard Caitlin say she was staying at school and not going home for the holiday.  That was perfect for me!  I had discovered some things about her from following her around campus from her coed dorm to classes and elsewhere.  She had no steady boyfriend (or girlfriend), as was the norm these days and a large and ever-changing group of friends and acquaintances she hung out with on and off campus. 

The team had finished practice; Caitlin, true to form, was running some sprints after everyone had left.  I was doing my little walk around the track that ringed the practice field, except that this time my Glock 9mm pistol accompanied me. 

I had to take her quick and out in the open.  For that there is no better approach than to stick a weapon into someone’s ribs and threaten to shoot them!

This particular day, Caitlin had favored me by wearing a tight black spandex-y turtleneck top and black tights over which she wore the typical black and green tartan plaid kilt and green knee socks of her team.  I watched as she unbuckled the pads she wore under her socks and at her elbows.  She switched her spikes for a pair of Skechers, pulled her socks back up for which I was grateful and tossed the pads into the equipment bag.  Along with a huge appetite for binding and gagging young and not-so-young women, I have a fetish for women in tights and socks of all kinds.  To find my chosen target dressed in both was a wonderful bonus! 

I was pacing myself on the track that ringed the practice field so that when she reached the edge of the track nearest the parking lot, I would be there too.  The gap between us narrowed as I approached her at a 90-degree angle.  She looked up as she saw me approach and smiled at me as I did to her.  We met at the edge of the track and she spoke.


“Hi yourself, Caitlin!”  She looked at me in surprise, startled that I knew her name.

“Do I know you?” she asked, smiling.

“Not yet, but we’re about to become very much more acquainted!”  I slid in next to her and jammed the weapon into her side.

“That’s right, my dear.  That is the barrel of a pistol you feel.  Just keep walking as we are and nothing unfortunate will happen.  Understand?”

“You must be joking, right?  Did Elly put you up to this?”  A half smile still clung to her lips, but her eyes had a squinted, worried look.

“Elly has nothing to do with this, Caitlin.  You are coming with me and believe me when I say I will shoot you right here and right now if you give me any crap!  This weapon is silenced and no one will hear a thing.”  She had a shocked, wide-eyed expression now and I jammed her hard with the weapon to reinforce the situation.  In actual fact, the weapon wasn’t loaded, but she didn’t know that.  I really didn’t like firearms, but they had their place in my little hobby.  I never took anyone with a loaded weapon.  Too risky!  Always, always, the sight of the weapon was enough!

“Just keep walking!”  I grabbed her upper arm with my free hand and, except for the little persuader hidden in my other hand, I’m sure we looked like old friends or mother and daughter just walking together.

“What do you want with me?  I…I don’t have any money!  What is it you want?”  Her voice was shaky and choked up.

I could have said anything, I guess, none of which she would want to hear, but being next to this gorgeous woman and having her under my control and halfway to where I wanted her, I decided to tell her the truth.

“Well, Caitlin, I am obviously kidnapping you.  When we get to where we are going, I am going to tie you up very tightly in various, cruel ways and, sexually assault you!  How does that sound?”

Not too good, apparently, as Caitlin gasped, turned gray and began to cry.  She stumbled and I had to grip her tightly to keep her on her feet.  We were almost to the parking lot.

She began to plead.  “Please let me go!  I won’t say anything.  I’ll…. I’ll forget this ever happened.  I won’t tell anyone!  Please!”

“Caitlin, Caitlin, Caitlin!  Do you think I would go to all this trouble and risk and just say ‘Oh, OK, sweetie, I’ll let you go’?  You’re smarter than that!  I will say that I am not going to harm you physically.  Oh, the ropes may hurt a bit.  And maybe some of the other things I am going to do to you will be painful, but not permanently so.  And I will let you go eventually.  But now?  Not a chance!”

We had reached the van I had rented for the occasion.  I knew that Caitlin was at a decision point and might run, seeing this as her best and maybe last chance to escape her fate.  To forestall that thinking, I gripped her arm very tightly and ground the barrel of the weapon harshly into her ribs. 

“I know what you’re thinking, Caitlin.  This is your chance to get away.  It really isn’t!  What it is actually is your chance to get shot!  So don’t do anything foolish!  Are you going to cooperate?”  She murmured something and nodded her head slightly.

“Good decision, Caitlin!” I said cheerfully, “Who knows maybe you’ll like this!  You never know!”

She was crying harder now, tears streaming down her face.  Her shoulders sagged and she looked like she might pass out.  I beeped the side door open. 

“Stay up now, Caitlin.  Put your bag and stick in the van and then get in!”  I was surprised when she did as I asked without protest or resistance.  I jumped in after her and clicked the door shut.

Caitlin knelt on the floor of the seat-less rear of the van next to her equipment bag, unmoving, stunned and numb. 

This was the tricky part.  Once I had her wrists secured, the rest would be easy, but until then there was a substantial risk for a scene and trouble.

I spoke gently to her, but reinforced my words with a jab from the weapon.  “Put your hands behind your back and cross your wrists, Caitlin.”

I held my breath as she went through some decision process and then slowly brought her arms behind her.  As soon as she had her arms in place I arranged her hands back of wrist to back of wrist and cable tied her wrists together. 

I breathed a sigh of relief!  As far as Caitlin was concerned, the game was over!  I was surprised she hadn’t put up a fight, but was glad she hadn’t.  This wasn’t the most isolated spot on campus and any disturbance would have surely brought some unwanted scrutiny. 

The risky part was mostly behind me now, but I didn’t want to stay here much longer.  I needed to secure her and get out of here as soon as possible.

I gathered her arms together in one hand and slipped a long cable tie around her arms above her elbows with the other.  I pulled the tie end and crushed her elbows tightly together, gratified to see that she was flexible enough to be able to touch her elbows.  She expelled a moan of desperation and discomfort.

“Get used to it, sweetie!  I am going to provide you with a higher education in bondage.  A master’s degree in restraint!  Or should I say mistress degree?”  I chuckled at my cleverness.  Caitlin wasn’t impressed and renewed her sobbing.  I didn’t feel sorry for her a bit.  She was on earth at this time and place to provide entertainment for me and that was all she was to me.  Whether she was uncomfortable or scared mattered not a bit as long as she was attractive and looked good tied up. 

And she did look good!  Normally, I prefer rope and she would soon be in my ropes.  But for abductions, nothing beat the speed and convenience of cable ties.  Looking at Caitlin, though, even in the cable ties, I could see that her body shape and flexibility lent itself to a striking image of female captivity.

One of the sidelines I engaged in while amusing myself with various women was photographing and videoing them as I put them through their trials and tribulations.  Caitlin was a choice piece and her photos and videos would bring a good price from the collectors I worked with.  Not that I needed the money; I just liked to share my hobby with people who could afford to pay me for my time and effort. 

But I digress.  I had to get her out of this parking lot and back to my rented house before we attracted any attention.  I grabbed her by the shoulders and lowered her to the floor, pulling her around so that she lay front to back in the van.  I swept off her sneaks, sending them tumbling to the floor and cable-tied her ankles.  Another cable tie secured her ankles to her wrist restraint forcing her into a secure hogtie.  I scrambled over her to her head and lifted her chin up off the floor.  She peered up at me with teary and frightened eyes.

“Don’t say a word, Caitlin!  Not one word!”  I pulled the weapon out of my pocket and placed the barrel against her temple.  She made a pathetic whining sound and she squeezed her eyes shut.

“Look at me!”  She opened her eyes and looked up, her face wet with tears.

I pulled a ball gag out of my other pocket and placed in against her quivering lips.

“Open your mouth, Caitlin.”  I tapped the barrel of the weapon against her head.  She moaned and opened her mouth enough for me to push the ball in.  I put the weapon back into my pocket and, straddling her back, pulled the gag strap tight.  She had a large mouth and the ball filled her oral cavity so that she could almost close her mouth around it.  I made a note to myself to use the larger gags on her that I had back at the house.

One more thing to do and then I could get out of the lot.  I picked up a canvas bag from the cargo pocket behind the front seat and pulled it over her head.  The bag had a strap around its opening.  I tightened the strap around Caitlin’s heck and turned and climbed into the driver’s seat.

I had a moment of panic when I couldn’t find the keys, but remembered they were in the inside pocket of my jacket.  I fired up the van.  It was fully dark now and no one other cars or people were in the lot.  I would have really preferred that a few other cars and people were around to make us less conspicuous, but it was what it was.  Driving at a normal parking lot speed, I reached the exit, stopped like a good citizen and pulled out into the moderate traffic.

I looked over my shoulder and felt a stab of excitement at the sight of a new bound captive to enjoy.  I called back to her.  “Well, we’re on our way Caitlin!  You just relax and think about your new life!”  Caitlin rewarded me with a shuddering sob and muffled protest.  Way to late to do any good, Caitlin went into a spasm of struggling that shook the van.  I love it when they finally understand that they are captives and not in control of their lives any longer.  Good things, at least from my viewpoint happened then.

 I slipped in a cd and drove on at the legal limit to the muted strains of Mozart.

I had rented a large house on the outskirts of the city in a semi-rural area.  What had attracted me to this particular house was that it was adjacent to a large state wildlife refuge and that it was on a large lot.  I knew I would be having “guests” and privacy was of the utmost priority, especially if I wanted to take my guest out into the yard for some exercise.  I had used one of several false identities and paid cash for the security and two month’s rent.  I had been here now for a month and had encountered no neighbors or even anyone straying into the yard from the refuge.   I would be gone from here in a few days.  The loss of the money for the security and rent was not an issue as long as it bought me the privacy that was essential to me.

Up the long drive we went and through the remotely opening door into the garage.  I shut down the motor and turned in my seat to look at Caitlin.  She had been struggling a bit more and had managed to get side ways on the floor.  The only sounds were the ticking of the cooling engine and Caitlin’s ragged breath whistling through her nose.  To anyone into bondage and particularly anyone with a penchant for a schoolgirl type captive, she was a vision to desire.

I took my camera from the glove box and took several shots of her as she lay in the van.  Sometimes I put together a storyline set that showed the gal from start to finish in a particular scenario.  Here, I just wanted pictures of her as she was now for my own purposes.  She was that appealing!

With a box cutter I slashed the cable ties linking her ankles and holding her ankles together.  I shifted her around until she was sitting on the sill of the van side door, her socked feet on the floor of the garage. 

“You are going to walk into the building now, Caitlin.  I’m going to keep the hood on, so don’t be foolish and try anything.  Understand?”  She barely moved her head in agreement.

“Good!  I am going to get you up and lead you along.  It may be disorienting at first, but I won’t let you fall.  Understand?”  Again, a tiny head nod.  She was on her feet and leaning a bit unsteadily against the van.  I took a few more shots and, taking hold of her upper arm, lead her slowly towards the door into the house. 

She was the embodiment of captivity that pushed all my buttons.  Her size and shape and the clothes she was wearing, just about everything about her screamed “tie me up” to me.  I was excited to have her and my hands shook with that excitement as they always did at the start of a new adventure.

We reached the door and entered the kitchen.  Caitlin was headed for what was, I guess, the family room in another life.  I had converted it to the bondage room.  I liked the vaulted ceilings with its exposed beams that gave me places to suspend my toys.  Several columns spaced along the center of the room supported the roof.  This room was what had sold me on renting this house.  I was sorely tempted to try out the columns and beams using the cute real estate agent as my subject, but thought different of it.  Maybe some other time for her!  The room had a wall of windows that let in natural light.  I had rigged the room with cameras, both still and video, that provided full coverage of the room and could be remotely activated.

Caitlin moved along by sliding her socked feet across the kitchen floor as I led her to what would be her home for the next few days.  I guess she didn’t trust me not to lead her into a trip and fall situation.  Not a problem; I was in no hurry.

My plan was to play with Caitlin through the weekend and then drop her back off at the campus on Sunday night.  I had two whole days and nights and I didn’t intend to waste much time sleeping.  Caitlin would get a work out that she would recall for a long time. I was hoping not to traumatize the girl too much.  No hard torture or bodily fluid play or anything disgusting like that.  I was going to put her through some tough bondage, some forced orgasms, a little sexual assault and hope that she could take it.  In the back of my mind as always, I fantasized that she would come around and actually begin to like and accept it, but it wasn’t necessary for that to happen for me to enjoy myself.  It would be a bonus, but it seldom happened.

We made it to the bondage room without incident.  I led Caitlin to a column and tied a rope around her neck and to the column.

“Sit down, Caitlin!  That’s it!  Lean against the column and slide down!  Good!  Now stay there.  I’ll be right back!”  Caitlin sat passively, her legs folded under her and her head bowed.  She was still sniffling.  I knew she wasn’t a flight risk, so I turned my attention to the room’s other occupant.

Before I left to collect Caitlin, I had placed my lover, partner and collaborator into one of her favorite bondage positions.  Kate, whom I had met and fell for during an earlier capture escapade, was tightly bound to a chair in the center of the room.  It was a simple, hard seated, kitchen chair with a straight back.   A myriad of ropes bound Kate’s limbs and her to the chair.  Her mouth was un-gagged and she smiled at me and wiggled her eyes in Caitlin’s direction.  It seemed like Kate had been enjoying her captivity, but the purpose of tying her was not totally for her enjoyment. We came up with the idea that to ensnare Caitlin more fully into our web of sex and bondage Kate would pose as a fellow coed captive of mine.  We felt that the two women together would, with Kate guiding the events, develop some kind of relationship that would enhance our bondage experience.  To complete the picture for our new guest, I gave Kate a quick kiss and then forced a large sponge ball into her mouth, buckling it securely in place.

Time would tell.  Right now, I was concerned with the lack of energy and involvement of Caitlin.  The woman I had seen on the field was a fiery, feisty personality who would not shrink from confrontation no matter what the situation.  It was part of what drew me to her.  As she sat slumped against the post, unmoving and quiet, I wondered if I had chosen the wrong target.  I wanted some spark and some fight.  I lived for the times when I could force someone to submit to my ropes.  Caitlin had gone too easily!  Granted, being kidnapped would probably take the starch out of anyone, but I wondered, as I assessed her body language, whether she could meet my standards.

I whispered this into Kate’s ear.  She assured me with her eyes and her own body language, restricted as it was, that she would get Caitlin into the game.  I believed Kate would be able to do it if it were possible.  I had misgivings, but it was time to bring the curtain up and start the show.

With a wink to Kate, I walked over to Caitlin and knelt in front of her.  She flinched at my touch as I removed the hood.  She closed her eyes and lowered her head against the light even though it was night and the room was dimly lit.  I had arranged Kate so that she sat in a pool of light from a set of flood lamps, but the rest of the room was dark.

I reached out and lifted Caitlin’s chin with a finger.

“Look at me, Caitlin!”  She raised her eyes.  I saw fear and a hint of anger in them.  It was the anger I wanted to nurture.  An angry captive will resist and fight what is happening to her.  That was a large part of what got me excited about doing this: forcing people into situations that didn’t want to be in!  Right now, Caitlin was frozen with fear.  I had to touch the athlete in her and fire up her competitiveness.  This was a girl I had seen trip opposing players who had dared to block her on the playing field and who had been in more than one shoving match during games and even during practice.

As she looked at me with her wide-eyed fear, I slapped her hard across both cheeks.  The crack of the slaps echoed around the room.  She jerked her head back away from me and glared at me.  I was pleased to see a spark of anger, but I needed more.  I grabbed her by the throat and pulled her towards me.  She fought me and managed to pull herself free.  I reached for her again and she tried to head butt me.  Wonderful!  I was beginning to see the real Caitlin again!  I grabbed her by the hair, her ponytail actually, and pulled her forward.  With a hand on either side of her head, I squeezed her head and pulled her close until we were nose to nose.  I could sense the anger radiating from her eyes.

“Don’t try that again, Caitlin!  I don’t want to hurt you!”

“Uck u, u ‘uckin ‘itch!”  Hmmm, this was beginning to go the way I wanted it!  Caitlin was losing her fear and becoming very annoyed.  I hoped that my little speech about not hurting her and eventually letting her go had sunk in and she was looking at this as a short-term challenge to endure and maybe overcome.  I laughed in her face and saw her stiffen.

“You’re pretty feisty for someone who can’t use her arms or talk!”  She cursed again and tried to turn away from me.

It was then that she caught a glimpse of Kate.  She gasped and turned fully around to stare wide-eyed at the bound figure in the chair.  She turned her head back to look at me, a strange expression on her face and then returned her gaze to Kate.  Kate, bless her, was struggling for all she was worth, grunting and moaning and trying to talk to Caitlin and/or me.

Caitlin watched the bound Kate for a full minute and then turned to me, a fierce look in her eyes.  She lurched toward me jerking up short on her tether, spewing invective around her gag.  I sat back on my heels, just out of her reach and smiled at her, which only enraged her more.  She tried to get at me once again, this time not jerking herself to a stop, but still intent on doing some damage.  This was the Caitlin I had seen on the playing fields and the one that I had fantasized about binding and gagging!  I taunted her again, stoking her anger.

“Oh yeah, Caitlin, I forgot to introduce you to your new roommate!  Sorry!  Caitlin, this is…Amanda.  Amanda?  This is Caitlin!  There!  That’s out of the way then.”

I think she called me a sick fuck or something like that.  Her face was flushed and the tendons in her neck were tight.

Kate and I had discussed how we would proceed with Caitlin’s “initiation” into bondage.  Should we bring her along slowly or drop her right into the deep end of the pool.  We went back and forth with no resolution other than to just play it by ear.  Seeing Caitlin all agitated and outraged, I knew that the deep end was where she should start.

I got up and made a show of gathering up some rope from a pile in the corner and then slapping a coil of it against my thigh, I slowly advanced on Caitlin.  She struggled to her feet, no easy task given her neck tether and her bound arms.   I circled around her.  She turned with me, trying to keep me in front of her.  She became tangled in the neck rope as I made a complete circle of the post to which she was attached.  As she fought to get free of the tangle, I moved in quickly and wrapped my arms around her.  She fought against my grip and struggled to prevent me from getting her off her feet.  I managed to get my leg between hers and take her down onto her stomach, careful not to let the neck rope hurt her.  She struggled and swore as I held her down by sitting on her back.  She pummeled me with her feet drumming them against my hands and arms as I tried to fend them off and grab them at the same time.  She twisted and bucked under me!  She was a handful for sure and if her hands hadn’t been tied I would be in trouble.  She was, after all, a superb athlete with strength and agility.  If her hands and arms weren’t tied, she would be almost impossible for me to subdue.

I managed to get a loop around one ankle and caught the other ankle and began quickly wrapping them.  She twisted as I stood up so that she was on her back.  I lifted her legs off the floor holding them under an arm so that I could cinch the ropes, but it was all I could do to hold on and finish tying her.  I managed a look at Kate and saw she was very much into this: she was staring intently and moving against her crotch rope.

I reached up and caught the hook end of a rope hoist that hung from the ceiling.  After slipping the hook between her ankles and seating it against the cinch, I let go of her legs and grabbed the hoist rope and began to pull.  Caitlin rolled around and shouted and screamed as she was drawn along the floor and up.  I kept pulling until she was totally free of the floor.  Her ponytail just brushed the floor as she swung back and forth.  Her kilt flopped down over her stomach, exposing her sweet ass.  I grabbed her flailing arms, bound her wrists with rope and cut off the cable tie and did the same with her elbows.  I let her arms hang free because I wanted to get at her butt.  She grunted as she hung from her ankles.  I held her to stop her from swinging and yanked her tights up exposing her panties and ass.  A hard tug ripped the panties off.

She didn’t like that and screamed and twisted on the end of her hoist rope.  I picked up a leather strap and began to paddle her ass, hard and repeatedly.  She tried to deflect the blows with her hands and arms, but I just kept whacking away and she learned to keep her arms out of the way.   Her ass glowed red!  I stopped hitting her and gently rubbed her cheeks.  She didn’t like that either and screamed at me to not touch her, I guess, I really wasn’t paying attention.  She had such a sweet ass!  I am an ass woman anyway and this one was fabulous.  It was rounded and smooth to the touch, with a tight muscular feel.  Gorgeous!  I could feel the stirring in my gut that signaled arousal.  I was developing a real need for this girl!

I slid my hand between her legs and over her pussy.  Hmmm!  Not wet, but it was early yet.  I worked a finger between her pussy lips.  Caitlin bucked and squirmed at this invasion of her private area.  She was shaved clean and had a little tattoo to the right of her mound.  I’m not a big tattoo fan, but this one was almost tasteful, a rose, small and colorful and not too garish.

I stepped away and pulled on the hoist rope, raising her further off the floor until her head was at the height of my crotch.  I slid my sweatpants down, kicked off my sneakers and stepped out of the pants and panties.  As opposed to Caitlin, I was wet and horny.  I opened my legs and pulled her towards me until her face was nestled in my crotch.  I held her by the back of the head and ground my pussy against her face.  I could hear her spluttering and complaining.  Dropping to my knees, I looked her in her upside down eyes.

“Welcome to your new world, Caitlin, sweetie!”

She glared back at me and mouthed another “fuck you” around her gag. 

“You got it wrong, sweetie!  I’m going to fuck you!” 

She faltered a bit at that and then flared back to anger.  This was good!  I like a spirited, pissed off captive.  It makes the action and the inevitable surrender much more enjoyable for me.   As she tried to pull away from me, no easy task when you are hanging upside down, I gave her cheeks a playful squeeze.

I stood and lowered her to the floor.  Still energized and obviously pissed, Caitlin flopped around trying to loosen a rope.  I watched her frenetic struggles, shooting pictures as she wrestled with her bondage, and looked over at Kate.  She was avidly taking it in and favored me with another eyebrow wiggle indicating her enjoyment of the spectacle. 

Maybe I should begin to involve Kate now.   We hadn’t talked about specifics, Kate and I.  We were just going to wing it and see what happened.  Maybe a little time bound together would move this thing along in an exciting direction.

I checked my watch.  It was just after 7:00 p.m.  Too early to put my toys away for the night, but I did need a break.  So maybe I should out the two together for a while so I could get something to eat and come down a bit from snatching Caitlin.  I always got the shakes after a successful grab and this today was no exception.  A little wine and some quiet time would work wonders.

I advanced on Caitlin and avoided her kicking, slashing legs to grab her by the hair.  A harsh twist of her ponytail and she quieted right down.  Hair pulling was a good way to control women I had found.  Some women are so vain about their hair they are afraid a good pulling will damage it while others just find it very painful.

I dragged her to a sitting position and then started to pull her across the floor, still with her hair wrapped around my hand.  She struggled to keep up and squirmed along the floor as best she could to stay with me and reduce the tension on her hair.  I deposited her in front of Kate.

I had tied Kate with her legs open and her ankles pulled up and tied to the back of the chair.  Her arms were arranged over the back of the chair and tied at the elbow and wrist.  A tight connecting rope fastened them to a stretcher below the seat of the chair, which caused her back to arch slightly.  This in turn pushed her crotch forward and it was to there that I forced Caitlin’s head.  With her chin resting on the seat and despite her struggles, I was able to lift her arms away from her body and bend then up and forward.  It was what was called a strappado, or I guess a version of one.  The effect was to force her forward more tightly into Kate’s crotch. I tied her arms off by running ropes either side of Kate’s head and fastening them to the top rail of the back of the chair.  Kate for her part, while feigning a struggle to get free, moved her hips forward until Caitlin’s face was pressed into Kate’s pussy.  I pulled Caitlin’s bound feet up and off the floor and tied her into kneeling hogtie, fastening the rope which held her ankles behind her to the arms of the chair.

“There you go, you little lezzy bitch!  You like that?”  Kate was moving against the pressure of Caitlin’s face ever so slightly, rubbing her sex on the protruding ball lodged in Caitlin’s mouth.  Caitlin, uncomfortable on her knees, didn’t seem to be aware of Kate’s shifting and was straining to get some relief from the pressure on her knees and for her uplifted arms.  She didn’t even bother to grunt in reply.

“Well, I’m going to clean up and change.  You two girls can get to know each other a little bit!” 

Kate smiled with her eyes and blinked a flirty thanks.  She went back to her furtive struggling that was really just rubbing her pussy against Caitlin’s face!

I checked that the cameras were on and focused on the women and then left to get changed and fed.

I was gone about 30 minutes and used the time for a quick shower and change of clothes.  I was grateful to be out of those frumpy sweats and into something more in keeping with what I had planned for my new houseguest.  I bolted some fruit down with a little water, but I was too nerved up to eat more.  Caitlin was waiting, albeit reluctantly, and I wanted to get to work on her. 

I could observe them on the big screen closed circuit screen in my dressing room.  Kate had her head tilted back and her hips thrust forward.  Caitlin had managed to spread her knees apart by crossing her ankles.  I would have to remember to tie her more tightly!  She wasn’t able to move much more and her face was still buried in Kate’s crotch.  From the look of it, Kate, at least, was enjoying it!

The new outfit was domme plus and included knee high stiletto-heeled boots, a spandex bodysuit with a conveniently opening snapped crotch and elbow length gloves; all in black.  With my hair tied back into a severe ponytail and a little black burglar’s mask around my eyes, I thought I looked dangerous and sexy.  I was looking forward to see what reaction I might get from Caitlin.

I returned to my captives and slipped quietly into the room to observe what was happening.  Kate had her eyes closed and was still moving against the pressure of Caitlin’s face.  Caitlin was still and quiet and I could see she was breathing hard.  Was it exertion or dare I hope, excitement?

I tiptoed up to them and reached a gloved hand between Caitlin’s legs.  She jerked at my touch.  I withdrew my hand and sniffed at the wet fabric.  It seemed Caitlin was a bit aroused.  I was so pleased to find that!  My own level of arousal soared!

I quickly crossed the room and picked a battery-powered vibrator out of one of the equipment drawers.  I knelt behind Caitlin and switched the vibe on.  I touched her pussy with the humming device and held it in place spreading her labia to nestle the head in tightly.  She squirmed and I heard muffled protests, but soon her protests changed to muffled moans.  Kate, now aware of my presence, began to press more aggressively against Caitlin.  Caitlin, bless her, pushed back.  I watched Caitlin bunch her hands into fists and scrunch her toes, as she grew more excited.  Kate was bouncing on her seat, as much as her ropes allowed, and grinding her pelvis against Caitlin.  The only one not getting off on this scene was me, but my time would come, so to speak! 

Kate came first in a noisy spasm of struggling.  Caitlin understanding what was happening and aware she had caused it then came herself.  It was quiet and reluctant, but it was there.  I was pretty sure she hated herself for it and would try and deny it happened, but she had revealed something of herself that I could exploit.

I withdrew the vibrator and untied her arms, slowly lowering them from their upright position.  I undid the rope that held her legs up and helped her to sit back on her heels, turning her to face away from Kate.  Her nose and cheeks were red and wet from Kate pressing against them and she was crying, her eyes wet with tears.  She wouldn’t look at me until I forced her face up by the chin.  I smiled at her and kissed her on the nose savoring Kate’s distinctive taste.  She glared at me and pulled her face to the side.

“It’s OK, Caitlin!  It’s very understandable.  I’ve seen it happen many times before.  Don’t feel bad!”

She snapped her face back to face me and glared.  A curse slipped around her gag; bitch, I think.  I patted her cheek and gently helped her to stand.  She didn’t fight me as I made her hop away from Kate’s chair and across the room toward a low table placed against the wall.  It was difficult for her to hop with her ankles crossed and her socks slipped on the floor, but we made it. 

I had her lean against the wall and unsnapped her kilt, tossing it aside.  I pulled her sweater over her head and down her arms, leaving it bunched just above her wrists.  I slid her tights and socks further down her legs.

She was lovely in her disheveled state, a physically strong, willowy young woman, with just a touch of submissiveness, probably due to her recent and unexpected orgasm while bound and servicing another woman.  I stood back and took her in, she met my gaze and stared back, perhaps defiant or maybe something else?  Inviting me to do my best or worst, maybe? I loved to take my captives on a voyage of discovery.  It didn’t happen often, I admit.  Most of them became passive and that was OK too.  When I found one that realized they liked what I was doing, it was a splendid bonus for me.  Kate was one such find and maybe, just maybe, Caitlin was of the same persuasion.  Time would tell!

I sat her down on the edge of the table and untied her ankles.  She watched me calmly as I removed her tights and socks.  I ran my hands up her strong calves and along her muscled thighs.  She was smoothly shaven and still sweaty from her recent exertions with Kate.  I watched her as she blinked in surprise, apparently at the pleasure she felt from my touch.  She tried to jerk away, but the tell was there!

I wanted to push her along since she did appear to be in a vulnerable place.  I kept her butt on the edge of the table and tied her ankles one by one to the table’s front legs.  She didn’t fight me or try to stand.  I pushed her torso back and lay her flat on the top.  I used several straps to secure her on her back and flat and tight against the tabletop.

I dropped to my knees and, without a word, began to kiss her thighs and then her sex, working my tongue into her.  She was wet and flushed and I felt her respond, slowly at first and then with more passion.  Soon, she was squirming under my touch and moaning loudly.  She worked with me, thrusting her hips.  When I finger fucked her with my gloved hand, she came in a frenzy of struggling, wracking and bouncing the table with her exertions.  I sat back on my heels, my hand massaging between my own legs, watching Caitlin.  She had her eyes closed and she was slowly rotating her hips and trying to squeeze her knees together.  She opened her eyes, raised her head and stared right at me.  A look of wonder and desire suffused her lovely face.  I moved to her side and gently turned her head.  I undid the strap and popped the gag free.

“Oh my God!”  She whispered it.

”I can’t believe this!  I can’t…this can’t be real!”  I sat silently lightly stroking her hair. 

“How did you know?  How…I mean, God!  I have dreamed and fantasized about this for years!  I just can’t believe it is happening!”

I was totally taken with her confusion and desire.  It was unexpected, but so exciting to me!  I leaned over and kissed her.  She kissed back, moaning into my mouth.

“This is…I can’t even think straight!  I…haven’t ever come like that…ever!”  A look of awe and wonder was in her eyes.  I kissed her again.

“Well, Caitlin, I didn’t know, really.  I just wanted you!  I have watched you practice for weeks and decided I had to have you.  And I always get what I want!”

“I know you have been around practice.  And I’ve seen you watching me, but…I had no idea!  And kidnapping me like that?  I wanted to wet my pants and at the same time…I wanted it to happen; to go with you!”

“Well, sweet Caitlin, you’re here now.  I’m going to make all your fantasies…and mine come true.”

She smiled for the first time, a real smile that lit her face.

“I want that…!”  She paused.  “What is your name?  What should I call you?”

“You can call me Mistress, Caitlin, just Mistress!”