Miss Taylor

by PlayVr

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Hi, I thought I would add to the stories, since I have been reading most of them for years… You are welcome to email me at [email protected], I would like feedback good or bad as this is the first one I have written.

When I finished school, I went to work for a large hotel chain as a bellboy to help pay for my studies. It soon became a bit on the dull side - 16 hours a day, pretty much non stop walking and believe me, at only 4’ 11”, it was a killer! Still at least it paid the fees and I could take the odd sneaky break here and there, mainly due to poor management. Which brings me to the story that changed my life!

The hotel I worked at was in London, England. It was around mid afternoon, and I had been on shift since 4.15am, so I was getting ready for a bit of a break. Many of us bellboys had the same system, take the luggage to the room, and before going back, sneak into an unoccupied room and have a half hour or so. All we had to do was make sure the room was vacant using the computer at reception, which the receptionists would do for a percentage of our tips.

Lucy, the receptionist who was on shift that afternoon, had just bleeped me to collect some luggage from the Lobby. Lucy is a sweet and caring person and always gets on really well with the clients. When I got to the Lobby, she was just finishing with the Lady who had checked in. I politely smiled and nodded at the Lady which I often did.

“This is Miss Gina Taylor, would you please take good care of her and escort her to her room please,” asked Lucy in her soft spoken voice, she handed me the room cards and quoted the number 834. This wasn’t the room Miss Taylor was staying in, but the room that Lucy had flagged for cleaning, this was the room I could use to have a naughty break of course.

We walked towards the lifts, Miss Taylor was walking in front of me, she was a tall lady, I would guess at 6’ 3”, in good shape, and very well dressed. Wearing a long black leather skirt, I think it was like a crocodile texture. She had strong leather, heeled boots with buckles, and an expensive Lilac jacket, that I can only describe as one of those posh looking ones that a senator would wear. Her purse hanging from her shoulder was a patent red leather, and looked quite big by her side.

I didn’t know where to look whilst I was following her, so I just kept looking at the wheels of the trolley as I rolled it down the corridor. It was fully loaded with designer luggage, not unusual for this hotel, but there was quite a bit of it.

Miss Taylor didn’t say much, she reminded me of a headmistress the way she walked. she had a sort of aura about her, the sort that made you feel like she was a boss. Finally we got to her room, she stopped outside the door and I used the keycard, I held the door for her, she walked in and I followed with my luggage cart.

I started unloading her luggage, she had four suitcases, two of them were very large, and she had five long garment bags along with a couple of coats. I had to move each case and bag separately due to the weight of them. I took the suitcase off first and left them to the side of the trolley. “You carry on unloading young man, I’m going to a meeting soon and I will be back later on tonight.” I heard Miss Taylor say from across the room. I smiled and nodded again as I didn’t know what to say, and continued to unload the luggage.

As I grabbed one of the long garment bags I heard Miss Taylor chuckle. “Can you reach the clothing rail, little man?”

Normally I didn’t have issues reaching, but these garment bags were very heavy, and very well constructed, so trying to raise them up was a bit of a struggle. I replied with “erm,” and before I could say any more, she had walked over to me and taken the garment bag from me, lifting it into her closet with ease. She was clearly very strong. “Thank you,” I said, which were the first words I had spoken in the last fifteen minutes. She then continued to grab the rest of her garment bags and coats and hung them up.

“Right I must go now,” said Miss Taylor, “I trust you are ok seeing yourself out when you have finished.” I smiled and nodded, and she handed me a tip, which was extremely generous.

After she had left the room, I felt more relaxed, it always feels awkward when someone is in the room whilst you’re working. I was curious about the new guest; I wanted to know more about her, where she was from, what did she do for a living. Her accent sounded like she could be German, but I wasn’t sure. I decided to have a snoop around, see if I could find out more while I had the chance. I knew that I had a bit of time because I had organised a cheeky rest, and not long after that, the shift change would look like I was just returning from the previous unload, and of course Miss Taylor had left for her meeting, I wondered if she was a spy, or high up at a secret agency or something like that I thought to myself, but then I laughed, I watch far too much TV!

The suitcases I had left to the side of the trolley needed to be stowed away, there were two under bed storage units for putting luggage, but with having four I had to make a choice of which ones to put in. Both of the large suitcases had both TSA combination locks, and a normal padlock looking the zippers to each other, as well as having five buckles, three on the front (middle and both sides) and one at either side of the case, I naturally assumed that these cases must be especially important with the time taken to keep them secure, so these are the two I stored in the under-bed lockers.

The lockers were already unlocked and unlatched, this was deliberately done by the cleaners to speed things up for us bell boys, purely because you needed a key card to open them, so the simple and logical way is to leave a pillow in to stop it closing. All we had to do was to take the pillow out, genius really. Each of them also had two solid hasps, ones that the client could use their own padlocks on if they wanted too. These could be purchased from reception, or delivered to the room if desired, which made it perfect for security and peace of mind for the client. I removed the pillows and placed the suitcases in each side; with being large, they only just fit inside. I wish I knew what was inside them, but it would have been wrong to start snooping, not that I could anyway due to the security. My mind wandered again, imagining they contained sex toys and kinky things, I laughed to myself knowing full well it only happens in the adult films.

My job was done, all I had to do was leave Miss Taylor’s room, and make my way to room 834. Just as I got to the door I noticed a passport and some papers next to a kettle on the small entrance table. I couldn’t resist, I had to have a look, I wanted to know more about this wonderful lady. Her passport was not unusual, it was a UK issue, and showed that she had travelled all over the world to many countries, that many that I didn’t know some of them existed. I was intrigued more by this, so I started to read the documents as well. When I said documents, I think I was slightly wrong, it was more like reading a book.

I got so enthralled with reading, it had been about half an hour, but I just couldn’t help it. I learnt a lot about Miss Taylor, and why she travelled so much. An engineer or designer I think, namely as some of the paperwork contained designs of different contraptions, I had no idea what they were or what they did. She travelled on her own private jet, and she had her own crew on standby, which clearly told me she was very wealthy.

As I was near to the last few documents, I heard voices coming down the hallway. It can’t be Miss Taylor back yet, could it? Well I panicked, I could get in trouble for being still in the room after so long. I have no idea why I didn’t just leave the room anyway, and just make up some excuses-like I had issues with the underbed lockers or I felt dizzy so sat down for ten minutes, anything really. So I ran to hide, my instant thought was under the bed, however there was no space because of the lockers, I couldn’t get in a locker as they were full too, not that I would, just in case. Could you imagine the embarrassment of having to be let out, and then having to face the bosses as well?

I ran for the closet, it was the most logical choice. I pulled the door behind me and stood between the long garment bags hanging from the rail. It was quite snug because of how many bags were in here with me and pretty warm with a very strong smell of leather and fragrance. My arm kept sticking to one of the garment bags, and when I moved to avoid that, her leather trench coat kept rubbing. It was annoying me but I had to put up with it.

So there I was, standing in darkness when I heard the door to the room open, I could just about hear two women talking. “Yeah it was a good flight, I like the long flights where we can just chill for a bit,” said one of the girls.

“Oh you are so lazy, Jane,” laughed the other girl.

“I’m not as bad as you Lisa, didn’t you fall asleep when we flew to England, pretending to be sick?” replied Jane.

I wanted to laugh myself, it was like listening to a TV show. The two girls carried on talking for a while; I was getting concerned now, what if they didn’t go before Miss Taylor returned? What if they found me? I would almost certainly be fired. I should get out, but it would be worse because I could be accused of spying.

I made my choice, and decided to stay. It might mean waiting until the early hours, but at least I wouldn’t lose my job. The girls continued chatting and laughing for a little while and then it went a bit quiet. I could hear a TV on so I assumed they were probably watching it. I heard a few giggles which confirmed they were not too close to my hiding place. It was still too risky to make a move though, they would almost certainly hear the closet open.

I was growing increasingly bored, and my feet and legs were absolutely killing me now. I decided to slip my shoes off, and look at my surroundings, the leather trench coat next to me was very long, the bottom of it was actually touching the floor, and where the shoulders of the coat sat on the hanger was higher than me, it must be ankle length on Miss Taylor with her being so tall, probably custom made I thought. It was an unusual design, it was double breasted with the buttons like a normal trench, but where they would normally stop, they just went to the bottom of the coat. How anyone could walk in it puzzled me, there was also a long zipper at the edge to where it buttoned up, so I guess it was to use if not wanting to do the buttons up. It had flap pockets at the sides and three flap chest pockets, two on the left and one on the right.

I was curious about her coat even more now, I wanted to know what the lining was like, so I decided to unbutton the buttons, only a few needed undoing which was good. As I went to open the coat, I found another zipper. This one was as long as the coat, but it was two way, so could be opened from top or bottom. I guess that would be for mobility when walking.

This gave me a brilliant idea; I thought if I stood inside her coat, it would help hide me better, but also I could take the weight off a little because her coat would steady me. I might even be able to get a little sleep, but I wasn’t banking on it.

I unzipped it from the bottom slowly and carefully as I didn’t want to make any noise. It was a big chunky zipper, but it didn’t make much noise with undoing it slowly. After a few minutes It was open enough that I could squat down and lift the coat over my head. It was unbelievably heavy, how on earth could someone walk with this weight attached! The smell of the leather inside her coat was amazing, I was finding it very erotic, her coat was a lot stiffer than I thought it would be, but this was ideal for my plan. I wriggled upwards, straightening my legs, and then suddenly her coat dropped all around me.

Well, this was so erotic, it felt like I was being owned by her coat. I totally forgot where I was for a moment or two while I was enjoying the moment. Her coat had dropped all the way to the floor, so it was quite restricting around my shoulders. I could move my arms from the elbows down, but that was all. I was right about my theory, as I leaned in any direction, her coat supported me and I couldn’t fall. This was perfect, I was hidden and I could close my eyes if I wanted too.

As I was moving about, I accidentally stood on the bottom of her coat, which pulled it further down, I could hardly move at all now. I wasn’t sure what I would do when I needed to get out, but I was sure I could drop to my knees and I would slip straight out.

I had been cocooned for over an hour now, and I couldn’t hear anything around, not sure if the girls had gone or not or if they had fallen asleep, sadly there was no way of finding out, so I made my choice, I decided to make my move and get out.

Well this is where it all went a little wrong, I couldn’t move much at all. I tried dropping to my knees, but all I achieved was lifting my legs from the ground and I just stayed in place being held inside Miss Taylor’s coat. What was going on, why couldn’t I slip out? I tried and tried, rocking as much as I could but nothing, I was totally stuck, trapped inside her leather coat. I was drained, I had to stop and think for a minute.

At that point I could hear voices, laughter from the outside, all of a sudden the zipper came down from the top. Light beamed in as four hands opened the coat wide and two beautiful young women with wide smiles were looking down on me. I had never felt embarrassed like this before.

“Ohh hello cutie, it looks like you got a little stuck,” one of the girls said, laughing.

I gave a nervous laugh, that’s all I could do, I certainly wasn’t able to move.

“Aww he’s like a liccle catapilla in a cacoomb,” the other girl remarked in a high pitched childish tone.

I just stood there, anxious about my current predicament. Both girls were just constantly laughing, they were both tall, probably about 5’ 1” to 6’; one had long ginger hair, I think she was Jane, she reminded me of Scarlet Johansen’s character from the Avengers films. The other girl, which would have been Lisa, had short bobbed hair, which was a darkish brown. I thought to myself, if she had glasses, she would be like Thelma from Scooby Doo.

Jane remarked, “I don’t know how you got in there, but you look like you are enjoying it, I think we should leave you in!”

I started to panic a bit, was she seriously thinking that, or was she just messing about? “Please could you help me out, I made a mistake and I don’t want to get in trouble?” I asked in a very nervous voice.

“Aww of course, we don’t mind do we?” Jane said laughing.

“How can we help you?” added Lisa.

My choice of wording was not the best, all I could think about was reversing the way I got in, so I asked if they could pull the zip up, meaning from the bottom to open it.

But, mocking me, Lisa said, “of course” and zipped the top zip up which left me in darkness!

I shouted, “NO, not up, I meant down, I’m wanting to get out!” Perhaps I shouldn’t have shouted, I think that annoyed Lisa and she walked away.

“Right okay then, so we have to pull the zipper down, not up?” asked Jane.

I took a deep breath and replied, “ yes please,” thinking to myself, at last. But then to my horror, she pulled the lower zip right down to the floor! The leather around my legs went very tight, it was really hugging me so tight I couldn’t move at all, it was even hard to take in a breath.

I could feel Miss Taylor’s coat being rocked a little slowly. What on earth are they doing? I shouted, “please let me out!” I still felt slight movements, but I didn’t get any replies.

I shouted again, next thing the zipper was pulled down from the top a bit. “You are so annoying,” said Lisa, “just be patient will you!” Next thing I knew, she had rolled up a pair of panties, and stuffed them in my mouth, before wrapping something around to keep them in place. “Probably be another couple of minutes doing these buttons up, and then you will be all done”

I started murmuring as loud as I could, but one of them zippered it to the top again! What on earth were they doing? Did they misunderstand what I asked? Were they trying to kill me, or was it deliberate to stop me from getting out?!

I felt it get a bit tighter near the bottom of my arms. This also lifted me slightly, my feet were no longer touching the floor. I was suspended slightly, if I went to my tip-toes I could just about feel the floor. They must have done the belt up, that was the only explanation. What a nightmare situation I was in. I could hardly hear them, but I’m sure they were laughing. I could hardly hear anything from inside Miss Taylor’s coat prison, it must be acting like a sound barrier, and I couldn’t do anything apart from just stay where I was suspended inside her closet. I closed my eyes, and eventually I did fall asleep, I guess that was one positive at least.

To be continued…


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