Miss Communication

by Margaret B

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© Copyright 2009 - Margaret B - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; D/s; bond; rope; gag; hum; public; oral; anal; cons/reluct; X

You may not think me very sexually active or just a little stuck up, but sucking cock literally makes me sick.  I know most females enjoy this type of oral activity, but after trying it with four or five different partners as many as five times on Sean, I just find it degrading.  In addition to being a prude in this area, I really crave receiving oral sex.  When a guy goes down on me, it’s heaven.  That is if he does it right!  Now, you probably think I am high maintenance material and would not touch me with a ten foot pole or a two inch cock. 

Well, I don’t give a fuck what you think.

However, this brings me to the current state of affairs.  I am bound helpless and striped naked with a cock stroking in and out of my mouth.  No, I am not being gang raped this is all totally consensual and other than this prick in my mouth about to puke down my throat I am enjoying my new partner’s sensual and dominating advances.  Bondage has always been a wildly sensual experience for me.  I don’t go around talking about it to girl or guy friends, as you probably understand.  I can get off without being tied down and slapped around.  But, being helplessly out of control at another person’s whim is just the greatest climax maker of all.  Oh, one more thing for the mean bitch list; I never touch women.

Robert, who I meant three days ago (this is our first date), told me over the phone that he liked to dominate.  I pushed him for details finding he didn’t mean chose my dinner or where we would go or what we would do.  He wanted to bind me to a chair, tear off all my clothes, and enjoy himself at my expense.  He asked if I understood what he wanted.  My response was to inquire if wearing old clothes and giving a friend a dead line, would be acceptable as this was our first date.  We agreed to a few runs in my pantyhose, old heels, and a worn out bra.  Sharon would need to hear from me by noon Sunday or call the police.

We seemed to have compatible vibes and he would pick me up for dinner and what we good-naturedly referred to as a night of dominance and submission around seven.  I wore a nice but used top over a dilapidated but clean regular cotton bra size 36B.  The skirt was white, pleaded, short, and sexy.  The nylons were new shiny black and gleaming.  My heels hurt to stand let alone walk in them and I welcomed their destruction.  There was no Sharon to be called, but I presumed he did not know that.  I was confident of living through what I hoped would be a real wild night. We both agreed no cutting, no burning, no shaving, or anything that might lead to the need for medical attention.  I am sure that had I mentioned my loathe of oral sex, I would not be sucking his cock.

I am sure you won’t ejaculate before knowing all the juicy details, so here goes.

Robert arrived up at seven fifteen being late I am sure on purpose while had I been even a minute late there would be hell to pay.  I don’t mind paying hell if I can afford it or make low interest installments.  Masters often keep their slaves waiting to enhance the roles and atmosphere.  It is a cleaver ploy aggravating the nerves of the bitch to throw off her game that many guys would not consider.  Being kept waiting means the master’s time is valuable and your time and you are relatively worthless. 

I had decided that from 6:50 until he knocked, I would stand in front of the door wearing those horrible shoes.  My toes ached and my arches slowly mentioned their displeasure.  The height of the heel brought a pain to my calves with a escalating lack of stability.  I looked at the clock nearly every minute from 7:03 till 7:10 and considered the rebellion of removing my shoes or even sitting down.  At 7:10, I took the clock off the wall and laid it face down on the floor deciding that at least one hour was a polite gesture to a new acquaintance.  I jumped at hearing the knock at the door almost tripping over those painful heels to welcome him.

When we were both seated in the car, he turned toward me and restated our intentions.  I found it sexually stimulating to hear him say that I was his “piece of meat” to slice and dice as he wished.  The only restraint was the requirement of calling Sharon by noon the next day.  I am sure he knew there was no Sharon to call, but I decided that he would not kill me or worse.  If he was a butcher and murderous sexual reprobate, I was just shit out of luck.  After a polite acknowledgement of our intentions, he drove to a very nice restaurant.

Just before the waiter came to take our order, he took my hand and resting it and his own on my stocking cover knee stated the following command in a hushed voice while looking deeply into my eyes. “After the waiter takes our order, you will excuse yourself politely, go to the ladies room, remove your bra, and bring it to me.”

I think it unlikely that many of you gentlemen have made such a request on the first date and fewer still of you ladies (I know ladies read my stuff, they write me about it) have ever made or heard such a command.  In most social situations a command like this would be unacceptably offensive, but I found it sexually stimulating.  I couldn’t wait for the waiter to leave the table and I was there and back in a flash stripped of my unmentionable garment held firmly rolled in my hand.  I kissed him on the cheek while obediently surrendering both my garment and my will discreetly under the table. 

Robert presented it for public view treating it as a prize allowing everyone within twenty feet to see my humiliation.  I could feel my blush over taking my body as though I were camouflaging my soul. While still holding it up as a trophy, he turned toward me with the most cunning look in his eye.  What would I be commanded to do now, stand on the table, call to the other patrons and strip naked in some lewd dance, put on blindfold, and collar to be led out ashamed, humiliated, and mocked?  Actually, only a few of the customers, mostly males, paid any attention at all.  Neither the waiter nor the manager made any comment.  The stimulation of my humiliation and submissive behavior was making me wet.

With the exception of leaving my old over washed bra on the booth bench and his playful enjoyment of my nylon encased thighs and bottom, the dinner completed in the normal manner.  Small talk and simple bits of information exchanged hands.  Robert did ask if I had ever been married, pregnant, or had an abortion. Such inquiries while generally inappropriate were intended to set the mood and roles of master slave.  You have probably read stories of horror involving some overly zealous waiter or busboy running after the protagonist with bra or panties flying in the wind for public view as she left the restaurant.  Such horror did enter my thoughts, but luckily no such thing occurred.  We rode to his home with the general small talk of how did you like the meal, the service, were you uncomfortable handing me your bra?  No, of course, he did not say that as he already knew.

“I am going to tie you up in a chair and leave you while I make preparations for your humiliation and abuse.”

The words humiliation and abuse made me almost orgasm.  Now, I am not into all that description of this knot and that because I have a lot of trouble following it and frankly details of where the rope went and how the knot was tied the number of wraps around the legs, torso, or breasts don’t enhance my sexual enjoyment.  Of course true to his word, there was a chair and I was invited to place my ass on it in those exact words.  He started with my ankles working his way up making me wonder if he was trying to prove I was really into this and trusted him as a partner.  Basically, his binding was too comfortable. Perhaps, he was apprehensive because of our very limited relationship.  Given additional events I could simply request tighter and more confining bonds.  Such a request would not offend him and it would allow for a natural progression which is surly the only natural thing this relationship could possibly have.

After being helplessly if not tightly bound, I made a mistake.  “Could you be so kind as to remove my shoes?  You could tickle my feet or continue with other molestation.”

You know my feet hurt like hell and I would have done anything for their relief.  He snapped a powerful finger at my nose and after placing a comfortable gag in my mouth said, “I’ll be back in a minute.”

You know that means he was abandoning me to my own fearful and lustful fantasy.  He had basically told me that my feelings, needs, and desires were unimportant to him.  I was just some unimportant slut for his amusement and masturbation.  The shoes on my feet continued to ache and if I could undo my outburst, I would.  All I could do now was hope and pray he returned to continue giving me the chance to shut up and stay in my place.  I tongued the plastic ball, wiggled in my bonds, and hoped he returned soon to proceeded with my abuse rather than release me and show me the door.

Sometime later, Robert returned to cut off my top without saying a word.  After enjoying the firmness of my boobs, he cut a short notch in my pleated white miniskirt and grinning torn the garment to a rag.  He enjoyed taking his time caressing my body and almost brought me to climax.  Leaving me a little frustrated, he performed a slow strip tease show ending with his naked body. Kissing, caressing, and molesting went on and on before he picked up the scissors and opened the shimmering thin layer of nylon covering my pussy.  Fingering my outer lips then my inner lips and moving my hood above and away from my clitoris he found a short piece of string.  He gave it a slight tug and looking in my eyes for a response got the one he disliked. Yes, I was having my period.  Most men don’t even think about the natural cycle of a young woman and young women wish it was not there.

He turned and walked away never uttering a word.  What the hell is wrong with this man?  Doesn’t he know how a woman’s sexual reproductive system works?  Nothing is ever prefect!  Nature sets up for a baby and nature does a reset.  Every woman has this from 12 to 50, what the hell!  We may not discuss it openly, but you see commercials and believe me it is not blue water.  It is disgusting, inconvenient, and smelly.  Basically, it is just life!  I presumed he would return, release me, and take me home.  I was wrong!

He did return, of course, removing the gag with a painful jerk thrusting in his own sex organ almost in one continuous motion.  Helpless and horrified he forced a blow job on me without even the consideration of an inquiry.  Feeling similar to a dirty old fuck doll, I was sure his erect penis would soon ejaculate in my mouth and releasing me hand over a pair of his old pants and a shirt while he called a cab.  Tears rolled down my face as humiliation flooded my emotions.  Damn him! Damn cocks! Damn you for enjoying what I was going through!  I imagine you crave to hear every little shitty detail!  Well, here it is!

His erection was throbbing hard and uncaring as it drove deep into my mouth hitting the back of my throat.  For a split second, I thought I would vomit, pass out, maybe both.  His hands attacked my breasts treating them as some type of stress relief toy with no regard for my comfort let alone pleasure.  I jumped over and over as the pain from his squeezing grabbed my attention away from his cock.  Finally, he withdrew about three quarters of the way and lovingly reentered.  After four or five relatively gentle strokes, I began to feel his shaft, helmet, and that tender little rib in between.  The penis is a fascinating organ with the regular state of being soft and then becoming engorged by blood to a greatly enlarged near rock hard state.  You may think this is just for penetration to ensure reproduction or perhaps for pleasing the female or male partner.  The engorging enhances the pleasure of the male and provides a dominate presence stimulating the female.

He scrubbed my wet mouth like a dirty toilet bowel for about two maybe three minutes.  My saliva built up quickly like most women.  Men probably think it is to encourage the cock to enjoy the act, but I feel in my case, it is to wash out the vile intruder.  It is not just the semen filling my mouth and flowing down my throat that offends me; the idea of licking the penis makes me ill as well.  I tried my best to be a good sex slave and give master his well deserved pleasure and accept my proper place, but I just could not do it.  I was sick to my stomach and feeling violated every second.  Then the penis throbbed uncontrollably for at least ten seconds and I knew I would be drowning in cum.  The taste of most semen is relatively neutral with little or no odor, but it is gooey, thick, and for me at least difficult to swallow.  Splitting the vile male fluid out is rude and certainly inappropriate for a submissive sex slave.  I have read stories about rebellious slaves both female and male refusing to swallow their masters cum.  The penalties are severe ranging from brutal whippings to having a hole burnt through the tongue.  Yes, I was back into the role which was the only way I could cope.

“You didn’t like that, did you?”

“I am sorry.  It isn’t you.  I have never been a fan of oral sex.  I mean giving oral.  Receiving is okay, but under the circumstances I don’t expect such pleasure from you.”

“I am sorry.  I’ll release you.  I never intended to force anything on you that you would not find enjoyable.”

“No! It is my fault.  I should have mentioned my dislike for such action earlier.”

Robert removed my bonds which strangely made me feel rejected as though I were being politely sent home.  When my hands were free, I pulled those horrid shoes from my feet with a sigh of relief.  Robert, after finishing my release, dropped to his knees and gently rubbed my sore feet with a revitalizing massage.  I lay back and enjoyed my freedom as he began to work his hands up my ankles, calves, knees, and thighs.  He enjoyed the silky feel of my nylon covered body and I enjoyed his enjoyment. After a few minutes of this bottom to top foreplay he began fingering the hood over my clit.  As I entered a full blown orgasm, his tongue entered my mouth drinking up his own semen seasoned by my saliva.  None of my lovers had ever kissed me after firing off their load preferring to treat my mouth like an unwashed toilet.

“Do you have a pair of double lock hand cuffs?”

“Why yes I do!”

“I would get a thrill out of wearing them behind my back while sleeping beside you in your bed.  I would be unable to repel your sensual advances being at your mercy all night long.  Any time you woke up you could have your way with me and then drift back to sleep leaving me so fucking frustrated.”

“Well, the regular method of having my way appears out of the question.  More forced oral copulation would be adding insult to injury.  I suppose I could stick it up your ass, but you probably don’t like that either.”

“Would my loving master be so kind and understanding to please use a rubber during sodomy?”

Double locking cuffs provide protection from damage to the wrist if you should happen to roll over by accident in the middle of the night.  Robert slipped them on and using the tiny nub at the top of the key pressed the secondary safety lock secure on each cuff.  He helped me walk toward his bedroom, but passing the bath I realized I needed to answer the call and refresh my feminine protection.

“Please, Master Robert, I was so excited about being in you bed I neglected to freshen up.  If you would release me so I can urinate and change my tampon, I would be so grateful.”

His little giggly laugh told me the most embarrassing humiliation was about to take place.  He turned us both into the bath and sat me on the stool, without lowering the seat, damn it was cold!  I protested almost offering to provide more oral sex, but finally told him I had a few tampons in my purse.  I can’t stand to look at the thing when it is pulled out and have never done it before in front of even another woman.  It is just a sick looking mess of blood and mucus, yuck!

He gently pulled it from my body and let in fall into the bowl with out a glance.  He washed my vulva cleaning the opening to my vagina passage with warm water on a face cloth.  Then kneeling in front of me spread my pussy to observe as I urinated.  I could not go!  No one had ever watched me piss!  However, he was patience and I was full.  Eventually, the show started and the flood gates seemed to go on forever.  He wiped my privates with a dry corner of the face cloth, washed his hands, and led me to his bed.

A little caressing, a few kisses, and he was off to sleep while I lay there unable to sleep or get myself off.  Of course, he woke up at least three times during the night to amuse himself at my expense.  He would molest me and pinch my nipples then fall back to slumber land while I endured frustration. I could not just tell him no, this was my idea.  The third time he turned me over on my stomach raised me up a bit on my knees and spread my legs wide open. Without a word, he rolled a condom over his erect penis and fingered my rectum with a drop or two of lubricant.

Master Robert is a caring and gentle ass fucker.  Many of my sodomite experiences have not been pleasant.  I don’t find it really all that enjoyable and just suggested it because I could not offer anything else at the time.  True to form, just as I was about to feel pleasure, he shot his load with a moan, pulled out, and after tying the condom in a knot rolled over and went back to sleep.  I was left feeling abused and even cried for a while. 

You might think upon his opening of the cuffs, I grabbed the nearest garment to cover my naked body and ran from his home.  It is what most proper young women should do.  Most people really don’t understand!  I enjoyed every minute and was looking forward to more.  After cooking him a nice breakfast, I knelt beside him naked as he ate, occasionally giving me table scrapes like a dog. 

“Shouldn’t you be calling, Sara?”

“The name was Sharon.  What is the penalty for lying to my Master?”

You don’t want to know!


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