Miscalculated Entrapment

by Maxxster

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© Copyright 2011 - Maxxster - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; bond; cuffs; nipple; tease; bfold; collar; chast; denial; oral; climax; cons; X

As things in life sometime go, there is often an opportunity to reflect back and see the errors of ones decision making processes. This is none other than one of those fateful realizations with the horrendous but yet equally frustrating and yet fulfilling outcomes. I have so many times been lured into, at my own willingness and given direction from Janice to push my own limits and understanding of things. Here is another example of watching out for what is not always obvious to the naked eye.

The month leading up to the events which have now already taken place set the stage for what occurred and how things have transpired. It was a completely horrific month with illnesses in the family, struggles with balancing out who to visit and when and where, life was completely challenging from the normal balanced and groomed existence we have lived, for so many long years together, but yet we both took it with a grain of salt.

There was no real time for the level of play which was also very normal for us, the cuffs and toys stayed in the respective drawers, not seeing the light of day all that often and the intimacy which we both so needed from each other was usually spent in the car driving from one destination to another.

So when things settled down slightly and life was starting to return to recognized parameters the opportunity came for Janice to take a short 4 day trip to see her sister Shannon who used to live with us a couple of summers ago in the new city where she now lived. This is only a 1 hour and 35 min plane ride so her trip was finalized and confirmed.

Due to the number of personal issues Janice and I had been involved with, the earlier plans for her visit had been put on hold a couple of times and well now the time came for her trip. Janice was quite excited to be getting out of town and although we usually travel together, this time I stayed back to make sure that if there were any issues which arose I could quickly deal with them and should there be a worst case scenario, Janice could fly home if required.

Five days before her departure Janice came to me and asked if I would mind putting on the Chastity Belt. Of course I knew this was a rhetorical statement and dutifully agreed that I would be happy to wear it while she was away. Janice then stated, “No honey”, I mean right now. Not understanding the urgency, and not that I am required to as well, I stated if that is what she would like, I would be happy to.

Even though I had not been wearing the belt recently due to other issues it was never far from the front of our thoughts. It was actually nice to think that I would be able to wear the belt for her and be under a more normal routine again; little did I know at the time how things were going to work out.

Janice said that she wanted to help me put the belt on and shared that she had been looking forward to this for some time. Janice also said that this time wearing the belt was going to be special for the both of us, because we have not had the chance to share our mutual interests for some time and it will almost be like the first time.

I was told to strip which always feels very odd when Janice is standing right in front of me waiting and appearing to be impatient at my slowness. So as quickly as possible I removed my clothing and placed it on the bed and looked at her smiling at me.

There was a poignant silence between us as we just looked into each others eyes and although nothing was spoken we both could read each other very well. I have to admit that this subtle little moment was very nice. Janice then told me to turn around and put my hands on my head, which I did as quickly as she had asked. I then felt her foot between my slightly parted legs pushing the right leg out while I was told to spread my legs and then stay still. My feet were now about 6 inches apart from each other.

Standing there with my back to Janice with my hands on my head just wanting another moment like the one I just finished would have been nice, but that thought was replaced when I felt the first ratcheting of the handcuff being applied to my left wrist. My arm was drawn behind my back and I could feel Janice take hold of my right wrist and guide it behind me and into the awaiting second half of the handcuff. The second handcuff quickly closed around my wrists leaving me very cuffed and unable to cover myself.

There was no surprise to me as to the handcuffs which Janice chooses to use; they were the Hiatt high security hinged cuff. What was more interesting to me was where she got them from so quickly and how fast she could apply them on me. To have me so secured in such a brief amount of time. It became apparent that Janice had the handcuffs tucked into her waist band of her belt behind her the whole time and I never even knew.

Janice told me to stay still and she would be right back, I could hear her behind me going into the drawers and the rattling of chains became apparent. I actually never heard her walking back up behind me but I was startled with the coldness of the ankle cuffs being placed around my ankles and tightened.

These were the short ankle cuffs with only a 6 inch chain between them which meant I would not be walking quickly anywhere. I was becoming a little confused about the process which Janice was using to place the chastity belt on me. Usually she would just observe me placing myself into the tube and applying the waist bands into the front plate and then she would just lock the belt by pushing down on the locking mechanism.

Today was clearly different and for some reason I was feeling a little off kilter now. What was she up to? Janice then stood up behind me and I could sense her almost touching me and then she put her arms through mine from back to front and I felt her breasts press into my back. The part that threw me off was she was not wearing a shirt or a bra, I was feeling her flesh and it was so warm. Janice wrapped her arms around the front of me and just squeezed me for almost a full minute. If my hands could have been raised I would have so wanted to touch her full beautiful breasts but the hinged handcuffs and her body pressed against mine essentially pinned me with no movement.

Janice then moved both her hands down to my manhood and started to rub me so gently. I knew I was going to start getting very aroused and Janice knew that as well and continued until I was as hard as I could ever have been. Janice then moved one of her hands up and tweaked one nipple and then the other, I was starting to feel complete bliss from this welcomed and unexpected attention.

Janice then stopped and removed her arms from behind me and put her hands on my waist and turned me around. When I had turned fully around and was looking straight at her she again wrapped her arms around my neck pressing her very full and wonderful breasts into me. I could feel her hand in the back of my hair and then with the strong grip she had she bent my head forward and our lips met and we started kissing each other. This went on for several minutes and it was very intense, but after the break we both had endured from any type of intimacy until this moment it was a great re-introduction.

This was wonderful, I could not have asked for anything more in that moment other than engaging in full blown sex, but even then it would not compare with the deep and intimate emotions which we were sharing. It was nice to feel her breasts against me and I could clearly tell that Janice was quite excited for her breathing had increased and she was becoming quite assertive in her desires by pulling my head around and tugging on my hair. I was clearly squirming as well and was pulling at the handcuffs to try and get them off and just hold her, but the cuffs held me firmly against my will at this moment in time.

Our deep kissing and passion came to an end when Janice stopped and just held me. After a minute or so Janice told me to hang on she had a couple of other things she wanted to add to my outfit of restraints. So I stood there watching her go over to the wall unit and start going through our wide assortment of toys. Janice paused as if she knew I was watching her and turned and returned with just a blindfold which she placed tightly over my eyes. Janice then said the comment of, “I should be as surprised with what happens next” is always more fun than having a script to follow, and besides after all this time we have been together I can only imagine and wish for what she will do next.

There was a small delay and more rattling of chains, I think she was doing this deliberately just to throw me off, which would not be under something that her humor would not encourage her to do. Janice returned and started by placing the leather medium sized control collar around my neck quite tightly and attached the leader leash to it which I knew immediately when she tugged on it and caused me to lean forward slightly.

The collar leash was let go of and hung down in front of my body where it felt cool against my skin. Janice then walked behind me and placed a chain around my waist and reached around and locked it in front before locking the hinged handcuffs to the back of the chain as well, effectively limiting any movement of my hands at all.

It is a very interesting turn of events which led me from being asked if I would put the chastity belt on, to being cuffed, collared, blindfolded, and naked with me still being as hard as I have very been. Standing here waiting with no indication of any thing which is going to happen next was perplexing yet enjoyable at that moment. What a strange turn of events and yet very, very enjoyable to say the least.

Janice then pulled on the leash and informed me to follow her. As best I could being handcuffed as I was and blindfolded, I followed her out of the room and down the hall. When we got to the stairs Janice put her hands on my shoulders and told me to take one step at a time which I did successfully until I was all the way down. We continued across the main floor and then I was turned to go down the basement stairs which was repeated in the same manner as the upper stairs. We again proceeded until we came to the secret play room where I could hear Janice going through the process of opening the outer door before she pulled on the leash and we entered.

This was one of our favorite rooms which we built specifically for our fun games together and now being here in these circumstances only led my thinking to the possible variations of engagement that Janice had in store for the both of us. I was led over to one of Janice’s favorite benches and was told to kneel down, which I did with her assistance. I was instructed to move forward and bend slightly and felt the collar being threaded through the ring and then locked into place.

This is not my first time in this position and I knew exactly where I was and the position I was being placed into and for what reason. I knew this was going to be challenging and yet exciting as well. I looked forward to what she would have me do for her.

This bench has a full reclining backrest for Janice to sit on and a place for her legs to sit which are the stirrups which are located on either side of the bench. The collar is locked into a ring which pulls your head forward approx 4-6 inches from where Janice will be sitting effectively holding my chained neck into a position where I can service her and not remove myself from or pull my head backwards.

Janice can slide herself down and force my face further into her while she is having an orgasm and I cannot move away from her sex effectively holding me in a very rigid position between her legs. I was thinking that there could be no better position for her than this and it was a very nice way for her to just relax and allow me the opportunity to lick away all her stress and let her smile.

Janice then asked me if I like what she had been thinking and I so ever enthusiastically stated yes. I was very impressed and called her a sneaky, sneaky woman. Janice then said that it had been way too long and this was going to be a well deserved prize. Janice then went on to say that she had a special little twist as well and that I would be finding out a little later what that would be. I was asked if I wanted to service her and I said “Yes”. I was then asked how badly and I said “I would do anything she wanted” and was then asked “really anything” which I replied, “yes, I will do anything for you that you want” and Janice then said that she would remember that for later as well.

Janice began by giving me a very long and enjoying French kiss, one that would be record making except this was always what she liked before going any further with her plans. Kissing for Janice was always what got her turned on and when she was clearly getting aroused she stood up and moved to the side of me and placed one of her breasts into my mouth and allowed me to lick it gently at first and then flick her nipples with my tongue. This was repeated over and over between her two beautiful breasts and I could tell that she was very turned on by my attention to details of knowing how to make her feel so very special.

Janice then stopped my licking of her nipples by just standing up which I couldn’t believe and I was removed from any further attention to her breasts that I wanted. I then felt Janice beside me and felt her warm tongue on my right nipple, she knew full well how sensitive my own nipples are and began a systematic approach of licking and flicking them. Janice moved from one side of me to the other side a couple of times to make sure that each nipple had the same amount of attention. I was clearly moaning from her efforts and was surprised to feel her fingers go into my mouth.

There was that immediate and distinctive taste that only Janice had ever known me to have and it was so clearly wonderful. Janice must have been playing with herself while licking my nipples and now gave me the opportunity to taste her and I understood how very wet she must be at this very moment.

Janice then placed her hand on my very hard and engorged cock and rubbed it up and down ever so slowly which resulted in me pulling my head back and trying to move my body to get more pressure from her hand. Janice laughed and told me that was not going to be on the agenda for the day and this was her time and not mine, so with that she stopped touching me and informed me that there was only one other thing she needed to do before I could earn my reward.

Janice then went behind me and grabbed another pair of handcuffs, I knew this because she started ratcheting them through each other. There is no other sound than a pair of handcuffs swinging through its locking mechanism. I knew this wasn’t a good sound either, and would only make everything even harder for me to enjoy and perform. Janice was now beside me kneeling again and while flicking my right nipple with her finger tip asked me if I knew what she was now going to do to me?

I answered her with a “Yes” and she asked me to tell her what she was thinking of doing. I replied that “She was going to lock one end of the handcuff around the base of my cock to make it act like an over tight cock ring and then attach the other end of it to the ring on the floor so that if I wanted to lean into her more I wouldn’t be able to without pulling on the cuff locked around my cock”. Janice told me how smart I was, but it had a twist to it today and I would find out soon enough.

The handcuffed was ratcheted around the base of my cock quite tightly, but not as tight as she has done in the past and then fed to the eye ring in the floor below me, I was now held firmly in place by the handcuff. Janice then stood up and without notice smacked both my ass cheeks at the same time forcing me to involuntarily react and attempt to thrust myself away from the instant pain I was now feeling, which resulted in me not moving anywhere but to pull the cuff attached to the floor and my cock.

With that Janice stated everything was now ready for her own enjoyment and proceeded to sit down on the specialized bench in front of me. I could clearly feel her right in front of me and it only took a second for me to attempt to move forward which resulted with Janice putting both her feet on my shoulders and pushing me slightly backwards which didn’t allow me the opportunity to get close enough to do anything.

It was clearly an offensive move on her part to create this scenario and yet at the exact moment to have denied me from what I wanted to do for her. It was obvious to me that she was enjoying this controlling of the limits which she could express them to me under her care and control. Janice laughed and asked me if I liked that little move she just performed and I said “Not really, it was very cruel”. Janice then laughed and told me to wait for what else she had planned and that wasn’t even cruel in the slightest, as I would soon learn. With that she raised her feet off my shoulders and placed them behind my head and thrust my head forward until my face was clearly buried in her sex.

Things proceeded along very nicely with me servicing her all the while I could hear her moan and then that joyous sound of her first orgasm and then her second. All this time she talked to me about how much she was enjoying this and how I was so truly gifted at pleasuring her. Janice was talking way more than usual and that was quite nice to hear her so vocal about this opportunity for me to be making her so happy and relaxed.

Janice then started talking about how good she feels when I am locked down so tight and unable to get free, knowing that there is nothing that I can do about it. She went to state how much she knows how to control me. Janice shared that there is nothing more that turns her on than for me to be cuffed for her, other than being cuffed and locked into the chastity belt. This is where things went a little sideways for me.

Janice slid her body down in the chair and pushed my head back as far as it could go while my mouth was now firmly trapped and unable to move outside of her sex. I was informed that there was no way that she was going to let me cum today and that I would be put into the chastity belt as soon as she was finished with me pleasing her.

I was going be doing exactly as I am right now for her everyday until she leaves and when she gets home maybe after an opportunity to help her remember this position she would possible take the belt off me and let me cum, but until then, there was absolutely no chance of me getting any relief for myself before her trip and return home.

With all that talking, Janice got herself so excited that she had one her body shaking mind blowing orgasms which I have so learnt to enjoy giving her. Janice then slid herself slightly forward to the point where I could almost reach her but not quite. I was instructed to not stop and continue licking her, which I attempted to do but the handcuff locked as a cock ring kept me from fully reaching her. I was informed that if I didn’t put more effort into trying she would just stop and leave me there until I was prepared to service her as I much as I had stated that I would be willing to do.

I strained as best I could and attempted to reach her and continued licking the air, but all my tongue could touch was the outside of her lips. I pulled as hard as I could on the handcuffs as if I could move my body forward which I could not and I shook my hands in frustration. It was clear that I was trying as hard as I could in this position, but it was so restrictive that it was impossible for me to do what she was telling me to do. Janice then slid up farther to where I was completely out of reach and she then informed me that she was so disappointed that I was not wanting to make her completely happy.

The shock to my system was obvious, I struggled and writhed around pulling and tugging and squirming and begging her to let me show her how much I wanted to please her and make her happy. This was clearly not very fair and there was nothing that I could do about it. Janice allowed me to continue begging and pleading to no avail and then she stopped me and asked if she could ask a couple of question to decide if she would let me continue. So I listened to what she was asking and answered as directed.

The first question was if I enjoyed being in the position which she placed me and I answered “Yes”, the second question was if it was important to me to make her happy and then said “Yes”. I was then asked if her happiness was important enough for me to do anything she asked like I had already agreed and again I stated “I would do anything she asked”.

It was then that Janice informed me that she had now decided that she did not want me to continue and that she wanted me in the chastity belt locked away. I was asked that if this is what I had already agreed to and would this be acceptable to me because it made her happy, and I “Nodded Yes” I had no other response than to lower my head in shame and frustration knowing that she had so clearly just manipulated a specific outcome that I would be having at least 10 days to think about, being locked so securely away in the chastity belt.

Janice came over to me and kissed me and then said that I did a pretty good job, but not quite enough and maybe next time I should try harder, with that she undid the chain from the front of the collar to the bench and removed my blindfold which allowed me to kneel upright and as straight as I could considering the handcuff still attached as a cock ring around my cock..

My eyes took a minute to adjust and then she clearly came into full view with the most amazing body glistening with a light sheen and her gorgeous face smiling at me. With that Janice slid the table forward and kneeled in front of me and wrapped her arms around me, looking me in the eyes she said that I am truly the only man that she has ever loved and was going to enjoy locking the belt on me.

Janice then said to me as she reached down and grabbed my still fully erect and hard cock that she owned it and would be putting it away until she wanted it. With that my cuffed cock was pointed downwards until it was straight out forward and then she moved herself closer to me trapping my cock between her legs as both our bodies touched. I could feel her entire body next to mine and her breasts pressing into my chest. My cock started to twitch and she told me she could feel me twitching.

Janice held me close to her as I pulled hard on the handcuffs to again realize that there was nothing I could do. Janice then informed me that if I could cum right now that I should, because this was going to be the closest my cock got to her for a while. We kissed each other passionately again and every time she stopped kissing me she asked me if I was ready to come yet? All I could do was shake my head “No” and whimper, “No dear, I can’t, could you please just let me cum, please”. This was always replied with “How much closer do you need me to be before you can cum, I knew I had no answer, and so did she.

Janice then informed me that because I could not please her and that it appeared that I didn’t want to cum for her when given the chance to have my cock touching her sex that she would be moving off of me. Janice then smiled at me and said that I would be staying exactly how I am except for the adding of a gag so she would not have to listen to anymore excuses from me.

Janice continued to tell me that she would be giving me a half hour to come upstairs and ask her to put the belt on me and that was going to happen only after my cock became flaccid enough to fall out of the handcuff which held it as a cock ring right now. If I did not come upstairs within that 30 minute window, she would know that my cock was still hard when I had no excuse given the opportunity to cum that I didn’t take. She would return with a bowl of ice cubes and the belt and it would be going on me right where I am and then I can spend the night in the cell which was always ready to accept me as a visitor.

If I could make it upstairs in the allotted time and indicate that I was willing to have the belt put on me, we can spend the night with me cuffed by her side, if not I knew what my other option was and with that Janice got up, walked over to the wall, grabbed a very large penis gag and proceeded to lock it into my mouth and secured it with a small padlock. Janice then looked down at me handcuffed, hard and struggling and turned to walk away and then stated this was going to be too easy for me and would have to make it a slightly more challenging opportunity.

With that Janice went back to the wall and returned with 2 small vibrating nipple clamps, these vibrate as soft or as hard as you want by turning the base to get the desired speed and since both are independent of each other you have complete control over them. These also have there own batteries and are not plugged in or connected to any wires, so they can be worn wherever you go, and in this set of circumstances that is a good thing since I needed to get out and go up two flights of stairs. I too knew this added a very deep and troubling turn of events for me, my nipples are extremely sensitive and being cuffed the way I am will have no other outcome than to keep me hard and not let me get soft while locked into the handcuff cock ring. Janice smiled at me and said, “there, let’s see how you do now, actually I am not quite sure if you are going to make it upstairs or not, so I guess this will be an outcome that both of us will have to live with tonight” and with that she turned and walked out of the room leaving me as I was.

The situation was not exactly good for me, one way or the other I was going to be placed into the chastity belt and have it locked on me for at least 10 days, and being as hard and turned on as I am right now I knew it was going to be torturous for that long with no relief. This is a bad combination for me before going into the belt.

I knew this position was virtually impossible to get out of. The handcuffs and ankle cuffs were definitely staying on me, there was no way I was getting these off and with the gag locked as it is was, was clearly an issue, if I did not have the collar on I may be able to manipulate it out, but there was no way at all as it was currently applied. The chain around my waist sealed the entire package and left my hands completely useless for anything other than the slightest of struggling motions I could conjure up which was so pointless at this moment in time.

The worst and most maniacal was the vibrating nipple clamps; they were set to medium to high and buzzed uncontrollably. I could not reach them to turn them off, I could not twist my hands to knock them off and even shaking my upper body was useless for all they did was swing slightly and pull under their own weight and continue vibrating causing my cock to twitch unwillingly. I was in a very difficult position now and I wondered if mind over matter could help me, so I thought about everything other than what position I was in and nothing seemed to work, my cock kept twitching and keeping itself as hard as Janice had got me before she left.

Trying to keep myself focused on anything I turned a full 180 degrees to look around the room, that did not even work, the twitching continued and I started trying to pull myself off the handcuff cock ring that held me so securely to the floor and all that did was make me twitch even more. I was in trouble and did not want to spend the night locked in the cell, handcuffed and belted away from Janice. I wanted to lay right next to her in bed and feel her warmth, I needed to get out, any way at all.

It must have been divine intervention because it came to me immediately and I knew exactly what to do, the problem I was facing was that I was focused on struggling against that which held me. I needed to calm down and stay focused on anything other than the restraints I was in and to do this I sat straight down on my knees and didn’t move. The nipple clamps continued to vibrate, but I did not move, not an inch, I stayed still and calm. I could feel my cock twitching but not nearly at the rate it was when I was engaged in struggling, so I thought I was on the right path and should continue and not move.

The nipple clamps just kept on humming away and I kept on staying calm and looking around the room taking in all the defects in paint, slight cracks etc, whatever I could focus on other than my situation and circumstances.

This was working, I was now not as hard as I was a few minutes before and yet it was obvious to me there would be no way to have the cuff slide off me yet, so the only thing to do was to continue doing what I was doing. Interesting enough as well the nipple clamps buzzing away only made my sensitive nipples become desensitized and the effect they initially had on me was no way near that now, perhaps I could win this task and get out.

What a strange thought to have had, to get out of this only to be locked into a high security chastity belt and kept handcuffed for the rest of the day and evening until tomorrow, wow what a prize I was going to win. Now given what defeat would mean I guess for all arguments sake, it was indeed a prize and I wanted to win, I am going to win I thought to myself. I continued to stay calm and focus on anything else there was in the room for at least 15 minutes I think not knowing for sure, but it was brutal at the same time as manageable. The handcuff cock ring would only come off if I was completely flaccid, anything short of that would not allow me to slide out and if I tried I knew full well that everything could start up all over again with my arousal levels going through the roof, I only had 1 chance and I better get it right or else I am truly screwed by my own actions.

I had felt myself becoming more softer and softer over time and I wasn’t sure if I was completely flaccid enough to pull myself off the cuff and I couldn’t even look down to see. I had to raise myself up on my knees and move backwards which I did only to realize that all I did was to pull the cuff connecting me to the floor. I did not go anywhere, I was not quite flaccid enough and I immediately felt my cock starting to twitch again, knowing this meant I was going to start getting hard again and that would seal my fate of being locked exactly where I am, and that is not what I wanted.

It was clear that I had to calm my head down instantly if I even had a chance, it must have been that drive I had to be with Janice for I wanted to be near her so bad. I continued to pull myself against the handcuff cock ring and I felt it move so I figured if I kept pulling hard enough it would finally let me go. I pulled it as far as I could and then I proceeded to sit down pulling the cuff even harder and to my amazement with my still twitching cock I pulled myself free. I couldn’t believe it, it worked, well barely, but it worked who cares, I am free.

I sat there for a moment collecting my thoughts and realized that I had better not take to much time for I had to get upstairs and collect my prize, which for me at this moment was all I wanted. I stood up off my knees composed myself as best I could in the position I was in and started the slow trek upwards.

It took me only about few minutes to get to where I was going and when I arrived in our bedroom I found Janice laying on the bed with a remote in her hand to the channel we have installed in our playroom. Janice had not only been watching me the whole time, but also listening to me as well and she stated that she found my determination to be very notable and I should be rewarded with sex with her, but a deal is a deal. Janice then stated I am going to be locked away if I like it or not and with that I was told to go into the bathroom and she would be right in with the chastity belt.

I arrived in the bathroom to see that a bath had been run and the water was 2/3 filled in the tub. There were candles on the side of the tub and they too were also lit. It appeared to me that Janice wanted to relax in the tub but only after she had figured out if I was going to be up here with her, or locked in the cell for the night. I guess I knew now that I would be sitting watching her have a bath and that was a nice thought for me. Janice entered the bathroom and looked at me standing there and said that it appears that I should have no problem getting the belt on if we hurry, before I start getting turned on again.

Janice then turned the cold water in the sink on and let it run a minute, she then took a face cloth and got it all wet and then placed it on top of my now so not hard and engorged cock. The cloth was really cold and didn’t feel very good, a shock to the system and that was exactly what was needed, for with her precision hands she placed a liberal amount of vaseline onto my member and before it could start getting hard, she placed the head of my cock it into the tube of the chastity belt. Janice then raised it up until I was all the way inside the tube, with her other hand she raised the waist band up from around the back to the front and inserted the two steel strands into the stainless steel front locking plate. When she had the belt properly adjusted by using her fingers to check the tightness around the belt she smiled at me and pushed down on locking tab protruding from the top of the belt, effectively locking the belt on me.

I was now completely locked into the chastity belt and knew out of experience that if she says 10 days minimum, she means 10 days and there was going to be no release or relief for me until then. Janice told me to hang on and she left the room, when she returned she had another pair of handcuffs with her. These handcuffs were regular chain and swivel high security Smith Wesson model 104’s. I was turned around and I could feel her locking these onto my already handcuffed hands.

I then felt her fidgeting and then the hinged handcuffed were removed leaving my wrists with the much desired mobility of movement which I used to stretch my arms around and then roll my shoulders backwards. The chain around my waist was removed along with the still vibrating nipple clamps, collar and then gag. I was essentially free except for the handcuffs and ankle cuffs which in our world meant I was now free.

Janice told me to go ahead and get into the bath and relax for she would be joining me in a minute. Our bath tub is not your average size one, it can accommodate the both of us easily with room to spare without feeling cramped, and I knew it would be nice sitting in there with her. So I got in the tub and enjoyed the feeling of the warm water. Sitting handcuffed in a bath tub with ones beautiful and naked wife is not even worth arguing about and I have come to enjoy spending time with her like this, so everything turned out OK considering the potential difference of positions I would be in if I wasn’t able to free myself of that handcuff cock ring.

We spent about an hour in the tub soaking and relaxing together, I knew that the events of the afternoon were draining for Janice considering everything the last month had brought for us, so to take an opportunity like this together was pretty damn cool.

When it was time to get out Janice got out first and then I did, she dried me off and added a lock in the back of the chastity belt to the handcuffs, keeping my hands attached to limit any movement I may have had. We went to the kitchen where I sat and we talked while she made dinner. I was fed at the dinner table and we shared a glass of wine and continued to just enjoy each others company as we have done for so long.

The evening passed pretty uneventfully, me being cuffed, Janice controlling the TV shows and remote, both of us lying together on the bed, the phone did not even ring once to disturb our time together. When it was time to turn the TV off, Janice came over and pulled the blankets down and I crawled into bed and she covered me up. Janice crawled into bed as well and then she turned the lights off and we had a brief kiss and both of us fell off to sleep. I had spent a good part of the night rolling over and laying on Janice and snuggling up to her warm and beautiful body, feeling it all over mine. I even got the chance to touch her ass and caress her stomach even though the handcuffs kept my movement to a very small amount of movement.

In the morning we awoke almost at the same time and I was clearly lying with my head on her shoulder and my face was being held up by her breasts which was a wonderful way to arise out of such a nice sleep. Janice had a good sleep as well and moved me closer to her and held me and then without notice and without saying anything pushed down on the top of my head forcing me under the covers. I did not need to be told what to do and willingly wiggled to where I was able to start licking her with little to no movement on her part. I could hear her moan so clearly even though I couldn’t see her and continued on until she had that most wonderful expressive sounding orgasm. Janice then told me no more and proceeded to pull me up from under the sheets until I was back lying on her chest with my head on her.

We laid there for about a ½ hour casually talking and even had a couple of good morning laughs together and then she said it was time for coffee which she got up out of bed and went to go make. I got up, went to the bathroom and then headed to the kitchen where the smell of coffee was clearly evident due to the aroma which was everywhere.

Janice came up to me and told me to turn around which I did and she undid the lock from the back of the chastity belt holding the handcuffs. Ahhhh the feeling of relief was incredible. My shoulders could properly roll and move and I could clearly shift my hands from one side of my body to the other, even though they were still handcuffed, it didn’t matter, it felt great. I was turned around and Janice was immediately hugging me and pressing that naked body of hers into mine. I thought how funny she thinks she is so lucky, it may be true, but I am the lucky one today.

We had coffee together, her drinking normally with a cup and me drinking mine out of a straw. Unorthodox, but yet it works. We talked about the agenda items for the day and we agreed that I would now be wearing the cuffs either in front or behind, and that they were not coming off at all, period and this will be the routine until she leaves in 4 days. I agreed and with that the day was pretty normal to say the least. We both had respective things to do around the house and we did them accordingly, the difference was that I was still wearing handcuffs and longer leg irons. I ate cuffed, emailed cuffed, worked on things cuffed all the while not having any ability to remove the handcuffs at all, I was completely under total control of Janice the whole time and I did not even once complain, to have what I have is not to be taken for granted by me and I always know how lucky I am to have this women that found me so long ago and never let me go then and still won't know.