by kitn

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© Copyright 2002 - kitn - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; bondage; slave; reluct; XX

by kitn
Yet another of Kats Creations

The dim interior of the Den was relieved by only a single lamp on the table next to her Masters chair, his back to the door his leather chair creaking softly as he shifted his weight from one side to the other. 

Standing in the doorway holding a serving tray with his dinner, she begins to move with stealth.  Silently approaching the master from behind, laying the tray on the table beside his chair.  Praying that you were not heard as the lesson of silence both in voice and movement was one hard learned.  Placing long slender fingers on the back of his neck rubs gently her forefingers reaching for his temples.  The small bells attached to her nipple clamps jangle unexpectedly causing her to jump back in shock, realizing what she had done immediately resumes her position and task.

"Come around here and kneel at my feet slave,” backing slowly away as she knows the punishment for noise well enough "NOW SLAVE!!!!!" Not daring to ignore that summons she slowly crept around to the front of his chair and into the light.  Grabbing her by the hair before she has completed kneeling he yanks her forward.   "What have I told you about making noise slave?" he inquired in a reasonable tone, desiring only to please her master she opens her mouth to respond immediately finding it filled with a large black leather penis gag that put a strain on her jaw while effectively gagging her.  With athletic agility her master tightened the gag strap then secured it with a small padlock. 

Groaning softly around the gag he throws you to the floor ordering you to get up and feed him his supper.  Pulling herself to all fours he decides he'd rather have a foot rest.  Kneeling on all fours quickly becomes uncomfortable made more so by his heels and toes grinding into her back.   When he finishes his food he commands that she stay, she dare not disobey and so continues to kneel on all fours.

He returns with a metal collar and a larger padlock along with a length of chain that was heavy and strong.  Stooping before her on the floor fastens the collar deftly around her neck making it tighter than is comfortable then attaching the chain.  Grabbing the end of the chain in his hands commands her to crawl behind him.  Gagged and collared follows her master. He tugs on the leash every few steps to drag her forward.

Reaching the kitchen he tells her in a very reasonable calm voice that he has forgotten something that she should wait.   Rising so you can sit on a chair he backhands you to the floor. "DID I TELL YOU, YOU COULD GET UP THERE BITCH?"

Laying on the floor placing her hand to her head and look up with pain filled eyes.  Seeing her look at him he kicks her in the ribs to reminds her forcefully that he is master here.  Curling up into a ball on the floor she waits for her master to return to the kitchen.

Returning with a bag on the side of which she can read enough to know it is from a hardware store he grabs the end of his makeshift leash and begins to drag her to the basement door, reaching the steps he pauses a moment before opening the door to look down at her. "Get up" he commands quietly and she does as commanded knowing he is angered already.  He tugs on her leash and pulls her to the top of the dark stairwell. "Go on" he pushes "Get down there".  Looking up and then back down into the gaping black chasm before she begins to whimper gaining her another backhand and then a vicious shove.

Tumbling down the steps the chain leash slapping the stairs and her body, the bells on her nipple clamps tinkling merrily she lands in a heap on the floor stunned.  As she lay there she hears him descend and knows that she should crawl aside but isn't fast enough and feel his steel toed boot connecting with ribs wrenching a long drawn out groan from her sore body. Grabbing her by an arm hauls her to her feet where she stumbles a moment but manage to stay he walks forward into his "Pride and Joy" the dark dank cellar where she learned all her lessons.  She looks longingly up towards the light but knows better than to try and reach it.

Catching your glance, he stalks to your side grabbing your hair and whispering fiercely "You desire to flee?" Remaining mute in reply he shakes her painfully by the head then as if realizing for the first time that she is gagged he laughs and taking hold of her leash pulls her to the center of the room where an eye hook is bolted to the ceiling above.  Reaching up he hooks the leash to the eyebolt causing her to rise up on tiptoes to avoid being choked. 

He walks to his Chair nearby and sits watching her struggle to keep balanced on her toes, contemplating all the while how to make sure the lesson on silence is learned this time.

Her struggle constantly to remain on tip toes and balanced even going so far as to reach up and hold the leash.  Seeing his short sightedness on this he rises and goes to a back wall on which are hung a variety of harnesses, bindings, gags, whips crops and clamps of all sorts.

Watching him rise realizing that something was wrong and instantly wonders what it was. Watching fearfully as he approaches the far wall, selecting a harness that is particularly hateful to her. Consisting of a variety of leather straps that all radiate from two rings that are centered on and encompass her breasts, painfully the straps move over shoulders and join into one strap that travels down the center of her back and is pulled up through her legs. A vibrator is placed in her pussy, one long enough and large enough to fill her to the point of discomfort. The wide leather strap holds it in place as it is secured in the front to a leather strap that originated between her breasts, coming down over her stomach and wrapping around her waist, terminating in a large metal buckle at her back.  There are other straps that he makes use of as he grabs hold of one of the hands that are on the leash and squeezing it painfully till her grip loosens.  He lowers it to her side where a strap from the ring squeezing her breast is placed around your upper arm and tightened painfully. 

Watching as he slaps your tit making it throb more then moving down your arm to the wrist, which he proceeds to secure with an additional leather restraint that encircles her wrist and buckled in place, while the other end is placed around her upper thigh and is also buckled tightly.  This procedure is repeated on the right side.  Her breasts now bound tightly, nipples engorged standing out for the master’s touch.  Standing on tip toe watching as the master resumes his seat wondering how long she'd be able to stand the buzzing of the vibrator in her pussy and still manage to stay on tip toes, to avoid the painful choking that would happen if she let herself stand flat on the ground.  A vicious cycle begins... the vibrator buzzing away making her climax, her body arching and then falling flat foot to the ground jerking up on her toes as the climax passes, her breasts heaving as the vibrator continues to do it's job never tiring.

Master while amused grows bored and walks closer.  Eyes wild drool leaking out of his mouth at the corners as she arches in the throws of another climax as her body reaches its shuddering peak he begins to speak. "Slave you have displeased me. I must remind you of this lesson to Silence. How many times must we go through this before you will learn?" her grey eyes following his movements.  He reaches down and squeezes a nipple releasing it from the clamp. Grinning as the bell tinkled.  Reaching for the other breast removed that as well.  "It is ingenious" he began "Don't you agree? Of course you do.  To think that only two little bells could alert me anywhere in the house of your failure to remain silent ... What do you think I should do to you slave since you seem to have so much trouble with your order of silence? What no answer for your master ?" 

His warm laughter fills the dank air as he watches her struggles and her climaxes. "Enjoy yourself my pretty for I am going out now... when I return you had better be prepared for your lesson." Placing the hardware store bag on the table he leaves her to contemplate it as she orgasms time and again against her will...  pussy juices flowing down her legs. Sweat glistening on her body as she trembles uncontrollably.  Looking at her one more time he turns to go all the while laughing softly as he ascends the steps, throwing the light switch and plunging into her into her own hellish darkness with nothing to focus on except the vibrator in her pussy and staying on her toes.  The last clear sound she hears is the door clicking shut and locking from the outside as she climaxes in misery time and again her mechanical lover unfailing in it's duties.

Her mind wandering again and again to the bag on the table wondering what more he had planned for her as this was the punishment generally given for her lack of silence... she closes her eyes against the dark and climaxes once more as the cycle continues.