The MILF Who Stole Me

by ZTVFemdomtales

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Storycodes: Solo-M; outdoors; F/m; kidnap; apartment; bond; tape; captive; sleepingbag; rope; gag; denial; tease; enslave; femdom; sex; climax; reluct; X

Be careful who you meet in the park. You never know which one will turn out to be your kidnapper.

Take me for example. I never expected to be kidnapped. Someone would have to notice me to kidnap me. You see until that day in the park I was the quiet kid in the back of the class not talking to anyone. Instead of hanging out with my friends I was obsessively playing the latest augmented reality app. I couldn’t get enough of the things.

The one that held my attention that day was Mamono Hunter. You went around bagging, taming and pleasuring monster girls. Yes, this was as close to a real girl as I got. Shut up. Following the trail of a Yeti that afternoon I left my house and wandered down the street. I ended up crossing streets, cutting down alleys and finally reaching a small park in a part of town I had never been to before.

“There you are.”

The Yeti popped out of the grass on my phone and began blowing kisses at me.

“Prepare to be bagged you fluffy little flirt,” I whispered.

I didn’t really need to. There was no one else in the park as far as I could see. I still felt very stupid doing this so drawing attention to myself was strictly out of the question. I lost in the frustrating swiping sending little balls of sleep magic at her. I was so lost I didn’t hear the echo of the foot steps until it was too late.

Powerful arms wrapped around my stomach pulling me upwards. The motion was so sudden I dropped my phone onto the grass. I had no time to register this however. In the matter of only a few seconds I was off the ground, laying face down over the stranger’s shoulder and being carried away. My mind surged as it tried and failed to take in everything that was happening. My phone was gone. I was being kidnapped. My kidnapper was strong enough to just grab me and run off without stopping. My kidnapper was on foot, probably living nearby. My kidnapper had a great ass.

It was a very strange thing to realize. The speed of my abduction meant I had no time to consider my kidnapper’s gender. In a matter of seconds my world went from phone to sky to woman’s ass. God, what an ass it was too. I had never seen one so large before. The only was to describe it and do it justice would have to be … juicy. From my current angle it resembled a heart swathed in a pair of way too tight stretch pants that accentuated every curve and fleshy bounce. The sight of it stole away every other thought. All I could do was watch it bounce.

The next thing I knew we were going up stairs. Wait, stairs? Where were we? I tried to look around but all I saw were walls. She must have taken me to an apartment building. Then a door closed behind me and was locked into place. It was then the reality of my situation hit me. I had no idea where the hell I was. I had no way of calling for help. I had no idea what this woman wanted.

“Let me go!” I shouted.

“I was wondering if you were still awake over there, Mitten Boy.”

“Mitten Boy?”

“Yes, you’re my new little mitten boy to play with.”

What the hell was this crazy bitch talking about?

“Let me go!”

“That’s not happening, sweetie.”

Despite my terror I couldn’t help but notice how sultry and sexy her voice was.

“HELP!” I screamed at the top of my lungs.


The spanking was so sudden and so forceful it left me stunned.

“Now there’ll be no more of that.”

Then we were moving again. In a matter of moments we were in the back of the apartment, in another room with another locked door. I then felt myself fall backwards onto a rather large bed. It was then that I got a good look at my kidnapper. She was older than I was expecting, somewhere in her forties if I had to guess. That didn’t stop her from being the most drop-dead gorgeous woman I had ever seen. Beautiful brown skin matched long wavy black hair that framed a stunning face with high cheek bones and piercing brown eyes.

Above the jogging pants he’d been admiring earlier she wore a tight sports bra that struggled to contain her jiggling D-Cup breasts. She breathed heavily staring at him with the intensity of a jaguar about to strike.

“Who are you?” I finally found myself able to ask.

“Vida,” she simply.

She had a beautiful lyrical accent. I would find out later it was Cuban.

“Why … why did you bring me here?”

“I wanted to.”

She said this as if it were the most obvious thing in the world.

“What do you want from me?”

“You’re my new cute little Mitten Boy to play with.”

“Why do you keep calling me that?”

Instead of answering she walked along the side of the bed to a small end table. I turned, keeping my eyes on her at all times. She reached into a drawer pulling out a roll of duct tape.

“What’s that for?” I asked, worried.

Again she didn’t answer me. She just grabbed my hand and began wrapping the tape around it. I yanked and pulled but she held strong. I just ended up floundering like a fish. For her part Vida ignore my movements intently focused on her work. In a matter of moments my right hand was now a ball of tape. She then did the same to the left.

“Why are you doing this?” I demanded again.

Still she didn’t answer. She went back into the drawer and pulled out … mittens. They were small black leather mittens that lacked any kind of fingers nor did they look very flexible. I watched as she slipped them over my bound hands and locked them into place. My hands were now totally useless to me.

“There, beautiful.”

She beamed at her handywork.

“Please,” I pleaded, “what’s going on?”

“A bit slow, aren’t we?”


“It’s not that complicated Mitten Boy. I saw you. I wanted you. I took you.”

“What are you going to do with me?”

“I don’t know. I haven’t thought it through that far. Don’t worry about it, you’ll love it.”

“Please, Vida, just let me go home.”



“Call me Mistress.”

“I’m not calling you that.”

“You will.”

She climbed onto the bed, ass facing me again. My breathing quickened, and my mouth became very dry as I started at the massive thing. I felt her pull off my shoes and socks which she just tossed aside. I was so lost in her ass I didn’t even really notice. Until, that is, she began sucking on my toes. Having very sensitive feet I found myself thrashing underneath of her.

“Calm down, you’ll get your chance soon.”

“Please … stop …” I gasped.

She did stop, only to back up, covering my face with her ass. I sighed and took in the warmth and comforting pressure of her cheeks. I felt her hands assault the button on my jeans. I couldn’t fight her anyway and this turn of events was very promising to my virginal little mind. So, when she began forcing them off I was more than happy to help. The same went for my underwear.

I was disappointed when her ass left my face. Though I knew what she wanted and sat up so she could remove my shirt as well.

“Such a good little Mitten Boy,” she teased.

Smiling wickedly, she gripped the edges of her own running pants. My eyes widened as my blood deprived mind (you can guess where it all went) realized where this was going. I guess she had kicked her shoes off before climbing onto the bed because next thing I knew two brown bare feet were pressed onto my chest as she shimmed and shook, slowly, almost cruelly slid the pants down toward me. As she did wide womanly hips, long smooth legs and the distinct smell of, as I came to learn, feminine arousal were waiting to greet me.

My eyes locked onto her womanhood which was still hidden away behind a thin pair of black panties. Her hands moved to the bottom of her shirt. As she lifted it off as well I think I had collapsed into a gasping mess. Tight abs and big bouncy breasts in a tiny black bra were all I could see. They were all I wanted to see. Another wicked little smile. Her hands went behind her back. My heart nearly beat its way out of my chest. Her bra straps loosened. I could hardly breath. The bra fell away exposing her massive melons and hard nipples, missiles ready to fire. I think I blacked out for a second.

I must have because the next thing I knew her panties were gone. She sat before totally nude and totally gorgeous. I was laying naked in bed with a beautiful, naked older woman. Part of me wanted to laugh at how utterly ridiculous this felt. Nothing like this happened to me. No, this had to be a dream. If it was I didn’t want to wake up any time soon. She lifted her foot, pressing the toes against my lips.

“Give us a kiss,” she commanded.

Timidly I gave them a quick peck. They were still sweaty from her jog so that peck was more than enough for me.

“Mean it.”

Wincing I kissed again, this time taking my time. I moved from toe to toe, lingering on them, licking them, sucking on them. This made them no less unpleasant to taste. She on the other hand was clearly loving it. She moaned in abject pleasure at my actions forcing as many toes into my mouth as she could. Her other foot made its way to my throbbing manhood.

I gasped as I felt her toes touch it. She slowly, and I do mean slowly ran them down its length. The tingle it sent through me was almost electric. My whole body pulsed with a pleasure I had never known possible. If I was hard before it was nothing compared to this, no this was so hard it hurt. She leaned back, closed her eyes and became lost in our movements. After a moment I saw her hand slip between her legs and begin to play with herself.

“Yes! Yes!” she shouted.

I became lost in the sensations she was producing. My dick felt ready to burst at any moment. Her shouting became louder and more animalistic. The doorbell rang. Vida just stopped, leaving me on the edge and very frustrated.

“Fuck!” she shouted, “I forgot all about them. She ran to her closet and grabbed a large bundle of white cotton rope, the kind used to dry laundry on. She shoved me onto my stomach pulling my hands behind my back.

“What are you doing?”


She wrapped the rope around my arms, locking them squarely in place before doing the same to my legs. Reaching back into her bedside table she produced a rather large red ball gag.

“Oh God, please no.”

“I said quiet.”

She forced the ball into my mouth strapping it in tight. I whimpered at yet another stripping of my freedoms. From inside the closet she produced a sleeping bag. Quickly she slipped it over me, making sure I was completely hidden. I felt the bag tighten around me. It took me a second to realize she was tying it tight, further preventing my escape. I became aware I was being lifted off the bed and carried somewhere. I was gently lowered down as something soft, several somethings, were placed over top of me. I then heard her closet door close again, very close by this time. She had hidden me in her closet!

With nothing else I could do, I sat there and listened.

“You forgot again, didn’t you?” a woman asked.

“Yeah, you caught me, it totally slipped my mind,” Vida laughed nervously.

“Probably day dreaming about some boy again,” a second woman laughed.

“When are you going to settle for a man your own age?” the first woman asked.

“What can I say, I like my men young.”

“The problem is no younger man wants an old hag like us,” a third woman teased.

“Oh, I don’t know,” Vida told her, “I think I still turn boys on.”

“Maybe but no boy is gonna wanna settle for an older woman who won’t have her looks much longer,” the third one went on.

“That’s why I just steal them. Why give them a choice?”

There was a pause. Then the others laughed at Vida’s little ‘joke’.

“Where’s the top?” the second woman asked.

“What top?”

“The one you said I could borrow.”

“Oh, it’s in my room. I’ll go get it.”

“No, no, you go shower so we can go, I’ll grab it and some clean clothes for you too.”

“But …”


There was the sound of light struggling and a door closing. A moment later the bedroom door opened. I moaned as loud as I could but the ball, the bag and whatever else she’d done kept it from coming out as anything too audible.

She began walking closer.

I screamed and shook.

She walked closer.

I tried to push myself up.

I heard the closet door rattle.

I took a deep breath, ready to scream when she opened it.

Nothing happened. Time stood still. Where was she?

“Here it is.”

She was further away now, probably by the bed. I heard her rummaging around, then she was on the move again. The door closed once more, and I was alone.

“Put these on,” I heard her say in the other room.

Whatever was said next was lost in a cacophony of laughter. The sound slowly faded away as I heard the front door shut and lock. I thumped my head against the closet wall. What the fuck was going on? Had I really been kidnapped? Was some crazy woman keeping tied up in her closet? Had I really been getting a footjob from a Latina MILF? None of this seemed real. It was all too much, I just wanted to go home. That was clearly not happening any time soon.

I have no idea how long she was gone. It felt like hours to me in my little bag world. All I know is I had dozed off and was now being dragged out into the light.

“Miss me, Baby?” Vida teased.

She picked me up and carried me into her kitchen. I could see starlight through the windows. God, my family must be worried. She set me at her table and removed my gag. I stretched my jaw, getting out the kinks.

“Please let me go,” I pleaded.

She planted a powerful, world changing kiss right on my mouth. My world was awash in a sea of pleasure.

“That’s not gonna happen. You’re my little Mitten Boy.”

“I can’t stay here.”

“Sure you can.”

“I have school.”

“All you need to learn is sexual education. Don’t worry I’m a very … hands on teacher.”

I blushed.

“What about my family? My friends?”

“They don’t matter. The only person in your life who matters now is me.”

“Why are you doing this?”

“Why not?”

She cut off further debate my fixing me dinner. After I ate she let me use the bathroom then carried me off to bed. She flipped off the lights, slipped us under the covers and pulled me in close. If you’ve never had your face pressed in between a woman’s breasts I would suggest you do. I’ve never found anything more comforting and simultaneously arousing. I could get used to this. Eventually I drifted back to sleep, my face wonderfully warm.

I was awoken the next morning by Vida picking me up and carrying me out of her room. Another trip to the bathroom was followed by a nice little breakfast.

“God you’re just so cute,” she told me as she fed me.

I blushed at her compliment.

“Come here.”

Before I could finish my meal, I was airborne again. She flipped me onto my back, cradling me like a baby. She then went about her morning just carrying me along as if I were nothing. From my current viewing angle I could see nothing but big brown tits so I was very happy. She looked down at me after a while.

“Getting turned on I see.”

I blushed and looked down. I gasped as I felt her hand grasp my cock. Then she did something I never imagined. She began to stroke. She started out slow and rhythmic. I moaned as she worked her magic on me. Then she sped up. I could feel it building. I could feel an eruption just moments away. She stopped.

“Aw,” I moaned.

She just smiled mischievously at me.

A week soon passed. A week where she would amuse herself by carrying me around like a small child. A week of her tying me to various pieces of furniture and teasing me with her incredible body. A week of her rubbing up against me, bringing me to the edge of climax before backing off at the last possible moment. All in all, a week of madness.

I think a part of me knew what she was doing. I think a part of me knew she was weakening me with lust, making me more compliant. That part of me was overshadowed by my blue balls. God, I wanted to cum so bad. I knew it would be all over if I did. I knew once she started milking me I’d be too weak to resist, to think for myself. I would really be her little Mitten Boy. Then she laid me on the bed, bound spread eagle.

“I think you’ve simmered long enough,” she told me.

“Please …” was all I could say.

A warm sensation overtook me as she slipped me inside her. She began as she always did: slow and rhythmic. Then she would speed up and slow down building me into a clogged pipe of sexual frustration. Then, for the first time, she removed the clog. I exploded in a climax like none I’d ever felt before. I collapsed onto the bed. She untied me and pulled me close.

“Am I a good Mitten Boy, Mistress Vida?” I asked, resting my head on my owner’s tits.

“The best.”


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