The Mighty Isadora

by Celeste

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© Copyright 2003 - Celeste - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/ff; bondage; kidnap; latex; n/c; XXX

The Mighty Isadora
by Celeste
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The Mighty Isadora by Celeste

Search as long and hard as you like, try every toy store for miles but you will not find amongst the mass ranks of pint sized space suits and tiny cowboy hats a junior clerks outfit. There is no "my first filing cabinet". Nobody aspires to be a filing clerk, no one views the position of cog within a giant cooperate wheel as the crock of gold at the end of life's rainbow. But then Karl didn't go a bundle on rainbows.

Karl's job made Monday just like Tuesday, Wednesday so similar too Friday that Thursday was just a blur. His personnel file contained little more than his name, never early, never late, never sick, never noticed. Life ticked by and content was Karl with his lot.... that was of course until she arrived. No longer could Karl switch off his brain for the daily grind, no longer could he cruise through the hours on mental autopilot. Now every second was spent wide eyed and alert waiting for her, watching for her, those precious moments spent in her company left him unable to breathe, mesmerised, tongue tied, completely spellbound by her.

Each morning he lay in bed tormented, dreading another day unable to do anything but think of her, but worse still was the thought of not seeing her. Fridays always went so fast, the seconds flew by until the dreaded weekend brought two whole days without her. He spent every minute out of work telling the world about her. Chat rooms emptied at the sight of his name, all had heard enough about the sweet musk of her perfume, everyone knew the sensual roll of her hips as she walked, how her blouse pulled tight across her breasts. No one could take anymore about the way she tossed her hair as she talked or........... Enough! "For gods sake Karl! Just talk to her!!!" The chorus of voices made up his mind.

She stood by the photocopier, 5'2" of pure perfection he took a deep breath, tried to take his gaze off her round full hips and forced the words out. "Isadora.... are you busy tonight?".

It was what your parents would have called "courting" not "dating" not a "relationship", old fashioned "courting". A trip to the cinema, a walk in the park, drinks the local bar. Holding hands, a kiss goodnight, smiling like teenagers in love.... All outside of work of course anything else would be improper. The night had been fine and dry, but several hours later as they left the cinema the rain poured, holding his coat above their heads the pair ran for cover in a shop door way. 

"Look, say no if you don't want too" Karl swallowed hard and almost didn't finish the sentence. "We'll never get a cab and my place is…" 

"I'd love too" a huge smile spread across Karl's face and the pair made a dash through the rain. 

The prim little terrace house sat anonymously in it's row, it's interior as prim and ordinary as it's exterior, Karl handed Isadora a towel and as she sat drying her hair on the couch he went to make coffee. 

"Can I use your loo?" Karl shouted through, "Top of the stairs first left". 

He heard her climb the stairs and the opening of a door. Just as the penny dropped the sound of a stifled scream met his ears "RIGHT FIRST RIGHT", he ran to the bottom of the stairs. At the top stood the frozen form of Isadora a hand clamped across her mouth wide eyes fixed in a glare of pure terror. Slowly he began to climb the stairs, "It really isn't what you think!" 

With every step he advanced Isadora backed away, letting out squeals and squeaks of panic, tears filling her eyes, "Really Isadora you shouldn't be afraid". 

Karl tried to give a reassuring smile as the two stood face to face on the landing. "Please just let me explain". 

In desperation she grabbed at a door handle, she opened the door and as fast as she could tried to pull it closed behind her, but Karl had lost his temper, with a single swipe he pushed the door wide throwing Isadora to the floor. In the tiny bathroom space she forced herself between the sink and the wall sobbing, "No please Karl... I won't tell anyone, please honestly Karl I want to go home". She snivelled and sobbed, hair clinging to her tear streaked face. 

Karl had gone beyond angry, how dare she, what did she mean not tell? Like he had something to be ashamed of? Something disgraceful? He grabbed her wrist and pulled her from beneath the sink, dragging the kicking and screaming Isadora into the first door on the left. He flung her into the room and as she made a mad scramble to a corner he locked the door behind them. Her eyes spun wildly round the room, trying to pick out detail in the masses of black and chrome which hung from hooks on every wall but deliberately didn't look towards the thing that had filled her with horror. "What’s the matter? Don't you want to meet your predecessor!"

Karl pulled Isadora to standing, an arm wrapped around her waist, a hand clamped across her mouth, he forced her look at the form which lay quivering before her on the shiny black floor, not an inch of flesh could be seen. The black rubber second skin which covered face, body and limbs seemed to ripple as the body beneath strained against straps and cuffs pulling it back upon itself into the tightest of hog ties. The sound of ragged desperate breaths drew Isadoras eyes to the head, a large red ball gag forced deep into the mouth, only two tiny holes under the nostrils spoilt the sheer lines of the thick rubber hood. The head was forced back at a cruel angle by a strap and high tight collar. Hands wrapped tight in mittens, feet enpointe in ballet boots, faint piteous whines escaped the form before her only recognisable as female by the heavy shinning rings which hung from distended nipples. 

"You see I thought when she didn't show for work they'd replace her with Simon from accounts... but no you had to turn up, you had to come and spoil everything, now poor old Carol here has to go"

Karl's voice was calm and steady as he wrapped the tape around the sobbing Isadoras wrists. 

"Life is all about balance Isadora, two of you here would be greedy and you’re just too much of a distraction at work with Carol here waiting at home. A man can only take so much!" 

Karl smiled to himself as the ball gag slid into Isadoras mouth exhausted and terrified she put up little resistance, "Anyway," continued Karl tightening the gag, "Now that she's been with me a year, I think the romance has worn off a bit". 

Karl burst into hysterical laughter listening to Isadoras muffled screams, he stood astride the immobilised Carols head and shoulders reaching down he tightly grasped a nipple and twisted, Isadora felt herself wince at the sight and a distant desperate scream came from somewhere deep within Carol.

Isadora watched as Karl pinched Carol’s nostrils shut, her body convulsed within its bonds, he looked towards Isadora. "Don't worry I'll make sure you have a nice new hood of your own, only the best for my mighty Isadora".