Midnight Pleasures

by Myschief

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© Copyright 2001 - Myschief - Used by permission

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It was chilly outside, the wind had picked up a bit and the rain was falling. The dry desert  ground soaked it up greedily.
My computer is more than just an expensive toy, it is my friend, my ever-changing entertainer. It had been some time since I hit the chat rooms so I decided to see what the mentality was tonight. I headed for the member rooms, looking for an interesting topic.  Scrolling down something caught my eye, ‘submissivewomen.’   I had entered rooms similar and had a fair amount of fun but I wouldn’t say it was an enlightening experience. 
I entered,  said “hi” to the room.  I got a good response, nice. I sipped my Jack and Diet Pepsi, it warmed my tummy, my mind. The IM’s started after I made my intentions known.  I do enjoy a little ‘foreplay’ with the general public before I settle down to find an interesting playmate.

Questions asked; propositions made.  I chose the most intelligent of the bunch.  I do not go looking for crudity in my affairs, but rather intense mental pleasure that I get from a clever and creative cyber-lover.  He was tentative, looking for someone in particular.  He mentioned that he will be visiting my home town soon and was looking for someone to show him the night life.
I was shocked.  I had never really thought of meeting a person from this world.  I have always kept these worlds separate from each other. He started by asking of my experience with Dom/Sub.  I was truthful and told him that this was my first peek into that world.  I had recently read a book that went into this kind of game and I enjoyed it tremendously.  I liked the idea giving up control in a sexual situation. The imagery of being cuffed or tied up and blindfolded has always excited me.

He told me what he likes, how he enjoys controlling a woman, keeping her off guard, surprising her with caresses of pleasure.  I confessed how intrigued I was with the idea of being bound by a lover, restrained, unable to move, refuse, or resist. 
The more we talked, the more excited I became. He emailed a picture of himself, yummy!  He is tall, 6’1.  Dark brown hair pulled back in a ponytail, dark brown eyes and very sharp features.  The picture was taken in the winter so he is wearing a heavy flannel shirt and jeans.  I wondered what his chest looks like, how strong his hands are.

So now he wants to know if  I would meet him at a bar for a drink and see what happens from there.  Now realizing that this was more than what I had ever gone into before, I panicked and told him that I had to go but that he should email me, let me think about it for a while.

2 days later (Monday)....
The email arrived.  Just seeing his screen name thrilled me.  I hadn’t stopped thinking about him, and the ideas he had, the confessions I shared with him. 
Would I do it? 
Could I do it? 
I still wasn’t sure, but I wrote back all the same. 
I had plans for that evening, a bachelorette party at a strip club. 
He wrote back, teasing me, it would be a good warm up for my time with him.

I went shopping, bought an incredible dress.  Showed off my legs and ample chest. 
6:00 p.m. 
I  stepped out of the shower, steamy warm air circles me, caressing me, setting the mood perfectly.  Music from the stereo echoed through the house.  I had chosen a classic rock station that tonight. I slid on the new thong body suit, black, lacy, so sensual.  It hugged my every curve. The legs rose high up past my navel, I had shaved minutes before and my bikini line was 
smooth, trimmed and perfect.  I slid the dress over my head, it is also black.  Low cut in the back giving just a peak of what I had on underneath.  I  pulled up my nylons, thigh-high just enough to cover my tan legs but not restrict me. I love to feel a slight breeze caressing my bare ass. My little secret.  I am ready.
I had run my hands over my body enjoying the feel of it, looked at myself in the mirror and felt the heat of anticipation rush through my body.

I meet the girls at the club, we were are all anticipating the show. Men would never believe what goes on in strip clubs for women.  We could touch all we wanted, yes, pretty much anywhere at this particular place.  The show began as I finished my second drink, the usual. He was a large man with a nice physique but his dancing did not interest me.  I had looked forward to the next one.  I was pleased by the next dancer. Sexy, lean, strong.  He moved to the music, incredible how they move up there on the stage. I tipped him when he neared my table.  Feeling his strong back and chest.  He left me after a quick nibble on my ear.

The night moved on, dancer after dancer.  At one point I made my way back to a private room with one of the men.  He had sat me down, handcuffed me and moved onto my lap, taking the liberty of running his hand down my leg and up my sides, barely brushing my breasts. A bit of a surprise to me, how much am I getting here for the minimal fee of $10? He slid my foot down his shinny, oil enhanced chest.  Down farther to his cock, he had leaned  into me, his eyes never left mine.  I couldn’t help but to think how the cuffs would feel in the privacy of a hotel room. Back to the main hall, more men, more alcohol.  Everyone is getting quite crazy, far from the composed, intelligent, professional women I know well in the real world. 
I loved every minute of it.

It was midnight, time for me to sneak out. After a short drive, I sat in my truck in the hotel parking lot.  Still not sure what exactly I was getting myself into.  I was extremely excited but just as nervous.  I walked into the lobby and noticed that the bar had closed early.  We had planned on meeting in the bar. I had the front desk clerk call his room.   He answered on the second ring.  I had just missed him at the downstairs bar.  He told me to wait on the couch, that he would be right down.
I waited, the anticipation made me a bit nervous. The elevator doors opened and he stepped out.  He was behind me, I couldn’t see him but I knew that if must be him.  I turned and smiled.  He extended his hand out and I took it.  Into the elevator we went, not a word was spoken, not even a glance as we went up to his room.

I felt the slight pressure of his hand on the small of my back, directing me toward his room. We walked into the room, he was still behind me.  He told me to stop and not turn around. I waited in anticipation for what would happen next.  I had no idea where we would go now. I felt him close to me, his breath touched my shoulder.
He began... “I want you to be comfortable, do you trust me?”
I nodded that yes, I did trust him.
“Do you want me?”
I answered him with a whisper, “Yes, please.”

He told me to take off my dress so that he could see me.  I pulled the dress up over my head and listened for his next command.  He breathed in my ear that he liked the thong body suit, then caught me off guard by pinching my exposed ass. 
I jerked forward, surprised at his first touch. I felt his hands on my shoulders, moving slowly down my back, caressing my ass this time. He pulled at the teddy, sliding it down my body and off to a pile on the floor. The nylons went, one by one. I was standing, completely nude now, completely exposed to the stranger, the cool air swirling across my body. 

I wondered what would come next.

He turned me around pushed me back so that I was seated on the edge of the bed. He instructed me to take his pants off.  I reached for his belt, undoing it with eagerness. His pants slid down to his ankles along with his shorts.  I was a little shocked at his size, but pleasantly. He leaned closer to me, and quietly asked me to take him into my mouth. With no hesitation I grasped his erect penis in my hand, ran my fingers down the shaft. Nice, smooth, silky, skin.  The vein pulsed under my touch. 
Precome was already glistening on the tip.  I leaned forward and tentatively licked him, he moaned.  Encircling him with my lips, I worked my way down his shaft, exploring him with my tongue.  His hand was on my head, directing himself further into my mouth.  I inched down and took him fully into my mouth.  I moved up and down his stiff cock, faster with each stroke.

My hand went down to cup his balls, massage them, placing my finger just below them, in front of his anus applying slight pressure.  He groaned, bucked his hips forward forcing me to take him even deeper.  My tongue explored him, such a powerful muscle. He pulled away, I knew he was about to cum. 
I was hot and wet for him, realizing that I had begun to move my hips in anticipation for what would happen next.  He pushed me back onto the bed, reached behind me and pulled out a long black silky blindfold. Getting more excited then, I reach to touch myself as he tied it snugly over my eyes.

It was so amazing how my other senses really came alive when deprived the simple sense of sight. I waited for his next move or command.  He straddled my chest. pinning me with his weight.  I felt soft velvet encircling first one wrist and then the next, the pressure then tightening. I felt my arms being drawn up towards the top of the bed. I realized that I couldn’t move my arms more than a few inches. He then inched down my body and I felt the soft touch of his lips on mine. Finally... I arched to meet his lips with hungry fierceness.  He pulled away, teasing me. I silently scolded him for not giving me just a little more of what I had been craving. After all, I had just given him intense pleasure... don’t I deserve something in return?

The pressure of his body lessened now as I felt him inching even further down. So many thoughts ran through my mind at that point. I ached to see yet I was so excited with this blindness. 
Was he looking at me? 
Was he smiling? 
What did he look like when he touched me? 
His hand slid up my leg.
“Do you want me to touch you?”
“Yessss,” I replied.

His thumb grazed across my clit causing intense surprise and pleasure to course through my loins.  Expertly he manipulated me, I squirmed under his touch.  I was already so close to orgasm.  I had felt the heat build faster and faster.  He leaned closer to me and tasted my nectar for the first time.  Working me with his tongue and thumb.   I arched my back, straining against the cuffs that held me back.  Tingling sensations ran throughout my stomach down my legs...

‘Tell me when you cum,’ he had demanded.
‘Yes, now, yes don’t stop, please,’ was all I could say.
Pleasure flooded through me and before I knew what is happening he entered me... 
Plunging deeply into my wet and sensitive cavern.  I felt every inch as he slid deeper into me. I groaned, he kissed me heavily on the lips and continued to thrust into me.  I struggled with my restraints, wanting to pull him into me even deeper.  Aching to feel his back, his ass as he pushed into me.  He must have sensed my silent plea for freedom because he stopped an released me from my cuffs, I pulled at the blindfold, letting it drop to the bed side.

A feeling of aggression came over me then, I wanted to take him, ride him.  I pushed him to the bed and sat across his groin facing away from him.  Feeling his erect cock between my legs, I slowly rubbed it across my swollen clit.  Guiding him into the soft folds of flesh, I took him into my body completely.  Slowly, enjoying ever inch of him. I felt his hands on mine directing them to touch myself as I rose and fell on him.  We moved as one, his hand left mine and reached for my breast, squeezing my nipple between his thumb and forefinger. 
Painful pleasure raced through my body. 
The intensity of the moment coming to a climax quickly. 
I came once again, powerfully. 
My muscles clenched down on him and I heard him moan even louder.

He pushed me forward onto all fours, gripping my hips.  I felt his hands on my ass, kneading it powerfully.  I knew he was enjoying the exquisite view from behind. Watching as he entered me. The sting of his strong slap made my head snap back, losing all control of the orgasm still ripping through my body.  Again he slapped my ass, the pain so sweet.
‘Fuck me, harder, yes fuck me,’ I told him.
Another slap, stinging more than the one before it.  I pushed back at him wanting him deeper, harder than before.  He kneaded my ass in his hands and slapped me once again. I felt him building up.

His body jerked as he finally let go, gripping my hips, plunging as deeply as he could. I smiled, relishing in the sound of his ragged breath and feel of his trembling legs against mine. He lay back on the bed, I got up and dressed in front of his approving eyes. I kissed him goodnight, he doesn’t even know who I really am.

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