Michelle's First Time 3

by John Roper

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© Copyright 2005 - John Roper - Used by permission

Storycodes: MF/f; bond; cons; X

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Michelle's First Time by John Roper
Part Three

Michelle was sure she could not hold up her head any longer, and would soon have to place all its weight on the pinky cinches if someone didn’t show up soon to undo its tether. 

‘PLEASE don’t let her tie you up, John.’

She could also no longer deal with the pain that slowly took over her sensuality during the few minutes that had passed since the last trace of orgasmic release ended.

‘This is impossible,’ she appreciated when the cold sting of perceived indifference sunk deep into Michelle’s trusting naiveté.

The perfect timing of Kat’s arrival only served to aggravate the disturbing reality of that perception.


“Enjoying the tape, I trust,” goaded the only woman in Michelle’s life who knew of her bondage kink. “That’s Maddy, my latest find.”

Michelle watched Kat bind the naked and unconscious damsel’s arms behind her back.

“She’d never been disciplined with rope before either.” 

It was obvious Dubois was in pain. “Anything I can do for you?”

While she spoke, Kat placed the seat of a chair under her new plaything’s head and stacked a few pillows on it until the top one was a few inches from Michelle’s chin. 

“I drugged her coffee and suggested we retire to my basement, where I was to show her my bow and arrow collection. Would you believe, we met online, too, and she told me all about hers? I lied about having one. Bow’s and arrows; can you believe it? By the time we got down the stairs, she was drowsy and wondering why. So I told her. 

“I drugged you.” 

You should have seen the look on her face when I reached for some rope and pinned her arms together behind her back. In our online chats, she’d also confessed a need to be tied up, ‘just to see what it would feel like’.”

Kat reached into the back pocket of her jeans for a small plastic bag, out of which she plucked what looked like an 8-inch-square, medical gauze. It was placed on the top pillow, directly under Michelle’s nose. 

Kat then pulled a Swiss Army Knife out of her right pocket and used it to roughly cut the pinky tether.

Dubois’ head fell into the gauze and pillows and waited while Kat undid the ropes that secured her to the bed.

“Ever been chloroformed?”


“That’s right, dear damsel. Breathe deep. I want you out like a light before I free and retie you into a more advantage-taking position.”

Michelle tried to raise her head, but her physical exhaustion and half drugged state would not allow it. She slowly slipped off into unconsciousness just after Kat reached for the VCR remote, pressed the ‘stop’ button, and said, “I’ll be back after I finish tying up and fucking John. He’s out like a light in my room right now. Sweet dreams.”

Twenty-Seven Minutes Later

The first thing Michelle noticed was that her mouth was no longer gagged and, except for the blue TV screen, the room was dark. A few attempts at moving in any direction also told her a thing or two.

‘I’m tied to the bed.’

Her legs were spread wide apart and tethered to the lower corners of the mattress; her wrists bound, palm to palm and tied to the head of the bed by a two-foot line, making it impossible to move an inch in any direction. Michelle looked down at herself and took note of the next realization.

‘I’m naked.’

The thought of screaming for help never entered her mind. She was too preoccupied with flashbacks of what had taken place before the chloroform knock-out. The VCR remote had been taped to Michelle’s right hand in such a way as to allow her thumb access to only one of its functions. She instinctively squeezed it and the tape she had been watching picked up where it left off. That’s when she noticed her nipples were still tethered. It only took a few seconds for the ex bondage virgin to become aroused as she watched Kat strip Maddy, then use 200-feet of rope to bind, gag, crotch rope and leave her alone on the basement floor to wake up and smell the coffee.

“It took her a half hour to come to,” voice-overed Kat when the tape cut forward to Maddy’s waking realization and she began to struggle frantically.

Michelle watched with empathetic awe, pulling and tugging at her bondage and wondering what was going to happen next, now that Kat was in charge, or so she thought. 

“See you later, sweet Michelle. And don’t worry; I’m taping everything so you can see what you’ll be missing for the rest of the night.”

“How COULD you?” Michelle was livid, but also very turned on. “I TRUSTED you.” She struggled furiously. “I TOLD you- I’m totally STRAIGHT!”

The more she tested the bind, the deeper she descended into the erotic abyss of her wildest dream.

“This is too crazy!” 

Kat’s voiceover continued “It’s all part of your training, Dubois. Lesson one: never trust anyone.”

A pillow had been propped up between Michelle’s fully extended arms and head so she could watch the video more ‘comfortably.’ What she did not know was that it was I who’d tied her to the bed, and that there was no other room in which I had presumably succumbed to Kat’s trickery. 

Twenty-Two Minutes Later

Michelle could not believe, given the complete lack of outside stimulation her pussy had been enduring, how close she was to climaxing. Maddy was now standing tall in just her heels and panties, suspended from the basement ceiling by a line to the collection of rope circles between her upper arms. Every so often she’d bend her knees a bit to work the crotch rope, which was tied to her wrist cinch. The gag was a sock and four-inch-wide duct tape, severely wrapped around her lower face a good six times.

Her nipples and breasts also stood tall and proud, thanks to the cinch that bound Maddy’s elbows together behind her back. Every so often she’d scream at the camera lens to emote a mixture of anger, frustration and extreme arousal. Her first multiple spoke volumes to the awakening of her bondage- kinky side, filling the room with a strange mix of audio output; the likes of which Michelle quickly realized had escaped her autonomic appreciation of her own moment of truth less than an hour before. 

When she heard the room door open and close, the real time bondage neophyte did her best to stop the telltale body language of her arousal.

‘Thank goodness,’ she thought when I walked into the room and stood next to the bed.

“Can I do anything for you?”

Michelle glared up at me and decided to be totally uninhibited. She said nothing, in the hope I would catch her frantically thrashing drift and get on with taking full advantage of the situation. As Dubois watched and occasionally diverted her attention to the TV, I stepped back a bit and started to undress. Our eyes locked on a few times, while a strange connection ensued. Every so often, she’d look down at my crotch and struggled provocatively, knowing that she wasn’t the only one who needed to get what only I could give her.

I was soon naked and standing tall with erectile admiration. The ten-ounce fishing sinker I’d used on Michelle’s nipple tether sat on the night table. I reached for and re-hung its dangling pressure only an inch above the center of Dubois’ chest. Her struggling waxed frantic.

“Well?” I asked again. “Is there anything I can do for you?”

She could have told me anything, but again decided not to say a word as I grabbed my eight, rock hard inches and jumped up on the bed.


Michelle was beside herself with indecision, and could not understand why I hadn’t yet penetrated her obviously crazed and craving crevice. Her struggling maxed out. My sensual juices reached their boiling point, and another image of a woman spread-eagled to a bed appeared between my legs onscreen. She was being pleasured by a fucking machine.

That’s when Michelle began to lose it, for she realized that if she didn’t answer my question, and soon, the possibility of my ejaculating all over her could make things even more impossible than they already were.

“DAMN you, John! DAMN you!”

I ignored her, closed my eyes, so as not to get to close to climax, and continued to wait for permission to fuck Michelle’s Dubois’ brains out.

I decided to hump the issue a bit. “Enjoying yourself?”

“John?... JOHN!” She was breathless with devastating frustration. “What do you want me to say?”

I stepped closer and pressed the front of my upper right ankle against Michelle’s thoroughly drenched lips. She humped it hungrily.


Then I stepped back and stared deeply into her half-lidded eyes. “Say ‘fuck me’.”

The look on her face vacillated from defiance to extreme frustration to intolerable distress to unnerving fear and passionately candid satisfaction. “...Fuck me.”

I knelt to the coerced seduction request and lay down beside her. 

“Can I touch you first?”

“Yes! Yes! Anything, ANYTHING!”

I placed my hand on and caressed her inner thigh.

“Oh-God, John. PLEASE fuck me.”

“You’re sure?”

“YES! I’m sure.”

I rolled over and on top of Michelle’s wildly writhing hard body, removed the pillow from under her head, and asked, “May I kiss you?”

Her answer was a mouthful of oral consummation.

The back of my erection pressed hard against her pussy. My arms tightly encircled her torso. The nipple tether did all kinds of weird things to her breasts. My legs lay atop hers, with feet locked between her ankles and the rope that secured them to the bed.

Frustration and need compelled Michelle to take control by clamping my tongue between her teeth and demanding, “Huck he.”

I assumed that, if I didn’t, she would not let go of my tongue. So, after a few adjustments, I drove my rock hard cock as far as I could into Michelle’s quiver. The fit was perfectly tight, which pleased both of us no end. She let go of my tongue, threw her head back, closed her eyes and waited for me to get on with it. I didn’t. Instead, I just bombarded her neck with all sorts of oral attention. Her pelvic action went ballistic. But I would not give her more than what she currently had.

“If you bite my tongue again, you’ll get what you want, but when we’re through, I’ll get back to Kat and leave you like this until I’m finished with her. Now, kiss me, and if it pleases me, I will fuck you all night. Do we have an understanding?” 

She wasted no time devouring my mouth. I followed through with my end of the understanding by slowly-to-quickly-to-slowly and carefully fucking Michelle Dubois’ brains out.

“…What happened with Kat?”

“She tried to drug me… but I was on to her game…so I faked it after pretending to drink the wine in the bathroom, where I dumped it.”

The fictitious account added more wood to the fire of Michelle’s, seconds-away climax.

“When she returned, I jumped, hogtied and gagged her in the bathtub, and turned on the cold water.”

Michelle started to spasm violently. “You DIDN’T?”

“I figure she’s got 15-minutes before things get really perilous.”

“Woah.” Michelle’s multiple was spectacular, to say the least. “You wouldn’t…do that to me…would you?”

I didn’t bother to answer.

John Roper