Melanie's Face-In-The-Box

by Bob Salinas

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© Copyright 2005 - Bob Salinas - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; Sbm; bond; cons; X

One hot July afternoon, I was surfing the ‘net in my apartment. Shortly after I started, I realized how hot it was and took off my silk blouse, letting the breeze from the ceiling fan blow across my breasts. A voluptuous sort like myself needs the support, so I seldom go without a bra, but this bra was rather skimpy. Its cups barely covered my nipples, and their upper surface shimmered with ladylike perspiration.

Shortly after I accidentally (sure, right) surfed into D/s web site, I pulled my legs onto my chair in a ‘tailor’s squat’- not a yoga position, but close. This exposed my inner thighs to the cool breeze and also exposed my panty-covered crotch for an occasional stroke. (Yes, I wear panties around the apartment- I have some respect for my furniture!)

Things moved into high gear when I stumbled onto a face-sitting bondage toy! This was a wooden box topped by a toilet seat. The picture didn’t show how it worked- I don’t think it was really necessary. I immediately thought of my submissive friend Bob and how his face would look centered under the toilet seat. Wow! With thoughts of my twat poised above a helpless mouth, I shipped off the chair and dropped to my knees. Two brief tugs pulled my panties to my ankles and exposed my nipples, and I proceeded to work myself up to a noisy and sweaty orgasm. Hey, it’s good aerobic exercise, and it keeps me in practice and smiling! Everybody knows guys jerk off; who shouldn’t I have the same quick-and-easy alternative?

That evening, I made a trip to Home Depot and bought the material I was going to use to build my toy- a sheet of half-inch plywood, an eight-foot length of 2X2, a box of screws, a tube of adhesive, and a toilet seat. This last was the centerpiece of the toy, so I bought the best: red and padded and comfortable.

Back home, I started cutting and drilling and screwing (the kind handy girls do with a #2 Phillips screwdriver, you filthy-minded pervert!) in the ‘hobby center’ of the apartment complex, which came complete with the table saw I needed. I had the rest of the tools I used, but this wasn’t the sort of project I wanted to do in my apartment- too noisy. I was the only one there, which saved me having to think up some bullshit explanation of what I was building. The result cost me maybe $90, far less than the $249.95 list price on the Web, but the result was precisely what I wanted, and the pride of doing it my own girly self was priceless.

Finally done, I cleaned up my workspace, put away my tools and the scraps in my own storage unit, and carried the toy upstairs. It was a marvel- just big enough to contain a head, with a pair of eyebolts fastened firmly to the top end, the end farthest away from where his shoulders would be. I dug through my ‘toy chest’ until I found a pair of leather cuffs and fastened them to the eyebolts. 

Two final things: first, I called Bob and told him I wanted to come ‘rescue him’ that Saturday. That really lit his afterburner, and he heartily agreed. (He’ll agree to almost anything that involves me and a weekend, but starting with a rescue from self-bondage is a guarantee.) The next thing was to get undressed and head for bed, as I’d had a long day and it was really time to get some sleep. I was of course not at all ready to go to sleep, so I pulled out ‘Steely Dan’ (actually plastic and who cares what his name is) and pretended I was a helpless captive of some bad guys- horny bad guys, at that. Two orgasms later, I fell asleep!

* * * * *

The following Saturday, I threw together a small overnight case and got inappropriately dressed. For the occasion, I chose a favorite vinyl catsuit which covered me completely from ankles to my neck and still left me more naked than nude… if you’re reading this you know the difference. Sure, I looked like a slut- that was the whole idea! After a leisurely drive through light traffic and suburban cars driven by decent ladies who had no idea at all of what I was wearing or why I was smiling, I appeared at Bob’s front door at about noon. 

I quietly let myself in using the key he had given me after our third night together- I knew he couldn’t come to the door. I poked around the house room by room, making myself at home and being nosy, and finally arrived at the inside garage door. Very quietly, I eased the door open.

In the garage, well-lit by the sunlight streaming through the windows at the top of the two-car-wide garage door, I saw Bob’s form. He was suspended from the ceiling, his back to me. He was securely bound by about a hundred feet of rope which wrapped snugly around his ankles and then squeezed him all the way up to his neck. He was naked except for the rope. Another rope descended from an eyebolt in the ceiling and attached to him in front of him somehow. His hands were cuffed behind his back, and I saw the keys hanging from a hook in the wall, far out of his reach but tantalizingly in view. Below his hands, his ass cheeks were rudely separated by a rope which descended between those familiar cheeks and disappeared into his crotch. That view was enough to start my engine- one hand slipped down into my crotch!

I silently closed the door and went into his master bathroom. After undoing critical bits of my catsuit, which after all was built with quick access in mind, I sat my bare butt down on the toilet seat and sat down to read for a bit while I peed. Fortunately, Bob had left a copy of the ‘Centurians’ catalog for the reading pleasure of whatever guests might come by. I happily browsed through the illustrated volume, fantasizing even though I had a real situation right down the hall, and since I had my panties down around my ankles anyway, I took advantage of the situation to warm up my pussy. I stopped about 30 seconds short of an orgasm just to leave myself with that fine, horny edge.

So, finally drained and patted dry, I pulled my panties back up and smoothed the catsuit around my eager body. I crept barefoot down the hall and silently slipped into the garage. Bob hadn’t gone anywhere- he was just hanging around, swaying gently from side to side maybe a foot and a half from the floor. He wasn’t completely still- he squirmed regularly, enjoying his self-bondage while he awaited my ‘rescue’, and his fingers wiggled, indicating he was deep into some fantasy or other.

I noiselessly slipped up behind him and with both hands grabbed his ass cheeks. Jerking with the surprise, he let out “Mmmmppph!” Cheerily, I stepped around to check him out. Sure enough, his mouth was securely plugged with a red rubber ball in a stocking which was wrapped around his head. Above the gag, his eyes were drinking in my voluptuous form; below it, he was naked except for rope and a few gadgets.

The rope started at his shoulders and wound around his torso, shaping his tit meat into shapely breasts, and then winding around him until it pinned his legs together all the way down to his ankles. On the way it wound through his crotch, too, passing through a leather ball stretcher which pressed his testicles far down to the bottom of their sack. From this ball stretcher dangled a massive-looking weight which stretched his whole package far out from his crotch.

I walked around him, tantalizingly caressing his body as I went, inspecting his bondage. He wiggled as I caressed, both trying to escape (succeeding would have disappointed both of us very much) and trying to wiggle into my touch. I gave him just enough touch to bring his cock to a full erection, but no more.

“Well, Bob, I see you’ve done a number on yourself again! But this time I’m not going to get you off and let you loose. Today your fantasies are going to come more true.” I pulled under him the chair from which he had stepped into his suspension bondage. After he got his footing, I untied the rope which had suspended him and then lifted him down to the floor. (Yes, I’m strong for a girl- you got a problem with that?)

Leaving him balanced on his feet for a moment, I went back to the door and brought over my Device, grabbing the keys to his handcuffs in passing. He looked at it blankly for a second and then broke into a smile (albeit distorted by his gag). I laid it on the floor a few feet in front of him and then stepped behind him to unlock one of his handcuffs. I quickly re-locked his wrists together in front of him before I tilted him over and laid him on his back. (Lying on handcuffs hurts and could easily break his wrists, definitely not part of tonight’s plan.)

With Bob securely bound in a snug little package on the floor, I slipped the Device across the floor. His head slid in until his shoulders stopped it, whereupon I uncuffed his wrists (he didn’t struggle, for some reason) and pulled them up to the top end of the Device. I locked his wrists into the leather cuffs clipped to the eyebolts at the top of the Device, maybe six inches above the top of his head.

I stood up. Bob’s gagged face stared longingly up at me, framed by the red oval of the toilet seat. While he watched me, I slowly pulled the zipper from between my breasts, down my belly, and then back through my crotch. I turned my back on him and reached between my thighs for the zipper tab. I pulled the zipper up between my ass cheeks, knowing he was staring as the stretchy garment split apart to expose my flesh.

When the catsuit finally split into two pieces, I turned to face him as I slipped the halves off my legs and set them aside. I saw him squirm lustily as I stood over his helpless form clad only in my lacy black bra and matching black lace panties. (As has been noted, I’m a hefty girl, and I favor Rio-cut panties over thongs.)

Turning my back toward him again, I watched him watch as I reached up behind my back to unhook my bra. He stared up at me as my breasts tumbled free from their support and I tossed the bra (a fairly large expanse of cloth- I need the support!) to one side. Then I hooked my thumbs into the sides of my panties and slowly, with much wiggling, eased them down off my ass, down my thighs, and finally down off my legs. Trailing them over his face before I tossed them onto the rest of my clothes, I stood naked before him, my hands on my hips and my thighs slightly spread. A muffled groan escaped his gagged mouth.

“Awww… I forgot, you gagged yourself, didn’t you? Well, I’ll take care of that. As you must have figured out by now, I have plans for your mouth. Do me a favor and stay quiet after I take off your gag, will you?” He tried to nod his head in assent and watched with wide, horny eyes as I bent down, my heavy breasts dangling, to untie the stocking and pull the ball from his mouth. He wiggled his mouth, stiff from the stuffing with the gag, but obediently remained silent.

“Good- thank you for your silence. Now get ready to do what you know I want you to do.” I stood over the Device, facing him with one leg on either side of his head, and slowly bent my knees. I looked down through the red oval at Bob’s face; he was gazing intently upward as my bare crotch descended toward him.

I leaned forward and put my hand on the floor to steady myself just before I felt my ass cheeks touch the padded seat. As I let my weight settle on the seat, I felt the cushioned seat pulling my ass cheeks gently apart just as my crotch made contact with Bob’s face.

I let my weight settle firmly on his face, sliding back and forth to part my already-moist pussy lips with his nose. I lifted my hands to my breasts, cupping their weight in my palms and pressing my nipples between my fingers. “Go to work, Bob!” I felt his mouth open beneath me, and his tongue reached up to gently stroke my lips.

Bob’s very good at oral sex, either bound or free, but both of us get an extra kick out of it when he’s helpless. Plus, when he’s bound, I get to ‘run the show’ by moving my ‘naughty bits’ so either he can’t get to them (a marvelous torment) or to place my most sensitive areas where I want them  He’s so good that I don’t need to reach down into my crotch to get myself off- I can devote my hands to servicing my breasts!

A long time later, I had enough of delaying my orgasm, of waiting to ensure that This One was going to be, not just an orgasm, but an honest-to-God explosion which would blow my mind clean open. I felt the first twinges and lifted some weight from his face. His tongue followed me. “Deep, Bob… ahhh… yes! Make me cum now!”

I sat heavily on the toilet seat and his face, feeling his tongue drive deep into my love canal. My wide-open crotch swallowed his tongue, which pushed into me almost like a cock, as the spasms seized my cunt and I exploded into an orgasm, flooding his face with my juices. Cautiously, he licked the walls of my pussy but avoided my clit, which he knew had to be treated gently at a time like this.

Finally, when my nervous system returned to normal, I lifted my weight from the toilet seat and his face. Standing over him, I looked down at his wet face and then at his aching cock. “Are you ready to cum, Bob?” “Oh, please, Melanie, may I cum? Please?” He was so earnest, so sincere, I suppose I should have felt like a total bitch when I told him…

“I’m afraid you can’t come yet, Bob. No, you have one more major task to perform before you can cum.” Feeling like a total bitch feels on such an occasion (i.e., horny and merciless), I turned around, turning to face his lonely, frustrated erection, and once again lowered my ass to the padded toilet seat. As my spreading ass cheeks approached his face, Bob figured out his next task: this position placed, not my pussy, but my asshole right over his mouth. 

I heard a quiet groan escape his lips. “Quiet, Bob! You know your duty to your Mistress: you must lick My asshole clean and eat My shit. Do your duty, down to the last.” I settled my ass over his face again and felt my nether cleavage envelop his mouth. I waited as I felt his tongue and lips carefully servicing my asshole. Playing firmly with my nipples, I pushed, and Bob struggled automatically as he felt my asshole relax and expand.

“Do your duty to Your Mistress and Your rescuer, Bob. Eat My shit! All of it!” I felt the contents of my bowels sliding smoothly out as I watched Bob’s body squirm under me. But he obediently let my shit slide out of my asshole into his face, and I even felt his mouth sealing over my ass and sucking my shit from me.

“Excellent, Bob- suck My shit out of Me, vacuum Me clean!” I felt the last of my shit slide out of my asshole, Bob’s lips gathering it in. My job done, I lifted my ass off his face and stepped back to look down. It was a pretty awful sight- his mouth was wide open like a toilet bowl, my shit filling it.

“You know what you have to do next, Bob. You wouldn’t reject a gift from your Mistress, would you? Of course not. Eat it all while I watch you, Bob- eat My shit!” His mouth closed obediently, and I watched as he slowly ate my shit. Finally, I watched as with a grimace he swallowed the last of my shit.

“Good, wasn’t it, Bob?” (Actually, never having been in his position, I have no idea how my shit tastes, but I expect it’s not peaches and cream.) “Show Me how good you think it was by licking your lips. Lick yourself clean to show Me how much you enjoyed the opportunity of eating My shit.” He delicately stuck out his tongue and cleaned his lips carefully. I ignored his grimace… he had enough problems without worrying about his expression!

When I was satisfied with his face, I squatted down, released his left hand from the cuff, and pressed it up against my crotch. Then I held it over his face. “Spit in your hand, Bob.” He spat. “Good. You may now gaze up at My body while you make yourself cum. Make sure you think of nothing but Me as you make yourself cum!”

Bob reached down and seized his iron-hard erection. I stood over his chest so he could gaze up between my wide-spread thighs into my still-wet pussy and watch me as I played with my breasts. I looked deep into his eyes and then bent double, letting my heavy boobs dangle for his delight, so I could look between my legs to watch him stroking his erection.

After I started getting dizzy, I stood up again. I spread my legs further and dropped heavily to my knees, making my breasts jiggle vigorously. I used one hand to pleasure my nipples and looked down into his eyes as the other hand played with my clit. I felt the first twinges of a quick orgasm, so I clenched my asscheeks and stroked firmly as I stared into Bob’s eyes. He gazed back at me as I masturbated myself for the pleasure of both of us. Maybe a minute later, I told him “I’m going to cum, Bob! I’m going to cum! Make yourself cum with me- please!”

I looked back over my shoulder as my orgasm started. His hand was slamming up and down his shaft and I saw the first spurt of his ejaculation. It shot half a foot into the air and landed on his belly just as the second spurt splattered into the air. My second orgasm turned out to be more intense than I thought, and after it finished I sat on the floor beside Bob’s still-bound body and lay my head on his stomach.