Mei Ling And Me!

by Anne Gray

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© Copyright 2005 - Anne Gray - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/f; bond; leather; cons; X

Mei Ling And Me! by Anne Gray

It was not planned so I suppose you could call it accidental.  In any event it was one of the best things that ever happened to me.  I had just seated myself at one of the conference dinner tables.  As usual at these events there were ten chairs squashed around the table and only the chair next to mine was still vacant.

After the usual introductions the nine of us settled back down and I glanced around to notice her standing at the entrance to the meeting room looking lost.  One of the hotel banquet Captains approached her, turned, studied the room and immediately gestured for her to follow him.  He had spotted the empty chair at my table. 

I tried not to stare but it was not easy.  She was Asian, Chinese probably, and wearing one of those satin dresses with a stand up collar.  It showed every curve of a perfectly proportioned figure and ended just above the knee.  The matching pumps I guessed had a 3” heel.  She was gorgeous!   Her jet-black hair was just below her ears and styled with the two front ends curved in towards her chin to frame her face.

The Captain pulled out the chair for her and she just stood beside it with her eyes cast down while we all introduced ourselves.  She looked up quickly and said, “I’m Mei Ling”, then slid in the chair.

Beautiful as she was, she was painfully shy.  Through the dinner I managed to get some basic information from her but it was hard work.  She was a computer programmer in a different division of the corporation we worked for.  This was the closing dinner of the Annual Meeting and we would have to suffer through a bunch of boring speeches before it was over.

Mei Ling ate like a bird and hardly spoke a word to the guy on the other side of her, much to his disgust, because he was not very subtle about where his interests lay with this lovely young lady.

As we moved towards the coat check at the end of the program Mei Ling quietly asked me if I knew whether the hotel would call her a taxi.  I didn’t understand what was going on.  I mean she was probably 23 or 24 years old and a professional yet she didn’t have a car or know that hotels had cab ranks outside?  It didn’t make sense but I took advantage of the question to ask where she lived.

It really didn’t matter what her answer was because I was going to insist on driving her home.  I was even more determined when I saw the expensive leather coat being handed to her in return for the ticket.  When she told me where she lived I made my offer and she glanced quickly up at my face, whispered a “thank you” and started putting on the coat.

It was deep blue leather, dropping to slightly below her knees.  Mei Ling closed the coat with the six buttons and a tie belt.  While she was doing that I had retrieved my own black leather maxi-length coat and fastened the front before pulling the wide belt tightly around my waist and feeding one end through the double pin buckle.

I didn’t miss the fact that her eyes followed my movements and I pulled on a pair of kid gloves as we walked towards the entrance.  Before going out to the parking lot I stopped and pulled a soft leather hat from my pocket.  As I adjusted it over my hair I looked at the girl and decided to see if I had judged her correctly.

“I’m parked at the end of the lot, Mei Ling, and it’s cold and blustery out so I think you should pull up the hood of that coat.  Don’t you have any gloves?”

Slowly her hands reached up on either side of her neck and got a hold of the hood to pull it up over her head.  Then her hands went in the coat pockets and came out with matching blue kid gloves.  If the rest of this girl’s wardrobe was like this she was certainly not short of money.

There was a tab on the hood that buttoned across her throat but she had not done it up.  I lifted her chin with a gloved finger and fastened it for her.  Her reaction was to drop her eyes again and give another whispered “Thank you.” 

We made our way to my car and got in.  I started the engine, got the heater going and then turned and just looked at her.  She was reaching towards the hood when I spoke. “Do up your seat belt Mei Ling.  I don’t move the car unless my passengers are safely strapped in.  And, please leave the coat hood up; you look so lovely with that leather framing your face.”

She didn’t say a word but connected the seat belt and then sat with her hands in her lap – the hood stayed up!

I didn’t need much help finding her place but as I pulled in the driveway I hid my surprise.  The house wasn’t huge but it certainly wasn’t small and it smacked of money.  Mei Ling thanked me for the ride and asked if I would like to come in for tea or a drink.  If she hadn’t asked I would have found an excuse to get inside anyway.

Over tea that she made I dragged some more facts from her.  Her brother who was a few years older than her and a very successful businessman owned the house.  He was currently back in China for six months or so setting up a new division.  The two of them had immigrated when she was eighteen and, while he allowed her to go to a private school where she excelled in computers, he had played the typical Chinese male and squashed any social life for his sister.

I mentioned that I was almost jealous of the lovely clothes she was wearing particularly the coat that now was draped with mine over a chair in the hallway.

Mei Ling told me that even though she very rarely went out except to functions like tonight that had to do with work; she did have an extensive wardrobe.

“You looked so lovely in that blue coat tonight, do you have any other things in leather?”  I asked the question gently as I sat beside her on the chesterfield sipping my tea.

“Yes.” She said meekly.  “I have several things.  I don’t know why but I love the feel of leather, it’s so smooth and cool yet warm at the same time.”  Well I knew why; she had a leather fetish and so did I but mine extended to latex and bondage.  The fact that I was also a lesbian only increased my determination to get to know Mei Ling very, very well. 

It was getting late and I didn’t want to push things tonight so I suggested that, as tomorrow was Saturday, if she didn’t have any other plans maybe I could visit and we could get to know each other a bit more.  As I said it I again lifted her chin with my finger so she was looking at me.

And that is how I arrived on her doorstep the next afternoon ready to take things a step further.  Under my black leather coat I was wearing a fitted black leather dress and a pair of lace up knee high boots with 5” heels.  Mei Ling seemed to shrink at the sight of my outfit as I peeled off the coat and hung it in the hallway; I left my kid leather gloves on as they were tucked up my arms under the sleeves of the dress.

Mei Ling was wearing a flowery blouse and a pair of white slacks with a pair of low-heeled sandals on her feet.  She looked stunning – but!
“Oh I thought after our talk last night you would be showing me some more of your leather Mei Ling.  That’s why I wore this.”  As I was talking I stroked my gloved hands down over my waist and did a little twirl on the high heels.

She stammered a bit, “I’m sorry we can go and have a look after tea if you like.”

I liked and after the obligatory cups of tea we went upstairs to a huge bedroom that looked out over the back garden.  They had obviously just punched a doorway through to the smaller room next door and turned it into a clothes closet. I took the initiative and started wandering around the racks of clothes.  On one wall were several chests of drawers and shoe racks.  It was more like a retail store than a private wardrobe for one woman and at first I thought I would not find what I hoped.

Then I noticed that two of the racks, instead of plastic hanging bags, had cotton covers draped over them.  As I approached them I recognized that lovely perfume of leather.  I should have guessed that she knew you don’t store leather inside plastic.

“If I choose some things would you model them for me Mei Ling?” 

“If you want me too.”  This girl never seemed to speak above a whisper.

I took my time as I roamed around the room but I could see her eyes following my leather clad figure everywhere I went.  The selection was easy; I knew just how I wanted her to look for me.  “Would you like me to wait downstairs while you change?”  I said as I handed her my choices and got a brief nod in return.

I had hoped I would get to watch her change but she was like a deer in my headlights right now and I didn’t want to scare her off so I left and went back to the living room.  I was sick of tea so I used the time to find the liquor cabinet and pour myself a stiff drink.

I stood up as she slowly walked down the stairs then approached her, reached for her hands and held them away from her sides.  “You look beautiful Mei Ling.” She was wearing a pair of tight rose-colored leather slacks with a matching vest over a white silk long sleeved blouse.  On her feet was a pair of black leather ankle boots with 4” heels.

I had looked for something even more exotic but not found it.  I hoped to change that situation in the near future and pulled her over to sit beside me on the sofa as I continued my gentle attack. She didn’t pull away as I draped my leather covered left arm around her shoulders and, yet again, used my kid gloved right hand to lift her chin so she was looking at me.

“Why are you so shy, Mei Ling?  Does it have something to do with your brother keeping you under such tight control or is it because you are not sure how to handle your own feelings?”

I allowed my left hand to rest against the taunt leather over her breast and the leather on leather contact seemed to calm her somehow.  She almost snuggled against my side and I knew I had her.

“I’m so lonely.  Even when my brother is home it is like having a very strict father watching my every move.  I insisted on going to work, not because we need the money, but I hoped it would help me meet other people.  I’m very clever at my job but most of the people in my department are men and I catch them sometimes looking at me very strangely.  I don’t dress provocatively but I feel their eyes on me all the time.”

It was the most words I’d her speak at one time and I knew it came from her heart but I’m not ashamed to admit I took advantage of it.

I pulled her even closer to me until the leather we were wearing almost squeaked.  “Mei Ling, you need a friend.  I know we only just met but I think I could be that friend if you’ll let me.  We seem to get along and I’m by myself so can we try being friends; will you let me help you?”

For once she looked up herself and studied my eyes for a long second and then nodded and dropped her eyes again.   We spent the rest of the day just talking and getting closer and ordered in some food.  I didn’t try anything and acted like a big sister to Mei Ling.

Naturally, the conversation turned around to her wardrobe I made sure of that.  I told her that I knew a leather outlet that had some things I thought she would really like and convinced her to visit it with me the following week.

During that visit she didn’t even look at prices, money was not an issue with her. She loved the store and picked out a few things but nothing too special.  I, on the other hand, managed to talk her into buying a pair of leather lace up thigh boots with 6” heels.  I also had my friend, who owned the place, slide a few other items on the sales slip that I knew would fit Mei Ling.

Back at her home I stepped things up a little.  She did a little fashion show for me modeling her purchases and then it I asked her to try the boots. At this point she was wearing a leather mini skirt and the leather vest she had worn the week before.  She pulled the boots on and we giggled together as we laced them and then I helped her stand up.

She took to the heels easily and I made a mental note to make the next set higher.  “I like it when you help me and hold me.”  She said as she walked around the room in those boots.  “Well, come over here and I’ll show you another way I can hold you and make you feel very safe and secure when I’m with you.”

She looked puzzled but came over to me and I turned her so her back was to me then asked her to put her hands behind her back.  She was wearing a pair of leather gloves that covered her wrists and I held them together as I secured them with a thin strap.

The leather single glove slipped up her arms and I pulled her to me and kissed the nape of her neck as I arranged the straps over her shoulders and back to the top edge of the sheath.  Then I started lacing it until her elbows almost touched and she never said a word.  There were no complaints, no hysterics, nothing.  She just stood calmly facing away from me as I continued confining her arms. Over the laces were four additional straps that I tightened around the sheath and then pulled the shoulder straps up a couple more notches and turned her to face me. 

“Now then, how do you feel?” 

There were tears rolling down her cheeks that I caught with my handkerchief.  “Why are you crying?  Have I hurt you?” 

“No, oh no, I suddenly feel so secure and so dependant and helpless and, and free! But that doesn’t make sense.”

“Yes it does my love, it makes all the sense in the world but I have something else that will make you understand the meaning of being helpless even more.”  I kissed her softly on the lips and then used one hand to pull gently down on her lower jaw so that her mouth opened.  The leather gag fitted perfectly and I buckled the strap behind her head.

We spent the evening on the chesterfield with me cuddling her and exploring her leather covered form with gentle touches of my kid gloved hands.  Slowly Mei Ling relaxed and finally fell asleep in my arms with her arms still firmly locked behind her and the gag in her mouth.

For the next few weeks we spent our evenings and weekends together.  She had set up an account at the fetish store and I frequently stopped to pick out something new for her to wear.  I deliberately never touched her in the crotch area, that could wait; but I noticed that every time I approached her nipples became very noticeable.

A leather bra with nipple holes was my next purchase!  Then I stepped up my sensual activity.  She passively accepted the fairly light bondage I used, the arm sheath, the boots and the gag but that evening I was wearing neck to toe tight black leather and added a strap around her ankles.

I blocked her against the end of the chesterfield with my body then put my arm around her shoulders and gently started rolling one of her nipples between my kid-gloved fingers.  Her moans started almost immediately but they were moans of pleasure and I really had to hold myself back.  I restricted myself to her breasts but they were enough to get her seriously aroused for the first time in her life.

She had given me a key to her home and one evening I let myself in to find her sobbing soundlessly on the chesterfield.  The tears were rolling down her cheeks and her chest was heaving as she tried to get her breath around the silent hysterics. Without even taking time to get out of my coat I scooped a box of tissues off the side table and took Mei Ling in my arms as I settled beside her.

“What is it, what’s wrong?”  She motioned to an envelope and several pages of a letter on the coffee table but since I don’t read Chinese hieroglyphics it was no help to get me understanding what was going on.

Gradually I got her settled down and she told me what was in the letter; it was from her father.  Her brother had been arrested by the Chinese government and charged with smuggling his products out of the country without paying the duties.  Her father said that it really meant he hadn’t bribed the right people and was now in deep trouble.

In with the letter was a power of attorney that would allow Mei Ling to move the bank accounts into her name and then she was ordered to sell the house, close the accounts and return to her family in China.

At hearing this I used some of the tissues to catch my own tears.

“Were you crying for your brother then?

“No, I was crying because I don’t want to go back there and I can’t bear to leave you.”

“Then you will not so we must figure out a way around the problem; but first we will get you feeling secure and comfortable.” 

Half an hour later, I had bathed her face to remove the tear damaged makeup, laced her arms in the single sheath and strapped her legs, clad in a pair of tight leather pants, at the ankle and knee.  We talked as I made us a simple dinner. Mei Ling was roped in one of the kitchen chairs and I fed her as several ideas came and went between us.  Then it hit me and I told Mei Ling what we should do; she immediately agreed with the plan and we worked out the details.

It really was quite simple; I worked in the real estate division of our company and knew just what to do.  Within days Mei Ling had the house on the market and had turned the bank accounts into bearer bonds in a very substantial amount.  Those we put in my account and I used a small part of it to buy the other half of the semi-detached house I owned.

A contractor easily punched a double door inside between the two units and Mei Ling and I had a large home that could accommodate our wardrobe and be adapted to our lifestyle in a very convenient and comfortable way. 

When Mei Ling’s house sold very quickly for nearly half a million dollars we laundered that money the same way.  Mei Ling resigned from the company and disappeared.

There was no way her family would be able to trace her and we began our life together in earnest.

She loved being a sub’ and she loved leather and bondage and the week after we were settled in our new home I took her for a car trip.

She made the trip snug in a leather straight jacket, hobble skirt and laced, high-heeled boots that was all hidden under a long, heavy rubber rain cape. The car shoulder and waist safety belts held her firmly.  After a three hour drive I pulled in the parking lot of a medical clinic, helped Mei Ling out of the car and led her inside.

In a very short period of time Mei Ling was undressed and strapped to an examining table as I stood beside her stroking her face and smiling down at her.

“Mei Ling” I said, “My friend Linda here is a Doctor and we have a very special surprise for you.  In a minute you will go to sleep and when you wake you will be my bondage partner for life.  Starting at your ears Linda will be adding a couple more holes to the ones you have and then she will move down to pierce your septum and each side of your nose.”

“Your tongue will have three hard plastic tubes punched through it so I can put in studs or maybe fit a gag with pins to clamp around it.  Your lovely nipples will be ringed and also have a gold bar installed through each one.  Your navel will be ringed and then Linda will put several stainless steel rings down either side of your vagina and one gold one through your clitoris.”

“Before that though since you are still a virgin we are going to let you experience losing that and getting a taste of the pleasures we will be enjoying from now on.” 

As I was speaking tears started down her cheeks but I kissed them away and then placed my lips over hers and let my fingers caress her nipples as Linda expertly began to manipulate her clitoris and the opening of her vagina.

The dildo was well lubricated and in the hands of one who knew just how to use it to get the maximum reaction.  Linda had used a finger to check and judged that Mei Ling’s hymen would not present a problem.

It didn’t and as Mei Ling was overtaken with her first orgasm, she smiled up at me and as I slid the anesthetic mask over her face she whispered,  “Keep me feeling secure and love me.”



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